Demon's Captive #2020

Demon's Captive Stephanie Snow Demon s Captive Genre BDSM Science Fiction FuturisticWhen battle ravages her world Charity is left without family or friend Invading warriors from the sky decimate the planet and deem her people unworthy to live Aft

  • Title: Demon's Captive
  • Author: Stephanie Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Demon's Captive Stephanie Snow Genre BDSM Science Fiction FuturisticWhen battle ravages her world, Charity is left without family or friend Invading warriors from the sky decimate the planet and deem her people unworthy to live After a desperate flight for her life, she is caught by the cruelest of their enemies, Commander Melmanon.Melmanon is a hero renowned for his terrible bloodlust and legendaryGenre BDSM Science Fiction FuturisticWhen battle ravages her world, Charity is left without family or friend Invading warriors from the sky decimate the planet and deem her people unworthy to live After a desperate flight for her life, she is caught by the cruelest of their enemies, Commander Melmanon.Melmanon is a hero renowned for his terrible bloodlust and legendary tortures, and, bored with the war, he s restless for new challenges When Charity eludes capture for six days, his pride takes a beating and he plots his revenge carefully But in her complete submissiveness he finds a perfect prize, and he abandons his plans for murder to make her his torture slave Unwillingly seduced by the brutal domination of her master, Charity quickly becomes enthralled Even the harsh lash of punishment cannot dim her sexual craving, and she is torn between the urge to flee and the desire to stay.As this hardened warrior uses his defenseless captive for his pleasure and her own, he finds that giving can be as satisfying as receiving Torn between the monster he has been and the man that wants the love of his slave, Melmanon must decide if it is better to be loved or feared.Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Bondage, domination submission, dubious consent, flogging, interspecies sex.
    Demon's Captive Stephanie Snow

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      350 Stephanie Snow
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    1. 3.5 Kinky StarsWhat a kinky dirty read I have a lot of kinks and this book had quite a few Aliens, Abduction, Forced Seduction Non con BDSM, a whipping incident, There was an Alien Warrior that had never known love Yet he fell hard for his human captive I was in the mood for some forced seduction, and this book was full of it Charity struggles with her attraction and feelings for her captor Her captor struggles with his feelings and desire for his sex slave This was a short read that was packed [...]

    2. Okie doket sure what I was expecting, but I got than I bargained for And all I can say is Non con or possibly dub con, so fair warning On the other hand, if you are titillated by that sort of thing, this was a nice hot little alien sex book I m actually saying not little at all, no These aliens areahemwell endowed Wink, wink So well endowed that it just might not fit very well The author throws in a little emotion eventually, but let s be real I didn t read this for the love I read this for the [...]

    3. Am I the only one to notice how far apart the woman on the covers boobs are, and they look like two giant rocks.

    4. 2.5 starsMy stars are for the smut and sex This book was HOT If you can handle non con sex then stop here and read It is a smokin book But that is about all you will get from it Spoilers belowBut there are elements I just cannot applaud or get into First there is straight up rape and abuse No matter that she gets turned on, she does not want it and is forced Many times It was hot, but it was uncomfortable The Hero is terrible to her on than one occasion Almost choking her, whipping her, threate [...]

    5. Overall I liked this title It was my very first Kindle purchase on Christmas It addressed my captive kink and my alien fetish all at once I really, really liked the lack of snark of the heroine s part This wasn t a title meant to display how tough and clever the heroine is or to satisfy the common tough chick persona we seem to find in nearly every paranormal romance lately Charity reacted much like I think the majority of us would do what we needed to do to survive The rough sex fit the story a [...]

    6. I loved this book the male lead was just so evil but he really loved the heroine I normally don t like bdsm themed books but this time I didn t mind as it seemed to fit the story If u like evil anti hero s who are posessive and alpha you will love this book as much as I did

    7. Rant, Rant, Rant This book did not live up to its potential view spoiler The author sets the scene pretty clearly as to the sci fi setting The introduction of the hero as a man who enjoys killing and is sorry that the wars are coming to an end is vivid The heroine has been running from the aliens for months and this guy for 6 days Once captured she essentially gives up I realize that she was out numbered etc but her submission was extremely sudden The hero takes her as a torture slave and heads [...]

    8. Overall a good read We have a race of alien beings that take over the world One alien, or Demon , takes an interest in a human and takes her as his war slave She becomes his to do with as he wishes The only problem, he is from a highly aggressive race He is not sure if he wants to have sex with her or kill heror both He becomes very confused when he starts to actually care about what she feels This was by no means an award worthy book, but overall not bad The author does a god job with dialogue [...]

    9. Demon s Captive is a fast paced, futuristic story with a strong d s theme It was an enjoyable read, and I wish it had been longer I loved the tension between Charity and Melmanon Melmanon the demon is one of the alien invaders who have conquered Earth, causing Charity to lose all her friends and family Outraged that she has evaded him for several days, Melmanon decides to keep her as a torture slave after he finally captures her Charity s will to live is strong, so she does her best to please he [...]

    10. Book Facts Demon s CaptiveGenre SciFi Romance SmutPart of a Series Installment NoStandalone Cliffhanger view spoiler Standalone hide spoiler M F M M M M F etc view spoiler M F hide spoiler Multi Luv n M nages view spoiler M alien F hide spoiler Was There Descriptive Sex view spoiler oh yeah hide spoiler Contains Cheating view spoiler no hide spoiler Amount of Sex in The Book view spoiler 7 hide spoiler Overall Steam Factor Chemistry view spoiler 7 hide spoiler HEA HFN etc Ending view spoiler HEA [...]

    11. romancenoveljunkies for book lovers and readersCharity and Melmanon s story was great I personally enjoyed it When you start reading the story it gets to the point Even though Melmanon s is suppose to be this ruthless man he still had a heart of gold mostly towards the end Charity even if she seem weak she was still a lovable character If you love story s about captives with erotica then this is for you The sex is good as well as the storyline even though there isn t much to the storyline other [...]

    12. Sometimes you just get in the mood for a book with some good, dirty sex in it This one fit the bill for me Although I did feel that the ending tied up almost too nicely Melmanon s revelation that he loved Charity, her acceptance of her place in the new world the aliens have forged , I enjoyed the overall story I do wish that her submission his dominance had been explored a little after he released her from her bondage, but I blame that on the length of the story than the storytelling itself.If [...]

    13. It is pretty obvious that this is the first time writer, but a writer who shows promise Unfortunately the writing is too choppy and sometimes there is not enough build up, the heroine just jumps right into things Sex scenes are not memorable and there is no sexual tension.I didn t like him whipping her but I guess that was part of the dom sub theme I would have been tolerant had he just spanked her I did like the premise of an anti hero falling crazy in love with the heroine Loved his possessiv [...]

    14. This was an average, short read, and the hero changed from dominant to aloof without explanation.HERO is a Warrior, top of military ladder in his planet While leading the invasion to Earth, he captures a woman to keep her as slave, but he starts softening and towards herENES CONTENT few eroticGENRE TONE futuristic dramaLENGHT 104 pages

    15. Sexy scary badass who is really just a big, mushy softy Well, maybe not a complete softy But he definitely doesn t treat her like a torture slave This book was just what I was looking for Dirty sci fi sex Enjoy D

    16. Hot, raw, nasty dirty, STEAMY READ I was utterly in the mood for an alpha who forces himself on the heroine and I admit I got it This was a short and lovable read It was a book that lets the reader predict what will happen before it does However don t let this deter you, you are in for a wild read

    17. I picked up this book because the premise was intriguing I did not realize it was a novella, which on the whole I tend to dislike as I find the stories move too quickly making them even implausible than their full length fiction counterparts and the characters are under developed making me less invested in them That said the book read quickly, I finished it in a couple of hours and at no point was I so bored that I thought about putting it down and not finishing it Actually I was curious to see [...]

    18. The story revolves around a dystopian future where Earth has fallen to invaders In the last of the clean up battles, Commander Melmanon finally captures Charity after several months of evading him The alluded to torture is not of pain, and the story surrounds Charity submission not just physical, but mentally to this demon conqueror.The violence expected is realized only briefly, so readers who were thrown off by that should give it a try The story is actually quite sweet with a definite HEA.

    19. Melmanon is borderline an antihero at the beginning of the book but that is only because he is not human Charity is a strong heroine who you will adore at time and also kind of submissive when she needs to be I enjoyed this whole alien and human love story a lot than I thought I would.

    20. The book had a good world building Well it has some kinks in it and was very short I did like how the H did his best to gain the h s trust It was a good short read.

    21. Very nasty dirty read Alien abduction Domination Possession Whipping Extreme Submission Forced sex servitud Eventual loveSigh I m guilty I admit it hit the right buttons.Fierce warriors from space have come to conquer Earth Aliens who look like huge red demons easily wipe out any resistance and take what they wish.In the midst of this horror, Charity is all alone and trying to avoid being captured.She s been lucky till now and has eluded the demons so far Commander Melmanon is a vicious bloodthi [...]

    22. It s a good thing this is a short novel and not something over drawn attempt at being made into a tortuously long epic Because I would not have been able to go through this much longer This is not a romance At best, it s character study and not a very deep one as the characters are pretty plain ones At worst, this is a guide into how to break down a human being Yeah, definitely not a romance With all the torture and senseless violence committed to the heroine and the rest of us unsuspecting huma [...]

    23. This is a Window Seat Blog Review Hmmwhat to say about this book There were parts of it that I really liked The details for one where great It was very easy to picture the war torn earth, the ships, and of course, erm, the scenes I believe we all know which ones I m referring to Both of the main characters were, for the most part, likable Even though Charity could be considered weak , it s still hard to dislike her for it In many instances, I m sure most people would react the exact same way Sur [...]

    24. This book was recommended to me forever ago I can t even remember by who but it actually came up on my kindle so I got it and I couldn t put it down Not necessarily because it was a fantastic book but because I wanted to figure it out I am not a huge BDSM fan The thought of pain does absolutely nothing for me So I go back and forth on this book He rapes her repeatedly In ways that make her bleed and she gets off on it I think that would be the worst thing to have your body betray you Anyways, he [...]

    25. low 2s what could have been a fascinating story of inter species psychological chess devolved into a big, vapid, squirm inducing NOl over the board tonally starts as a horror, ends as a syrupy romance the author squandered her sci fi goldmine and settled for an implausible, hasty romance that came off as both icky and half baked a missed opportunity.OTHER BOOKS THAT THIS BOOK MADE ME THINK OF 1 Stephenie Meyer s The Host for all of the criticism lobbed her way, phenie meyer actually offers aggre [...]

    26. Humans are totally screwed A mixed alien race of brutal conquerors take us down within months They re kind of like the Brogue They assimilate the new planet and its people into their culture Charity runs for her life and is chased down by Melmanon, a very massive, very red, demon Because Charity gave him so much trouble while trying to capture her Melmanon takes her as his torture slave.Once captured Charity submits 100% to her captor Knowing she will never get away she strives to appease the de [...]

    27. The writing is head and shoulders above many books in the erotica genre I ve had the displeasure of reading Stephanie Snow did a good job making the numerous sex scenes different and not repetitive no small achievement for a writer of erotica.My complaints are the same as many others here the heroine Charity is too submissive and the relationship between Charity and her alien captor lover Melmanon evolves too fast and would have been better served in a longer book.Charity s fear and reactions to [...]

    28. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE FOR EVERYONEWhen Earth is invaded and ravaged by an alien race of fierce warriors, Charity runs For six days she evades death or capture Melmanon the fiercest of the warrior tribe captures Charity, and decides to keep her as his torture slave.First read for me by this author Overall I liked this story, though there are some issues I have with it Melmanon is the warrior tribes commander, he s ruthless and deadly He is not the handsome sexy alpha male of most romance books, [...]

    29. I guess this is sort of a BDSM version ofmeets.When aliens invade, Charity tries to make it home over the mountains and ends up being the last human resistance fighter She spends 6 months hiding and evading patrols Eventually she comes to the attention of Melmanon, the alien Commander, who uses his telepathic abilities to track her down and kill her.Only he doesn t kill her Because after finally catching up to her he discovers something that she never knew that she is a sexual submissive and som [...]

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