Cider With Roadies #2020

Cider With Roadies Stuart Maconie Cider With Roadies Cider with Roadies is the story of a boy s obsessive relationship with pop A life lived through music from Stuart s audience with the Beatles aged his confessions as a pubescent prog rocker a youthf

  • Title: Cider With Roadies
  • Author: Stuart Maconie
  • ISBN: 9780091897451
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cider With Roadies Stuart Maconie Cider with Roadies is the story of a boy s obsessive relationship with pop A life lived through music from Stuart s audience with the Beatles aged 3 his confessions as a pubescent prog rocker a youthful gymnastic dalliance with northern soul the radical effects of punk on his politics, homework and trouser dimensions playing in crap bands and failing to impress girlCider with Roadies is the story of a boy s obsessive relationship with pop A life lived through music from Stuart s audience with the Beatles aged 3 his confessions as a pubescent prog rocker a youthful gymnastic dalliance with northern soul the radical effects of punk on his politics, homework and trouser dimensions playing in crap bands and failing to impress girls writing for the NME by accident living the sex, drugs chiefly lager in a plastic glass and rock and roll lifestyle discovering the tawdry truth behind the glamour and knowing when to ditch it all for what really matters From his four minutes in a leisure centre with MC Hammer to four days in a small van with Napalm Death it s a life affirming journey through the land where ordinary life and pop come together to make music.
    Cider With Roadies Stuart Maconie

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    1. This is a delightful memoir the story of Stuart Maconie s love affair with music It takes us from his first concert at the age of three The Beatles, which is unbeatable by any standards , through Northern Soul, progressive Rock, the arrival of Punk Rock, a short lived attempt at playing in a band and his later career as a rock journalist Maconie is always humorous and slightly self mocking, but his enthusiasm is unfeigned and always honest This will make you dig out obscure albums as well as lis [...]

    2. I loved this book it took me right back to my teenage years GQ s review of this book The rarest of rock memoirs hilarious, erudite endearingly humbleMaconie s reminiscences are rich with both anecdote insight says it all really I would love to quote my favourite bits but there s just too many but this footnote in particular, Maconie s favourite fragment of pub conversation, made me smileIn the middle of one of those sudden inexplicable silences that sometimes occur in noisy rooms, a lone broadly [...]

    3. I am a big fan of Stuart Maconie s writing Although his travel books are my usual sort of thing, this musical autobiography not an autobiography that is a musical, but one that takes in his musical tastes and development struck a number of chords sorry We are relatively similar in age, and both grew up in Lancashire mill town The difference is that, like a lot of my people, my musical tastes got stuck with what I loved between 15 and 25, while Maconie managed to move on, either caused by or cau [...]

    4. What we essentially have here is an irreverent look at various musical genres fondly recalled by journalist Stuart Maconie, ranging from Northern Soul to a little dabbling in punk, prog and his formative years writing for the NME.This is an irreverent book about music first and foremost, told through the lens of a biography, but don t be fooled this isn t a biography by any means but a discourse on one man s journey through music.It is quite funny laugh out loud in places, and starts out promisi [...]

    5. I found this book surprisingly entertaining, considering i have practically no interest in pop music from the 1970s onwards, which is what it is mainly about Stuart Maconie relates his own obsession with pop starting at the age of three with hearing the Beatles singing can t buy Me love and going on through the various changes in musical fashions, his enthusiasm undimmed, buying records, learning to play the guitar, and attempting to form a band he was one of Wigan s first punks, bravely estchew [...]

    6. Loved this book It helps that I m a similar age to the author and recognise all the cultural references from his childhood and young adulthood I found it really nostalgic, funny I really did laugh out loud several times, which is unusual for me and liked hearing insider details on bands and rock journalism This is the second of his books that I ve read and will definitely read Would recommend to music fans and fans of coming of age memoirs alike.

    7. BrilliantI have read almost all his books Being northern myself and having the same political views, I could be a bit prejudiced Nevertheless this book is extremely funny, well written and a bit of an eye opener regarding some of my pop heroes Loved it all from start to finish.

    8. An intelligent, witty autobiog from a real music fan You won t always agree with him and doubtless you had different experiences, but he writes with a verve which is informative, engaging and entertaining.

    9. Equal parts autobiography and soundtrack, an entertaining and amusing tale write the best the word description of the Happy Mondays you ll ever read

    10. An entertaining memoir that does a good job of charting the transition from Eighties to Nineties although there are some good early sections about prog rock The best parts detail Maconie s time at the New Musical Expressand the battles for the paper s soul the likes of Dannies Kelly and Baker, Mary Anne Hobbs and Steve Lamacq were all there at the time amid falling readership and unashamedly highbrow editorial policies Maconie is a fan of the Smiths, Madchester and Britpop and not Spandau Ballet [...]

    11. I was already familiar with Maconie via his 6Music show The Freak Zone and I have read Pies And Prejudice , his travelogue through the north of England Cider With Roadies a punny take off on Laurie Lee s Cider With Rosie is Maconie s auto biog, though told through his music fandom prism He saw The Beatles in Wigan at age 3, though the rest of The Sixties seems to have mostly passed him by lil Stu was never a hippie But then, I can t imagine the psychedelic scene was huge in Wigan.He gets into Bo [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book easily relating to Stuarts love of music and working class upbringing Although not quite as old, I could remember the impact of punk, new wave, The Smiths, just as he does The depiction of the era seemed very authentic and prompted me to check out images of The Casion in Wigan, for the Northern Soul section I was surprised that Stuart moved through so many different genres of music, abandoning prog rock for punk without a backward glance The impotance of music as a badge of i [...]

    13. Another enjoyable read from Stuart Maconie, particularly as, within a year or so, this is exactly my era However, whilst I enjoy his writing style and many of his observations and anecdotes, I have to diverge from his gushing praise of Morrisey and The Smiths it symptomatic of the North South divide do you suppose I do, however, seem to have acquired a similarly eclectic musical taste sic and have empathy with his love of live music 70s soul obscure Northern Soul and some of the greats of modern [...]

    14. This is a memoir of the first thirty years or so of the authors life The first half takes us from his birth up to the start of his work as a music journalist the second half covers his time writing for the NME For me, the first half is the best being roughly contemporaneous with the author though from a different background I found myself laughing out loud to some passages the descriptions of primary school, for example and his evocation of teenage travails is very good The second half has some [...]

    15. This book came into my hands by recommendation, and I wasn t familiar with Stuart Maconie beforehand I should say that as I started reading it immediately became very obvious that, having moved to the UK only 2 years ago, I wouldn t understand at least half most likely 90% of the national and regional references jokes remarks And the book is loaded with these So it was seriously frustrating to just read on, thinking I wonder who that band is or What ever could that mean I suppose this could acco [...]

    16. If Maconie was a bigger ego maniac, such as Piers Morgan, this would have been such a interesting book I hate to say it, but there s than a bit of the pesudo wall flower in the Maconie outlook as he continually tries to make out that interviewing people like Morrisey in Berlin over a pint is akin to you meeting your boss for a beer in Birmingham No big deal really When interviewing Paul McCartney, he chooses to recall the one absolutely stupid and inane question that he asked which proves he s [...]

    17. Having been an avid reader of the NME for nearly 40 years I love to read the published works of anyone who has worked on that august journal Mr Maconie worked there for some time as did Andrew Collins check out his books too This book also covers a similar period in the UK when I grew up, although Stuart Maconie is slightly younger than meIt is at times incredibly funny and delivers a great insight into the way a music paper operates There are some great anecdotes about a number of starts too, m [...]

    18. I tore through this lively, witty memoir by BBC Radio DJ Stuart Maconie It traces his musical odyssey from attending a Beatles concert as a three year old to becoming a singer in one of Wigan s dodgy punk bands and his time as a rock journalist for the NME The story is furnished with loads of hilarious anecdotes my personal favourites include a memorable encounter with the Happy Mondays and a journey from hell with Birmingham metallers Napalm Death It s also an intriguing insight into what life [...]

    19. I read this book after Pies and Prejudice Even in that book, Maconie can t help but talk about how music has shaped his view of England This book is an open love letter to music, sort of like High Fidelity but sincere I definitely identified with Maconie s description of his Beatlemania and I really appreciated how honest he was with the progression of his musical taste.This is probably because I still work at a college radio station, and grew up collecting vinyl compulsively, but I really like [...]

    20. I picked this up in FOPP for a few pounds one day when I wanted something to read on the train I didn t have great expectations for it, a nice light read, should be funny etc It was definitely a slow burner, the prose felt a little laboured at first, with a few too many forced jokes.But the great thing about the book is that with each passing Chapter, you could sense that Maconie is becoming a better writer, until byu the end of the book, some of the later chapters really did merit the praise on [...]

    21. I loved this to pieces I think you have to be northern to totally get it, because i can hear his voice and if he wasn t a northerner it just wouldn t sound right It s essentially about growing up and forging a career something most of us can relate to but with a large dollop of celeb thrown in, but down to earth stuff too, such as life teaching at Skem college.I whooed with joy when I discovered where Maconie went to college himself, it s where I went, a fact my brother in law who lent me the bo [...]

    22. An entertaining light weight read The beginning isn t that great, feels like other people s memories But from the moment of forming a prog rock group it takes off especially for those of us who actually spent five minutes in a would be prog group in the seventies It then travels through the 70s, 80s and 90s til he finds enlightenment As with all music journalists he is pretentious, opinionated, enthusiastic yet funny, sardonic and essentially warm hearted From Gentle Giant will they ever get a [...]

    23. I like Stuart Maconie I was always pleased when he would sit in for Johnnie Walker on the Drive Time show I like him with Mark Radcliffe.I even liked this book But the glaring errors meant I could not continue The three that stood out are Apparently the FBI are involved in intelligence and covert operations overseas.Mexico is in South AmericaAnd my favourite one of all Joseph, the step father of Jesus as Stuart puts it a description I rather like was the proud owner of a coat of many colours It [...]

    24. A great memoir of Maconie s long standing love of music From his earliest musical experience of seeing The Beatles aged 3 of which he remembers nothing to his rise to Assistant Editor of the NME, the whole thing is shot through with Maconie s typical humour.There is one section describing spending 4 days in a van with Death Metal band Napalm Death which is worth the admission fee alone I have to say this was right up my street having been an avid reader of the NME for years and like Maconie, a k [...]

    25. I have read some other books by Stuart Maconie, notably pies and prejudice and Adventures on the High Teas I enjoyed them very much and was looking forward to reading what seems to be generally regarded as his best work Well, I can only agree, this book knocks them into a cocked hat It is effectively an autobiography of his musical influences and background, but it concentrates on the music and performers with the author acting as our guide At times I would have liked further expansion on certa [...]

    26. This is great fun, probably so if you re familiar with the bands etc and of a similar vintage, but even if you re not how can anyone dislike a turn of phrase like Well known tramp rock band The Levellers Respect to Maconie also for nailing the likes of Saville and D LTravis some years before the law caught up with them or didn t, depending on how you look at it a very easy read, entertaining and amusing all the way, and he even very briefly mentions This Heat who to be blunt, are better than ev [...]

    27. Dreadfully late to this book but I enjoyed it immensely Stuart Maconie is three years younger than me so I was able to empathise greatly with his musical journey.Unlike most authors I know Stuart s voice from his radio shows and I can clearly hear him as I read the book.Loads of great stories, than a few of which had me laughing out loud sufficiently for people to stare.And I absolutely loved the Napalm Death tale Not that I d gave given them the time of day to start with.Onto his other books, [...]

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