The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place in God's Story #2020

The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place in God's Story D.A. Carson The God Who Is There Finding Your Place in God s Story Eminent evangelical theologian provides a basic introduction to the faith that traces the story of redemption through the Bible

  • Title: The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place in God's Story
  • Author: D.A. Carson
  • ISBN: 9781441213853
  • Page: 454
  • Format: ebook
  • The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place in God's Story D.A. Carson Eminent evangelical theologian provides a basic introduction to the faith that traces the story of redemption through the Bible.
    The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place in God's Story D.A. Carson

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    One thought on “The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place in God's Story”

    1. I became convicted that in my roles where I teach bible to my children and youth at our church I was often getting by with superficial sunday school knowledge of the Bible, especially the old testament As the back of the book puts it Most people even most Christians do not have a basic working knowledge of the Bible There are a million things to see in the Old Testament that let you enjoy Christ And if you don t deep dive into them you are missing out Just one example Israel s monarchy God make [...]

    2. Pretty disappointed with this book honestly Surprisingly so since I m a fan of Carson I felt the topics were too broad, didn t connect or flow well, and that he spent way too much time qualifying ideas with numerous and unnecessary examples Not concise in the least Probably could said the same thing in half the page count.

    3. I ve been looking for a little while for a book that tells the big story of the Bible in an accessible way D A Carson has done a fine job of gospel based, simple, biblical theology in The God Who is There In this work, Carson takes his readers through the entire narrative of the Scriptures in order to help us to see how we fit into God s great story Carson begins with Genesis, walks through Revelation, and spends a great deal of time in the theology of the gospels In all this, he shows us how th [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this audiobook DA Carson creates a great summary overview of the message of the Bible This would be a great book for someone to read or listen to if they are new in the faith or lacking in understanding of the overall message of the Bible at any phase of their faith in Christ Carson starts at the beginning in Genesis with creation and ends with the new heaven and earth and Kingdom of God discussed in Revelation and other parts of Scripture Ever wonder how the Old Testament conne [...]

    5. One of the finest books I ve ever read on the overarching redemption story of the Bible D.A Carson has a way of making lofty subjects in Scripture very engaging His passion runs deep for the Scriptures and for the Savior that all of the Scriptures proclaim If there are any of you who are new believers and want to see what the theme of the Bible is from front to back, then this book must be in your library.

    6. Wonderful and educational book to read A great way to learn how to witness to others Also this is a good book to have in group reading with your Bible Study or church family or care group.

    7. Excellent A must read for all who want to know what Christianity is all about At least make sure you know what you re rejecting before you reject it.

    8. I love reading good theological books As a Christian, it deepens my appreciation for God s love and what He has done for me By learning , I endeavor to love God with all of my mind and this book was a great way to learn and be drawn into God s story.The book is written for people who may have never read the Bible It s a roadmap guiding us through the narrative of the Old and New Testament, showing God at work throughout history to redeem mankind Even as someone who has read the Bible quite a bit [...]

    9. Don Carson s writing at times faintly reminiscent of C S Lewis is clear and concise, and The God Who Is There is compelling biblical theology, exploring who the God of the Bible is, the themes and arc narrative of the Bible, and doctrines of Christianity Through the study of various Scripture passages from Genesis to Revelation, this book not only unpacks context and definitions, but also shows how everything in the Bible points to and converges in Christ Albeit intended for individuals with ver [...]

    10. Amazing summary of the Biblical meta narrative Carson takes time to work through the various themes in Scriptures storyline, from creation to new creation His insight to the cultural background of the day makes it a good read even for tenured students of the Bible This book is great for new believers wanting to get a hand on the storyline of the Bible, which may seem disjointed to some Christians who are seasoned can also benefit from this resource Once it is taken for what it is it is neither [...]

    11. A great book There were some truly amazing things in this book I plan to read other books by this author.The book is a look at God as revealed through the Bible Of course, it could not cover everything the Bible says about God but it does show so many wonderful and important things about Him If you want to know God better, read this book Be sure to have your Bible with you as you read.

    12. Carson s the God who is there is used as a reference text in one of our fellowship groups in church, and up til now we have completed the first four chapters of it Written for people who are seeking to have an in depth understanding of the Bible, it provides its reader with a good combination of introductory exposition, Bible sources and connection with contemporary christian issues.We have sticked pretty much to the thought flow of the book, and these are the things we have gone through so far [...]

    13. The God Who is There The Bible begins simply but dramatically In the beginning God He is not the object whom we evaluate He is the Creator who has made us, which changes all the dynamics p 18 This book is a real find There are many books written on biblical theology that come from the angle of schooling and are text book styled This is not This book attacks biblical theology in a conversational style and really breaks down to a few simple points in each chapter This is what God says, this is w [...]

    14. Have you ever been asked, What is the Bible all about or wondered that yourself There is a new book out by D.A Carson called The God Who Is There Finding Your Place in God s Story The basic premise is Carson takes us through the Bible story line from Genesis with Creation, Adam and Eve, and even where did God come from To the End of Time as we know it and the New Earth and the Returning of Christ.In 14 Chapters D.A Carson leads us through and helps us unpack the Story of the Bible and how it aff [...]

    15. Imagine if you read the Bible like you read every other book, looking for a continual thread and message through all the chapters and stories You pretty much have just thought of this book, which shows the connecting themes and overall plot of the Bible though the people and places change from book to book and verse to verse The purpose of this book is great and for the most part it is very well done, helping navigate symbolism, cultural meanings and showing truth My one problem and it happens i [...]

    16. This book is intended for the layperson who doesn t know much about the Bible and wants to familiarize him herself with it Over 14 chapters, Carson unfolds the overarching story line of the Bible, explaining as he does so how different many people s perceptions of the Bible and of God do not mesh with what the Bible says Overall, I found the chapters on the OT to be a rehash of things I had learned in other theological books Chapters 7 14, however, are wonderful for anyone to read, even someone [...]

    17. This was well written, in depth, and deeply moving Carson does a wonderful job with the overall story of God, pulling back the viel for readers to see the God who created us and saves us.

    18. Another wonderful book by Carson This one is very readable for most teens or adults Carson surveys the storyline of the Bible in an engaging and fresh way I just preached a sermon attempting to do the same thing and probably should have read this first Don t think of it as written to challenge you in your Christian walk, but give you a big picture of the Bible a map on which to record your daily excursions into the Garden Also it would be helpful for those who are unbelievers and are interested [...]

    19. Excellent introduction to what the Bible and Christianity are all about Carson has wanted to write this book for years e.g see the last chapter of his Letters Along the Way , and now he finally has His audience is an intelligent young student who has little or no familiarity with the Bible or Christianity whatsoever but who is interested in learning It s essentially biblical theology in practice The book is based off of a series of sermons of the same name which you can find by a quick Google s [...]

    20. While Carson is far technical in other writings, this is a book you could easily recommend to someone who has a limited biblical knowledge He is careful and methodical about introducing the reader to biblical language in a way that is true to the text but does not assume familiarity There are probably better books that tie the different parts of Scripture together, but a benefit of Carson s approach is that he teaches the reader to work through a passage and see how it connects to other parts o [...]

    21. It s a good exposition of the biblical story, but as can happen sometimes Carson got bogged down in the bible exegesis and forgot to apply it to today Unfortunately that leads to a very misleading subtitle Finding your place in God s story , there is no such application or explanation Perhaps that is the fault of the publishers who have the book it s subtitle, but either way the book suffers for it.

    22. Great for new readers of the Word and for fresh reminders of the seasoned readers of the Word as well Carson ties the Word together beautifully while bringing in great stories to illustrate his points A book for the curious wanderers, the new believers, and the saints of old It will bring answers and curiosity to know to some, clarity to others, and renewed excitement to folks in the valley of their walks of the treasure God s Word

    23. I love Carsons work I came into this work thinking it would be something for the beginner to pick up and learn about the story of the bible and how we fit in Sadly, this may be over many peoples heads in it s wordy chapters and depth All in all, if your familiar with Carson and you have a strong desire to discover from how the bible works as a whole and how we as christians today fit in, this book is very useful.

    24. I enjoyed reading this book as it gives a basic overview of the whole story of the Bible It seems that this is a new focus now in teaching the Bible helping people see that the Bible is a complete story of God dealing with a fallen humanity I particularly enjoyed the final chapter which is about the consummation of God s kingdom I didn t know much about the symbolism of Rev 20 21 before I read this book If you re looking for a layman s guide to Biblical theology, this is a good one.

    25. With 66 books, the Bible can be daunting, and connecting what you read in its pages can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned reader To help unpack the Bible s main ideas, Carson has constructed a commanding introduction to the major themes and concepts revealed in Scripture Although this approach is couched in introductory terms, there is a richness of content that will encourage anyone who opens it This is a book you ought to read.

    26. This book provides a nice, birdseye overview of the Bible Carson doesn t assume the reader is a Christian or has a whole lot of knowledge about the Bible That said, the book s main purpose is not apologetic, but rather informational For an apologetic perspective, Tim Keller s Reason for God is a great choice.

    27. The author here provides an excellent, fast paced survey through the entire Bible This title is one of Carson s classics It would be ideal for a new, adult believer, or for a Sunday School or small group class to give an overview of the Scriptures I highly recommend it its a quick, easy, enjoyable read.

    28. This is a wonderful book for those who have friends who are readers and would like an introduction to the Bible s story Carson is a scholar who is able to write a helpful and simple book without it giving you the impression it was written by a simpleton.

    29. While this book notes that it is a basic introduction to the faith, for a believer of many years it was a powerful encouragement and reminder of the foundations of my faith as Carson guided me through the big story of Scripture His insight and focus on the gospel were truly inspiring.

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