The Darkness & the Dawn #2020

The Darkness & the Dawn Thomas B. Costain The Darkness the Dawn In Darkness the major figure lurking in the background is Attila the Hun The story centers upon a man named Nicolan who has been sold into slavery to the Romans but escapes to Attila and helps the Hun

  • Title: The Darkness & the Dawn
  • Author: Thomas B. Costain
  • ISBN: 9780385054546
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Darkness & the Dawn Thomas B. Costain In Darkness the major figure lurking in the background is Attila the Hun The story centers upon a man named Nicolan who has been sold into slavery to the Romans but escapes to Attila and helps the Hun in an effort to avenge himself on the Romans There is also a love story involving Nicolan and a girl from his homeland and a sub plot or two of interest.
    The Darkness & the Dawn Thomas B. Costain

    • [KINDLE] ✓ Unlimited ✓ The Darkness & the Dawn : by Thomas B. Costain ✓
      Thomas B. Costain

    One thought on “The Darkness & the Dawn”

    1. I first read The Darkness and the Dawn back in the early 1960 sa lifetime ago This reread did not disappoint, although I paid attention to Mr Costain s rendering of Attila the Hun this go rounde author s view of this complex man was interesting this timeor, perhaps, maturity has given me a clearer insight

    2. I read and thoroughly enjoyed this book many years ago, and even now it is one of the story lines that sticks with me, out of the hundreds of books I have read It is unique and refreshingly different, the setting is highly interesting and not at all over worked The portrayals of historical persons are vibrant and work well within the plot.I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes an edge on their history, gets bored with repetitive historicals, or as other reviewers have mentioned, likes [...]

    3. An historical novel set in the mid 5th century AD, when Attila the Hun was invading the Roman Empire Read this back when I was in high school, I think.

    4. Thomas Costain is a master writer of historical factor, and this tale doesn t disappoint The capricious nature of Attila the Hun is intelligently portrayed through interactions with the characters in this novel, providing a good grasp to this reader who is otherwise unfamiliar with this historical figure.

    5. I received this book as a giveaway and was surprised at the general age of the book since it is nowhere new But I am very fortunate to have been given a chance to read this book so I can carry it forth into the age where older books seem to or less vanish into the past The author does an amazing job to hold such a big book of characters and events together He does an even wonderful job in weaving the characters together, giving them strong personalities and bringing to life a time when the wor [...]

    6. I ended up loving this book The beginning was slow and I was having trouble keeping up with all of the characters, but I kept reading and was greatly rewarded I learned a lot about Attila the Hun and some of the other characters from history, but I also fell in love with the fictional character Nicolan I love that unusual name Thomas B Costain weaves a fabulous story of heartache and triumph through Nicolan s life and the love of his life, Ildico.

    7. A great historical novel which I read before Set in the 5th C as Rome trembles before the might of Attila the Hun, the story focuses on Nicolan, an escaped slave who offers his services to Attila, then turns against him

    8. This book took awhile for me to get into, but as soon as I did I couldn t put it down Very few books are rich like this one I loved the details and the story line This book is beautifully written and will always be one of my favorites It has so much to offer the reader.

    9. I have read this book at least 3 times I have a copy I have had for years, It is a wonderful story during early Christianity and with Attila the Hun and wonderful characters Plus beautiful horses for thehorse lovers like me Highly recommended.

    10. This is one of a fairly large category embarrassing historical novels I totally enjoyed But really, the plot is decent, the writing s okay, and the characters could be worse.

    11. Get to know Attila the Hun, a former Roman slave and his childhood friend, a beautiful blonde who raises amazing horses War, racing, and love Read 4 times

    12. Rollicking old fashioned romantic adventure novel Starts off kinda slow and takes a while to set up all the characters, but worth it.

    13. Soon after I got out of school, I went through a Costain phase I read and enjoyed many of his books, but unfortunately, I don t remember them well.

    14. As usual, Mr Costain delivers We get a good look at Attila, The Hun as well as the hopes, dreams and love of the main characters There are sub plots here too.

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