Eric Carle's ABC #2020

Eric Carle's ABC Eric Carle Eric Carle s ABC A B C D Unfold the full page flaps to reveal an ant bear camel and duck Eric Carle s illustrated alphabet and animals make learning your ABCs as easy as well A B C

  • Title: Eric Carle's ABC
  • Author: Eric Carle
  • ISBN: 9780448445649
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Board book
  • Eric Carle's ABC Eric Carle A B C D Unfold the full page flaps to reveal an ant, bear, camel, and duck Eric Carle s illustrated alphabet and animals make learning your ABCs as easy as well, A, B, C
    Eric Carle's ABC Eric Carle

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      103 Eric Carle
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    1. 1 Awards None2 Preschool Kindergarten3 Eric Carle s ABC is a simple book about the alphabet Animals are shown on each page in accordance with the letter they start with The font size is large and is easy for children to read 4 This book is both simple and enjoyable The children gain an understanding through bright, unique pictures The book would be especially excellent for a child with a keen interest in animals 5 In the classroom, the children could have fun with activities having to do with th [...]

    2. This book would be great for Pre schoolers and early kindergarten There are no awards for this book This book has nice simple pictures Each page represents a letter and an Animal to go with the Letter There are page that can be lifted up.This book is great for younger children Because the Illustrations are simple it helps younger kids with reading the book The simple pictures also are great for children to focus on the point I would use this in the classroom as a great read aloud story for young [...]

    3. ABC Eric 1 Awards the book has received none 2 Appropriate grade levels preschool 2nd grade 3 Original 3 line summary ABC by Eric Carle is about the alphabet Each page contains a letter and an animal that starts with that letter Various pictures include, an ant, a camel, a bear, and a duck 4 Original 3 line review This book is a great tool for teaching young children the alphabet The illustrations are simple and very detailed The animals are very enjoyable to look at 5 2 3 possible in class uses [...]

    4. 1 This book has not won any awards.2 Appropriate grade levels Pre K and Kindergarten3 This is an alphabet book by the famous Eric Carle The letters are shown in both capital and lower case form the font size is large Each page is simple with the capital letter enlarged and a word that starts with said letter There is only one illustration per page.4 This is a great first book experience for any child The pages are simple and illustrations are clear and detailed I recommend using this book with t [...]

    5. 1 N A2 Pre K K3 This book is an abc book about animals The pictures were bright and were very well illustrated The pages were fun to flip and the book was enjoyable.4 I liked this book a lot because it was very eye catching The animals were exotic and drawn vividly I would recommend this book for any child who loves animals.5 Abc s, patterns, animals.

    6. 6 yo It s about ABCs It has animals that start with the letter My favorite part is A for Ants because my name starts with A.

    7. 1 This book has not received any awards 2 Recommended for grades preschool and kindergarten 3 This ABC book written by Eric Carle is a great tool for teaching young children their ABC s Each page goes through each individual letter followed by an illustration of something that begins with that letter, allowing children reading to make a connection between the letter and the beginning sound of that word The letters are big and colorful, making them easy to see 4 Learning the ABC s should be fun, [...]

    8. No AwardsThis book goes through the alphabet with big bold letters for each page On each page there are letters that are alphabetical and has an animal for each letter This book does a good job associating letters and highlighting each letter in the animal s name This is one of the easier alphabet books and it is great for teaching children how to read This book has pages flipping up so it makes it enjoyable for children because of its interactive style If children are struggling with their ABCs [...]

    9. The ABC book by Eric Carle is a great book for young children The book is a classic alphabet book that goes through the alphabet, easy enough with just the letter and illustration on each page This book is a great teaching tool for children to help them understand the alphabet by corresponding pictures I would recommend this book for younger children like kindergarden or younger Beginning to teach children how to read and helping them understand the the shapes of the letters and helping them rem [...]

    10. Eric Carle s ABC book is a classic alphabet book It features an animal that corresponds to a letter A Ants, B Bird, and so on The illustrations are bright and engaging, and I believe would be enticing to any children learning about animals and the alphabet which they will likely be learning concurrently The book is versatile because it contains common animals, such as ants, and obscure animals such as a narwhal This might prompt further discussion and exploration of these animals The teacher an [...]

    11. What could you not love about Eric Carle I remember being younger and gravitating towards the Eric Carle books His pictures draws children in and always leaves them wanting to read Eric Carle books This is a perfect ABC book because of the colors and pictures that children will love As well, each letter of the alphabet is dedicated to a specific animal These animals are drawn on the page to show the children what kind of animal it is For a toddler or 3 4 year old who is just learning their ABCs [...]

    12. I thought this was a quite interesting book, seeing that it flaps and has nice pictures that go with the letters I think young children would enjoy this as they learn their alphabets and see a picture that starts with that alphabet It will help them connect animals and the letters, that would be easy to remember Simple words used for younger children, perhaps get to know how the letter looks like or shape of it I guess to see if the child is learning you could play a game with them, cover the pi [...]

    13. In this alphabet book, Eric Carle has a letter on each page with flaps that reveal a picture of the animal and its name written that corresponds with the letter For the letter A there is a picture of ants and the word written out, and so it goes for each letter, showing children that letters and words serve a purpose In Eric Carle s beautifully illustrated ABC book, he compliments each letter with brightly colored pictures The pictures are simple, but creative and highly artistic I really like h [...]

    14. To begin with, Eric Carle is a fabulous well known children s author that also wrote the famous Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see This counting book is very lively and fun to read because of the drastic colors that are illustrated for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet The book is only 16 pages but it has flaps that reveal pictures of Carle s beloved animals This book is meant for children ages 4 8 but i believe that the earlier you start reading abc and counting books the better your [...]

    15. Eric Carle s ABC takes primary books jstep further by formatting it in an interesting flap book The illustrations are outstanding He introduces some strange animals to represent some of the letters tI would have chosen a different animal for the letter G He uses the animal gull which to me, should be seagull A better choice that doesn t have other name variations would have been goose or giraffe But I got to see a quetzel, a narwhal and a xolo, so that was fun I recommend it for young readers wh [...]

    16. I love Eric Carle and the ABC book itself, but in my opinion the flip page format is not ideal The children most likely to be using this text are young enough that careful care of unconventional pages is a huge challenge I ve used this text at both home and in my preschool classroom, and while I love the ABC, to keep the pages from being ripped out, the book required a lot supervision that I would prefer.

    17. This book is great for a child getting to know their alphabet and being able to relate different things to the letters I did like that the picture that represented the letter was not always the norm For alphabet songs or books, usually the text is pretty predictive but this book had things like Q is for Quetzal That is something that I ve never heard of and I was glad that Eric Carle found animals to teach the children about.

    18. This is one of my favorite children s books Eric Carle does a fantastic job introducing the alphabet to children in this book He is known for his amazing illustrations and once again he did a great job I also love how there are flaps for the alphabet that children can lift up The creativity and simplicity of this book really stands out and makes it a one of a kind children s ABC book I believe children would really enjoy this book and learn a lot from it.

    19. ABC is a great book for children to read in their early childhood stages At this stage in life, they are learning to recognize the alphabet and even learn the sounds that each letter makes This book also incorporates different animals to keep children interested The pictures were nicely drawn, and even though I wasn t sure what a narwal was, it is a fun word that can provoke child discussions.

    20. This book is amazing for kids who are in kindergarten It is such a great illustrated book, that is amazing with the alphabet The kids could just flip through this book and also have it read to them aloud from their teacher I also feel like this book could be a book that they build onto through out the year as they learn their different letters.

    21. This is a great book for children to read when they are in the first stage of learning the alphabet The is about the ABC s and it also helps you learn about different animals This was a very strange book the pictures were nicely thought out but I did not know what a narwal was The animals were strange but still interesting for children.

    22. My niece is addicted to this book I think I read it about 10 times in a minute it s gorgeous as all Carle s books are Totally misprononounced X is for xoloY is for yikes What I had to look that up AND send it to all my friends But it s pronounced sholo New age kid alphabet learning on turbo

    23. This would be a great book for students to use when studying animals There are all different kinds of animals in this book birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, etc Students would be able to go through and point out the different kinds of animals It is a simple book, but it would really allow the students to be able to focus on the animals.

    24. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is one of my favorite books, so we always try out Eric Carle s other books when we come across them This ABC book had some interesting words that Mom wasn t sure how to pronounce Like Q is for quetzal and X is for xolo.

    25. I love Eric Carle s books The pictures are always the most interesting part to me and keep the reader focused Great book for teaching the ABC s I would have the students practice writing their abc s and giving examples from the book.

    26. Eric Carle does a good job with the basics here Introducing young babies and toddlers to the letters in fun way is what this book does best Allowing them to explore the alphabet in a way that exposes them to color and creatures is a great for letter knowledge.

    27. This book could be used in many ways in the classroom Students can learn so much about the alphabet and animals all in the same lesson I would have the students go around the classroom and find things that began with each letter of the alphabet.

    28. I would recommend this book for elementary teachers because it is simple and teaches children their letters As well as helping them associate the letter with the name of the animal This is a good first book to introduce the alphabet.

    29. Another of the junior book series This has a range of flaps that uncover animals in an alphabetical listing Some interesting choices A range of animals, some fictional but mostly true All designed in the iconic collage of Eric Carle Lovely clever series for the very young.

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