His Father's Son #2020

His Father's Son Bentley Little His Father s Son Steve Nye s quiet life takes an unexpected turn when he receives a call from his mother His father attacked her and has been committed to an asylum The doctor says he s suffering from dementia But Ste

  • Title: His Father's Son
  • Author: Bentley Little
  • ISBN: 9780451227775
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • His Father's Son Bentley Little Steve Nye s quiet life takes an unexpected turn when he receives a call from his mother His father attacked her and has been committed to an asylum The doctor says he s suffering from dementia But Steve s father seems so calm, clear eyed, and lucid when he whispers, I killed her Is it simply symptom of his father s delusion and madness If only Steve were so lucky
    His Father's Son Bentley Little

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      310 Bentley Little
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    1. Steve Nye s father is sent to a psychiatric ward after assaulting his mother While Steve has never been close to either of his parents, he still feels the need to visit them and find out what s going on The doctors think Steve s dad is losing his mind, especially when he starts saying strange things that make little sense When Steve s dad dies, he begins to dig into his family s past and discovers that his old man has left a trail of bodies in every town they had lived in.For its first 100 pages [...]

    2. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book I couldn t wait to get back to it to see just how far Steve would progress in his killings.Steve Nye is an ordinary joe working in a cubicle of a alumni company He gets a call one day telling him that his father has tried to kill his mother His father is in a coma, and during one of Steve s visits his father confesses that I killed her Join Steve on a rollercoaster ride as he delves into his father s murderous past and makes assumptions [...]

    3. Best horror writer I have read in a long time I believe this is the third novel I ve read of his and they are all great Also like many horror writers he doesn t try to mimic Stephen King like so many do these days And this guy knows that there doesn t always have to be monsters for it to be horror Sometimes the best monsters are the ones who don t look like monsters but much like ourselves This one is a very Goodread

    4. Steve has just received the shock of his life His mother phones him at work, which never happens, to tell him that his father tried to kill her Steve feels as if he s falling down a black hole How could this happen His parents aren t the lovey dovey type but they don t even argue When Steve realizes that this incident took place the day before, his conflicting emotions begin their disagreement He can t decide if he is angry or hurt that his mother didn t think he should have known about this al [...]

    5. This novel is quite a bit different from any of Little s other novels, and not just because of the departure from his penchant for one word titles For one thing, it s a bit subtle than his previous works, with less over the top wholesale sex and gore It s a first person narrative, and virtually all of the characters are completely negative and unlikeable, but eventually it s revealed that that is due to the viewpoint character s problems and perceptions Some of the plot points hinge a bit too m [...]

    6. One of dumbest stories I ve ever read in my life This has been the fourth Bentley Little book I ve read the other three being The Resort, The Mailman, and The Ignored , and will likely be the last Every story by Little I have read thus far has been completely devoid of anything creative and or memorable And not to mention logical.It is clear that Bentley Little has very little imagination Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh I was intrigued by this story because I thought it seemed to be a better received Bentley L [...]

    7. This latest chiller by Bentley Little is certainly in the top half of his better work, but nowhere near my favorite It has a great premise and actually manages to pull off most of it very effectively The steady build keeps you hooked for the entire story It was a pleasant change to see him working completely in reality instead of his usual supernatural fare However, I did predict the ending very early on something I usually do not manage to do And there were a few threads that were not quite sew [...]

    8. This is my 5th or so Little novel I ve read, and have to agree with other reviews, its very different than most of his novels Not as much supernatural, but with all the same weirdness and creepiness Once again, reading his books gives me nightmares The protagonist starts out normal, but we soon realize he s a sociopath Its an interesting concept because its all from his point of view, and he feels very justified in his actions Its kind of cool to read the short stories written by the protagonist [...]

    9. I thought this was a decent read Steve Nye, the main character gets a phonecall at work from his mother stating that his father tried to kill her From that moment on, Steve s world is never the same His father is in the mental ward after having a stroke and isn t coherent for than a few moments at a time It is then he tells Steve, I killed her Steve goes to find that his father killed his first wife, and others along the way This book is a definite page turner that keeps you guessing if Steve s [...]

    10. Fantastic job, Mr Little I have a great love for Bentley Little to begin with, and this book strengthened it to a much higher degree I was expecting his typical horror satire, scary but clearly meant to jab at some corporate company or everyday annoyance But thiswhew It was so unlike most of Mr Little s other work, and yet it still had that uber creepy flair I ve come to love Enough has been said about the plot already, so I ll just end it by saying that any fan of Mr Little should eat this one [...]

    11. YAY I love Bentley Little This one was very different from other books I have read by him His Fathers Son was demented then most, mostly because he didn t write in a monster or a super natural element Everything in the book is all a simple remark by dying man misconstrued by his son The son goes on a all out killing spree because his Dad remarked on an old movie he had seen a million years, and the son thinks oh hey If my was dad was cold blooded killer hehe meh why not What other reason do you [...]

    12. Not what I have come to expect from Mr Little Fantastic and eerie Both adjectives I use often for his work, but introspective was this book I stumbled on last week It has prompted me to re read a few of his others I am starting with The Resort I will be unable to re read Revelation, however, for it has a scene that conjured up such unnaturally vile pictures I have imagined Woah.

    13. I m sorry because I love Bentley Little but this book was painful to read I was determined to get through it though Having said that, I must say that it ended exactly how I thought it should and that was a consolation for me At least I finally was able to sit the book down and I actually had found the last chapter or so rather enjoyable.

    14. Steve Nye gets a call that his father has been admitted to a psych ward During a moments of clarity he tells Steve that he has killed Steve s inquiry into his father s past leads to disturbing consequences.Not Little s typical horror novel Much, much better.

    15. Not being familiar with the works of Bentley Little but knowing He wrote in the horro genre, I didn t know what to expect Although I am not a horror fan, this book kept my attention and yes, caused a few bad dreams along the way.

    16. Not my favourite Bentley Little novel However, I still enjoyed the large twist at the end Well, the number of twists.

    17. Wow, this guy can write some pretty twisted stuff I kind of saw the end coming, but I still thoroughly enjoyed each chapter.

    18. 4.5 STARSThis was a little different, but I actually liked it a lot It turned out to be of a thriller and I do like a good story that deals with psychology or, to be precise, abnormal psychology He sticks to reality and in this case I think any supernatural element would have detracted from the story.I ve seen a few posts where people don t like the ending, but it worked well for me.Good thriller, well written.

    19. This book is the worst Bentley Little has ever written It is so bad that I forgot that I had already read it years ago I didn t it realize until 3 4 of the through the book It was boring and didn t answer any of the questions that I had I usually like his books for a quick, creepy read, but I suggest skipping this one

    20. His Father s Son is a departure from what you can normally expect from Little s books There s no supernatural element and he doesn t use one specific thing to gradually build it up to full blown horror It tells the story of Steve whose father ends up suffering from dementia and after the latter mentions that he killed someone, Steve interprets it in his own way and begins making one bad decision after another You d have to be able to just accept that a guy just hears a sentence and is completely [...]

    21. Bentley Little s got a good reputation in the horror genre, but so far I ve read this one and The Store and overall didn t get much out of either In both cases, an intriguing setup is beaten to death until a wild ending steps up long after my interest is gone In the case of The Store, though, the ending was QUITE wild and offered some redemption for the book In the case of His Father s Son, the ending was fine but nothing special, and the preceding pages, like I said, wore down my interest His F [...]

    22. Meh Justh Though I m not angry at myself for having read this novel and there were themes I can appreciate e.g the desire for lengths sons will go to win the approval of their fathers , it really didn t stand out and I have some hang ups about it First, though the reader can lump Steve s father into the bad husband and dad category, why, as the protagonist s mother exclaims, is he a monster Did I miss something when I went into zombie reading mode aside from Pops getting branded a murderer by th [...]

    23. Bentley Little is darker than a raven drowning in a puddle of oil This novel actually got me wondering what kind of man could make this crap up, and now I know after 3 of his books that Bentley Little is a madman lol This book appealed to me because it wasn t Little s typical format Usually he takes something ordinary and puts a sinister twist on it, but here we have a young man with a dying father who tells his son I killed her just before death After his father s death, Steve begins a journey [...]

    24. This book is different from most of Little s work It isn t a surreal supernatural disgust fest loaded with dark humor It s a bleak, brutal psychological horror novel with a monstrous protagonist with skewed perceptions Rather than the semi parodic what if of the usual Little novel, this is a book with serious themes the excuses we make for ourselves, the way we idealize family, the perils of masculinity gone mad, unfair judgments of others After reading it, you ll start to wonder how much of wha [...]

    25. The concept starts out strong a middle aged man forced to face his father s mortality via murder both past and present This plot carries the book in spite of a forgettable writing style for the first 2 3 of the book However, at that point, the plot takes a nose dive into typical, cliched territory that read as if it was placed in the novel for a gross out, shock factor, rather than as a metaphor forhing really A disappointing ending to what could have been a memorable book.I recommend it to big [...]

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