Rhyming Life And Death #2020

Rhyming Life And Death Amos Oz Nicholas de Lange Rhyming Life And Death Reality and fiction blend in an ingenious Rothian short novel from the celebrated author of A Tale of Love and Darkness witty but elegiac playful and sexy but somehow deadly serious it s about a bor

  • Title: Rhyming Life And Death
  • Author: Amos Oz Nicholas de Lange
  • ISBN: 9780701182281
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rhyming Life And Death Amos Oz Nicholas de Lange Reality and fiction blend in an ingenious Rothian short novel from the celebrated author of A Tale of Love and Darkness witty but elegiac, playful and sexy but somehow deadly serious, it s about a bored writer who goes to a reading and has a brief sexual skirmish with a female reader Or does he
    Rhyming Life And Death Amos Oz Nicholas de Lange

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      135 Amos Oz Nicholas de Lange
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    2. My gut feeling is that this will be a bit of a love it or loathe it kind of a book Personally I loved it I could have written it I wish I had Now I can t Damn But the lack of a real plot will drive some people mad Some of the Author s musings actually pan out into short stories but most are just character sketches that simply merge into one another And then it just stops Well, it doesn t really but it reaches a point where the author is stopped in his tracks someone is dead what is there to ima [...]

    3. The book is a fascinating look at writing, life and death, fantasy and reality, and the comparison of how opposites need each other in order to complete the whole The protagonist is known as The Author, and we never learn his true name The use of third person narration is subjective in Rhyming Life Death.This form of narration affords us to be inside the mind of The Author, and we know his thoughts and feelings This format is perfect for the novel, in that it exposes the immediate train of thoug [...]

    4. An aging Israeli author is making the rounds of local book groups The brief book, 150 pages, is translated from the Hebrew We are treated to his mental peregrinations as the author sits there listening to his introduction, a reading of his work and a critic s response before he makes his remarks Mostly he does what authors do he imagines lives for the people in the audience He also tries to pick up the waitress in the coffee shop no success and, after the event, the woman who reads his work Succ [...]

    5. This short story seems to be a gimmick, a little experiment of Amos Oz, but maybe it s not and it is deadly serious This uncertainty is expressed in constantly shifting perspectives, short pieces of action and then reveries There s a clear focus on the grimy and desolate side of existence Eventually, the writer and the writing are central to the plot, all characters turn out to be the writer himself, who creatively struggles with his impotence in life Not an easy book, but I do think that Oz had [...]

    6. 3.5100 pagine di viaggio nella mente di uno scrittore fatti concreti un incontro letterario, una tormentata passeggiata solitaria a seguire e un sostanzioso contorno immaginario fatto della vita che lo scrittore ha attribuito a personaggi incontrati casualmente durante le poche ore che impiega la sua immaginazione a saziarsi e, chi lo sa, forse qualcosa di vero su di loro lo ha anche azzeccato Realt e fantasia si confondono, e alla fine non si capisce bene cosa sia successo davvero e cosa no.Mol [...]

    7. My reading of novelists frequently mentioned as potential Nobel Prize winners continues with the Israeli writer Amos Oz I first became familiar with Oz when I read a dazzling section of his A Tale of Love and Darkness, which I must return to one day His most recent novel, Rhyming Life and Death, is a small, wonderful homage to the blessing or is it a curse of imagination, which becomes the bedrock of the author, the novel s central character The entire book takes place in the imagination of an a [...]

    8. This book dwells on the chores of an author, carried out during the span of eight to nine hours on the day of his book reading session and is an enticing record of the surmised life stories of the people he came across.

    9. Yes, I ramble read at your own risk or boredom In the book, the author states that modern art is kind of like the emperor s new clothes I found myself wondering if this particular work of his was the same he being a prize winning novelist I wondered how much of it really rang true to him and how much of it was pulling a joke over the readers writing, just to see if they would like and give accolades to a work that doesn t merit it That was one thought My other thought was that I am really a fish [...]

    10. OK, recunosc, nu ma asteptam sa mi placa intr atat de mult Rime despre viata si moarte Da, am gasit o bazata pe o idee interesanta, dar am crezut ca, timp de 170 de pagini, voi citi si aberatii Mai sunt unele momente de ratacire, pe ici, pe colo, dar asa are fiecare autor, cred eu In orice caz cuvintele nu sunt de ajuns pentru a descrie cat de mult am apreciat o.De data asta, descrierea de pe toate site urile e satisfacatoare, anume ca un scriitor invitat la o conferinta de presa incepe sa si im [...]

    11. la trama non c ovvero, c un susseguirsi di fantasie dello scrittore protagonista, una serie di spunti il cui sviluppo non riusciamo a collocare con precisione nel mondo reale o in quello fantastico qualcosa mi ha colpita in questo libro, direi qualcosa di sentimentale anche se in definitiva manca un poco di spessore non solo nella taglia, essendo proprio un libriccino si lascia leggere e poi oz.

    12. I have been fascinated with the writing process as of late and the idea behinds this book fascinated me.Eight hours in the life of the Author with all his inner thoughts and character creations laid out before your eyes All the events may be part of the Authors reality, his characters, or a fantasy, you ll have to guess It s like being part of theAuthor s innermost thoughts even fleeting ones I found it fascinatng.QuotesSometimes he included a short epitaph for someone who was dead and forgotten [...]

    13. I ve been reading Amos Oz for 30 years He s a prize winning novelist and essayist whose honors include the Prix Femina, the Israel Prize, and the Frankfort Peace Prize Rhyming Life and Death is a short literary conceit running a mere 112 pages covering 8 hours in the life of a famous Tel Aviv author In this small volume Oz creates 40 characters, describing them so well that you think you know them Reality and fiction combine as our famous author imagines the back stories of all he meets The book [...]

    14. In There Was a Child Went Forth, Walt Whitman asks, Whether that which appears so is so, or is it all flashes and specks In Rhyming Life and Death, Amos Oz answers flashes and specks Most, if not all, our reality is imaginary and fantasy This is beautifully explained in this short novel Two brief quotes The first is a thought from the author whose talk at a neighborhood cultural center in Tel Aviv anchors the story The second is a pronouncement by one of the speakers on the panel with the author [...]

    15. After visiting Israel, I wanted to read some Amos Oz and this was the only book available in the bookstore near my parents house As a writer, it s always fun to read books about writing This book is about as metafictional as metafiction gets A character called the Author goes to a speaking engagement in Tel Aviv, and over the course of one evening meets a number of people who he imports into his fiction A critic at the function poses questions about the Author s writing, questions that could equ [...]

    16. Reading amos oz is like going down a familiar street, vibrating like a tuning fork when turning every stone Rhyming life and death is embroided upon a tissue of poetry the poetry of frailty There is symmetry in the apparent random built of characters all of them share the burden of a trivial existence The author is otherwise an accountant, fearing and dreading the inconsistency of his passion just as much as the poet dreads his inexperience and the woman her boyish looks They dance the dance of [...]

    17. Giving the author the benefit of the doubt, I may be not clever enough to read and understand the words behind the words.Although I could follow the plot of all the acting people, including the storyteller author, acting in a tightly woven net of real people making for imaginary characters and actions, I could not really see how this was meant to answer the underlying question of how and why an author constructs a story the way s he constructs it.Or I could not see how the answer was given in th [...]

    18. This was a difficult book for me There were parts that I enjoyed but there were also parts that I had a hard time with because of the Israeli Jewish words, history and names.This is a book about 8 hours of the Author Narrator s life including time at a speaking engagement What I believe is that the entire book is part of the Author trying to answer, How do you write why do you write I think this book tries to answer these two questions by telling us stories hoping we will relate to his life why [...]

    19. I guess I just have very little patience for endlessly introspective grown ups who can t seem to form any functional relationships, and just bump around acting selfish and feeling lonely I mean, when you re 14 ok When you re 60, just get some counseling, or grow up and start acting a little kind and generous so you ll feel some happiness I think in real life I m charitable towards someone like the main character in this book, but I felt a little annoyed that the whole book just hung around in h [...]

    20. In a dramatic telling of a single night, Rhyming Life Death is something of a story, and something of a demonstration of a story s genesis, exploring the wonders and twists of an imagination.Working from the mind of an author, our narrator for the duration, Oz wanders through his imaginings about an assortment of characters, bringing them together into a world that is hardpressed to be called either imaginary or real In the end, it doesn t matter Oz has explored the process and wonder of creatio [...]

    21. Un grand crivain ne parvient pas rester concentr pendant le d bat qui est consacr son oeuvre Il imagine alors le nom et la vie des personnages qui l entourent, les englobe dans sa fiction, les d vore.Mais, peu peu, certains reprennent leur ind pendance et menacent son r cit R alit R alit dans la fiction de l auteur r el Fiction Les fronti res s abolissent et le lecteur perd pied tout comme le grand crivain.Un court roman, dense et tr s int ressant.

    22. Fantasies of an author s mind gone wild A funny story, in which the Author as the main character is named imagines the lifes of some of the people in his audience, and those who share the podium with him, giving them names and histories Amos Oz must have been in the Author s position many times, hence his idea for this novel I assume the book has lots of inside jokes for the literary inner circles I would recommend to read one of his other novels.

    23. Der Autor hat offensichtlich so eine gro e Lust einem zu zeigen, wie klug, wie gekonnt und wie originell er ist, dass ich mich nur gestr ubt habe Diese Schriftstellergeschichte fand ich h chst uninteressant Und dar ber hinaus hatte ich den unangenehmen Eindruck dem Autor, oder der Figur beim Onanieren zuzusehen Widerlich Sprachlich sollte er sehr gut sein Vielleicht lag es an der bersetzung, aber ich fand es nicht.

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