Evil Under the Sun #2020

Evil Under the Sun Agatha Christie Evil Under the Sun The beautiful bronzed body of Arlena Stuart lay facedown on the beach But strangely there was no sun and she was not sunbathing she had been strangled Ever since Arlena s arrival the air had been thi

  • Title: Evil Under the Sun
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780007119264
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evil Under the Sun Agatha Christie The beautiful bronzed body of Arlena Stuart lay facedown on the beach But strangely, there was no sun and she was not sunbathing she had been strangled.Ever since Arlena s arrival the air had been thick with sexual tension Each of the guests had a motive to kill her But Hercule Poirot suspects that this apparent crime of passion conceals something much evil.
    Evil Under the Sun Agatha Christie

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    1. Hercule Poirot is just fun Agatha Christie is clever and intriguing I ve been fascinated by her stories since I was a teenager Evil Under the Sun is a great story not quite her best, but certainly in the top 10 After reading the book, I watched the movie adaption given some of the actors playing the roles You should read and then watch, too who doesn t love to compare This story is good lots of little twists and turns You are aboard a ship, so the actual setting is somewhat contained The plot is [...]

    2. One arranges very methodically the pieces of the puzzle one sorts the colours and then perhaps a piece of one colour that should fit in with say, the fur rug, fits in instead in a black cat s tail Yes This is my Poirot, the one and only I am so happy could cry Certainly the best crime novel I ve read in a long while Genius, this is simple genius I adored the solution to pieces utterly brilliant Something I can t put my finger on what exactly in the carrying out of the investigation was not 100% [...]

    3. Choose Your Own Adventure You are at a posh seaside resort and you are in love with a hot bodied bitch, and even worse, she is not your wife You are surrounded by the idle rich and the grasping poor Matters do not improve once an insufferable little Frenchman, or some such European, insists on butting into your affairs You already have to deal with your clingy wife, the gorgeous woman you are obsessed with, rumors of murder, the hot hot sun and the illusions that can arise in that heat and now y [...]

    4. All Agatha Christie readers by now know that Hercule Poirot can t go on vacation without a murder popping up This time the detective has retreated to a mini island thing sort of with history, and he finds himself trying to solve the crime of a woman who uses her charms to lure in men Or does she I like how he twisted a misconception of woman who lure and trick men into something else at the end Never guessed the guilty culprit, which is a pleasant surprise for a mystery The author tends to follo [...]

    5. This was the second Agatha Christie mystery I read, immediately after The Mysterious Affair at Styles A beautiful femme fatale murdered on the beach at a resort It simply blew me away.Of course, many of the common shortcomings of Christie I have noticed later as I grew older and became critical are present in this novel the excessive reliance on coincidence, too many red herrings, the author s need to pair off couples but so are her strengths deft characterisation, sparkling dialogue, breakneck [...]

    6. Nowadays, no one believes in evil It is considered, at most, a mere negation of good Evil, people say, is done by those who know no better who are undeveloped who are to be pitied rather than blamed But, M Poirot, evil is real It is a fact I believe in Evil as I believe in Good It exists It is powerful It walks the earth He stopped His breath was coming fast He wiped his forehead with his handkerchief and looked suddenly apologetic I m sorry I got carried away Rev LanePoirot 23 take place at the [...]

    7. Evil Under the Sun takes place at a secluded seaside resort in England Agatha Christie assembles a group of people on holiday, has one of them murdered, and provides the rest with the opportunity and motive to have committed the crime Coincidentally, our favourite Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot is hoping for a relaxing vacation at the beach but unfortunately he does not get one as he is called upon to solve the case using little than his famous little grey cells The young and seductive Arlen [...]

    8. Does a body turn up every time you go to the beach Do your fellow oceanside resort residents murder one another on a regular basis whenever you vacation on the coast Then you might be a detective in an Agatha Christie novel.Evil Under the Sun finds our favorite little Belgian sleuth amongst Summer holidayers, a small sampling of flirtatious women, jealous wives, inattentive husbands and an angsty teen There are hints of smuggling, drugs and black magic Will you discover what s going on before al [...]

    9. i thought this was going to be 4 stars but then the murderer was revealed and hoooolllyyyy shit Christie literally never fails to amaze mealso, i ve read five books by her so far and each of them has a relatively large cast of characters and yet each character is so distinct and developed and unlike any of the characters in her other books how tf does she do that Christie is not only the Queen of Crime but the Queen of Characterisation and i am so impressed

    10. Another good score from my garage sale box of books an Agatha Christie I hadn t previously read Our fussy and fastidious Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, and his friend Captain Hastings, find themselves on an island spa at Poirot s doctor s insistence Instead of exercising his medically obese body, Poirot finds himself exercising his little grey cells when he fails to prevent the murder of a wealthy and beautiful woman, and murder he could see coming Classic Christie.

    11. Poirot s vacation is interrupted with a murder11 March 2015 Well, after reading And Then There Were None I was wondering whether I was going to be able to read another Agatha Christie book well it seems that I have Okay, I selected five from my Mum s bookshelf, namely the five that I knew about, just to get a good sampling of her work Unfortunately of the five that I grabbed, four of them happened to be Hercule Poirot mysteries and none of the Ms Marple which I m going to have to rectify once I [...]

    12. This classic Poirot novel started life as a short story, Triangle at Rhodes, which was published in 1936 Four years later, in 1940, the plot had been re worked into this excellent novel one of the best featuring Poirot in my opinion The beginning of this novel sees Poirot on holiday at The Jolly Roger Hotel, Smuggler s Island It is a wonderful location for a mystery an enclosed community at the seaside Of course, seaside holidays had been popular in the 1920 s and, with foreign travel only avail [...]

    13. Agatha Christie was almost ruined for me once by the opinion of an ex He claimed her detective fiction was worthless due to shoddy construction clues strewn about left and right, with an eventual grand reveal strung together from seemingly haphazard information The reader doesn t have a fighting chance of solving the puzzle it s simply not set up that way He felt cheated I understood the books can seem like a vehicle with which Poirot or Miss Marple can display their formidable sleuthing skills [...]

    14. Perhaps not one of the most riveting of Poirot s cases nonetheless Evil under the Sun is another classic addition to Agatha Christie s flawless bibliography However the solution to the case may take a lot of convincing to be feasible I read Christie for escapism and enjoyment and it delivered on both.

    15. There is evil everywhere under the sun Hercule Poriot 4 StarsA mystery full of twists When everyone has an alibi just who killed Arlana Stewart And what was the true motive Blackmail, drugs, adultery or jealousy The only person who can unravel the red herrings from the truth is the famous Belgian deceive Hercule Poriot Loved the use of multiple POV s and the use of different voices under David Suchet s narration.

    16. I m of two minds on this book I m a Christie fan and enjoyed the story, but also felt it was a bit thin Perhaps this is partly the result of binge reading the Poirot series Maybe I need to consider taking a break from Christie s Poirotiverse to clear the palate with some pithier read and then return But that s not happening This book does have an apt title Evil Under the Sun It also has Christie s usual finite, ensemble cast of characters with a love triangle, a angsty stepdaughter, an apparent [...]

    17. Mi piaciuto molto Come molti ho visto la trasposizione cinematografica con il simpatico Peter Ustinov che, devo dire, abbastanza fedele e quindi l effetto sorpresa finale non c stato A testamento dell abilit della scrittrice nonostante conoscessi il finale l ho letto con indubbio piacere e divertimento.Poirot sempre Poirot.

    18. Por mais policiais que leia, nunca nenhum ir superar as obras de Agatha Christie Apresento vos mais um intrigante e genial caso do nosso detetive belga preferido Hercule Poirot num cen rio maravilhoso e com personagens que, primeira vista, nos parecem incapazes de cometer assass nio Mr e Mrs Gardener, Emily Brewster, os Redfern s, major Barry e muitas outras Mas, como em todas ou na maioria as obras de Agatha Christie, o assass nio d nos sempre essa impress o, impressionando nos no seu final emp [...]

    19. C il pacco completo anche questa volta, come poterne dubitare Scenario invitante come lo era in Assassinio sull Orient Express e Dieci piccoli indiani campioni casuali , abbiamo l hotel Jolly Roger, un bel mare, una spiaggetta dove Poirot abbronza la sua protuberanza proprio in mezzo al corpo che non quella che potreste pensare , arcipelaghi di isolette tutte intorno e un sacco di gente in costume che vaga amenamente per la storia Tra l altro leggere proprio questo libro a Luglio nell ombra dell [...]

    20. Evil Under the Sun is my favorite type of a Christie mystery It is set on an island where a popular seaside resort Jolly Roger is located At the crux of the mystery is Arlena Stuart Marshall, a red headed femme fatale actress home wrecker All men at the resort want her except her husband , all women hate her So, of course, when one sunny morning Arlena is found strangled, suspects are in abundance But don t worry, Hercule Poirot is on the scene and will untangle the mystery Will the guy ever hav [...]

    21. Excellent I love it that Agatha Christie can still surprise me, even with a book I ve already read Although in my defense it has been years and years since I first read it It seemed the details I remembered to be suspicious of only led me in the wrong direction Dame Christie truly is a master of misdirection This is Lost related because it is one of the novels that Sawyer reads on the Island He is seen reading it when he is approached by Nikki in Expos The edition I ve added to my list is the on [...]

    22. Can t say I guessed this one correctly My little grey cells need fine tuning, it seems But all in all a fabulous read with an intriguing set of supporting characters and a very intriguing mystery at its core.

    23. Son zamanlarda okudu um iki kitapta Kad n Sava lar, Edebiyattan Pek Anlamam kar ma Agatha Christie k nca okumay ne kadar zledi imi fark ettim Bakt m evde hen z okunmam iki kitab var hemen birini kapt m okudum Ger ekten ok zlemi im.Agatha Christie nin ve karakterlerinin kendine has bir tarz var Kimin yazd n s ylemeden kitaptan bir kesit koysalar n me onun Christie ye ait oldu unu anlayabilirim Karakterler aras ndaki diyaloglar bazen ok abs rd bir hal bile alabiliyor fakat yazar n bu tarz na o kad [...]

    24. I loved this book It has a largish cast of characters which is one of my favorite aspects of Agatha Christie books and the plot kept spinning you in different direction until you finally arrive at the conclusion which, when you arrive, then seems enormously obvious to you Another favorite aspect of Agatha Christie s books was also included the dramatic reveal by Poirot at the end when he gathers all the players together and goes through his case Poirot has such a flair for the dramatic and it s [...]

    25. I don t know why I keep reading this Agatha Christie books, even the really good ones take away time I ought to be spending on other stuff, like sleep This one wasn t so good, the murder happens pretty early on, and then nothing happens after that except talking, talking, talking Haha, and I bet feminists really hate the last couple of lines, where the badass self made business woman gives up everything reluctantly to appease the man she loves Why did I read this again

    26. Un final nea teptat i culmea, niciodat nu am putut ghici adev ratul criminal Recenzia completa pe blog literarybook.wordpress 20

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