Come and Get Me #2020

Come and Get Me Julie Cannon Come and Get Me By Elliot Foster s rules if two women are attracted to each other there s no reason why they shouldn t spend the night together or in some cases the afternoon Laura Collier doesn t fit the mold and

  • Title: Come and Get Me
  • Author: Julie Cannon
  • ISBN: 9781933110738
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • Come and Get Me Julie Cannon By Elliot Foster s rules, if two women are attracted to each other there s no reason why they shouldn t spend the night together or in some cases, the afternoon Laura Collier doesn t fit the mold and Elliot knows she should walk away Instead she finds herself in the unusual position of pursuing another woman.
    Come and Get Me Julie Cannon

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      225 Julie Cannon
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    One thought on “Come and Get Me”

    1. The two main characters fall in lust at first sight, and that sets the tone for this novel It provides lots of sexual tension and love scenes, but otherwise isn t very deep.The author often switched point of view abruptly, sometimes even head hopping every paragraph, and I would have preferred a consistent point of view.

    2. The following is the description of this book on the Bold Strokes Website What would you do if an irresistibly desirable but utterly untouchable woman whispered to you, If you want me, you ll have to come and get me That s exactly the situation that Elliott Foster, CEO of Foster MacKenzie, finds herself in when she meets the alluring Lauren Collier, Chief Legal Counsel of a Fortune 500 company Elliott never has a shortage of attractive women willing to share her bed, and she doesn t care if they [...]

    3. While I really enjoy Julie s books, this one was just ok for me I had a hard time getting into it And when I did, I felt it jumped a bit and left a few holes For instance something bad happened to Lauren towards the end of the book It was caused because of a confrontation between her and a secondary character As a reader, we didn t get to see this confrontation so when this secondary character retaliated it s like where did this come from Also there were times in the story leading to a build up [...]

    4. I d give this book 3.5 stars but am rounding it up because even though i just read it last night, i can t recall anything that bugged me about it Unfortunately, it doesn t get a higher rating becausei can t remember much about it at all.It was a quick read with enjoyable characters and interactions, but characters that don t really pull you in or get you to invest much concern in their well being after the last page.If you want an easy steamy read for a rainy night or day on the beach or whateve [...]

    5. Got this as an audio book Liked the narration, but took a while to get into the story I did enjoy the story and would give it 3 1 2 stars

    6. This is such a great book for so many different reasons but from the very first encounter between Elliot and Lauren you know that sparks are going to fly The chemistry is off the chart and Julie Cannon has done such a wonderful job of capturing the highs and lows in such perfect detail.Elliot is just so appealing on many levels as is Lauren so combined this really is a readers dream I loved Lauren s take no crap attitude and they way that she does not hesitate to defend her colleague in the face [...]

    7. No hay por d nde cogerlo No hay argumento, el drama o nudo del libro es bastante absurdo, y no te deja creerte la historia Tampoco puedo escribir m s sin poner spoilers.Aunque una cosa si dir Le dar a 2 estrellas pero la palabra violar aparece en la hist ria repetidas veces en refencia al deseo que sienten la una por la otra, y, aunque entiendo a lo que la autora se refer a, me daban ganas de cerrar el libro cada vez que la le a.Pues eso, que 1 estrella y arreando.

    8. Amazing is an understatement for this book I love how the relationship starts the time it take for them both to understand there feelings or even to come to term that there is always something new to learn and feel when the right women is in front of you The way Elliott doesn t understand the first thing about love but the way Lauren changes that for her I love this book very much It puts love, first time, and even understanding i a whole new prospective Its pretty amazing what a book can make y [...]

    9. Standard romance novel, really, though I do like that they don t fall into bed right away, or that one of them isn t magically turned into a lesbian all of a sudden Certain things grated on my nerves in particular, the sudden POV changes with nothing to indicate that there was going to be a change was very jarring but these kinds of books are for entertainment and titillation, you can t exactly expect classic literature here All in all, not bad.

    10. No plot, no character development and a POV that at times switches every paragraph One of the worst books I ve ever read This is surprising from this author who, while never in danger of writing the next great American novel, tends to offer a solid effort than this No recommended AT ALL.

    11. A short read, well written with cute romance and interesting conversations, though I could not remember much detail after finishing the book I may have to slow down my reading, take time to appreciate the good pieces.

    12. Liked it very much although I was slightly disappointed by the end Seemed rush and not very believable.

    13. Meh Not bad, but not great either The end of the book seemed rushed, and left a few side plotlines hanging wide open.

    14. Another very easy light hearted read, though somewhat predictable A nice book to read as long as you re not expecting too much from it.

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