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The Immortals Amit Chaudhuri The Immortals In s Bombay a highly regarded voice teacher and his affluent sixteen year old student enter into a relationship that will have unexpected and lasting consequences in their lives and the lives of

  • Title: The Immortals
  • Author: Amit Chaudhuri
  • ISBN: 9780307454652
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Immortals Amit Chaudhuri In 1980s Bombay, a highly regarded voice teacher and his affluent sixteen year old student enter into a relationship that will have unexpected and lasting consequences in their lives, and the lives of their families With exquisitely sensuous detail, quiet humor, and unsentimental poignancy, Amit Chaudhuri paints a luminous portrait of the spiritual and emotional force behIn 1980s Bombay, a highly regarded voice teacher and his affluent sixteen year old student enter into a relationship that will have unexpected and lasting consequences in their lives, and the lives of their families With exquisitely sensuous detail, quiet humor, and unsentimental poignancy, Amit Chaudhuri paints a luminous portrait of the spiritual and emotional force behind a revered Indian tradition of two fundamentally different but intricately intertwined families and of a society choosing between the old and the new.
    The Immortals Amit Chaudhuri

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      449 Amit Chaudhuri
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    One thought on “The Immortals”

    1. The Immortals was short listed for the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature and why not, the prose is beautiful and the narrative flows like the waters of River Ganga There is no plot in this book and so there is nothing big that ever happens to any of its characters But the book has great observational material, almost as if the author was a fly on the wall, observing how people and cities changed with the passage of time Movement is the central theme of this book and that is what I realised at [...]

    2. The Immortals seems to have been written for the Booker judging panel, meticulously adopting one of the standard Booker styles Indian subcontinent coming of age family saga known for short as the Rushdie Template.Unfortunately it wasn t written for you, dear reader, so I advise you not to read it reviewers are occasionally castigated for spoiling giving away the plot of a book There is no danger of that here because The Immortals has no plot Or, if it does have one, it is simply this talented si [...]

    3. I have to say I was disappointed with this book I wanted to stop reading it, but I never stop reading a book once I have started I kept thinking there would be a redemption at the end, but there wasn t I didn t care about the characters I wanted to care, but I didn t I can not recommend this This was the first book I read by this author, not sure I would read another

    4. The Immortals is a tale of two families one luxuriating in a new world of corporate affluence and the other getting by on the old world of musical tradition Together, they are joined by a common, day to day pursuit of music Music is the thread that ties this book together, and Amit Chaudhuri knows his stuff He is, himself, a composer and musician and the meticulous detail and grand amount of exposition is clearly written by a man who has inhabited the world he creates.This is a populous novel it [...]

    5. Being a classically trained Indian musician myself, I thought reading a book about the subject by an actual musician might be right up my alley And Amit Chaudhuri s The Immortals could have been very compelling if it weren t for a few teensy issues.The Immortals tries to tackle the guru student relationship along with complexities of caste, socioeconomics, and education Some of the characters are fleshed out than others Mallika Sengupta and Shyamji are by far the most developed Nirmalya, who is [...]

    6. Sorry, I got about 50 pages in another reviewer calls this book languid I agree But it would be interesting to those who grew up in India and are familiar with the music teaching milieu.

    7. This was a beautifully written, intelligent novel about two families one a wealthy corporate family, the other a multi generational family of traditional musicians These families are tied together by music, one being a teacher to the mother and son of the wealthy Sengupta family However, the book was rather boring, and I am not opposed to slow moving books Perhaps it is because I did not really grasp the cultural nuances, and the number of Hindu phrases detracted from the flow of my reading as I [...]

    8. Great book I never knew indian classical music has so much depth and vigor In the midst of reading this book, I started listening to the classical music mentioned and it helped me understand the author s work better It s rich, colorful and leaving one to want .

    9. Couldn t get through this one Read about a third and gave up It went no where and was very confusing with all the Indian names.

    10. I think that Amit Chaudhuri really has a way with words The writing in this book is very emotive, as he manages to put into words the small actions and thoughts of everyday life which go into turning people happy, melancholy, frustrated, and so on There are numerous moments especially if you have lived in Bombay or are part of an Indian family who live in India where the reader is compelled to laugh in recognition at the smallest of foibles Also interesting was the focus of hte book on the nicet [...]

    11. This is the story of the Sengupta family and their relations with each other, friends, work associates, and as well, their relationships with the people who work for the family in the home, and the teachers who come to provide singing and music lessons.Not being of the Indian culture, I found the story to reflect the undercurrent of place and status within the society of these characters found similarly in books such as The Death of Krishna and A Fine Balance Being an American, much of the behav [...]

    12. I really, really wanted to like this book, having read so many terrific English language books by South Asian writers It has many interesting characters I can t help but feel that Chaudhuri has probably written a biting and witty social satire that I don t have the cultural background to appreciate But the book seems to just plod onward endlessly as I struggle to keep the large cast of characters straight and understand exactly what the point is At the end, I still really wasn t too clear if Cha [...]

    13. This feels like the most thorough book by Chaudhuri it s probably his longest one to date I really enjoyed his close depiction of the world of music teachers and their bourgeois amateur students in Bombay of the eighties Chaudhuri manages to write about class and caste interaction without either aestheticized delusion or revolutionary sentimentalism Young bookish protagonist who will go to study in London an annoying ethnic cliche, can we for once have books about young plumbers or gardeners wit [...]

    14. A languid, melancholy book even sort of depressing and yet, in my opinion, a fairly accurate portrait of how art and artists survive in a rapidly growing and changing city, in this case music musicians in India Not so different from artists in this country, in the daily scramble to keep the art alive while trying to survive in a world bent mostly on business Very believable characters, but not an easy read because the author uses a great many untranslated words from an unfamiliar to an American [...]

    15. I really liked the first third of the book The characters illustrate many of the rungs of society in India THe relationship between the up and coming company man and his family with the musicians family was wonderful, and Mumbai itself is a character, with the family moving to progressively larger apartments as the city itself gets larger But I really had to skim the second half Perhaps if I knew about Indian music I would have been able to get into it I will try some of his shorter novels how [...]

    16. Beautifully written but I just didn t connect well with this book I admit to skim reading a huge amount of it once I passed the quarter mark Beautifully written and yet flat, boring and devoid of any plot This is a literary fiction book and I wasn t expecting a racy plot, but this was too flat and too dull I enjoy reading about other cultures, different people etc, but this was rather boring and filled with too many names that I had to keep checking back to remind myself who they were I will att [...]

    17. This book was a bit difficult for me, as it dealt with levels of Indian society The story is basically the interweaving of two families in Bombay One is a family of musicians and music teachers, the other the wife and son of a businessman Money, music, and ambition, along with social expectations, create a complex if not terribly plotty story of the gradual loss of culturally significant art forms.

    18. This is a complex and beautifully written book, but I lacked the knowledge of music, dance, and pop culture in India that I think I needed to enjoy it I was also looking for a lighter read, so I didn t think it was fair for me to rate the book Maybe I ll tackle it again one day when I m looking for something other than a little escapism.

    19. Set in Mumbai, it inevitably crosses path with Bollywood A music teacher, his brother in law, student, son of student, friend of son you get the drift Neither did I Lost interest Though it is a fairly easy read But unappealing to me.

    20. I enjoyed this well written tale of 1980 s Bombay and a music teacher who is also a Guru to his many students but one woman and her son in particular A lovely cameo of life in India and the cultural s of life across the economic spectrum there.

    21. I started this book a few months ago Just could not get into if, even after 50 pages Then put it down and tried again.I normally love books about Indian written by Indian authors, but this is not for me.I can not recommend it, sorry.

    22. It is a novel set between different generations of singers that see gradual fading of tradition and establishing new borders of musical culture in India as their personal lives intertwined with the legacy they carry with them.

    23. Readers used to fast paced novels with twists and turns may not appreciate this book.But definitely a good read as far as I am concerned Read about it atbookwormsrecos 201

    24. Written with Chaudhuri s characteristic delicacy and nuance, but because this book is commodious than his earlier ones, it s also a bit too languorous.

    25. just couldnt make it through taken me so long to come to terms with the fact that I never will and its okay It is a tiring, thankless and dull read Life is too short.

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