Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right #2020

Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right Jennifer Burns Goddess of the Market Ayn Rand and the American Right Worshipped by her fans denounced by her enemies and forever shadowed by controversy and scandal the novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand was a powerful thinker whose views on government and markets sh

  • Title: Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right
  • Author: Jennifer Burns
  • ISBN: 9780195324877
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right Jennifer Burns Worshipped by her fans, denounced by her enemies, and forever shadowed by controversy and scandal, the novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand was a powerful thinker whose views on government and markets shaped the conservative movement from its earliest days Drawing on unprecedented access to Rand s private papers and the original, unedited versions of Rand s journals, JennifeWorshipped by her fans, denounced by her enemies, and forever shadowed by controversy and scandal, the novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand was a powerful thinker whose views on government and markets shaped the conservative movement from its earliest days Drawing on unprecedented access to Rand s private papers and the original, unedited versions of Rand s journals, Jennifer Burns offers a groundbreaking reassessment of this key cultural figure, examining her life, her ideas, and her impact on conservative political thought.Goddess of the Market follows Rand from her childhood in Russia through her meteoric rise from struggling Hollywood screenwriter to bestselling novelist, including the writing of her wildly successful The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged Burns highlights the two facets of Rand s work that make her a perennial draw for those on the right her promotion of capitalism, and her defense of limited government Both sprang from her early, bitter experience of life under Communism, and became among the most deeply enduring of her messages, attracting a diverse audience of college students and intellectuals, business people and Republican Party activists, libertarians and conservatives The book also traces the development of Rand s Objectivist philosophy and her relationship with Nathaniel Branden, her closest intellectual partner, with whom she had an explosive falling out in 1968.One of the Denver Post s Great Reads of 2009One of Bloomberg News s Top Nonfiction Books of 2009 Excellent Time magazine A terrific book a serious consideration of Rand s ideas, and her role in the conservative movement of the past three quarters of a century The American Thinker A wonderful book beautifully written, completely balanced, extensively researched The match between author and subject is so perfect that one might believe that the author was chosen by the gods to write this book She has sympathy and affection for her subject but treats her as a human being, with no attempt to cover up the foibles Mises Economics Blog
    Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right Jennifer Burns

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    1. So Ayn Rand was a miserable, pathologically self centered asshole Who knew This, I believe, is the first academically minded impartial account of Alisa Rosenbaum s early life in Russia, flight to America and recreation as Ayn Rand, screenwriter become novelist become public philosopher become cult leader.That attempt at impartiality, in fact, is the book s biggest misstep Rand s persona and philosophy were so one sided and blatantly lacking in subtlety that you really are either for it or agains [...]

    2. Fourth supplemental to a multi part review series.The subtitle is key here the text primarily focuses on Rand s relationship to other misanthropic rightwingers in the United States, though the normal trappings of biography are present.Off to a bad start when describing Rand s father as a self made man 9 , which is of course a conceptual impossibility deployed only by capitalist numbnuts Rand s mother came from a wealthy and connected background id Rand grew up with a cook, a governess, a nurse, [...]

    3. I m a little bit nervouse about giving this book five stars, lest all my fellow liberal progressives feel alarmed that I ve converted to the cause of Free Marketism dudes, I promise, I m firmly in the almost socialist camp With that said, I have an undeniable fascination with Ayn Rand I ve read all of her work fiction and non fiction , which perhaps partialy accounts for the fascination I find that familiarity breeds obsession, in certain circumstances But I also, when reading her work, find her [...]

    4. This is a well written biography that provides what appears to be a thorough recounting of Ayn Rand s life with emphasis on her political philosophy and activities over the years However, while I learned new information about her life I cannot recommend this book to any except those who feel they must read every word written about Ayn Rand I say that because I found that the author does not have respect for the ideas of Ayn Rand or other serious libertarian thinkers That lack of respect for exam [...]

    5. This book was a really excellent biography of Ayn Rand I wrote my honors thesis in college on Rand from a feminist perspective, and I ve also seen a lot of writing about her from an economic perspective I had never seen a biography of her told through the lens of politics, however, and I found it really well done Burns does not skip any major or even minor events in Rand s life, keeping this book foremost a biography But she is careful to include all indications of Rand s evolving thoughts on po [...]

    6. You know what s funny I found myself hesitating to include this book on my shelf, and I realized that even confessing to have read it feels like confessing to having once been under Ayn Rand s spell I came to the book hoping to find an intellectual and cultural history of Rand s ideas, which intrigues me because she herself claimed no intellectual forbears except Aristotle She perceived herself as entirely outside of history and above the academy, though she was deeply engaged in American politi [...]

    7. I enjoy biographies, but this was than a biography Burns shows how Ayn Rand influenced the political right and the conservatives But her primary focus toward the end of the book was to show how Rand influenced the libertarian movement After reading this book it is easy to conclude that Ayn Rand has much influence on classical liberals and libertarians than conservatives and right wingers It s hard to make the case that a classical liberal or libertarian is on the political right, but that was [...]

    8. This book, this book, it would not end As a general rule if I ve been reading something for three months, that shit has been long since tabled But this biography stayed with me, it was just difficult By that I don t mean the language was hard or the history complicated to place although I abandoned footnotes early on, would have never made it through I mean this woman, Ayn Rand, is so difficult and contradictory and inflammatory and zealous and flawed, that reading about her life and work requir [...]

    9. I think Objectivists and non Objectivists alike will find this to be a worthwhile biography and a case study of the formation of an ideological movement, for better and for worse I had heard many of these stories before, but often from from sources whose personal involvement may have skewed their memories.That said, the one minor criticism of this work is that Burns detachment made some of the stories seem less engaging than when described by those personally involved particularly in Barbara Bra [...]

    10. What are your premises With this, her opening salvo at the outset of a relationship, Ayn Rand signaled two propositions that too few have questioned First, there s the assumption that people are what they think In fact, people are what they think and what they feel By ignoring at least half the motivation of the human race, Rand came up with a half baked philosophy that is causing chaos in America to the present day.Second, in her arrogance, Rand assumed by her question that she had the right to [...]

    11. It can t be easy trying to write an objective biography of the founder of objectivism, in part because it s like writing an objective biography of Marx no matter how good it is, not matter how objective, at least half of its readers will hate it, because they take objective to mean with no independent judgement, in either direction Damned if you damn, damned if you don t damn, damned if you deify But Burns does a great job The early chapters are a bit dull, but then I find the opening chapters o [...]

    12. If you had asked me what I thought Ayn Rand was like just after I finished reading Atlas Shrugged at age 16, I never would have come close to describing the person portrayed in this biography Admittedly, I read Atlas Shrugged based on the recommendation of another 16 year old girl We both loved the adventure romance storyline with a strong smart female lead and the idea of the smartest people being the real heroes In my high school, as in most, the athletes and cheerleaders were top dogs, not th [...]

    13. I was first introduced to the ideas of Ayn Rand by a mention from someone else Before that I d never even heard of her On cursory examination I thought she was arrogant and full of her self I read Anthem out of curiosity and confirmed one of my original thoughts which was that Ayn was strongly anti religion But on a second inspection I was able to hear and understand her theories and philosophy in a direct manner and I was surprised to find that in certain areas she had managed to put into word [...]

    14. There is no getting around a very simple fact Ayn Rand was an asshole A nasty, bitter, immature asshole At the same time, she was incredibly intelligent, a self made woman when it wasn t so easy to be a woman, and well intentioned in her own mind But, like so many ideologues on the left and right and ass holes, she was naive and saw a future America that just hasn t come to be No doubt she has her believers I ran into someone reading Atlas Shrugged, and she told me how amazing the book was we we [...]

    15. I did finish it but it was tough, since the Author has such a surface understanding of Rand s ideas.The author did some amazing research, partly due to being given access to all the Ayn Rand archives from ARI Not sure why they gave her access, especially compared to the much better Anne Heller, but they did and she exposes the material pretty well For instance, she quotes from some of the fan letters Rand recieved Amazing stuff.It s really a shame that Burns just either does not understand Rand [...]

    16. I liked the book, but I ended up liking Rand even less than when I started, which was not much I have never gone for the linkage of libertarianism and rationality What was striking was the discontinuity between the supposed rationality of the Randian doctrine and the cult like orientation of her followers, which she encouraged Alan Greenspan was one of them The sleeping around and inbreeding of the key actors in the circle was also distressing I am left wondering what I ever saw in her or what [...]

    17. Since Ayn is so much in vogue these days, I thought it would be a good idea to read about who she was I never could be a convert, but I appreciate many of her ideas regarding self reliance As a person, this book supports my understanding that she was all about being at the center of a cult following I think it speaks volumes about the type of personality that seeks this position in society Want examples Just fill in the blank with just about any name from history I think this understanding spea [...]

    18. During the 1950 s and 1960 s, Ayn Rand rose to become one of the most controversial authors of modern times with her best selling novels which unapologetically championed individualism and laissez faire capitalism In her new biography, Goddess of the Market Ayn Rand and the American Right , historian Jennifer Burns gives a fascinating account of Ayn Rand s life and work, paying special attention to Rand s complicated relationship with the American conservative movement.Burns biography begins wit [...]

    19. Fascinating biography of Rand and the evolution of Objectivism I don t subscribe to her philosophy man is a social animal and requires interaction and empathy but Burns does give the reader a reference frame to understand her What a weird duck

    20. ExcellentGreat bio that talks about the flaws and the genius of Rand Discovered her books in college 50 years ago Time to go back and read them once again.

    21. A Fair and Unbiased Reading DipictionAbsent the emotions of a Rand, the author has presented a useful historical depiction of her work and life Highly recommended.

    22. Fascinating look at the life and influence of Ayn Rand, who was a contradiction wrapped in an enigma.

    23. ThoroughExtensive treatment of the history, associations, influence, and thinking of Rand Well documented Very helpful in understanding Rand and current politics.

    24. Jennifer Burns has contributed an outstanding biography of one of the world s most brilliant, iconoclastic, and influential people, the novelist turned philosopher Ayn Rand For many of us in the libertarian movement the phrase It all started with Ayn Rand is a truism Not for me, personally, however in my case, it all started with Reason Magazine Almost everyone who reads much or is at all interested in philosophy and politics has at least heard of Ayn Rand, and her two great novels, The Fountain [...]

    25. I really didn t know a whole lot about Ayn Rand I read Atlas Shrugged about 15 years ago and liked the overall idea presented, although I thought it was way too long and heavy handed.So, I saw this one come through the library one day and remembered that I had seen the author discuss the book with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show awhile back.This is a pretty thorough book Burns went to a great deal of research and has extensive notes and sources, including an essay on the reliability of the sources [...]

    26. A very lucid and readable biography of a fiery Russian immigrant who became one of the greatest champions of liberty, America style , and a founder of a cult that still garners members today.Burns s 300 page book feels like a 800 page book that s been distilled to its essence by cutting away all the boring bits The supreme readability is the conservative book s strength, because it does not have a cutting edge as much as a sturdy, solid frame the sort Atlas Shrugged idolized.On the downside, for [...]

    27. The writing s a bit dry and academic for my tastes, but if you re into philosophy, Goddess of the Market won t disappoint.

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