Peril at Somner House #2020

Peril at Somner House Joanna Challis Peril at Somner House After her adventures in Murder on the Cliffs young Daphne du Maurier travels to a remote island off the coast of Cornwall to visit the estate of Lord and Lady Trevalyan Somner House enchanting amids

  • Title: Peril at Somner House
  • Author: Joanna Challis
  • ISBN: 9780312367169
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Peril at Somner House Joanna Challis After her adventures in Murder on the Cliffs, young Daphne du Maurier travels to a remote island off the coast of Cornwall to visit the estate of Lord and Lady Trevalyan Somner House, enchanting amidst lush exotic wilderness and only a moment s walk to the sea, beguiles Daphne, but just as looming winter storms begin to envelop the island, the Lord is found murdered whilAfter her adventures in Murder on the Cliffs, young Daphne du Maurier travels to a remote island off the coast of Cornwall to visit the estate of Lord and Lady Trevalyan Somner House, enchanting amidst lush exotic wilderness and only a moment s walk to the sea, beguiles Daphne, but just as looming winter storms begin to envelop the island, the Lord is found murdered while the Lady is found in the arms of a lover Even Daphne with her torrid imagination could not have dreamed that she would become ensnared in the vile, villainous schemes being hatched within the walls of Somner House or that a handsome stranger would inspire her to plumb the depths of a great mystery.
    Peril at Somner House Joanna Challis

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      149 Joanna Challis
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    One thought on “Peril at Somner House”

    1. I really can t evaluate this book fairly because I was so distracted by the numerous grammatical errors, especially the misplaced phrases, the first of which would have been hilarious except that it occurred at a moment of what should have been high drama Some examples Returning, sobbing, to Josh s compassionate arms, we all stared guiltily at one another Entirely lost in my own world, my paintbrush crashed to the floor and rolled to the door If left in Max s hands, they ll lose the estate I ask [...]

    2. This book was almost almost amusingly bad Except it was too awful to be funny Uneven, unconfident writing that seemed soooo pleased with itself Characters that are tissue thin and painfully obvious stereotypes Plus, the writer begins the story in winter, but keeps forgetting and makes multiple references to the sparkling sun on the sea, sitting outside to eat and drink, and dresses the people in summer clothing There are also an irritatingly high number of typos But the piece de resistance is th [...]

    3. Was not really impressed by this one At the start, the writing felt slightly amateurish but it did improve as it went along There was no author note giving info on DuMaurier s life or a timeline which would have been helpful as the text didn t really provide many hints as to the actual time period latter 1920s I think I d have liked this better if I d read the first book as the relationships and references to previous happenings left me wondering who what why I have also not read a lot of DuMaur [...]

    4. If the rating system here would have zero star rating, I would happily give this book zero stars I find the protagonist, the future Rebecca author, Daphne du Maurier to be a spineless doormat to her bitchy sister, Angela and most of the guests of Somner House I was so angry at Daphne not defending herself that I officially quit reading this dreadful book a few minutes ago and I hope I never look back.

    5. This is the second in the Daphne du Maurier series I m not sure why I get the real person fictionalized as a sleuth stuff if you think about it, it s sort of creepy to be writing fiction about real people Most of these series don t work This one works better than most Overall, it s relatively enjoyable Daphne is roped into going to one of the small islands off the English coast by her sister, Angela Angela knows Lady and Lord Trevalyn, i.e Kate and Max Somner House is Max s family estate though [...]

    6. The second book in an imagined series of Daphne Du Maurier s youth I love Daphne Du Maurier s writing, and the love she obvious has for the Cornwall region So far in this series, I feel that Joanna Challis does an excellent job at capturing the atmosphere that a young Daphne must have encountered that evolved her into the writer that she became Her struggles as a fledgling writer are described, along with the mystery, in a way that is by no means obtrusive.The fun thing about this mystery is tha [...]

    7. Daphne du Maurier and her sister Angela have arrived on an island to stay and visit with Max Kate, owners of the Somner House While Daphne is trying to get inspiration for the novels she likes to write, Rebecca being one of them, Max is murdered The murderer is somewhere on the island as storms keep everyone from leaving But who is it Daphne risks her own life to find the culprit and it is someone no one would suspect.This was interesting but a bit of a slow read It took me about 1 3 of the way [...]

    8. This was very cute A fictionalized Daphne DuMaurier, fresh from solving a murder case in Murder on the Cliffs, arrives at a friend s castle in the Isle of Scilly, Cornwall, with her sister for what seems to be a week or two of rest an relaxation Upon arrival, she finds out that they ve just passed the last boat to the coast for the winter Two days later, the drug addled lord of the manor is found murdered, and Daphne is on the case THe author does a great job of creating a young, naive but pluck [...]

    9. This was one of the worst books I have ever read The main character was insufferable She didn t see people as people but as a character in one of the books she read She wasn t able to connect which made the whole book off, if the person telling the story can t see the people as people then how are the people reading it supposed to She had this annoying habit of quoting passages from books and then trying to connect the people to them even if there was no connection at all other than she said the [...]

    10. This book was fine light reading, but so poorly edited as to distract from the core story I wanted to redline full paragraphs It s odd the first book in the series did not have this editing issue, and the third doesn t seem to either so far But this booke errors were numerous and disappointing They included everything from basic syntax errors, to repetition of phrases within a few paragraphs, to completely contradictory facts from one chapter to the next Disappointing, as I find the other books [...]

    11. This book is the second in a series, with Daphne du Maurier as the protagonist amateur sleuth I really enjoy these books, mostly because the characters are well drawn The plots don t always seem to come together quite right, and there are loose ends, but the books are fun despite that There are allusions to Jane Austen novels, and I think some to du Maurier s work, though I have only read three of her books, and I could be missing a lot.

    12. I really enjoyed the second installment of the Daphne du Maurier mysteries Daphne is a girl after my own heart I m also starting to fall in love with Cornwall, though I ve never been Ms Challis kept me guessing again, this time right until the end The conclusion was very exciting The language and description is immersive.

    13. Loved it a very classic who dun it with characters and plot reminding me quite a bit of an Agatha Christie tale just the sort of thing I love, murder on an island, a mysterious tower, a grand estate, multiple suspects I delighted in reading this story and am pleased to have found a new favorite author.

    14. I love these mysteries featuring a young Daphne du Maurier I enjoy how Challis weaves bits of the real Daphne s life, along with tidbits that will later influence her writing, and still creates a mystery that could stand on its own two legs This is a great series for readers who like writers I hope Challis continues the series.

    15. Since I have enjoyed Daphne DuMauriernovels, I was looking forward to reading a mystery where she was the detective.However the author made DuMaurier avery unappealing character who cared most about status and money the plot was weak the writing was pedestrian.

    16. I like Daphne de Maurier as a character in these books a lot, though I don t know what she was like in real life The pace kept me going better than her first book, but it ended really quickly A pretty good read.

    17. Fairly enjoyable weekend read I liked the overall story and descriptions The editing could have been better e.g mistake with Edith Piaf song, consistencies and some grammatical errors I like the characters so will probably read the next in the series.

    18. The writing was pretty poor, there were far too many typos, and the plot wasn t as developed as I would ve liked I was intrigued by the idea of a mystery featuring Daphne du Maurier but this just didn t deliver in my opinion.

    19. This mystery wasn t bad Sometimes the mood is good, and the scenes are interesting, but overall the writing is a bit amateurish Very diverting for a day at the beach, though.

    20. delightful easy read i don t normally choose a mystery, but i liked the title and the cover, so i gave it a chance

    21. Excellent story Great characters This story has many twists and turns and will keep you in suspense until the very end

    22. Good quick read I loved Rebecca so I thought it was neat that this was a tie in story to that author.

    23. OMG Nancy Drew for Adults Complete with the lead line at the end preparing us for the next in the series Annoying obvious and childish What a waste

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