The Tale of Despereaux: The Graphic Novel #2020

The Tale of Despereaux: The Graphic Novel Matt Smith David Tilton The Tale of Despereaux The Graphic Novel Based on the screenplay this graphic novelisation brings the adventures of Despereaux Tilling and all the other characters of the film to life in an accessible way printed in full colour throughout

  • Title: The Tale of Despereaux: The Graphic Novel
  • Author: Matt Smith David Tilton
  • ISBN: 9780763640750
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Tale of Despereaux: The Graphic Novel Matt Smith David Tilton Based on the screenplay, this graphic novelisation brings the adventures of Despereaux Tilling and all the other characters of the film to life in an accessible way, printed in full colour throughout, and is ideal for encouraging reluctant readers.
    The Tale of Despereaux: The Graphic Novel Matt Smith David Tilton

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      Matt Smith David Tilton

    One thought on “The Tale of Despereaux: The Graphic Novel”

    1. I think it s weird that Kate DiCamillo is not list as author of the story This is based off the movie which is based off her book I do love that they are talking novels and turning them into graphic novels It s a quick way to re read a book I ve already read I am surprised how much I had forgotten of this.Despereaux is a brave mouse in a world where mice are supposed to be afraid He is loyal, honorable and brave He befriends the princess His mice think he is too brave so they throw him in the ba [...]

    2. Well done graphic novel version of Tale of Despereaux This will appeal to those that watch the movie However, I wouldn t recommend as a replacement for the book.

    3. I must confess, I haven t read the original book, or seen the animated movie I just finished reading this graphic novel adaptation and I came into it pretty darn skeptical a comic book, based on the movie based on the original novel How good could it be I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised It s light hearted and moves swiftly Obviously, it s a completely different animal than the original work, but taken completely on it s own merits it s pretty good.The book opens with Roscuro the Rat, sai [...]

    4. This was a decent little graphic novel adapted from the movie of the same name It s been so long since I saw the movie that I can t remember if the story was the same or not I read the novel a few years ago as well, but I d need to read it again before making any comparisons Anyway, it s a decent, short read, with a good story and it would seem to be a great introduction to the brave, little mouse, Despereaux.

    5. The Tale of Despereaux is an action packed story filled with the brave actions of a mouse I feel that graphic novels are best reserved for showing as opposed to telling emotion While there is a great moral lesson in the story, I think this particular action packed based book was poorly done These are best kept in vivid, descriptive language.

    6. I read this story to my son at bedtime a few years ago It was his first dip in the chapter book pool and I think he actually liked that He is now reading the book for himself It s a sweet story My son enjoys stories about animals that are heroic and so this was right up his alley I think he will soon try to find other books by this author.

    7. I admit I ve never read the original book or seen the movie so when I came across this graphic novel I was intrigued The story is nice and easy to follow Based on a kingdom suffering the blues, a young mouse tries his best to save the princess and make things better The artwork is nice and the text is easy to follow A nice graphic novel.

    8. Sierra LOVED this book She actually read the whole thing in one day I ve never been able to get her to read than a picture book on her own in one day These graphic novels are a great way to introduce chapter books to children They still have lots of pictures, yet they give them the feeling of reading a long book, but they are very quick reads at the same time.

    9. This wonderful graphic novel is based on the novel The Tale of Despereaux, a lively story about a mouse and a rat both looking for something than their life currently gives them in the Kingdom of Dor This graphic novel, with excellent illustrations, would be perfect for the younger reader who wants to enjoy the story, but isn t quite ready for the lengthy chapter book by Kate DiCamillo.

    10. This was a quick read I had already read the novel and so I eagerly turned these pages to see how they illustrated different characters and scenes You still get the same feelings of grief, darkness and then forgiveness and light Great book.

    11. Really cute adaptation of the story The plot is somewhat different from the novel, but that s okay It d be perfect for a class to read this and DiCamillo s novel to do a side by side comparison.4 5 on here, 8 10 for myself

    12. The graphic novel was a great way to read this tale The pictures and color made the story very visual while reading I will use this book and recommend to any child that enjoys comics or looking at pictures while reading.

    13. I have read the original story and seen the movie This graphic novel is definitely like the movie than the book, but this is still a great graphic novel adaptation I am sure that kids will like this than I did I wasn t just a huge fan of either the original story or the movie

    14. I enjoyed the graphics The pictures take on importance than most of the graphic novels I have read thus far My students seem to like the graphic novel as much as the book.

    15. This was a great graphic version of the novel The illustrations were clear very similar to the movie from what I can gather, I haven t actually seen the show.

    16. Not bad Illustrations bring the story to life, however, I prefer text I found it very similar to Ratatouille.

    17. This one was based on the movie of the tale of despereaux I kinda liked it but It wasn t so good as the real one

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