Dear Sister #2020

Dear Sister Francine Pascal Kate William Dear Sister Sweet Valley is stunned by the news Beautiful young Elizabeth Wakefield lies in a coma on the brink of death after a horrible motorcycle accident Elizabeth s boyfriend Todd is consumed by guilt he wa

  • Title: Dear Sister
  • Author: Francine Pascal Kate William
  • ISBN: 9780553276725
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Dear Sister Francine Pascal Kate William Sweet Valley is stunned by the news Beautiful young Elizabeth Wakefield lies in a coma, on the brink of death after a horrible motorcycle accident.Elizabeth s boyfriend Todd is consumed by guilt he was driving and escaped unharmed He feels totally helpless All he can do is wait for a change in Elizabeth s condition a change that might mean the loss of the only girl heSweet Valley is stunned by the news Beautiful young Elizabeth Wakefield lies in a coma, on the brink of death after a horrible motorcycle accident.Elizabeth s boyfriend Todd is consumed by guilt he was driving and escaped unharmed He feels totally helpless All he can do is wait for a change in Elizabeth s condition a change that might mean the loss of the only girl he s ever loved.But no one is shattered than Elizabeth s twin, Jessica As she keeps watch over the silent body of her sister, she s overwhelmed by despair Without Elizabeth, can life go on
    Dear Sister Francine Pascal Kate William

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      193 Francine Pascal Kate William
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    One thought on “Dear Sister”

    1. This was literally one of my favorite books growing up It starts out with Elizabeth Wakefield glamorously coma struck following a motorcycle accident I was probably 10 when I read this book, and OH MY GOD how I wanted to be in a coma My in depth medical knowledge told me that it was like sleeping, but with all kinds of dramatics like hospitals and doctors and stuff Also, when you wake up and start acting just like your identical twin sister and polar opposite Jessica, no one really blinks an eye [...]

    2. Orginal recap for the Snark Squadhere.I ve taken to consistently rating these books two stars but THIS BOOK HAS A COMA GUYS A COMA Clearly this elevates its star level to fabulous, which isn t actually a choice, so we ll stick with two stars In book 6, Elizabeth breaks her parents no riding motorcycles ever rule and takes a ride on the idiotic side Naturally, about one second after she hops on sans helmet on, her and Todd get run down by a drunk driver We open book 7 with Jessica crying because [...]

    3. Warning This is book report than review but I just couldn t help myself PIn a fit of nostalgia I decided to pick up a Sweet Valley High book I used to read these nonstop starting when I was eleven or so Part of the reason I decided to read this particular one is of a supposedly risque scene between Liz and Bruce Patman, and even though I know I had read this exact book before, I had no recollection of this event.So even though this is really an immediate sequel to number six in the series confu [...]

    4. Let me give you a brief rundown Dear Sister begins with Elizabeth in a coma following a motorcycle accident with Todd When she finally wakes up, her personality has completely changed She s suddenly acting like Jessica, forcing Jessica into the Elizabeth role It s crazy A lot of stuff happens in the middle, including Elizabeth dressing in skanky Jessica clothes and Jessica dressing in staid Elizabeth clothes Then, at the Patman mansion, the story comes to a climax First, Bruce Patman touches Eli [...]

    5. This was the first SVH book I ever read, when I was twelve or so, and managed to conceal it in a pile of other non scandalous books from the Mid Continent Public Library Elizabeth wakes up from her devastating coma and is good to go, despite a traumatic brain injury and a tingly vagina She dumps all her responsibilities on Jessica while trying to alleviate the tingle, engaging in all the activities you d expect a horny teenage girl to do except have ess ee ecks Everyone in town is either too stu [...]

    6. We used to sneak into the back of the library to read this book when I was like 8 because it says breast in one random part haha.

    7. I didn t really like this one Obviously Elizabeth wasn t ever going to die I like the twist that the bump in the head PTSD has turned her irresponsible, and has her not acting like herself, but I wish they would ve done with it Had people concerned with her or questioning her or something What I hate most is that the next book will probably not address it at all I would ve liked to see Elizabeth having to deal with the fallout Even if the doctors explained it away and everyone easily forgave L [...]

    8. Source I read this online via OpenLibrary Cost Free Title Dear Sister Series Sweet Valley High 7 Author Kate William Francine Pascal Overall Rating 2.9 starsHmm, and in today s Sweet Valley Fat Shaming Special we have the term Blimpo What is a blimpo Basically, the plot of this one is that Elizabeth slipped into a coma after her motorbike accident in book 6 and when she wakes up, she has aight personality change into Jessica as Jessica becomes like Elizabeth.I really want to love this series, t [...]

    9. There s good news and bad newsThe good news Lovely Liz is no longer in that pesky coma that was caused by a single act of disobedience She rode on the back of boyfriend Todd s motorcycle of death against her parents explicit wishes The bad news Liz has experienced a dramatic personality switcheroo, becoming like her slutty twin Jessica.In fact, Liz out Jessica s Jessica She dumps steadfast beau Todd Wilkins, goes on a boyfriend stealing rampage, publishes false gossip and plagiarizes a paper Yi [...]

    10. The quintessential Sweet Valley High novel In a stunning move by writer Francine Pascal, Elizabeth Wakefield comes out of her coma and takes on the personality of self absorbed slutty twin Jessica Liz even goes so far as to let Bruce Patman touch her boob before she falls off the bed, hits her head on the corner of the table, and regains her old sensible self What a relief I wasn t allowed to read the Sweet Valley High books so I think I did a lot of sneaking around with this one

    11. Bwahahahawhat the hell does dish out applesauce mean Oh Mr Collins you re just too cool for school This one features a creepy, leering neurosurgeon, too.

    12. I remember this being my favorite SVH book as a kid, and that still holds true It is so completely awful that it is amazing Elizabeth wakes up from a coma and has turned into a Jessica version of Jessica She s selfish and careless and flirty and mean and she ditches Todd and hooks up with Bruce Patman There s a subplot involving a younger pair of twins, kids of Alice and Ned s friends, who are staying with the Wakefields while their parents are out of town, and Jessica has to actually babysit t [...]

    13. Truly the only thing that could be worse than Jessica is TWO Jessicas.Somehow I d forgotten that Bruce Patman view spoiler actually tries to rape Elizabeth and, of course, he was basically emotionally abusing Jessica two books ago hide spoiler I always think of him as a great character because he s so ridiculous and that 1BRUCE1 license plate is iconic but yikes this.Do we ever see those creepy twins again btw.

    14. This was actually the very first Sweet Valley High book I ever read, back when the books were too old for me Anyway, the plot is kind of far fetched in that I don t know how often something like this ever really happens, but it was fun seeing the twins personalities switched, even if in a vague kind of way.

    15. This is what I would call a one trick pony type of book Elizabeth is in a motorcycle accident where she is hurt quite badly When she finally comes around she has undergone a drastic personality change, thinking and behaving just like Jessica.From that moment, if you have ever read any similar books, you know that 1 she will return to normal and 2 that will be done by hitting her head again Elizabeth actually outdoes Jessica going after every boy, lying, not doing her homework, being nasty to adu [...]

    16. Elizabeth wakes up from a coma after disobeying her parents and riding a motorcycle with her boyfriend, and of course getting in an accident Jessica is so relieved to have her sister back, but something seems off about Liz view spoiler The responsible and observant Wakefield parents take note of their daughter s apparent personality change and slipping grades, and wisely take her back to the doctor to see if this might have something to do with her head injury Also, Jessica realizes what it s li [...]

    17. The book Dear Sister is written by Francine Pascal In this book there are two identical twin sisters named Elizabeth and Jessica Elizabeth suffered a motorcycle crash with her boyfriend Todd Elizabeth slipped into a coma,while Todd remains unharmed When Elizabeth wakes up she suddenly becomes exactly the opposite of her normal self, like her twin sister Jessica While Elizabeth is busy being Jessica, Jessica had to pick up the role of the responsible twin, Elizabeth I personally loved reading thi [...]

    18. Well, the early books in the series are a lot risqu than the 90s books I read when I was growing up.This story opens with Jessica tearfully at Liz s bedside in the hospital, where Liz lies in a coma after a motorcycle accident When Elizabeth wakes up, she has undergone some sort of personality transplant Steady, levelheaded Liz has turned into gasp Jessica or so it seems Actually, she is even worse than Jessica here She basically ignores Todd and starts whoring it up with every guy in the schoo [...]

    19. Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Both as individualistic as characters of a book ought to be Where Jessica is the hot shot cheerleader material, Elizabeth is the shy nerd who aces all tests Due to an unfortunate incident, Elizabeth falls into coma Now Jessica can t help but feel guilty, as she repeatedly blames herself for her sister s condition.Day after day she sits by her sister s bed wishing for her betterment Hoping that she would soon wake up from this unconscious state.Elizabeth s bo [...]

    20. This is basically the classic Sweet Valley High book In which Liz is in a coma gasp because she disobeyed her parents and rode on Todd s motorcycle Actually, she s only in a coma for the very beginning of the book After that, she s busy parading around Sweet Valley acting like Jessica on Viagra She tries to steal pretty much everyone s boyfriend, even her precious Enid s George, and ignores Todd completely To be fair, the latter is no real indicator of a head injury, because he is extraordinaril [...]

    21. One of the top 10 SVH books ever I re read this dozens of times when I was a kid.Elizabeth wakes up from her coma on page 12 and immediately segues into being her sister, all short skirts, promiscuity and missed homework assignments And, because there is apparently a one skank limit in Sweet Valley, that means Jessica needs to put on the Oxford shirts and pressed jeans and be the responsible one The day is saved when klutzy Liz almost goes all the way with Bruce Patman 1BRUCE1 but instead trips [...]

    22. I love rereading these books as an adult and things occuring to me that would have never crossed my mind when I read them at the age of 12 This book was full of thembut Im not going to spoil all the surprises for you Elizabeth has sworn not to ride Todd s motorcycle Until she decides she wants to try it just one time And she ends up in a horrible wreck In a coma Afterwards, she just isnt herself She has turned into her evil twin sister Jessica Then a knock on the head straightens her out and she [...]

    23. My second favorite book in the series view spoiler I love how Elizabeth s personality change gets Jessica back in a way for the awful way in which she normally treats her hide spoiler Reading these books again as an adult, I get frustrated with the twins quite a bit Jessica for being a horribly selfish person, and Elizabeth for enabling Jessica s bad behavior It did help to read that Francine Pascal envisioned the twins as portraying the good and bad sides of human nature Given this, the hyperbo [...]

    24. The beginning of this book was intense and sad I wondered what would happen Then, things got better Or so it seemed Elizabeth foregoes a personality change after recovering from the accident A part of me wonders if it s her subconcious letting loose from always being the responsible one while her twin ran all over her This is just my theory though I loved this book I fully recommend it This is a great series to get into

    25. This book was awesome when I was eight I wasn t totally allowed to read SVH because they were a little bit naughty, but I found ways I don t remember many details about other Sweet Valley High books, but Dear Sister really stuck with me It also made me want to ride a motorcycle just so I could wear a hot pink helmet.

    26. Ahhh, the Paper Cup Seduction Technique Reading this book at 30 is a bit horrifying, because the last bit features Bruce trying to rape a drunk Elizabeth Yeah Of course, the book never uses the word rape , but that s what happens.Even worse Nobody calls the police Since Elizabeth had been behaving in a flirtatious manner, I guess they thought Bruce should get off scot free.NNNNGH

    27. Book seven in the long running Sweet Valley High series is one of the memorable books in the series and rumoured to be the basis for the upcoming Sweet Valley High musical In this instalment goody goody Elizabeth Wakefield wakes from her coma and undergoes a major personality change, becoming badder than her twin sister Jessica.

    28. This Sweet Valley High was a very intriguing one In this book Liz comes out of her coma, but is totally not herself She knows she is Elizabeth, but has the reckless personality of Jessica Todd thinks she has lost her forever This Sweet Valley High has many plot twists and things you thought Liz would never do I highly recommend this book.

    29. Nancy sent me this, so I read it it s the first Sweet Valley High book I ve ever read When I was the right age for them, I thought they were too dirty for me In my defense, there was a little over shirt second base action in this one It s roughly as stupid as I would have imagined I m pretty disappointed there were no hair pulling fights.

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