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Work Song Ivan Doig Work Song A novel that best expresses the American spirit Chicago Tribune A decade after he left Montana at the end of Ivan Doig s bestselling The Whistling Season Morrie Morgan is back this time in post WWI B

  • Title: Work Song
  • Author: Ivan Doig
  • ISBN: 9781101188330
  • Page: 141
  • Format: ebook
  • Work Song Ivan Doig A novel that best expresses the American spirit Chicago Tribune A decade after he left Montana at the end of Ivan Doig s bestselling The Whistling Season, Morrie Morgan is back this time in post WWI Butte, the copper mining capital of the world When Morrie gets caught up in the mounting clash between the mining company, outside agitators, and the beleaguered m A novel that best expresses the American spirit Chicago Tribune A decade after he left Montana at the end of Ivan Doig s bestselling The Whistling Season, Morrie Morgan is back this time in post WWI Butte, the copper mining capital of the world When Morrie gets caught up in the mounting clash between the mining company, outside agitators, and the beleaguered miners, he finds a unique way to give a voice to those who truly need one Watch a Video
    Work Song Ivan Doig

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    1. This book has been my solace for the last 10 days During a busy and extremely stressful time when I wasn t able to read nearly as much as I d like, this book was the hot tea, soft pillow, and warm blanket at the end of each day Work Song is the second book featuring Morrie Morgan whom I would describe as an eclectic mix of brilliance, humor, and kindness In other words, he s extremely entertaining Upon his arrival in Butte MT, The Richest Hill on Earth, he finds himself caught up in circumstance [...]

    2. Still in Montana, but this time Ivan Doig characters are copper miners and librarians, with only a lonesome ex cattle rancher Not as strong as my previous Ivan Doig s novels, but still very enjoyable and funny I ll take one of his novels over many new popular ones any day 3 stars.Even when they are closed, some books do not shut up Why was this beautifully sewn leather edition, a collector s item if I had ever seen one, spending its existence on a public shelf in a none too fastidious mining tow [...]

    3. Mr Doig is a true talent I love what he does with words This little narrative of the further adventures of Morrie The Whistling Season had me from the second sentence The depot agent, an individual so slow I thought I might have to draw a line on the floor to see him move Morrie is such a fun character as were the other ones populating this book The pictures remain vivid in my mind I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it is so refreshing to read something so involving, yet simultaneously s [...]

    4. This sequel to Doig s wonderful novel, The Whistling Season, is a tasty morsel, a lagniappe rather than a substantial offering Incongruously, Doig turns a tumultuous chapter in American history the struggle between workingmen miners and big corporations a mining company, in this instance into the foundation for a charming, fanciful, semi comedic romantic tale Although the period is a bit earlier and the metal is silver, not copper, I highly recommend Big Trouble by J Anthony Lukas for a less nos [...]

    5. Readers of Doig s previous novel, The Whistling Season, will immediately recognize Morris Morgan, the quirky, knowledgeable schoolteacher who mentors young Paul until Paul s father marries Morrie s sister, Rose After wandering through travels for several years, Morrie finds himself back in Montana, in the small mining town of Butte, Colorado Morrie s flamboyant speech carries over into a rich, descriptive narrative, beginning with a lost trunk and the search for lodging and gainful employment Th [...]

    6. The setting is Butte, Montana, 1919, and the copper mining industry is in full swing the rising labor union and the struggles to improve working conditions for the miners provides the plot for this sequel to The Whistling Season However, even in this time of harsh conditions, this book is a light and pleasant read Morrie Morrison is such a delightful character, and Doig s use of language is so eloquent, I love reading his books, meeting his characters, entering their world.

    7. It s natural to compare Doig s Work Song to the earlier The Whistling Season just because both feature Morrie Morgan as the bigger than life protagonist OK I absolutely savored Doig s The Whistling Season and I highly recommend it , but I wasn t as disappointed as some with Work Song In fact, I found it quite entertaining.Erudite, wildly clever, with a brain that holds an encyclopedia s worth of information, Morrie narrates a story reflective of the brilliant mind which serves him so well in his [...]

    8. Have you read The Great Brain series, John Dennis Fitzgerald s collection of Western Americana, set in Utah in the late 1800s The based loosely on the author s childhood stories are told by young John Fitzgerald and recount the adventures, mishaps, misdemeanors, and rebellions of his precocious older brother, Tom If you haven t, you are in for a whale of a treat Although meant for adolescents, adults will appreciate the sophisticated themes Fitzgerald offers up an Irish Catholic family at cultur [...]

    9. I was so sad to come to the end of this I really do love Doig s characters Something about this one didn t grab me up quite as much as The Whistling Season, but I still enjoyed it very much I will definitely read any other books Doig writes in the future with any of these same characters I ll also have to check out some of Doig s other twelve books.While this book didn t grab me up quite as much, something to do with all the mining details, I think, there were many parts I really loved Morrie be [...]

    10. I was excited to win this book in a Giveaway This is my third Ivan Doig novel and was surprised to see one of his books in the giveaway list I d only seen lesser known authors in the Giveaway section before.In 1920 in Butte, Montana during a labor strike armed men hired as guards for the Anaconda Copper Co fired on striking miners killing one miner and wounding several others Relations between the miner s union and the company had been strained for years before this armed assault.This novel take [...]

    11. If you loved The Whistling Season, then you ll enjoy Work Song Set ten years later in 1919, we are once again treated to that delightful, charming, witty, and oh so intelligent Morrie Morgan, who has turned up in the mining town of Butte, Montana with nothing than a leather satchel and the clothes on his back Where The Whistling Season was an ode to public education, Work Song sings the praises of the public library system Doig s descriptions of the fussy librarians, the stately and somber read [...]

    12. As a long time fan of Ivan Doig s books, I was rather disappointed in this tome, and honestly don t even recall whether I finished it His earlier books even as recent as the beautifully written Prairie Nocturne and The Whistling Season are works of a master, with wonderful characters, believable dialogue, and a story line that keeps you wanting to read after the book is done But in Work Song his characters have devolved into people who love to hear themselves talk, and whose dialogue exists mer [...]

    13. I ve liked Doig since Dancing at the Rascal Fair, mostly for his research and ability to weave regional history with personal tales So I guess it s ironic that the historic details in some of his later books are what bug me It s not that I don t want them especially in the case of this book about boomtown days Butte, they re why I chose to read but they re kinda clunky, slipped into the storyline with not a great deal of subtlety I want Doig to do the library work for me, but I don t want to thi [...]

    14. IF you love cozy mysteries, read this It is extremely cute You will love it I have realized that I should stop trying to like what so many others like and just accept who I am My two star rating ONLY reflects my personal reaction and is in no way a criticism of the book The book is very, very good for those who want a cozy mystery with fun characters, a bit of erudition and some love thrown in too.

    15. This was a toss up between a 3 and a 4 It was a little slower paced and the character seem to show a lack of emotion for all that he had been through and was experiencing I did like it though My dad grew up in Anaconda and he Father was a machinist for the mine so I really enjoyed listening about the area and what it might have been like to live in the town and be a part of that mining life.

    16. Lots of fun to find old friends in books, and this was another chance to become better acquainted with Morris Glad I read it Not as rich as Doig s others, but a good read Always love Doig s language and characters.

    17. Another book with Morrie from The Whistling Season as a main character I enjoy him and really enjoy Ivan Doig s writing.

    18. WOWZA WOWZA I am in AWE of Ivan Doig s writing genius I am in awe of his penchant for coming up with wild, wacky storylines that are so unbelievably far fetched they actually make sense This is such a weird book So was The Whistling Season, the first book in this series which I read last year That one caught me way off guard a year later, I was prepared to jump back into the world of Morrie Morgan and witness of his far fetched adventures Work Song was not quite as monumental or engrossing as T [...]

    19. I have a deep affection for Ivan Doig His is a heartfelt Western landscape filled with credible, fascinating people True, some of his characters speak in a rather stiff, formal way that I do not find entirely natural, but I am under the impression that this is his intent, to place us at one remove from pure naturalism, to make us aware of the meta nature of story Still, quite often he manages to pull off a beautiful and moving story set in a vast, beautiful landscape.I enjoyed Whistling Season, [...]

    20. Although I have not read the first in this series Whistling Season I felt like this book stood on its own just fine I found it fascinating to read about Butte, still a wild west type town even after WWI It was not clear to me even at the end that we were meant to take sides The good guys were clearly the miners, but not necessarily their union I thought the author did a great job presenting all the sides and the challenges using one main character who does not have all the information everyone e [...]

    21. Another fine piece of writing from Doig, featuring Morrie Morgan, one of the unforgettable characters from The Whistling Season.Doig gives the reader another issue about choice, this time involving big business labor relations, the environmental impacts of mining, and of all things, the 1919 Black Sox scandal I love the way Doig writes, and this time, with Morgan as the narrator, his style is a bit free wheeling than that of Paul Milliron Morgan is a great character, and I enjoyed every bit of [...]

    22. I have visited Butte, Montana on a car trip a few years ago In looking around the town and stopping at few stores, I got the clear impression that this is a town that is proud of it s heritage Very proud Then I read Ivan Doig s book Work Song and it takes place in Butte Montana during the 1920 s and the hey dey of copper mining with Anaconda Copper Mining Company The main character showed up from his previous book, The Whistling Season , and I was just delighted to follow Morrie Morgan s next ad [...]

    23. This book starts off a bit slower than some of the author s earlier works but it turns out to be a wonderful story It is a sequel to The Whistling Season, one of my favorite books The story takes place in Butte, Montana in 1919 amid labor strife between miners and the Anaconda Company Throw in a cantankerous old librarian with a dubious past and the IWW Wobblies and the results are a great book Although this book stands alone, I would recommend reading The Whistling Season first so one can get a [...]

    24. It was fun to read a book narrated by a favorite character in the first book of the series Ivan Doig s books make for a great read I also enjoyed reading the history of Butte, Montana entwined through out.

    25. To say that Ivan Doig was a great Western writer, as is often done, seems a slight to me He was, in fact, a great writer who lived and wrote in the West but he was much His work is literary genius regardless of the genre and if there s doubt, read Work Song Doig tells us of an itinerate man arriving in Butte, Montana, needing a job Morrie Morgan has no money, his belongings are lost, and he has nothing but his initiative to exist on First he finds work at a mortuary as crier at the numerous wak [...]

    26. Second book in the Morrie Morgan series We take up with Morrie Morgan 10 years later in 1919, after he leaves Maria s Cooley back in Montana, but now in the copper mining city of Butte He is newly arrived and just found accommodations in the home of Grace Faraday, a widow with two other boarders, Griff and Hoop retired miners and practically twin Welshmen.Morrie s first job is with the undertaker He is a crier at Irish funerals Alas, his drinking was not welcome, and he gratefully accepted a job [...]

    27. This was a follow up book to Ivan Doig s The Whistling Season One of the past characters, Morrie and also Rabrab, appears 10 years later in Work Song It is the early 1900 s and Morrie has now recreated himself yet again to become one of the chief librarians in the copper mining town of Butte Montana Staying at a boarding house, he learns from two retired miners, the woes of the current miners The miners are low paid and unsafe conditions have claimed many lives Despite his desire to stay below t [...]

    28. What a great book to start off 2018 My enjoyment wasn t solely based on the fact the main character Morgan gets a job in the town s library And since he s working there, literary references abound in this book, although it is clear that Morgan is a walking encyclopedia Starting anew in Butte, Montana Morgan hopes to find his fortune in this mining town where he s certain fortunes are to be made And no the library doesn t do it for him, although it is steady work.The exquisite wording and phrasin [...]

    29. Set in Butte, Montana in 1919, Work Song 2010 is Ivan Doig s story of Morrie s return to Butte and his new adventures in that rough and tumble place Mines are working all shifts, the Anaconda Company smelter belches out toxins, and both ethnic and labor groups rub shoulders in an uncomfortable dance of dominance and self determination If you recall Morrie from Doig s earlier novel, Whistling Season, you ll not be surprised by his mix of good and bad luck, and the constant shadow of his past He f [...]

    30. Work Song by Ivan Doig is the 2nd book in Doig s trilogy featuring Morrie Morgan When readers last saw Morrie he was leaving Marias Coulee and promised to never return 10 years later he has returned to Montana but not to Marias Coulee but to Butte, home of the Anaconda Copper Mine More takes up residence in a rooming house run by a miner s widow and looks for work He finds a job in the public library and one day during story hour meets his former student, Rabrab Rabrab is now a teacher and engag [...]

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