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Like Dandelion Dust Karen Kingsbury Like Dandelion Dust Karen Kingsbury delivers a powerful new novel about two parents love for their child and the surprising lengths they will go to keep their family together when a judge rules that their adopted son mus

  • Title: Like Dandelion Dust
  • Author: Karen Kingsbury
  • ISBN: 9781599953328
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Like Dandelion Dust Karen Kingsbury Karen Kingsbury delivers a powerful new novel about two parents love for their child and the surprising lengths they will go to keep their family together when a judge rules that their adopted son must be returned to his biological father.
    Like Dandelion Dust Karen Kingsbury Like Dandelion Dust Rotten Tomatoes Sep , LIKE DANDELION DUST is an emotive family drama that could have easily been renamed The Underrated Actor s Club Barry Pepper, Mira Sorvino, and the equally strong Cole Hauser Like Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury Like Dandelion Dust follows two sets of parents from different backgrounds Jack and Molly, an affluent couple who seems to have everything but faith and Wendy and Rip, a couple trying to find their way Like Dandelion Dust karenkingsbury Trailer for Like Dandelion Dust movie in theaters September Now a Feature Film Joey lives an idyllic life with his parents on the coast of Florida His days are spent playing with his cousins, sailing Watch Like Dandelion Dust Prime Video Like Dandelion Dust is a dvd that relates the effort that the main characters, a married couple, cope with having adopted a child and not being able to procreate on their own I think that the film would have Like Dandelion Dust Mira Sorvino, Kate Jan , Like Dandelion Dust dramatizes an adoptive parent s worst nightmare the birth parents of a young boy want him back But this isn t a thriller or a maudlin movie of the week Like Dandelion Dust

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    One thought on “Like Dandelion Dust”

    1. This novel had come highly recommended from a friend who had recommend quite a few great novels to me before and the synopsis of the novel sounded good so I was expecting good things from Like Dandelion Dust I had also seen an advert for the movie on TV and it looked interesting so I went ahead and brought the book from without researching the author Big mistake But the truth was, the plot was very predictable, irritatingly repetitive, contrived and not very well written The concept of the story [...]

    2. I couldn t finish this book I suffered through about 100 pages and just couldn t take it any I did skim the last few pages because I wanted to see how it ended, but I couldn t even force myself to read them.This was the most self righteous, ridiculous crap I have ever read I was really looking forward to this book, the plot behind it was very interesting But I could not handle all the religious whining that went on Oh, it s so unfair that my sister has a fun life and happy family when they don t [...]

    3. I first heard about this book on one of the forums for adoption that I follow There were a lot of people who were outraged at the concept of the movie being made from the book One person in the forum said that she wanted to read the book before making judgments about the movie being bad or not.I decided to see if I could find this book for my Kindle and was pleasantly surprised to see that not only was it available, but it was on sale too.This book is every adoptive family s worst nightmare come [...]

    4. I just finished this book tonight, and while I understand the complaints towards the religious aspects of the story, I kind of feel the need to defend the book.Let me start out by saying that I myself am NOT a religious person I can count the number of times on one hand that I ve been to church in my life Religion has never, and probably will never, play an important part in my life That said, I still respect that others find it comforting and important The back of this book warns you about what [...]

    5. It s not often that I say this about Christian fiction, but this book was just too preachy for my tastes I proudly say that I m a born again Christian and lover of Christian fiction, but the way that the Christian aspect was woven into this story came across as forced and unrealistic in places I really wanted to enjoy this book as I d read glowing reviews of it and cried when I d watched the movie trailer I ve only read one of Karen Kingsbury s books before, a Christmas novella, and while I d fo [...]

    6. This book is really sentimental claptrap Indulgently self righteous, one dimensional and made me want to gag Worse than a bad made for Lifetime movie Who might like it Fundamentalist Christian evangelicals who see life in black white, without the possiblity of gray areas.Don t get me wrong I m not anti Christian I just think this message was very poorly delivered and served to turn off, rather than turn on An example of really good Christian story telling The Shack This book is no Shack.

    7. Some will say it s terribly unfair to give a book a one star rating after only a few chapters, but reading a book is like meeting a man on the first day I know within the first 10 minutes whether or not I want to sleep with him And I definately do not want to sleep with this book To sum up how I feel about this book and what sealed my decision to not continue reading it , please read the review written by fellow Goodreader, Tiffany review show The following is my comment on her review, which is [...]

    8. Someone recommended this author and book She sounds like a good Christian writer However, I was a little skeptical when I read about this book It seems a little far fetched that the adoptive parents have so little parental rights But then I thought about the situation and how heart wrenching it would be to loose one of my kids, and I thought this might be a good read We ll see I ll keep you updated.OK, I just finished this book While at times the authors style of writing seemed a little juvenile [...]

    9. What would you do if your child, one that you d adopted years ago, was now being taken away from you to be returned to his biological parents What would you do if the law said you had no choice because the adoption was a fraud What would you do if you knew the biological father was just released from prison for physical abuse Would you just turn your child over for possible harm.or would you run to save your little family These are the questions facing the Campbell family in Like Dandelion Dust [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed this book about the battle between the birth parents and the adoptive parents of 4 year old Jack The book was a story of family, love, and faith I felt a variety of emotions throughout these pages happiness, sadness, anger, compassion, empathy, love I learned valuable lessons from several of the characters and found myself asking some difficult questions I would suggest this book to anyone who needs a faith restoration.

    11. Always at the end of a book, I stand back amazed Awed that God would give me another story I m not sure what planet Kingsbury lives on, but if this story was given to her by God, then surly it was his intent that she let someone else write it down for her This book was recommended by a friend, and I m well aware that our reading interests are vastly different, however, I did wish for the ability to read something that I could discuss at our next social gathering So, reluctantly, I embarked on th [...]

    12. Almost stopped reading this book about halfway through it was so sad at times a truly gut wrenching story glad I finished it though but will be reading a light hearted book next It was about a boy who was given up for adoption by his mother because her husband was physically abusive and sent to prison for domestic violence She knew she would never leave this man and didn t want her son raised in that environment The bio mom didn t tell him about their son and forged his name on the adoption pap [...]

    13. I buy a lot of used books and this one looked interesting and was it ever It is a what would you do book so interesting I found it hard to put down A married woman, whose husband had just been sent to prison for domestic abuse, found herself to be pregnant Knowing that she could not provide the baby with the type of home,care and future he deserved, she gave him up for adoption When the father was released from prison, claiming to be a changed man, they contest the adoption because the mother ha [...]

    14. Though it may rest outside my normal circle of favorite types of books , this book GRABBED me I cried at things about which I didn t even know I cared, I got chills when Kingsbury developed the faith of her characters I ve always considered Christian fiction to be sappy and over done in the Faith realm I usually like God allusions to be subtle and sneaky But Kingsbury encompassed the power of the Christian faith in the heart of a SMALL CHILD in a way that brought me to my knees.So, in a way that [...]

    15. Like Dandelion Dust raises interesting questions, questions of what makes someone a mother, and what does it mean to truly love a child The story of King Solomon is quite appropriate and it is mentioned in the book It brought tears to my eyes and wrenched my heart reading about Joey being taken from his adoptive parents only to be place in a home with a loving biological mother, but an abusive biological father Thankfully, the biological mother found the courage and strength to do the right thin [...]

    16. I love how you can see God s providence working in the lives of Joey s adoptive parents I also love how Joey was praying to God and ask Him to be with him when he goes anywhere He was a great example for his adoptive parents in how to talk to God we shouldn t be afraid to admit are mistakes to God, the Creator of us and all life He wants us to realize we are not perfect and we need to rely on Him even in the best and worst times of are life Don t let anyone look down on you because you are young [...]

    17. This book was decent as a piece of literature I found the characters compelling and the narrative accessible Unfortunately, this is not really my genre so it did not grab me for that reason Also, I found it wrapped up way too neatly It was like reading a really long sit com episode where everyone is happy at the end The only one really left unhappy is Rip as he never finds the healing that the narrative desires for him It is not that I dislike happy endings, I just know that real faith also deal [...]

    18. I ended up with this book because i just wanted to get a book from my library for my Kindle the downside of trying to pick a book from a list is that you don t get to really look at the cover and read a paragraph or two In this case, I probably would have opted not to select this book had i had a better look at it Very simplistic writing heavy religious message I will acknowledge that i read the entire book had to find out how the author wrapped it up and it was as expected, all neat and tidy wi [...]

    19. Loved it Like Dandelion Dust is definitely one of my new favorites I loved everything about this book The story was very interesting and so well developed At the end, I just couldn t put it down I had to know how the book ended and what was going to happen to the characters It turned out that the end was beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time.The characters were very believable and each had its own personality I also enjoyed reading the story from different points of view.Karen Kingsbury [...]

    20. This is an emotionally charged book about a custody battle of a young boy The idea of a preschooler being taken away from his loving parents, the only mom and dad he has ever know, and being placed in a home with an abusive biological father, will make any parent cringe This book kept me interested, but there were a few unrealistic parts and a lot of self righteousness I gave this book 3 stars because I did enjoy the story line even if it was a little too preachy for my taste.

    21. Jack Molly Campbell adopted Joey at birth He is almost five years old now and they have been told that the adoption was fraudulent as the birth father never signed the release papers Molly s sister Beth and her family try to help them through this terrible time with faith in the Lord Wendy Porter, the birth mother, wrestles with her love for Joey and issues of his safety As always, Karen Kingsbury creates an emotional, sometimes devastating, but uplifting message.

    22. My husband commented this book looked like a grocoery store novel And he was kind of right But I was interested in the plot, which is about a 5 year old adopted boy whose birth parents decide they want him back I found it interesting how the author unabashedly testifies of God throughout the book as well I ve never read any of her other books and there are a lot It kept my attention, I read every word, and felt good after Probably not literary genius but a good story.

    23. I read this almost in one sitting I couldn t stop reading Had to know what happened This book really got me thinking when the most precious thing in the world to me is at stake, do I really, really, really have faith that God will take care of things And faith enough to trust even if it means giving everything

    24. What if a child was ripped away from the only family he ever knew Having children of my own I can t imagine what lengths I would go to so they would be safe I felt compassion for the adoptive family and the birth mother.

    25. I still get cold chills thinking about what it would be like to have to give up a child I m not sure what I would have been willing to do had I been placed in this situation.

    26. Rarely do I give a book 5 stars, this needs extra stars I got caught up in this book and now plan to watch the movie.

    27. Okay, so I read this book a long time ago Like way before I loved books I think I was 14 My aunt gave it to me, and I remembered enjoying it i wonder if I still would now If I read it again.

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