Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer #2020

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer John Grisham Richard Thomas Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer A perfect murderA faceless witnessA lone courtroom champion knows the whole truth and he s only thirteen years oldMeet Theodore BooneIn the small city of Strattenburg there are many lawyers and thou

  • Title: Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer
  • Author: John Grisham Richard Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780142428696
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer John Grisham Richard Thomas A perfect murderA faceless witnessA lone courtroom champion knows the whole truth and he s only thirteen years oldMeet Theodore BooneIn the small city of Strattenburg, there are many lawyers, and though he s only thirteen years old, Theo Boone thinks he s one of them Theo knows every judge, policeman, court clerk and a lot about the law He dreams of being a great tA perfect murderA faceless witnessA lone courtroom champion knows the whole truth and he s only thirteen years oldMeet Theodore BooneIn the small city of Strattenburg, there are many lawyers, and though he s only thirteen years old, Theo Boone thinks he s one of them Theo knows every judge, policeman, court clerk and a lot about the law He dreams of being a great trial lawyer, of a life in the courtroom.But Theo finds himself in court much sooner than expected Because he knows so much maybe too much he is suddenly dragged into the middle of a sensational murder trial A cold blooded killer is about to go free, and only Theo knows the truth.The stakes are high, but Theo won t stop until justice is served.Brimming with the intrigue and suspense that made John Grisham a 1 international bestseller and the undisputed master of the legal thriller, Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer will keep readers guessing and pages turning.
    Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer John Grisham Richard Thomas

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    1. While there may be kids who will enjoy reading this trial story I expected from the reviews I d read I debated giving this a three because I do think Grisham did a reasonably good job helping kids better understand how trials work But in the end I felt there wasn t enough action for this sort of book and an awful lot of telling versus showing Teddy is a likable hero and maybe Grisham will do better by him in future books So, on to my problems First of all, Grisham needs to do a bit research ab [...]

    2. 4.7 stars Omg, Theodore is rock at first, I haven t think I gonna enjoy this since the writing style kinda too much tell, not show for my taste But when it reach to the Court scene and OMG I cannot stop all the legal cases that came to our main lead Theo are interesting and exciting and oh this Theo boy is so smart, his parents are lawyers so Theo know the Laws very well, even the court, the judge, and blah blah blah He help his friends for being law adviser and he has to face a big popular case [...]

    3. Copied from my blog Hey, when you were a kid, did you ever feel compelled to seek legal advice Or play golf Yeah, I didn t think so.So you can imagine my confusion over why international bestselling author of legal thrillers John Grisham s new foray into kid lit has so far scored 3.35 out of 5 stars on Half his book, aimed at eight to twelve year olds, is about things like how to avoid foreclosure, which lawyer in town to phone when your brother in law is picked up on a DUI, and what a mistrial [...]

    4. This is John Grisham s first foray into the Young Adult YA genre, and, true to form, he was able to deliver another engaging legal thriller this time with a 13 year old boy as protagonist.Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer is the story of Theo, only child of lawyer parents, who himself dreams of becoming one day a trial lawyer, just like his parents He may only be in middle school, but he knows practically law than any other seasoned lawyer, and this is demonstrated by several of his peers coming to hi [...]

    5. Grisham for teens Theodore Boone is thirteen His parents are both lawyers so he spends a lot of time hanging around the court rooms and is known by all the legal staff His school friends begin asking him for legal advice and having access to supposedly secure legal files, he carefully dispenses it Fascinated by big trials, he can t wait for the latest one to begin What will happen, though, when one of his clients seeks his advice about a matter that could derail the entire proceedings Will he ke [...]

    6. You know, sometimes I write reviews explaining why things haven t worked for me in particular books Often I find myself citing implausibility as a major reason, sometimes lack of resolution and not enough strings being pulled together at the end Sometimes it s too many strings being tied up and leaving a feeling of the ending being contrived In this book, it really was fairly unbelievable that a 13 year old would be looking into other students legal troubles, jumping onto city websites to check [...]

    7. I was interested to see what John Grisham would do with a kids book I like the legal world setting that s something new for kids I like the dilemma that Grisham creates for his character.

    8. I m not sure what to say about this book except that it reads like a prologue Nothing huge or earth shattering really happened We didn t really get much of a conclusion We got a whole lot of info about all of the characters, and a lot of plotlines were established that were not developed It really is just an introduction to a series.Something that s surprising about this is that Theodore is thirteen, which is an odd age for what I believe is meant to be a YA novel it seems like the age of a pro [...]

    9. I always like John Grisham s books and this one s not an exception Theo s knowledge about law really amazed me Well, no wonder, because his parents are both lawyer But still, for a thirteen years old boy, that s kinda awesome He knows what he wants to be, which is not my prerogative when I was his age, lol It was still so dark in my world This is my second time reading this book, by the way, but I still enjoyed it And even though the case is pretty light to me, it s still a great read I gained s [...]

    10. I know it s horrible to not love this book written by an adult author I occasionally enjoy I expected this book, written by John Grisham, to be a young adult book that had an interesting story, but no sex and violence Instead I got a book better suited to those written in the fifties and sixties, only with updated technology It was so much like the Three Investigators, Nancy Drew, and Hardy Boys that I really kept looking to make sure it was written by John Grisham I d fully believe his third c [...]

    11. Theo Boone hasn t been to law school, in fact, he hasn t even graduated high school yet, but he s a genius when it comes to courtroom cases He finally has the chance to prove himself soon enough, but how can he keep from getting caught up as a victim This book was really different, and despite it being for middle grade to young adult readers, it still has a compelling mystery in its pages that anyone can read.

    12. Grisham has jumped on the Best selling adult author writes YA book bandwagon, and the result is pretty lame It is clunky, slow paced, and at no point did I forget the fact that this was Grisham pretending to be a YA author Don t waste your time As a middle school librarian, and fan of most of Grisham s other books, I was seriously disappointed.

    13. Video review youtube watch v 7MYz0This book seems to have such extreme reactions in people, with some loving it and some absolutely hating it I d say that it s important to not let either opinion put you off reading this novel and to just try it for yourself as you never know.This is the first time I have ever read anything by John Grisham and it definitely won t be the last I certainly plan to pickup the next book in this series, which is a YA crime and mystery series Some people have issues wi [...]

    14. A cute book that puts all James Patterson teen series es to shame Grisham deals with the intricacies of the law in such a way that a 12 15 year old not yet ready for THE FIRM or THE CHAMBER can understand The story was quite good and the language did not leave me wishing I had bubble gum to chew like cud Theo Boone loves the law and goes with his class to watch the opening day of the town s most recent and rare murder trial He gets hooked and becomes involved in the trial, indirectly, when a sec [...]

    15. Cewek, sidang pembunuhan, saksi rahasia Belakangan hidup menjadi kian rumit bagi TheoPepatah yang menyebutkan buah tak jauh dari pohonnya, sangat cocok untuk sosok Theodore Teddy Boone Hidup selama 13 tahun dengan seorang pengacara real estate, Woods Boone, sang ayah serta ibu seorang pengacara perceraian selalu dari pihak istri , Marcella Boone, membuat Theo menjadi anak yang paling tahu seluk beluk hukum dibandingkan yang lainnya Plus tambahan seorang paman yang juga pengacara Teman temannya b [...]

    16. half the man, twice the lawyer a perfect murder a faceless witness one person knows the whole truth and he is only 13 years old welcome to the world of theo boone, the only son of 2 lawyers who spends time in the courts and lawyers rooms than he does at school a murder trial is just beginning, the first for a long time in the time, and everyone is agog, not least theo but half way thru he discovers that there is a witness who can prove the man guilty, if only he can be persuaded to come forward [...]

    17. I grew up reading juvenile series novels Tom Swift Jr was my favorite, although I also enjoyed many others Rick Brandt, Vicki Barr, Peggy Allen But the Swift Jr books were tops lots of adventure and real science at a time when science was really coming into its own Then the Harry Potter series came along and turned the young adult novel topsy turvy It revolutionized reading for young people but also spawned a ton of bad imitations.So when I heard that the man who had virtually created the modern [...]

    18. Habr a sido un gustazo dar con este libro con la edad indicada para leerlo Est claro que el p blico al que va dirigido es uno en las primeras etapas de la adolescencia.Posiblemente este libro habr a aumentado mi afici n por el derecho, que lamentablemente, aunque consigui sobrevivir al horrible primer a o con sus feas asignaturas acab hundi ndose durante el resto de mi etapa universitaria en esos momentos daba gracias por haber escogido estudiar dos carreras en lugar de una sola.Pero dejando atr [...]

    19. I wasn t aware that Grisham had also written YA fiction until my 12 year old picked up this title in the library She handed it off to me with the warning that it had not a very satisfactory ending spoken in a tone of voice reminiscent of the twerp in Ice Age The Meltdown.I found it engaging I wondered if the murder case would ever have gone to trial in a real court, given the lack of evidence but I m no lawyer The setting is an idealized small town populated by mostly good people who know each o [...]

    20. Disappointing on several levelsWhen I first heard Grisham was doing a YA novel, I thought here s a chance to have a riveting crime fiction tale from one of the best in the page turner businessHere s what I found 1 100 pages to get to any riveting drama he s lost 98% of my students by then it does get interesting for about 80 100 pages with a lot of promise but fizzle2 Dated characters Theodore reads like a Encyclopedia Brown impersonation since when do 13 year olds not date the two female charac [...]

    21. Stunning, Fabulous, AwesomeThis is the first novel of its kind that I read ever I had never read the John Grisham before but I really become his fan after reading this The thought was too good of explaining about the protagonist.How you project a 13 year boy to be a Hero , one should learn by reading this novel.Theo is too good, Judge Gantry is good and in the same way every single character is well thought and put in the book at its required and necessary place.Only one thing I miss was that th [...]

    22. Sometimes I need to put some defense mechanism in place in order to finish a book Mostly it is because the book is too damn terrible for my brains to process normally This was one of them The delusion I kept feeding myself Theo Boone is not really a child prodigy This book, instead, is about a mentally challenged socially awkward adult lawyer whose brain capsized and is now stuck as a thirteen year old who is creating an elaborate fantasy about his adventures The secondary characters are translu [...]

    23. The reason why I decided to read Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer By John Grisham was because I like to read books with a bit of crime and mystery involved This book gave me an insight to what it is like to know the law at such a young age and how Theo wants to live up to his dream from a young age, this is something I admire, I ve had a dream since I was a young and what s better than learning or getting to know your dream better It was no surprise, at least to Theo, that his father did not agree This [...]

    24. So why would such a great writer write something so flawed Did he not want to go into the YA kid market but his publisher made him do it Does he love law so much that he wanted to get kids interested in it without any regard for other YA kid book elements I m thinking the latter, but with basically no action for the first third, a plot with very few interesting twists, basically flat characters, and an unrealistic setting a public school where classes consist of sixteen well behaved 8th grade ma [...]

    25. Grisham was scarred for life by the Hardy Boys He is so not ready for children s literature I can t believe his editor even read this book Theodore Boone wants to be a lawyer He lives in a small town with an office in his parents law firm taking on cases and solving them Although Grisham does a good job explaining the process of a court trial, he can t make up for the fact that Theodore Boone is an unlikeable, obsequious, and completely unrealistic teenager.I knew I was in trouble with this book [...]

    26. I read this on a lark Not my usual reading but I think Grisham has turned into a really fine writer I did not like his earlier books.This book was great.Fully formed characters that learn, grow and develop relationships.Tight plot that kept me riveted and left no threads hanging.Pacing was top notch it slowly built over the course of the book until the end when things were moving at a pretty good clip.I listened to the Audio book and the narrator was Richard Thomas one of my favorites who did a [...]

    27. Uninspired That would be the one word I d use to sum this one up A courtroom legal pot boiler in the vein of The Firm or The Client, only targeted to a tween YA audience from Grisham, no less This should have been a home run But instead we get a lazy, twistless, BORING case, with no real villain or conflict for our young hero, who is frankly not so interesting himself And its condescending to its young readers to boot, dishing out pedantic passages about the law I was thoroughly disappointed by [...]

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