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The First Horror R.L. Stine The First Horror The Scariest Address of AllTwin sisters Cally and Kody Frasier aren t thrilled that their family has moved to Fear Street They ve heard the strange stories They know about the centuries of nightmarish

  • Title: The First Horror
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780671885625
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • The First Horror R.L. Stine The Scariest Address of AllTwin sisters Cally and Kody Frasier aren t thrilled that their family has moved to Fear Street They ve heard the strange stories They know about the centuries of nightmarish terror But what they don t know is that they ve moved into the one house that even their neighbors on Fear Street are afraid to enter The house that has stood mysteriouslThe Scariest Address of AllTwin sisters Cally and Kody Frasier aren t thrilled that their family has moved to Fear Street They ve heard the strange stories They know about the centuries of nightmarish terror But what they don t know is that they ve moved into the one house that even their neighbors on Fear Street are afraid to enter The house that has stood mysteriously empty for the past thirty years They moved to 99 Fear Street.Now they must learn the secret of 99 Fear Street or they will become the next victims of the house of evil.
    The First Horror R.L. Stine

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    1. I m currently trying to track down these books from my childhood used to be so obsessed with the R.L Stine series , always going to the library or bookstore to pick them up and I had about every single one fo them except for the reloaded version that came out, which I had no idea was around and then donated themw I m having fun scouring used bookstores for the series for nostalgia sake and because I love the original covers The first one I ve found so far was The Stepsister, so the searching con [...]

    2. I decided i was going back to the 90s with a retro kind of Horror read A spine chilling read that I remember well as a kid Just as good as it was back when i read it as a kid The 1st Horror of 88 fear street that sets you up for the saga.

    3. As an introduction to the horror genre, The First Horror by R.L Stine is a good choice For the younger 10 14 year old reader, it would have just enough blood and trauma to whet the appetite The older reader would recognize that it isn t very developed It tells the story of a family of 5 moves into a 30 year old house that has never been lived in due to a bad reputation amongst the town Things start to happen and people start getting hurt The first in a series, it s a set up book Readers who cont [...]

    4. The First Horror holds the distinction of being the scariest Fear Street book The things that occur in the house were creative and spooky and I remember needing to keep the lights on to fall asleep while I read it back in high school Great book.

    5. I ve only read R.L Stine s Goosebumps books, this was my first Fear Street novel.The First Horror tells the story of the Frasier family, who are moving to the new house 99, Fear Street in Shadyside To their disappointment, the house is creepy, dark and very old Mr Frasier puts them all to work on the house to make it liveable Cally, Kody and James do their best to hide their contempt towads their new house But scary things happen Accident after accident, and one day Cubby, James s dog disappears [...]

    6. The First Horror was a book I read around age nine or ten, and back then, this was some scary shit Rereading it as an adult, it holds up fairly well unlike most of the Fear Street books The last ten pages take a detour into stupid territory, but the rest of it s surprisingly frightening and well written for a Fear Street book If you or a kid in your life s looking for some MG YA horror, The First Horror s not a bad choice.Full review to come at Amara s Eden.

    7. suka rl stine tp belum pernah baca yg fear street, bacanya yang goosebumps nah, ini agak ridiculous mengingat nggak cuman hantu tapi jg ada green liquid yg poured out of the faucet, ugh agak aneh kombinasinya

    8. Haven t read this book in a so long.I enjoyed reading this book again I d definitely recommend these books series I ll be reading the next 2 books soon.

    9. Overall, I love all these Fear Street books, but this one got only 3 stars mainly because of the ending To me it doesn t make sense that Cally was chosen to be a ghost in the end filled with hatred and jealousy It would have made SO much sense for Kody to be chosen, seeing as how throughout the book jealousy for her sister was brought up Oh and I found it hard to believe that Cally thought it would be a good idea to invite Anthony over after all the craziness in her house, like what a horrible [...]

    10. This one seemed pretty dark in comparison to most of Stine s books I did enjoy it though I vaguely remember reading this probably 20 years ago or My library happened to have all three in the series in one book.Always do your research on a house before moving in or at the least talk to your realtor on the phone people Actually I am on my way to becoming one and they don t have to disclose suicide in a house to you FYI Not in Texas anyway LOL always good to know How d I get on this topic LMAO my [...]

    11. I remember reading Goosebumps in Elementary school so when I found out that he had another series I had to give it a try I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised The story is simple but haunting and while it is a little violent than Goosebumps, I liked that I feel like this was intended to a mature audience than Goosebumps but was written in a way that pre teens teens could still really enjoy I originally did not plan on getting into a new series, but this book has pulled me in and I ca [...]

    12. My almost 10 year old has been asking to read horror books and because she she likes the goosebumps series, I thought I would pre read this for her to see if its appropriate Its difficult to find horror books for pre teens that do not include adult themes sex, drug use, etc I enjoyed the book and will let her read it I m even looking forward to book 2 since this one leaves you hanging I will have to dig out the next book and start it soon

    13. I loved these books back in the day, and I still enjoy them now These were a gateway drug into horror for me, and though I had started reading Stephen King by the time I got into these, they still fueled my want for They re cheesy, weird, and so much fun I want to make an effort to read of them going into 2018

    14. This was a fast read,I can t wait to read the next one to find out what also happened to the new family.

    15. Semua kisah seram Fear Street no 99 berawal dari sini Satu keluarga ngalamin kecelakaan2 serem di dalam rumah ini.

    16. in a sentence or so the frasier family moves into what may be the creepiest and dingiest house ever much scariness ensues.i checked this out on an impulse during my last trip to the library i thought, R.L Stine Fear Street yes please i anticipated a cheesy joke of a horror book that resolved itself and everyone was happy in the end that s how i thought i remembered them being from when i read them 15 years ago apparently, i need to get my memory checked.Cally and Kody twins , their brother James [...]

    17. The First Horror 99 Fear Street The House of Evil, 1 R.L Stine148 PagesAugust 1994 by Tandem Libraryisbn13 9780613731645 Twins Kody and Cally Fraiser are new in town They just moved in with their mom,dad, and little brother What they didnt realize was that their house was haunted Right from the beginning they Kody suspected something strange about the house As Cally took one step on the porch a tree branch fell and nearly crushed her to death Many strange events happen to Cally all throughout th [...]

    18. The First Horror is the first installment in the 99 Fear Street series A happy family is excited about moving into their new house only to discover that it s dilapidated and in desperate need of refurbishment However, that turns out to be the least of their problems as they are immediately plagued by a series of life threatening misfortunes.The haunted house concept is overused and certainly unoriginal but the author consistently delivered some truly creepy, memorable scenes throughout this shor [...]

    19. The First Horror 99 Fear Street by R.L.Stine was one of the most thrilling,scary book i had ever readwhen I first went to the library ,I straight away went to the R.L.Stine section and started searching for a good book to read.I found this book and knew this would be amazingCally,Kody,James,Mr and Mrs Fraiser had just moved to 99 Fear street,and the twin sisters weren t thrilled to move inter their arrival the accidents follow first a tree branch almost falls on cally s head,then the rats attack [...]

    20. Having grown up with and only ever read Stine s Goosebumps series, I was completely surprised by the writing style in 99 Fear Street I had no idea the author of the light hearted spooky stories that enthralled me as a preteen was capable of such horrifying imagery and downright terrifying undertones as I just discovered as an adult I m a bit regretful that I put off reading his non Goosebumps tales for so long.This book still had a lot of the same elements one comes to expect from Stine s voice [...]

    21. Not everyone believes the stories about Fear Street and Cally Frasier is one of them.New on the street with her twin sister Cody their parents and young brother James the family hopes for a fresh start at 99 Fear Street They just don t know what kind of start is actually waiting for themFrom the beginning everything seems to go wrong Cally isn t sure why so many bad things are happening but she is sure of one thing it is not ghosts Cody on the other hand is sure the house is evil and that it is [...]

    22. I was a big R.L Stein fan as a kid, and this is one of the books I remember truly frightening me Part of his Fear Street series, and the first of a trilogy, this book establishes the plot of an intriguing haunted house story One of the things I admire about this book, and something I want to make sure I do in my own writing, is that it takes the readers seriously Unlike his Goosebumps series, which is campy and aimed at a pre teen audience, the Fear Street series is aimed at a teenage audience, [...]

    23. The first Horror made by R.L.Stine is a book i didn t really enjoy the reason being that i thought of this book as a book i would read in the 4th grade i did not frighten me and it was just every played out horror story i could think of the main setting is a suburban neighborhood on a street called 99 Fear Street everything really only happens in the house they live in though the main characters are the rasier family, consisting of Cally Frasier, Kody Frasier both sisters , James Frasier their b [...]

    24. Apparently I get the books of this trilogy mixed up in my head I thought the garbage disposal scene, that traumatized me as a child, was in the second book.I loooooove the violence in this book how sadistic does that make me , but Stine does a great job of impressing the evil in the house through the violence and how swiftly the family spiraled into insanity.I also like the Psycho aspect of this series, where the main character switches around.But I am disappointed by the final death I think the [...]

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