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Love in the Time of Dragons Katie MacAlister Love in the Time of Dragons View our feature on Katie MacAlister s Love in the Time of Dragons When it comes to love one woman is scaling back her expectations Tully Sullivan is just like any other suburban mom except she s jus

  • Title: Love in the Time of Dragons
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love in the Time of Dragons Katie MacAlister View our feature on Katie MacAlister s Love in the Time of Dragons.When it comes to love, one woman is scaling back her expectations Tully Sullivan is just like any other suburban mom except she s just woken up in a strange place surrounded by strange people who keep insisting that they re dragons and that she s one too.
    Love in the Time of Dragons Katie MacAlister

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    1. Important If you are planning to read this book, in my opinion it is very important to first read the four Aisling Grey books followed by the three Silver Dragons books If you don t read these books, even though this book is listed as first in series, I believe you will be Very confused when reading this book If you haven t read the background from those other two series, I feel like you won t get much enjoyment from this book as you will be left scratching your head a lot.I enjoyed this book, a [...]

    2. 1.5 StarsThis is my first book by Katie MacAlister and I can t say I liked it I am so disappointed as I d heard that MacAlister s books are funny and very entertaining Sadly, Love in the Time of Dragons was neither In fact I thought it was pretty terrible It s not particularly well written and it s not well structured either it s a mess Love in the Time of Dragons is very confusing, mainly due to the mind time travel or dream sequences and there are also numerous characters present as well as th [...]

    3. Since I first read You Slay Me I have LOVED the Dragon Sept books, Aisling was hilarious, Drake was brooding and sexy and Jim had all the best lines The series moved into the books of the Silver Dragons and I followed it, finding I liked the character of May, she brought something new to the books, particularly with her problems with her demon lord and Gabriel s inability to perform foreplay You have to read them, trust me, it works So when we moved into the novels of the Light Dragons, I moved [...]

    4. Long time villain, Baltic, finds redemption and his mateI really loved the beginning of Love in the Time of Dragons and even though I am not a fan of flashbacks I actually enjoyed them here I thought that Tully s dreams were a very effective way of telling the story of Silver Dragon Ysolde and Black Dragon Baltic s love in their past life together, while also allowing the now human Tully to slowly regain her memories of her life as Ysolde and her love for Baltic At the start of the story I reall [...]

    5. Very disappointing I liked the overall story line and thought it had so much potential BUT it was confusing and irritating She bounced between her past to her present without letting you know that was what was happening I would be like three sentences into the past before I even realized that I wasn t in the present any Her son seemed inconsequential I don t see the purpose of having him in the story at all He was also very weird and kind of disrespectful not to mention spoiled The main characte [...]

    6. 5 starsLove in the Time of Dragons is book one in the Urban Fantasy series The Light Dragons The only reason I bought this book was because the cover drew me in from across the bookstore And I m happy to say I thought the story is absolutely fantastic I can t even begin to write a review for this book There was so much going on I can t seem to wrap my head around it all Lots of twists and turns involved in the war, treachery and memory loss that spans hundreds of years All of the characters are [...]

    7. 3.5 StarsTully Sullivan wakes up to find herself in a household somewhere in London with strangers She has no memory as to how she got there and even her past is foggy but one thing she is sure of is that she is not the dragon these people claim her to be But when she starts to have visions of a past life she can no longer deny that she has some kind of connection to this Baltic, who these strangers claim is the murderess dragon she is mated to.After she finds out that these people are actually [...]

    8. Woman with husband, child and career discovers that she really has amnesia, is not a woman but a dragon with a nasty ex dragon lover All this is disclosed to her by perfect strangers who she then asks to bring her child to her and off the plot goes.This book was a classic lite supernatural romance, as such quite diverting if you are in the mood but with nothing to make it stand out from dozens of others I quite enjoyed it because I was in the mood for light reading, but it is not an especially g [...]

    9. From Kindleliciousreads This was a pretty short read, so I will just do a quick review If you have read all of Katie Macalister s dragon books up until now, you will love this addition We finally get to see what big bad Baltic is all about If you haven t, you will be pretty lost I even had to go back to the previous books to make sure I had the plot correct The most important thing to know is that Baltic and Ysolde were both killed a long time ago, and have been reincarnated to find each other a [...]

    10. Before I review this book, I must caution all those who are about to read the book DO NOT READ THIS BEFORE READING THE AISLING GREY SERIES AND THEN THE SILVER DRAGON SERIESI m a huge fan of Aisling and her shenanigans I picked up Love in the Time of Dragons thinking it s a separate series set in Aisling s world To my dismay and delight, it turns out to be all interrelated, so while I was rejoined with Aisling and the lovely Jim, I had also missed out big chunks of the action by skipping the Silv [...]

    11. This is the first in the Light Dragons series In true Katie MacAlister fashion, this is a laugh out loud paranormal romance Tully, or is it Ysolde , is the female lead Everyone insists she is the silver dragon Ysolde resurrected All Tully know is that her fugues are getting closer together and now she s having very vivid dreams and visions of what everyone is telling her is her dragon life from several hundred years ago.The story bounces between the present and the past in Tully s dream and visi [...]

    12. I found this to be an amazingly frustrating book I wanted to smack BOTH the main characters, well before the end of the story.It s not enough for an author to say that a character is acting like a selfish, spoiled idiot because he or she is a powerful non human entity The author owes it to the reader to make the character into someone who would live past childhood in a realistic setting Baltic just wasn t such a character His own parents would have strangled him, and no jury would have convicted [...]

    13. Two things really First, this book was HYSTERICAL the bits about her kinks had me rolling Second, it was confusing as % Srsly I didn t realize this was a spinoff of a well established series until about three chapters in, when I was feeling overwhelmed with all the characters and obvious subtext The whole Light Dragons, 1 thing threw me off DEFINITELY read the other dragon novels first before even attempting this on or you ll be scratching your head half the time and third, be prepared for the t [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book I forget how much I like MacAlisters writing and how funny I think she is The story is wonderful, basically the guy everyone thought was bad actually isn t My only issue is that the ending sort of sucked, it seemed rushed and wasn t that exciting Oh, and these books come out really far apart from one another and I could barely remember what happened in the last one which does concern this one, and people and events aren t always explained You definitely need to read al [...]

    15. This book is a mess We the reader are dropped into the middle of a story with no background information The POV changes between the past and now with no transition between the two The world is a mix between medieval fantasy and modern with no explanation.Tully Ysolde wakes up kidnapped with a brain memory of swiss cheese with people who claim that she is a dragon Her 9 year old son acts like a late teen and calls her by her last name The dragons who have kidnapped her tell her she is this dragon [...]

    16. These dragon series of MacAlister s are becoming pretty complicated in the way they intertwine, and the plots aren t the straight forward excursions the first dragon series was, so I might just have to provide a bit of context here rather than a summary of just this one book.All sorts of other worldly creatures exist alongside us in MacAlister s world, everything from witches to sprites to demons to dragons Many look perfectly human when they wish, and all are temperamental to some degree Some a [...]

    17. Love in the Time of Dragons by Katie MacAlisterFirst in the Light Dragons series4 starsTully Sullivan has always thought she was normal Well as normal as she could be until she gets blackouts for really long periods of time This time during one of those blackouts she wakes up in a room full of dragons The dragons claim that she is Ysolde de Bouchier who was once mated to Baltic, a villainous dragon, in her previous life The thing is Tully doesn t remember any of this, but as her memories start t [...]

    18. Katie Macalister is an author I reach for when I m in a bad mood because I always walk away from one her books with a chuckle This book was no different There were quite a few minutes when I was chuckling out loud on the subway.This was the first novel of the Light Dragons Now if you ve never read one of her dragon sept books before it may be a little confusing at first it s probably better to read You Slay Me and go on I eagerly anticipated this book because I have long had a fascination with t [...]

    19. This boo is awesome It s funny, interesting, romantic, with lots of mystery and blabbering Tully Ysolda is hilarious, has a tendency to say and do whatever is in her mind and that leads to very interesting things.Balic is all macho Alfa arrogant barbaric male, and he admits it He has a do not need anyone except my mate attitude, doesn t answer to anyone or search for permission But also is very sweet and can be romantic and lovey dovey with Tully.Brom is an eccentric kid He likes to make his own [...]

    20. From When it comes to love, one woman is scaling back her expectationsTully Sullivan is just like any other suburban mom except she s just woken up in a strange place surrounded by strange people who keep insisting that they re dragons and that she s one too.The Review I had just bought this book, and wasn t all that interested in reading it But it was part of a challenge I m doing so I figured why the heck not, so I picked it up and didn t put it down Only reason it took two days to read was be [...]

    21. It was an easy read and absolutly hillarious, Effijim was at its best here, love the comments he gives It was nice to get an insight to Baltic and know that he ain t that bad of a Dragon One of the funny Parts Oh my god you didn t Oh You did I can see by that expression that you did You told him about me and my fantasy about guy on guy action, didn t you Ysolde Yes He said you could watch the next time he has a male lover over Baltic I can t believe you told him that I am going to die of embarra [...]

    22. Okay, I really don t know what to make of this book I found it hilarious, laughed so hard my belly hurts, but I can t decide if that was the writer intent Half the characters are just stupid see the narrator and protagonist of the novel , the other half are just wrong I mean, a nine year old boy who tries to mummify a dead fox, and his mother let s him do it, in spite of any illness and bacteria a corpse could be carrying Seriously Come on.A seriously badass ex dragon lord wyvern , died, came ba [...]

    23. The first few pages are very funny Ysolde is sweetly sarcastic very humorous especially when she is sparring with Baltic.The writing is rather disconcerting as it seamlessly jumps from present to past So seamless in fact, that you don t even realize it until 2 3 paragraphs have passed and you go wait a minute wasn t she Tully a second ago I kept having to backtrack to figure out what was going on And forget about the sarkany, it seemed like everyone had ADD No one could keep their mind on the me [...]

    24. Grade FUnderdeveloped plot and subplots Confusing POV shifts Pointless secondary characters Childish hero A heroine that won t cheat on a her husband but giving a bj is okay Lack of meaningful dialogue and constant comic relief Dragon laws that make the characters look like buffoons With only 35 pages remaining to read I didn t even want to skim to the end It s like the author had a good idea then didn t put any further effort into writing this book FYI This is a spin off series Characters from [...]

    25. I was going to give this 2 stars, but it did make me laugh a little, so I upped it one This is another spinoff from the Aisling series, which I enjoyed, but the further she gets from that, the less I like them Mostly the first person narrative of someone who has lost their memory but remembers some stuff, not others, has visions memories, it s kind of a jerky stop start flow that I didn t care for Also, it wasn t explained why Baltic wasn t a bad guy, and leaves all kinds of stuff in the air at [...]

    26. Weird book Very confusing in the beginning but the plot is a fresh subject for me in regards of Fantasy novels Dragons This book has a little bit of everything, romance, myths, action and most and for all laughts I laught a lot in this book, the characters are interesting and weird at the same time and some interaction are so ridiculous that make the book a comedy Come on, a witty demon dog Who could thought For me the best character in all the book Sometimes the archaic language annoyed me but [...]

    27. Katie MacAlister s dragon series is so much fun and this is the start of the Light Dragons series It is the story of Baltic which was started in a previous book and his mate Ysolde Baltic is grumpy and hard to like but he loves Ysolde and alot is explained as to why he has done what he has in the past But alot is left hanging at the end I enjoyed it alot but I do get tired of the strident humor after awhile and Ysolde is not my favorite heroine But I do love all these dragons and I think this i [...]

    28. After hearing in all of the other books how awful and scary Baltic is, it was refreshing to get to hear his side of the story At first I wasn t thrilled about the back and forth of the story, but I really grew to appreciate learning what really happened between Kostoya and Baltic and Drake.It also cracked me up to see all of the mates and Cy being the reasonable ones while the wyrven were all being stubborn and crazy.

    29. Really loved this book I thought the characters were all funny and quirky in their own way I took one star off because there were sometimes when I felt lost with all the back and forth memory thing Also since this is the third series set in the same world, I was lost when they talked about stuff that had happened in previous books I m going to go back and start with Aislings books before I continue with the Light Dragons series.

    30. Light Dragons, 1 e book Are you serious This was such a waste of time I was confused most of the book This felt like a middle of the series book instead of a first book And the humor was a bit annoying.

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