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Fish is Fish Leo Lionni Fish is Fish A tadpole and a minnow are underwater friends but the tadpole grows legs and explores the world beyond the pond and then returns to tell his fish friend about the new creatures he sees The fish imagi

  • Title: Fish is Fish
  • Author: Leo Lionni
  • ISBN: 9780394904405
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fish is Fish Leo Lionni A tadpole and a minnow are underwater friends, but the tadpole grows legs and explores the world beyond the pond and then returns to tell his fish friend about the new creatures he sees The fish imagines these creatures as bird fish and people fish and cow fish and is eager to join them.From the Trade Paperback edition.
    Fish is Fish Leo Lionni

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      260 Leo Lionni
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    One thought on “Fish is Fish”

    1. This is a cute little book My only complaint is that it might be difficult for children to discern what the moral of the story is I believe the author meant for it to be something along the lines of do what you excel at rather than trying to be what you re not but this could easily be misinterpreted as don t pursue your dreams or you might die Heh.

    2. I remember loving this book it survived many culls of books over the years , and looking at it now, the illustrations are beautiful and textured, the imaginative glimpses of what fish imagines the world to be like fun and whimsical But the underlying story is disappointing The moral seems very much that you should stick to your pond and to what you know that the wider world is not for fish, only frogs The fish s desperate struggle for breath and his realisation that he is not allowed to partake [...]

    3. Most people who are not parents and or experienced with literature for the pre literate don t quite understand that there s actually a lot of depth and quality to the genre if you look for it For one thing, because most of the stories have to be told primarily with the pictures, the artwork involved can be absolutely AMAZING Secondly, a lot of the stories take either very serious concepts such as mortality or family changes or very important concepts the process of classification and other bits [...]

    4. As a literature teacher, it s important to always remember that a student doesn t always have the background knowledge to fully understand concepts and in this case, frame of reference is extremely important The book was recommended by my principal who is a former kindergarten teacher and I enjoyed it with my 10 year old.

    5. My professor in my cultural diversity class read this to us in class He used it to show us how we look at different cultures through the lenses of our own, which impacts how much we understand.

    6. If you only look at this book as a prescriptive moral that teaches know your place in this world and stick to it then yes, you will give it one star However, if you look at the bigger picture here, and see it as a fable that shows how we tend to look at the world through our own narrow understanding see previous sentence all those of you who have been disapproving of this book, haha then you will see that we don t always understand that there is so much out there to understand Kids love the fun [...]

    7. I love this tale of a fish and a tadpole who start life together in a pond When tadpole becomes a frog and moves onto a new life on land, fish is left alone until one day when the frog jumps in the pond for a visit He tells fish all about life on land, about birds, cows, and people But, fish imagines the birds, cows, and people in his own image because that is all he has ever known He is overcome with thoughts about the world outside of his pond and finally decides to jump out and see it for him [...]

    8. I am grateful to the person who bought this for us and there are beautiful illustrations I appreciate the fish using his imagination to create fish birds etc which was beautiful and fun to look at Whilst reviewers seem to disagree over the author s intent, I am one of those who feel this book fails to be inspirational to children.A fish is a fish Moral stay in your small world and make the most of it Whilst this is true, children reading this level of book shouldn t be told that their small know [...]

    9. Fish and Tadpole are best friends, but when Tadpole becomes a frog and goes to shore, Fish is left alone Ever the faithful friend, the frog happily returns to regale Fish with stories all about life on land The intrigued Fish is determined to go to shore, too Unfortunately, it turns out fish simply aren t meant to be out of water This reprint of the 1970 tale is formatted for young readers.This is a lovely story of friendship and making the best of a situation I particularly enjoyed the part whe [...]

    10. A story that tells grown ups about how people learn I ve used it to illustrate how wrong the peoples are blank slate myth in education instead, people come with their own understanding and misconceptions which they use when feeding new information In the end, this is a book about constructivism.

    11. A sweet story about the world outside of our own pond It s a bit philosophical and speaks to being content with your own life Our girls really enjoyed this story.

    12. I would like to defend Fish Is Fish against the criticism that it contains some kind of xenophobic edict to stay in one s own lane One of the defining characteristics of Leo Lionni s work is the introduction of topics that are hard truths for adults, and this book is no exception It is a story about the discovery of personal limitations and that friendships end It demonstrates the importance of making peace with oneself and one s limitations, which flies in the face of the children s publishing [...]

    13. This is a book about a tadpole that turns into a frog and gets to explore the world His friend the fish feels bad because he is not able to explore the world the same way as the frog He tries to jump out of the water to see what the frog sees but needs to get right back in the pond because he cannot breathe Once he gets back in the water, he sees that the world he can see is the most beautiful world for him.I gave this book three stars because I feel the story line was very basic and they could [...]

    14. This is exactly how I chose to use this book I can easily see how others are disappointed in the perceived Know your place moral some are experiencing when they read the book, but I point out instead the confusion the fish has in understanding frog s descriptions because he s a fish And sometimes when misunderstandings happen, it s because people actually think differently as well or have had different experiences Fish imagines fish birds, fish cows, and fish people My students find the illustra [...]

    15. Genre Contemporary realistic fictionGrade 2 4I liked how the story started with the fish and the tadpole together in the pond as friends I think that this is another lesson of you can be friends with people different than yourself Another thing I enjoyed is how the frog didn t forget about the fish and came back to tell him all about this adventures.

    16. I thought this book had a cute storyline as well as informational text about differences and similarities between fish and tadpoles frogs This would be a good book for any child to read who is interested or curious about amphibians or fish and how they develop Topics fish, tadpoles frogs, compare and contrast, friendship, helping someone when they re in need.

    17. The short story was enjoyable for me It seems simple story but has some important points for our life the story tell us, it is good to be ambitious but try to plan our dreams and our goals according to my ability And another point, try to be faithful with our friends spacial in hard situations.

    18. This is a great topic starter for science in elementary school or even a concept overview in writing how one s perspective may be different based upon where they have been and seen in the world There are numerous ways to use this book in a classroom

    19. A charming little book that kids enjoy The story is simple and it s a lesser explored lesson Sometimes the most beautiful and exciting thing for you is the place you are already, because it s the place most suited for who you are.

    20. Note a bad choice for a classroom science lesson however I personally would not include it in my literature lessons , especially if I had a student with a physical disability.

    21. This book tells a about a fish who wants to see the world like his friend frog I think this book is great to show we don t have to be like our friends.

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