The Crew #2020

The Crew Scott Sigler The Crew It is the best kept and worst kept secret in the Planetary Union navy The PUV James Keeling a warship that does things that no other ship can do It is a weapon and a liability The rumor is that eigh

  • Title: The Crew
  • Author: Scott Sigler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Audiobook
  • The Crew Scott Sigler It is the best kept and worst kept secret in the Planetary Union navy The PUV James Keeling, a warship that does things that no other ship can do It is a weapon, and a liability The rumor is that eighty percent of the people assigned to the Keeling die before their two year stint is up That rumor is the reason for the ship s nickname they call the Keeling the Crypt,It is the best kept and worst kept secret in the Planetary Union navy The PUV James Keeling, a warship that does things that no other ship can do It is a weapon, and a liability The rumor is that eighty percent of the people assigned to the Keeling die before their two year stint is up That rumor is the reason for the ship s nickname they call the Keeling the Crypt, because it is full of the dead.Those with a promising career, those with connections, those that can can avoid service on the Keeling do just that.But still, the ship must fight, and for that, it needs a crew The navy assigns the worst of the worst cowards, thieves, murderers, rapists or those with nowhere else to go, no way to opt out Your choice is simple be executed for your crimes, or serve two years on the keeling.If you make it out alive, your record is wiped clean and you get a fresh start.For this crew of just over 100 souls, it will be the longest two years they have ever faced What is this ship Where did it come from And why, oh, why, won t everyone stop screaming
    The Crew Scott Sigler

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      221 Scott Sigler
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    One thought on “The Crew”

    1. Not bad I was a little disappointed that we never actually got to get on board The Crypt and that there was no central plot whatsoever The whole book is basically a series of short stories introducing a large array of characters who for one reason or another earn themselves a two year military stint on the space vessel The PUV Keeling ie The Crypt So named because it has an 80% mortality rate and not all from combat missions As such, The Crypt is typically crewed by deserters and criminals and t [...]

    2. This is yet another awesome book put out by Sigler, made only awesome by the fact that other famous podiobook authors contributed their input to this series Normally this might make for a few too many chefs stirring the pot, but no this worked out wonderfully The characters in this book were great I honestly can t wait for the next book in the series to come out The only thing I can see people getting a little irritated with is that this book pretty much focuses on crew introductions, hence the [...]

    3. Scott never ceases to impress me with his incredibly original and fresh settings Four stars because there is no print version and it was never expanded upon It was mostly just a collection of origin stories of the crew If Scott were to go back and give it a second treatment like he has done with Earthcore I m sure it would by a 5 star worthy entry, and I would love to see him continue the series Another impressive entry from the FDO.

    4. I really loved the podcast version of the novel Infected and Scott Sigler s great performance of it and went on to listen to and also buy some print copies of and buy as presents for family and friends the SF horror thriller suspense novels Contagion, Ancestor, Earthcore, and Nocturnal, and am looking forward to Pandemic As a person who pretty much hates contemporary team sports and the culture of spectator sports especially football in the UK, where I live , i am not really attracted to the fut [...]

    5. This was a disappointment frankly The crew is a wonderful writing exercise rather than a novel Not to say that it isn t an interesting writing exercise, but a writing exercise just the same This novel is really a series of character vinettes with the common theme of everyone joining the crew of a space ship called the crypt So you get a chapter of how this particular character joins the crew, and a different character the next chapter and so on Occasionally, a character comes back and is instrum [...]

    6. This was really a lot of fun All the book really does is introduce you to the main players that will be on the deck of the PUV James Keeling as they gear up for the next mission This looks like the start of a great series So we meet the crew one by one and find out what they did to deserve such a place assignment aboard The Crypt, whether through misconduct, or the extreme bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time I found this book at podiobooks and it is set up like a serialization [...]

    7. These characters are fantastic, and I can t wait to see how they all work together on the Crypt the creepy ship they re all doomed to.What made it difficult to track with sometimes was the lack of a plot It s a collection of short stories stories that provide the background on all the characters of the next book You should completely listen to all of the stories, because they are each very interesting and develop the characters for the story If you don t like short story collections, you could l [...]

    8. The Crew sets up what promises to be his crowning work So much potential, and it s the heart of his attraction gritty, hard science fiction Same universe as his GFL series, but not YA in the least Scary, shocking sometimes, dark, harrowing oh, passenger virus, you sweet wonderful plot device , despairing, haunted, and real characters.When he gets to Book 3, and he d better hurry, this series will be what he s remembered for.On the subject of his universe, at a book reading in Cambridge, MA, he s [...]

    9. Set somewhere between the GFL series and the rest of his wonderful Siglervers novels this is a much anticipated start to a new series The author had several projects going on at one time and took some excellent advice and prioritized his project list and is currently knocking out one project at a time Needless to say that doing so will preserve the quality of work that Scott writes and I will be one of his patient junkies and devour his next book in anticipation to when this series continues.

    10. The cast of characters is so huge that I found myself twitching Though it was neat to have something that looked like a whole bunch of little short stories all compacted into the same universe I am excited to see where this goes in the future in spite of the need for a notebook to keep track of who is who.

    11. This book is a part of my 50 fiction works to read before I can start my own novel Therefore, my review is simply a two sentence summation of my analytical observations based upon personal style.Believable characters and valuable backstory which prefaces future motivations Gripping tale of the Crew has me wanting from the author.

    12. Having listened to this for the second time, after reading all of Scott Sigler s other books I enjoyed it even Spotting links to his other works, and seeing the potential for where this story can go leaves me in anticipation for

    13. I really enjoyed this book It s basically a science fiction horror novel based around how all the crew members of a prison exploration sheep is formed Most people are given the option of death or become a member of the crypt for two year Most pick death.Looking forward to book 2

    14. A great intro to a potentially excellent series of books The introduction of the crew and their backgrounds is a good start for any series Just wish Scott would get the next book on the go, he s left me on the edge of my seat

    15. This was an interesting addition to the Scott Sigler universe This book added a lot of history and context to the universe, government s, and races that Scott has been building throughout his books I can t wait until the next one

    16. Scott Sigler writes action like no one else I thoroughly enjoyed this podiobook and recommend it very much to people who enjoy really action packed writing He is a great reader as well.

    17. I can t wait for book two The problem with anything Scott writes if i always want MORE These characterizations are amazing I need to know what is going to happen on this ship, to these people

    18. Really enjoyed getting introduced to the crew, now for the painful wait to see what they get up to on The Crypt.

    19. Nails it 1 part starship troopers, 1 part Star Trek, a dash of Lost, and a few jiggers of full metal jacket.

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