Duncan's Bride #2020

Duncan's Bride Linda Howard Duncan s Bride Hoping to meet a no nonsense wife who will help him on the ranch while raising a family Reese Duncan simultaneously hopes to avoid a woman like his crushing first wife and finds than he bargained for

  • Title: Duncan's Bride
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: 9780786263929
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Duncan's Bride Linda Howard Hoping to meet a no nonsense wife who will help him on the ranch while raising a family, Reese Duncan simultaneously hopes to avoid a woman like his crushing first wife and finds than he bargained for in Madelyn Patterson Reissue.
    Duncan's Bride Linda Howard

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    One thought on “Duncan's Bride”

    1. 3.5 STARSI liked it Not Howard s best but still enjoyable However, the story itself is hardly believable view spoiler What is it with authors and thirty year old virgins This is my fourth read this month with a thirty ish virgin Am I supposed to believe that a rich, upper class, beautiful, smart, educated, virgin heroine from New York City leaves everything behind and moves to the country because she fell in love after a few exchanged sentences hide spoiler QUICK REVIEW Enjoyment 3 5Writing styl [...]

    2. May, 2012 UpdateRead this last May and had to read it again for 2012 Loved it With all the recordings of less than desirable books from the 80 s 90 s, why can t they put this one on audio Five full stars It has been 21 years since I last read Duncan s Bride and it is still holds up to the ravishes of time and my fickle changes in reading material I love Linda Howard at her best and I found her here in this quick read of a Silhouette Intimate Moments publication Ms Howard has the ability to show [...]

    3. 3.5 stars.Did a re read think it might drop a half star for me He was a bit of a jerk She was a bit too naive Still a good read though But my reading tastes have definitely changed over the years.ORIGINAL REVIEW I love anything by Linda Serious, Gruff Hero who eventually succumbs to the love of a good woman Need to get of her older stuff out on Kindle Thanks Jenna for the book.

    4. 4.5 STARSI m so glad I read this book I was thisclose in returning it to the library, thinking it might not be as good as I hoped for I don t even know why I thought that, but it was excellent Reece Duncan is a Montana rancher hard on finances and time He d been burned before by an ex wife determined to wreck him and bankrupt his ranch Not again This time, Reece was going to advertise for a woman built to withstand labour and the expectations of living on a ranch So what if he doesn t love her H [...]

    5. Kudos to this book because it s set back in the 80 s and it mentions electric typewriters and people still communicate via mail Lol But I ve NEVER been so upset with a book character before EVER Reese was so stubborn Ugh Nevertheless, this was an adorable book I Must Read The Follow up.

    6. Linda Howard is legendary in the romance genre, and this may be one of her finest I recently reread it to see if it would live up to my fond memories and I am pleased to say, if anything, it surpassed them Reese Duncan is the quintessential Howard hero strong alpha, stubborn, sexy, and prideful However, Duncan s Bride stands out to me NOT because of the hero, but because of the heroine Madelyn is everything that I love my heroines to be She has a ton of class, heart, devotion, work ethic, and th [...]

    7. I will be brutally honest and say that I did like parts of this book but I did not looooove it The heroine was just about the most amazingly understanding woman to put up with his bullshit.OR SHE IS A DOORMAT You decide here.Not only does he treat her horrible but he is a really terrible lover to the heroine That s a first for me Normally, even if they are asshole, they are at least good in bed Sorry about my strong language here I just knew when he got out the lube for their first night togethe [...]

    8. KNOCKED OUT This is a 5 rating book.Absolutely wonderful awesome heart warming emotional read.Loved Reese Maddie both are cute adorable caring strong intelligent characters,Reese is a man full of integrity and his ranch is his pride and when that pride was attacked and half snatched he was filled with bitterness but Maddie came into his life and completely healed him though it took some time but he did came to his senses Reese Maddie s are now on my top 10 favourite couples shelf,in start of the [...]

    9. I fully expected Duncan s Bride to be one of those weepy, Hallmark, watch the dove fly into the sunset and wipe away a tear kind of book Sweet and schmaltzy Hell on wheels NO Madelyn is a kick asss, spine of steel heroine that made laugh out loud I want to be her Madelyn, her reactions as well as her actions to Reese and her circumstances are the primary reasons to read this The steamy sex doesn t hurt Not overly explicit but hot.Reese is an emotionally and financially bankrupt Wyoming rancher w [...]

    10. Duncan s Bride is sexy, sassy, a real page turner, it s all the things I ve come to expect from Linda Howard.Reese Duncan wants a wife but not for love or any of those sappy reasons He has a strong sex drive, he wants children and a strong woman willing to help him rebuild his ranch In the heroine s words he wants a brood mare He s been burned by his ex wife who wasn t willing to rough it out as a ranch wife and took half of everything he owned in the divorce settlement, leaving him nearly bankr [...]

    11. Really good characters and relationship development I didn t want to stop reading.I liked the audiobook better than the physical book due to the narrator s wonderful interpretationsCKSTORY Reese was wealthy land owner rancher in Montana He married Alice who divorced him after 2 years and took half of everything he owned For 8 yrs he has been under a mortgage and barely existing with half of the land left and a small herd of cattleE STORY BEGINS Reese wants a wife and kids so he places an ad in a [...]

    12. Great classic, contemporary mail order bride story There are times when Reese will make you want to smack him, but other times he s so swoonworthy I love how protective he is.He has a huge chip on his shoulder because of his ex taking him to the cleaners and some of the things he says to Maddie are infuriating, but she gives as good as she gets and figures out just how to handle him.The parts about ranch life were interesting and sad at times The blizzard made me sad for the poor animals This bo [...]

    13. Home means many things to many people To Madelyn, it represented something she longed for a husband and family She wanted those things so much she was willing to take a huge risk in answering to the newspaper ad of a Montana rancher looking for a wife.Reese Duncan was lonely he wanted a wife and family, but not an emotional involvement that goes along with it because of the nasty divorce that he went thru a few years back which made him and his ranch financially ruined It made him hard and bitte [...]

    14. I Liked it,Yes But I did not love it I was initially impressed with the writing style and the happy go lucky type h, She was strong, stubborn and has her mind set on all good things, I was jealous of the H s ex wife myself, I expected the h to be aswell instead she felt sorry that he could not move on Oh Well, She has a Big heart all right.Now, you must be wondering if the h was so good why such mediocre rating Credits our H, I don t think he has any positive, appreciable traits in him, He was n [...]

    15. FIVE STARS What an adorably charming story I enjoyed every single second of this awesome read I loved Reese, with his scarred, emotional distrust of women that kept him from moving forward with his life, vowing never to be royally fucked over ever again And Maddy was adorable and so full of personality She was so supportive to Reese trying to pull him through his mistrust, always keeping this amazing wit about her as well The drama in this story was delicious too And the sex This story has some [...]

    16. I loved this book I loved the message about carrying emotional baggage from one relationship to the other Reese was an alpha male in every sense of the word Maddie was a strong and intelligent woman who made Reese really think about whether or not he was willing to lose her I loved Maddie s character and I actually liked Reese s character also It was nice to watch their passionate love story unfold before your very eyes I ve already re read this book twice in a span of 2 days.

    17. 3,5 EstrellasEl inicio me pareci un tanto fantasioso Un ranchero pone un anuncio para buscar esposa y una mujer a la que no le hace falta nada, su hermanastro est forrado, responde, se sube a un avi n, lo ve y siente atracci n inmediata, pasa una tarde con l, intercambian dos frases, se besan una vez y ella ya se declara enamorada y acepta casarse con l y abandonar todo lo que conoce para irse con un completo extra o Un completo extra o amargado por su ex, puntualicemos.A n as me lo cre , o fing [...]

    18. Duncan s Bride is a story mostly based around the couple, his bitterness, her backbone, and the ranch There are others thrown in sometimes and I wasn t sure the story would be able to survive based off only them and the ranch In fact I wasn t drawn into the story at first until Maddie became ensconced into Reese s life on the ranch.Reese is an off putting, sexy, brute of a man, with lingering anger rage flowing through his veins, thanks to his ex wife I just couldn t see how Madelyn fell for him [...]

    19. 3.5 Grade BI enjoyed this over the top contemporary romance with the alpha male Reece and superwoman Maddie I loved the banter, especially when they did the top this strange fact game Of course, Reece was an idiot, and Maddie was likeable, but not very believable I mean, how many people who ve never done it can pluck and butcher a chicken without help or instruction And she happens to be a stellar cook of good old fashioned farm food, mends, cleans andwait for it scraps and paints the outside of [...]

    20. I really like this book I love the mail order bride theme The characterization of both the hero and the heroine are very full and complete LH is a prime example of showing not telling By the actions and words of the characters you know who they are Reece is embittered and needs Maddie to help him live again Maddie is a very different character I love the way she seems to stroll through life while really getting a lot of stuff done Her calm nonchalant character is very different from most romanti [...]

    21. This is an old style Harlequin that was originally published back in the late 80 s early 90 s Although the Hero could be a bit of a pig at times I still liked him, and I really liked the heroine who had a bit of grit and refused to take a lot of his behaviour and stood up for herself.

    22. 3.5 stars rounded upDuring Howard fest month last year thank you, Kathy , I didn t bother with Duncan s Bride uber Alpha male orders mail order bride around So not me Well, big mistake Big Huge.Let s hear it for the mail order bride with a mind of her own And a few extra cheers for her getting her good humoured way without making it into a battle of the sexes.

    23. 5 bullheaded stars Reading a book like this is what reminding me how much I love romance in the first place.One stubborn hero and a real strong heroine are a perfect recipe for an interesting plot.My first book from Linda Howard and she has already become my favorite author.Off to the next book in the series.

    24. So very happy I decided to read this, even though I was in the mood for some historical romance novel with the mail order bride theme.Although this book tells the story of a woman who decides to take her chances and become a mail order bride, this novel is in the 90 s a time I m not particularly interested in However, this book was amazing enough to distract me from my historical romance book rush.Duncan s Bride was simply an amazing read, I m definitely looking forward to read books by the sam [...]

    25. Sweet, sensual and romantic from the first page to the last When you need to read an uplifting story, this is the book to choose Excellent

    26. Wow It s a good thing that I wasn t working today because I ve done nothing except read this book all morning and pretty much through lunch And it s not like I m ever going to know the life I ve just read about either had to Google what a steer was and also why they d eat biscuits with meat and gravy because, biscuits are sweet in the UK and maybe that s why I found the story so interesting and awesome to read I ve been happily lost in it.I think this might well be my first full cowboy romance I [...]

    27. Reece Duncan wants a family and to start a legacy he can pass on to his children But one problem, he s in need of a wife a hard working man, he is breaking his back to make his once prosperous ranch successful again after his first wife left and took him to the cleaners thus, he doesn t have the time to get a wife the answer mail order bride.Madelyn Patterson happens upon the ad for a mail order bride halfway across the country by happenstance she answers it on a whim, but a gut feeling tells he [...]

    28. spoiler alert Baca ini karena direkomen Veeta, dan penasaran karna dia penasaran pengen banget punya ini, sampe selalu cari ke mana mana Katanya Reese Duncan ini perpaduan antara Chase Texas Chase nya Sandra Brown dan Rome Sarah s Child nya Linda Howard Langsung penasaran, mengingat keduanya adalah hero favorit saya Di awal cerita, saya merasa Reese ini orang yang sangat praktis, dingin dan perhitungan Setelah apa yang dia alami dengan mantan istrinya, nggak heran juga sih kalo dia jadi orang ya [...]

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