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Amandine Marlena de Blasi Amandine Marlena de Blasi the acclaimed author of such delectable memoirs as A Thousand Days in Venice and That Summer in Sicily now brings her luminous prose to the world of fiction with this remarkable deb

  • Title: Amandine
  • Author: Marlena de Blasi
  • ISBN: 9780345507341
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Amandine Marlena de Blasi Marlena de Blasi, the acclaimed author of such delectable memoirs as A Thousand Days in Venice and That Summer in Sicily, now brings her luminous prose to the world of fiction with this remarkable debut novel Set against the backdrop of Europe as it moves inexorably toward World War II, Amandine follows a young orphan s journey in search of her heritage.The story opens inMarlena de Blasi, the acclaimed author of such delectable memoirs as A Thousand Days in Venice and That Summer in Sicily, now brings her luminous prose to the world of fiction with this remarkable debut novel Set against the backdrop of Europe as it moves inexorably toward World War II, Amandine follows a young orphan s journey in search of her heritage.The story opens in Krakow in 1931, as a baby girl is conceived out of wedlock, the byproduct of a foolish heart and a tragic inheritance The child s grandmother, a countess, believes that she is protecting her daughter when she claims that the baby didn t survive In truth, however, she deposits the infant at a remote convent in the French countryside, leaving her with a great sum of money and in the care of a young governess named Solange Solange takes it upon herself to give the child a distinctive name, Amandine, and the two form a special bond But even Solange s unconditional love cannot protect her charge Mistrusted by both the abbess and the convent girls, the unusually astute and curious Amandine finds her childhood filled with challenges and questions Who is she Where does she come from Eventually, Solange is forced to choose between the terrors of the convent and those of a global war looming outside its doors Thus, with a purse full of worthless francs and a sack of provisions, the two flee north toward Solange s childhood home But what should have been a two day journey by train becomes a perilous, years long odyssey across Occupied France and deeper into the treacheries of war.Tracing the flight of Amandine and Solange while peering into the lives of the countess and her daughter, Amandine s mother, who still mourns and dreams of the child she thinks she lost forever, Marlena de Blasi s epic novel winds its way toward a dramatic and compelling conclusion, as mother and daughter draw ever nearer Amandine is a sumptuous tale of identity and survival, persistent hope and unexpected love.
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    1. I was so looking forward to this novel and it is with much disappointment that I write this It stank I do have one good thing to say about it before I start my litany of complaints tho The heroine, Amandine, is endearing and likeable The story begins with her as a baby with a heart problem and follows her as she grows up in a nunnery wondering who her parents were and living way past everyone s expectations.However, the writing style is terrible First of all, it is written in present tense as th [...]

    2. I won on GR s give a ways and was a bit disappointed The synopsis was interesting, the book was not It was a bit hard to follow, since the narrator changed often, and it was a bit confusing as to who was thinking and when someone was speaking.This is the story of Amandine, a girl who was taken to a convent to be raised Amandine at age 5 finds that she is an orphan and wants to find her mother Set in 1930 1940 s during World War II, there is some wartime details and how it must have been to live [...]

    3. I loved 98% of this book It s a wonderful story filled with small delights and vivid descriptions told with love It was hard to put down so easy to read and such an interesting time and place to read about Each page was a feast of word and image beauty The characters were suitably loveable or hateful There is suspense, drama and culture enough for anyone but it probably would appeal to women as there are marvellously tender parts related to babies and young children, from a mother s aspect Will [...]

    4. The premise was interesting but I read first 50 pages and the writing style really isn t for me I may come back to it some day, if I change my mind, however for now it s dnf.

    5. It was hard to get into this book, but I really did like it at the end The beginning is confusing because the author expresses thoughts of individuals in italics Whan you begin you don t know whose thoughts you are following When you come to know the different characters there is no difficulty knowing whose thoughts are being projected I wasn t until the last 3 4 of the book that I could understand why the author chose to use this technique It is the thoughts of the characters that play a centra [...]

    6. In Krakow in 1931, a baby girl is conceived out of wedlock The child s grandmother, a countess, believes that she is protecting her daughter when she claims that the baby didn t survive In truth, the countess deposits the infant at a remote convent in the French countryside, leaving her with a great sum of money and in the care of a young governess named Solange Solange names the baby Amandine, and they form a special bond But even Solange s love cannot protect Amandine from the disdain of the a [...]

    7. Amandine is the first novel written by Marlena de Blasi, an author known for her memoir writing The story is captivating and the author s writing is simply beautiful, filled with sense details and unforgettable characters Amandine is born out of wedlock into an aristocratic family in Krakow, Poland in 1931 She is born with a heart defect and not expected to survive Under the pretext of bringing her to a hospital in Switzerland, Amandine s grandmother brings her to a remote convent in France The [...]

    8. I won this book as my first GoodReads First Read book and was so excited to read it But I was sorely disappointed in it First, the good the characters were well written Their motivation was easily understood They were not caricatures, only good guys and bad guys they were multi faceted Also, the basic plot was, while not exactly unique, interesting enough to have caught my eye to begin with And if the writing had been better, the story would have held my interest Now, the bad the first thing tha [...]

    9. Amandine was a novel full of magical words in an unsettling time in Europe s history The story centers around a baby left at a French convent with no trace left of her past Raised as an orphan, she has to surpass a childhood full of trials all the while longing for the mother she never had the chance to get to know Though World War 2 s effects rage through France, she sets out on a journey with her caretaker to find her family, but this itself is no easy task This part of the novel takes the rea [...]

    10. I borrowed a friend s advance uncorrected proof that she won here on Firstreads Despite a lot of dark content, the story is just beautiful I loved Amandine and the relationship between her and Solange The author s writing style fit so nicely with the story, too The prose is lovely, and somehow the whole story seems a little distant to the reader, almost surreal, which helped me get through some of the tougher moments If not for that distance, I surely would have been crying at several different [...]

    11. At first the book was very hard to read It was confusing as to which person was speaking and there was a lot of background information about the characters After about 70 pages the story became interesting and I was glad I kept with it Heartwarming story about an infant girl who is sent to a convent to be raised and wants to find her Mother.

    12. This historical fiction was a surprise I liked it Based on true people events, it s a sad, yet endearing story I won this copy from , and am glad I did I might not have read it otherwise.

    13. This was a sweet story with some interesting characters and a hapoy ending with room for a sequel.

    14. I really disliked this book It had potential to be an interesting historical novel Some of the characters had the potential to be interesting but they weren t given enough space The story was too piecemeal and didn t focus enough on any one character It slipped too often into schlocky and superficial characters and tropes Some of it was quite offensive, content warning s assault for the spoilers view spoiler The portrayal of a woman who was developmentally delayed as evil and murderous was offen [...]

    15. I have groused about this before, but I really hate it when the ending to a book is ambiguous In this book, shortly before WWII, an infant girl is left with a convent in France, because the baby s royal Polish grandmother doesn t want her family s name to be ruined by this tragedy The first half of the book details the baby s growing up in the convent not a pleasurable experience and the second half occurs when young Amandine and her guardian leave the convent to head to the guardian s mothers h [...]

    16. It had so much potential, but writing style is distracting and the end was very disappointing I was shocked also, by an event towards the last part of the book I almost did not want to finish the book, but thought surely the author would give Amandine a happy ending or at least a satisfying ending.

    17. Amandine is a rather sweeping, almost epic without the length tale of the aforementioned young girl s life and journey through World War II France It is than that, though, and Amandine becomes a thoroughly enticing tale that interweaves, almost seamlessly, three very intriguing plotlines character interfaces return return The first plotline is that of Contessa Valeska Czartoryski and her daughter, Andzelika, from whom Amandine the child is born The countess is a well rounded character who is un [...]

    18. This review was first posted The Australian BookshelfAmandine is Marlena De Blasi s first novel following much success with her travel memoirs that tell a tale of her falling in love with a Venetian man and moving to Italy where she moves from Venice to the countryside I really quite enjoy De Blasi s writing style which is full of rich pose and poetic descriptions of sceneries, cultures and cuisine See my reviews for A Thousands Days in Venice and Tuscan Secrets.Amandine is a baby girl who is bo [...]

    19. In the fall of 1916, Count Antoni Czaritoski shoots his mistress, the Baroness Urszula Droutzky, and then shoots himself Fortuitously Andzelika, the Count s daughter and Pitor, the late Baroness brother meet in 1920 and produce a little girl When the Countess Valeska Czaritoski learns Pitor s true lineage she attempts to convince Andzelika to end the pregnancy Unable to convince Andzelika the Countess arranges a guardian for the child and fakes the child s death Likewise, the Countess purchases [...]

    20. The opening of this story still makes me think how on earth was this allowed to happen How can a mother tell her daughter her baby did not survive and then shift that baby off for a potentially lifelong lie And then I think to myself, I know this is a fictional story but these things have happened in reality in the past and will than likely happen again in the future, although it may be harder to carry out these days It s sad It leaves me feeling very sad for all of those concerned, for Amandin [...]

    21. Amandine de Crecy, a motherless girl being raised in a convent in the south of France, is the central character in this novel set on the cusp of the Second World War Abandoned at the convent by her birth family, Amandine is raised by the nuns and a former novitiate, Solange Jouffroi Amandine dreams of finding her mother, and as France capitulates to the Nazis, she and Solange take to the road in search of information about Amandine s mother Along the way they face the dangers of Nazi occupation, [...]

    22. Amandine was sent to a convent as a baby because her mother dallied with a brother of the woman who was mistress to her grandmother s husband Since her husband and his mistress committed suicide together the grandmother wants to avoid any hint of scandal Further, the child has a heart condition which gradually heals with time and care The baby has no history so she is called Amandine by Solange, the woman engaged to care for her She grows to be cherished by almost all the sisters who love her un [...]

    23. This was a First Reads win for me, and I received a copy of the advance uncorrected proofs Let me first say that I really liked this book Whatever criticisms I have about it could have been addressed in the final product, but I don t know that they were My only complaints are regarding the switching from third person to first person Usually, when the author switches to first person, the text is in italics this took some time to get used to, as early on one is not always sure exactly which charac [...]

    24. I actually listened to this book on CD I started it simply because my mom had it, and I was going to be in the car for three hours, so she suggested I take it with me since I had forgotten my ipod.Surprisingly, by the end of that drive, I was completely hooked, and kept it on constantly even just during my 10 minute commute to my office So it did take quite some time to finish the book But it was absolutely wonderful I enjoyed the little girl and her musings and trouble She really seemd to be an [...]

    25. I thought this was a lovely little book While it was initially somewhat difficult to get into, I liked it very much by the end The writing was lovely the author managed to convey both the horrors of WWII and the fact that life did go on during the war So many books set in WWII Europe or England basically hit you over the head with bad things happening This book was incredibly subtle the many deaths disasters were written so softly, that the power came from the internal monologues or from the eve [...]

    26. Amandine is born to a noble aristocratic Polish family s young unwed daughter The grandmother takes Amandine to a convent in France and sets up her care and then tells her daughter that the baby died of heart complications After spending almost her entire childhood being raised and educated in the convent, Amandine s caretaker, Solange, decides to leave and bring Amandine with her to her family in the country WWII is underway, and with the German occupation of France, Amandine and Solange strugg [...]

    27. I enjoyed this book I struggled a little bit but last night was the right night to read it I guess because I finished it, with about 150 pages Basically we have a story of a girl gets pregnant by a young man, unknown to either one of them that he is the brother of the lady her father had an affair with and died over Her mother knows though and takes revenge by telling her that the baby was sick and didn t make it.However, the mother has lied Shocker She took the baby to a convent to have her rai [...]

    28. I received a free advance uncorrected proof through giveaways The author has a wonderful way with descriptions objects, scenery, character movements, and especially food It is poetry I can see why she is a bestselling author in memoirs I especially liked Solange s first person POV chapter, maybe because the writing seemed comfortable and natural I wouldn t call it epic, but several interesting and unexpected things happen along the way I liked seeing how different people handled the war At the [...]

    29. Ultimately, I really enjoyed this book, but it took me a little while to get into it However, once I got about 100 pages in, I couldn t put it down.I loved the characters and could completely feel for them I actually gasped at one point and was mentally pleading, no, no, no in a couple of different spots in the story I love when I can get that wrapped up in a story What kept me from rating this 5 stars, is that the beginning was hard to follow with the internal monologues I didn t know the chara [...]

    30. This book had many of the components I desire in a booka foreign location, mystery, WWII time period and unconditional love It only lacked a romantic angle, and I didn t even miss that This author, Marlena de Blasi, has written several books about her own experiences as a chef who visited Italy many years ago, fell in love with an Italian, and stayed there Any book by her I eagerly read.The plot starts in Poland in 1931, when a baby, born out of wedlock to a young woman of inheritance and title, [...]

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