Umbrella Summer #2020

Umbrella Summer Lisa Graff Umbrella Summer Annie Richards knows there are a million things to look out for bicycle accidents food poisoning chicken pox smallpox typhoid fever runaway zoo animals and poison oak That s why being careful is

  • Title: Umbrella Summer
  • Author: Lisa Graff
  • ISBN: 9780061431876
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Umbrella Summer Lisa Graff Annie Richards knows there are a million things to look out for bicycle accidents, food poisoning, chicken pox, smallpox, typhoid fever, runaway zoo animals, and poison oak That s why being careful is so important, even if it does mean giving up some of her favorite things, like bike races with her best friend, Rebecca, and hot dogs on the Fourth of July Everyone keeps tAnnie Richards knows there are a million things to look out for bicycle accidents, food poisoning, chicken pox, smallpox, typhoid fever, runaway zoo animals, and poison oak That s why being careful is so important, even if it does mean giving up some of her favorite things, like bike races with her best friend, Rebecca, and hot dogs on the Fourth of July Everyone keeps telling Annie not to worry so much, that she s just fine But they thought her brother, Jared, was just fine too, and Jared died.It takes a new neighbor, who looks as plain as a box of toothpicks but has some surprising secrets of her own, to make Annie realize that her plans for being careful aren t working out as well as she had hoped And with a lot of help from those around her and a book about a pig, too Annie just may find a way to close her umbrella of sadness and step back into the sunshine.With winsome humor and a dash of small town charm, Lisa Graff s third novel is a touching look at rising above grief and the healing power of community.
    Umbrella Summer Lisa Graff

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    1. You know how you get tired of reading the same thing over and over again I was in that kind of rut It s not any of the books were really bad, but I wanted something different I wanted to feel like what it was to be a kid again You know how you think you won t ever forget Well inevitably you do forget some things Thank goodness we have authors who can remember enough so young readers will want to read If it weren t for authors who wrote for kids I know I probably wouldn t have become a reader Any [...]

    2. Lord I haven t cried so much since the first time I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows This book is amazing It s written so well like it s really from the perspective of a ten year old girl who is coping with the aftermaths of her brother s death It s just so innocent and childish and and completely heartbreaking This is the point where I started crying Don t call me Moonbeam any, I told him What he said Don t call me that any unless you mean it Mom came down the last few steps Annie, are [...]

    3. Recently, during a 3 1 2 hour flight to Phoenix, I read Lisa Graff s UMBRELLA SUMMER, and I tell you, I cannot count the number of times I cried while reading this book It s the story of Annie, a 10 year old girl whose brother, Jared, died of a undiagnosed heart condition after being hit by a hockey puck five months earlier Now, Annie is obsessed with protecting herself from harm She wears a bike helmet during car rides, covers her mosquito bites with Band aids and wonders if they might be chick [...]

    4. Umbrella Summer is about a girl who is worried about everything She is so careful about everything that comes her way Everyone keeps telling Annie not to worry so much, and that it s alright But then again that s what they said about her brother Jared and he died Annie is worried about anything whether it s spraining her ankle from walking, or run away zoo animals All of her anxiety causes her not participate in obstacle courses and not eating her favorite hot dogs on the Fourth of July Find out [...]

    5. I love reading middle grade books because the characters are always so quirky and lovable In this book the main character Annie is afraid of everything ever since her brother Jared dies unexpectedly Annie s parents haven t been the same since her brother s death, but they refuse to talk about it, leaving Annie to deal with things in her own way She wears a helmet when walking down the street, goes through boxes of band aids than a family of 12, and knows about diseases than any 10 year old sho [...]

    6. I love this book I really forgot I read it but I was amazing I read this last year and my heart sank A young girl s brother,Jared, passes on and her life will never be the same When a neighbor she never exspects tures into her friend she is made a new Her best friend and her get in a fight that really takes a toll on what has happened She will have to look down deep and over come an exspect that Jared has passed on It was a great book that shows the true meaning of friendship and a young girls i [...]

    7. I really liked Umbrella Summer Its so interesting Annie is the main character she s so interesting, she s scared about all the things that could happen to her She just needs to close her umbrella, for everything she s worried about Like her brother Jared s death, or the dieses she thinks she has.

    8. Young Anne is a dear one her older brother died earlier in the year and the story spans the first part of July, ending on his birthday reminder Annie is a true worrywart if not on the brink of hypochondria as a result of her brother s rare death condition Beautifully written and I loved how the book, Charlotte s Web, was included to bring closure for not only Anne.

    9. My heart is overflowing with emotion My mind is spinning with how I can make this book a part of my classroom and my kids lives Annie is one of the most lovable characters This book will evoke profound emotional responses from even the most stoic reader I m in love.

    10. Racing downhill and feeling the wind in her hair is a thing of the past for 10 year old Annie Now she walks her bicycle down the hill, even though it takes 5 times as long, because it s much safer Elbow and knee pads, ankle wraps, and boxes of Band Aids have become symbols of her life since her older brother Jared died Mom and Dad say she s safe, that they ll always protect her, but that didn t help Jared, who died as a result of a rare heart condition aggravated by a hockey accident Now Annie i [...]

    11. I really enjoyed reading Umbrella Summer by Lisa Graff This story was about losing someone you love and learning to cope with the grief that follows The book reminded me of losing my great grandmother this past summer Annie, the main character in this story, became very fearful about life and was extremely cautious about everything in her life I was totally able to relate to Annie s feelings When you lose someone you love, it changes the way you view life I also understood why Annie was so angry [...]

    12. Teen Reader Reaction Umbrella Summer is a heart warming and takes its readers on a journey through a healing process The generally upbeat tone and relaxed pace contribute to the book being both uplifting and enjoyable to read Instead of being heart stopping and intensely suspenseful, the story flows through a sequence of events recounted in a way that eliminates the need for plot twists and action filled scenes.Although the intended audience is most likely the upper elementary and middle school [...]

    13. The summer after her brother died from a rare accident, Annie Richards is overprotective and far too careful in everything she does She wears a helmet when she is walking down the street, uses all of her allowance on Band Aids, and isn t herself any What if she got a scratch and it became infected What if she got gangrene Anything and everything can bring a sickness, deformity, or future medical problem When an old lady moves into the house across the street, Annie realizes that maybe, metaphori [...]

    14. Annie Richards lives with her mom and dad She used to have an older brother Jared, but he died a few months before the story starts Jared was playing hockey when he got hit by a puck and the puck damaged his heart All the doctors they went to said that he would be fine Now, Annie is super careful about everything She wears tons of bandaids and she often has to go to the store to buy new boxes She walks her bike slowly down hills instead of riding it fast like she used to Things are also difficul [...]

    15. Annie, a ten year old girl, is a girl whose brother, Jared, died because a hockey puck hit him Their mother took Jared to the hospital, and the doctor said he just hurt his chest and will be ok but then two days later he died The hockey puck actually hit Jared in the heart This made Annie not trust any doctor when someone is hurt So now since this tragedy was over Annie has been scared of every little thing like getting a paper cut or getting stung by a bee She even got a book full of what types [...]

    16. Using the words careful and worry would be an understatement for describing main character, Annie Richards.Her brother died of something unexpected, and ever since, she has to be extra careful, and takes life too seriously, like a grown up She is missing out on her childhood.Thankfully, Mrs Harper, an elderly lady moved in across the street to the haunted house and becomes friends with Annie, and helps her see life in a new way Because of Mrs Harper, Annie s umbrella starts to close, and she sta [...]

    17. Bittersweet funny story of how Annie comes to terms with her brother Jared s death Ten year old Annie has changed since Jared died She buys ace bandages every week from Lippy s, stops doing obstacle courses, wears her bike helmet even when off the bicycle, steals a great big book about preventing illnesses and is convinced she has Ebola When Ms Finch moves into the haunted house Annie s best friend Rebecca is convinced though it doesn t look much like one she learns that maybe she should start c [...]

    18. You don t need that protection any Because the sun is starting to shine again It s coming out slowly, but it s coming And if you keep up your umbrella, then you re not ever going to see it.Actual rating 3.5 starsThis is a really cute book about moving on Annie s a bit annoying at times, but then again, she is only nine ten I really liked Mrs Finch, the new neighbor who really helps Annie patch things up She s so nice I especially liked the ending, because everything, and I mean everything, gets [...]

    19. This one came highly recommended by my 9 year old daughter I thought the cover was cute and the title intriguing I wasn t expecting anything nearly as sweet, insightful and well written Absolutely beautiful story of overcoming loss and grief told through a bright, funny 10 year old girl Icing on the cake was the references to my all time favorite children s book Charlotte s Web This is one is so full of gems of wisdom, that I m likely to reread it from time to time Yay, OBOB Oregon Battle of the [...]

    20. I felt sorry for Annie for most of this book, but like its companion, Lost in the Sun, this book has a great message about getting through grief, and it puts it in a context that teens and younger kids may be able to understand Annie is the little sister of the boy who died in Lost in the Sun The metaphor of Annie s grief being an umbrella was enlightening If you liked Lost in the Sun, you ll want to read this one.

    21. The book is about a girl named Annie who is paranoid about everything after her brother s death She is starting to close out her friends from her life from her fear of getting injured or sick She has changed into a whole new person and everyone is concerned about her A new neighbor moves in shortly after She might be the key to Annie stepping out of her umbrella of sadness.

    22. Sweet and sad and a little hokey There is some use for sad my brother died and I m trying to deal with it books, but it has been done better in other novels Unless you have a large populations of morose children who like to read this sort of thing you probably already have something on your self to fit the niche.

    23. What a beautifully sad but happy, heart warming story I loved every bit of it.Annie is so adorable and Mrs Finch was such a sweet, kind hearted person.I ll definitely be reading of Lisa Graff s books.

    24. This was a heartwarming story A story of a family in the throes of a terrible grief and how a young girl learns to deal with the grief and the loss and begins to come out on the other side with the help of a special neighbor.

    25. A powerful book about healing.Graff always writes with such an authentic voice, it would be hard not to appreciate everything she crafts.

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