Transmission #2020

Transmission John Meaney Transmission The dark matter in the universe is alive and is seeking to pervert human history to its own ends Its influence has reached back into the Dark Ages to the centre of the Third Reich and years into

  • Title: Transmission
  • Author: John Meaney
  • ISBN: 9780575085350
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Transmission John Meaney The dark matter in the universe is alive and is seeking to pervert human history to its own ends Its influence has reached back into the Dark Ages, to the centre of the Third Reich and 600 years into the future This is a world where pilots are locked into symbiotic relationships with their ships and the cities can come alive.
    Transmission John Meaney

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      405 John Meaney
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    One thought on “Transmission”

    1. I liked the first novel in the series, but this second one it annoyed me There are some good aspects, but the faults are too annoying and in some cases worrying to overlook.SPOILERS AHEAD view spoiler First of all, the fact that, for a character who is supposed to be the hero of his timeline, Roger Blackstone is a rather unlikeable person His best friend girlfriend from the previous novel suffers severe trauma and rather than looking after her as we might expect, he runs off and shacks up with t [...]

    2. I thought Absorption was ambitious, trying to cram five independent narrative threads into a few hundred pages but it seems that Meaney was just warming up In volume two the reader is catapulted straight back into the worlds of Roger, Gavriela, Ulfr and Rekka the shiny bloke but not being content with just consolidating the characters and very gradually weaving the threads together, Meaney introduces another thread and a lot secondary characters and interwoven labyrinthine plot lines to the exi [...]

    3. ReviewFirst let me start this by saying i really am not a fan of Sci fi, i will watch it, but cant really read it I think most of the authors are amazingly talented and have imaginations that are bizarre and inspiring, after all that s how we have Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr Who, etcSo when i got this book to review i groaned but at the same time i knew i had to read the book, getting a freebie deserves the decency of a read.John Meaney s writing came across as edgy, exciting, fast paced and well p [...]

    4. Great, complicated, big idea, huge canvas stuff a few familiar riffs in the Earthbound sequences but that s no bad thing Mystifying and wondrous and really very satisfying, although less so than book one because it s still not complete I am very narked that this is being published in such ridiculously small instalments I should have waited until book 3 was out before reading this one it is very frustrating to be left up in the air and not know what happens next I normally hate that but Meaney s [...]

    5. To give credit to John Meaney, he does have a knack for writing books where you often feel that you have only a slight grasp of what is going on yet that are still hugely enjoyable.Here it works because the jeopardy of the individual characters is always immediate and clear even if the why and how is quite mystifying.A strong second book, that looks to be setting up an epic ending.

    6. This series is taking time to come together, the multiple narrative threads and timeframes making for a fragmented story which is difficult to pace Nevertheless, it moves the existing central plot Pilots, Nulaperion subversion, Bletchley Park and WW2 along nicely whilst hinting at the wider reveal to come Recommended intellectually stretching SF.

    7. I quite enjoyed this, although not as much as I did volume 1 of the series Like a lot of second acts, the action wanes a little in this one, but it still kept me turning pages at a rate of knots trying to find out what would happen next I m eagerly looking forward to the conclusion.

    8. I struggled for days with this book, I just couldn t understand it it gave me headaches I hate to give up on a book, this is the 2nd in a month, but after getting through three quarters of the book I had to give in

    9. Again, it s hugely ambitious but will really depend on the final volume I really hope Meaney manages to pull off this vast, bizarre and mind expanding space opera trilogy.

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