Dreams of the Dead #2020

Dreams of the Dead Perri O'Shaughnessy Dreams of the Dead Perri O Shaughnessy will keep you turning pages into the night applauds USA Today in praise of the celebrated novels of suspense starring the audacious yet all too human defense attorney Nina Reilly

  • Title: Dreams of the Dead
  • Author: Perri O'Shaughnessy
  • ISBN: 9781416549734
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dreams of the Dead Perri O'Shaughnessy Perri O Shaughnessy will keep you turning pages into the night, applauds USA Today, in praise of the celebrated novels of suspense starring the audacious yet all too human defense attorney Nina Reilly Now, in a spellbinding new thriller, O Shaughnessy plunges Nina back into the center of a murderous family game, and reawakens a very real nightmare she had every reason tPerri O Shaughnessy will keep you turning pages into the night, applauds USA Today, in praise of the celebrated novels of suspense starring the audacious yet all too human defense attorney Nina Reilly Now, in a spellbinding new thriller, O Shaughnessy plunges Nina back into the center of a murderous family game, and reawakens a very real nightmare she had every reason to believe was dead and buried A mix of slick and seamy, South Lake Tahoe, California, is the perfect setting for adventurers, criminals and lawyers In addition to coping with her demanding, sometimes creepy, clients, Nina Reilly is dealing with prickly personal issues involving her sixteen year old son Bob, his estranged father, and her investigator, confidante, and sometimes lover Paul van Wagoner Then, in walks disaster The millionaire owner of a Tahoe ski resort, Philip Strong is the father of Jim Strong, a sociopath who devastated many innocent lives, including Nina s Two years earlier, she had to defend Jim against charges of murder He shattered her life, then vanished Paul van Wagoner made sure of it Now in negotiations to sell his ski resort, Philip has received a letter purportedly from his fugitive son in extradition free Brazil, demanding his share of the profits Philip is convinced it s authentic Nina s certain it s a con, but to prove that means exposing the secrets of someone very close to her Then two local women are brutally murdered Nina begins to question their links to her new client, and the truth about Jim Strong s sudden disappearance As Nina s worst fears flood back, with time running out, she s about to discover that the dreams of the dead can still destroy the living With its breakneck pace, pulsing human drama, and serpentine twists, Dreams of the Dead establishes once again why Perri O Shaughnessy has been hailed as a master of the legal thriller Vincent Bugliosi.
    Dreams of the Dead Perri O'Shaughnessy

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    1. I dunno Y all know I love me some Nina O Reilly I also love her cadre of misfit friends Sandy, Wish, Paul and her family Now that she s safely ensconced in Tahoe again, the lake and the surrounding mountains provide a beautiful setting Enough so that I was planning a Tahoe vacation the whole time I was reading.Because.eis just isn t the best Nina O Reilly novel around When Paul made the decision to take out the garbage all those books ago, it was pretty certain that at some point that would have [...]

    2. This review first appeared on my blog knittingandsundries 20In Lake Tahoe, the body of a killer is dumped from a boat into the water.Nina Reilly, a 38 year old criminal defense attorney, receives a visit from the father of the man who killed her husband Philip Strong owns the Paradise Ski Resort, and his son Jim has been missing and presumed dead for over two years, having disappeared shortly after killing his wife, his brother, and Nina s husband.Philip is now trying to sell the property, havin [...]

    3. WARNING DEFINITE SPOILERSLet me preface this by saying I LOVE the Perries O Shaughnessy I especially love their Nina Reilly series I ve read every one of them in order, some late into the night and some than once So when I discovered another Nina Reilly book had been released, I wasted no time getting my eager little fists on it And I did enjoy it As always, it was well written and suspenseful, had a good plot and great characters It even tied in characters from a previous book and kept me gues [...]

    4. Typical Nina mystery, but missing meaningful growth for her as a character I picked this up on impulse from a library display I stopped reading the series because there weren t any new books in a while, and I suppose I m tired of reading about Nina wringing her hands over Paul and Kurt The extended sex scenes were noticably absent, which was a nice change There were also a few excerpts from Sandy s book, which were poorly written deliberately, I assume and were therefore excruciating interruptio [...]

    5. Well written book, a sequel to an earlier novel More of a mystery than a courtroom drama, but good nonetheless My problem I am tired of Nina stringing Paul along She knows the man loves her After all as this book points out he would literally kill for her, and go to prison for her But she keeps him around just for an occasional shag Either marry him or get rid of him already That said I still recommend this book.

    6. it was a very good book it wasn t till the end when you find out, all ideas on who was behind it were so very wrong.

    7. Legal mysteries written by two sisters.Love O Shaughnessy s legal mysteries Great escape novels Good characters that carry over story to story just enough legal facts to keep it interesting.

    8. I liked the continuation of the Nina Reilly series though I did find this one a little slow The relationship with Paul is frustrating at points.

    9. Dreams of the Dead by Perri O Shaughnessy is the 13th book of the Nina Reilly mystery legal thriller series set in modern day Lake Tahoe, CA Nina Reilly is a successful defense attorney with her own law office She lives with her teenage son Bob and their dog Hitchcock Nina is in a relationship with Bob s father Kurt, who is living in Lake Tahoe but yearning for his previous musical career in Europe Ex cop private investigator Paul van Wagoner has a successful PI business in Carmel CA, but as alw [...]

    10. Dreams of the Dead by Perri O ShaughnessyLong time readers of Perri O Shaughnessy, pen name for sisters Mary and Pamela O Shaughnessy, will know that in an earlier book Acts of Malice Jim Strong who is at the heart of this new book, had been taken care of by Paul van Wagoner permanently Or, so we thought Has Jim come back to life now that his father Phillip wants to sell the fading ski resort New readers will not have a particularly difficult time getting into this newest book if they do not wan [...]

    11. It has been sometime since I have read an O Shaughnessy book I enjoyed the Nina Reilly series This apparently is the last book in the series and was released in 2011.In this book Nina and Bob age 15, are living in Lake Tahoe Jim Strong is back He is a killer who killed his wife Heidi, his younger brother Alex and Nina s husband Collier Jim is also accused of embezzling over a million dollars from the Resort This was all covered in the book Acts of Malice Nina is contacted my Philip Strong Jim s [...]

    12. This is a long running series featuring Nina Reilly, a South Lake Tahoe, California attorney with a penchant for getting into all kinds of trouble This novel actually arises from some of Nina s past experiences, including the death of her husband in a snow avalanche caused by Jim Strong, son of Phillip, owner of a resort facility headed for bankruptcy.As a result of Phillip s need for cash to pay off creditors, he has agreed to sell his property, but the sale is complicated by the fact that a lo [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book I found it interesting that this novel ties in with book 5, Acts of Malice Two years have passed since Jim Strong tried to murder Nina, and now he s come back to haunt her I found the mystery to be quite intriguing as usual However, I am really tired of Nina s so called love life Like seriously, make an adult decision She s got to have the worst love life I ve ever come across I do appreciate that she s a well accomplished lawyer and that she loves her job, but I don t [...]

    14. Dreams Of the Dead by Perri O ShaughnessyNina Reilly is the main protagonist in this excellent mystery It is the first story I have read featuring her as the main protagonist It certainly won t be the last it was an excellent mystery full of twists and turns and a modicum of violence.The two sisters that write the series do an excellent job of portraying an attorney who although she believes in the law also answers to a moralistic streak in her nature Although this story stood alone quite well, [...]

    15. Jim Strong devastated Nina s life two years ago when he killed her husband by causing an avalanche Jim showed up at her house and tried to kill her but Paul van Wagoner stopped him and Jim hasn t been seen since Paul would only say that Nina didn t have to worry about him Now it seems that he has shown up again Jim s father needs to sell his ski resort to avoid financial ruin but the sale is in danger because someone claiming to Jim wants his share of the sale All they have is a letter from Braz [...]

    16. Nicely developed characters in a place I know and love Lake Tahoe In all, the story got a little convoluted and went on too long, but in the the author s defence this is a series of which I have not read the previous books and had to tackle some prior subjects from the other books I really liked the story and that it took place not only in Lake Tahoe but also involved some South America storylines as well.The main character is fun and smart, several cute detective types brought in to work with h [...]

    17. I loved this new story of theirs, think it is one of their best Mostly intrigue and investigation and I like that better than a real aggressive, lots of killing and death, story Liked all the characters, great unexpected things Learned a lot about shoes Expensive shoes too It made me wonder throughout the story and wondered whether one of the authors or both of them love shoes, then they tie it up nicely at the end Great ending and I do have to say I m glad with the way things turned out with Ku [...]

    18. Nina O Reilly must deal with matters that she thought were long buried literally The Strong family has come back to haunt her Philip Strong wants to sell his resort but the son that disappeared and was presumed dead has hired a local attorney to stop the proceedings or has he Nina believed he was dead because Paul said he had taken care of the matter How can they make sure the sale goes through without putting Paul in jeopardy Who is trying to interfere with the sale Interesting read Good backst [...]

    19. Its been a while since Perri O Shaughnessy has written anything but this book was pretty good It s a continuation of the Jim Strong plot line and it appears to be the end with a new beginning between Nina Reilly and Paul Van Wagoner with their relationship on and off again status as well as Bob continuing to grow up and mature and This book is about the end of Jim Strong and the question of whether he is really dead or not How the characters are coping after the last book I thought that it was [...]

    20. The O Shaughnessy sisters write another riveting addition 13 to the Nina Reilly series I m a big fan of these authors, this series and the characters in it Great legal criminal suspense Dreams of the Dead brings back characters from Acts of Malice 5 in the series So if you haven t read anything in this series, I suggest you at least read Acts of Malice first, so the storyline in Dreams of the Dead will be a better reading experience But to be honest, you really should start at the beginning

    21. Had never read any of this author s books, so had no preconceived opinions on what to expect This was a typical mystery story line, with the lawyers, P.I s, cops and a missing dead body It was an easy read, the story kept my interest and the writing was better than average I don t know that the book spurred me to look for another by this author, but if you are a fan of O Shaughnessy, this was a good book.

    22. Three stars is generous I finished this book because 1 I already had the book, and 2 it was the last book in the series I read them all except the prequel , coming as book 12 just seemed wrong Could have likely cut the book s length by 100 pages if all the extraneous verbiage was eliminated Storyline wasn t bad but just seemed to drag on and on Glad I m done and happy there isn t another one

    23. I don t often continue reading a book when it seems like a lousy read Since I d enjoyed a few Perri O Shaughnessy books before, I kept reading, thinking it must get better.It has the feel of a churned out book with simple, repetetive adjectives The last four or five paragraphs made me groan and laugh at the same time Ugh However, if you are interested in a quick read with the slightest bit of mystery, this might be a good choice It just didn t float my boat.

    24. The book is quite nice It is a sequel to in incident that happened a couple of years ago I read this book first and haven t read the previous one There is no need as there is enough context carried forward from that one The book itself is an interesting whodunit Keeps you guessing till the end and takes you by surprise in the climax.Good light read Might read other books by the same author.

    25. I have read all of the books in this series about Nina Reilly I enjoy the beautiful Lake Tahoe setting and the cases that are presented In this book, it seems like the characters are getting stale The story of Jim Strong s murder continued from the previous book but the outcome with Paul Waggoner finally confessing didn t seem realistic I hope the next book will provide growth for these characters.

    26. My first Nina Reilly.I previewed book 13 of the Nina Reilly series as a potential for my mystery book club.Not really a dull moment in the plot.Moving fairly quickly and evolving to include a number of people who could be investigated as the potential killer.Story sub plots were woven together nicely a decent mystery.Probably felt it was fresh since it was my first in the series

    27. In her 13th book, Perri O Shaughnessy still keeps your interest in the life of the all too human defense attorney Nina Reilly Now, in a spellbinding new thriller, O Shaughnessy plunges Nina back into the center of a murderous family game, and reawakens a very real nightmare she had every reason to want to forget.Again, great book Not much evolution of the characters lives, but definitely entertaining.

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