The Governess Who Stole My Heart: A Historical Regency Romance Novel #2020

The Governess Who Stole My Heart: A Historical Regency Romance Novel Hanna Hamilton The Governess Who Stole My Heart A Historical Regency Romance Novel The heart always knows best Everything changes in Susan Wilton s life when she takes the position of nanny governess to Elizabeth the five year old daughter of the Duke of Lennox The Duke while char

  • Title: The Governess Who Stole My Heart: A Historical Regency Romance Novel
  • Author: Hanna Hamilton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Governess Who Stole My Heart: A Historical Regency Romance Novel Hanna Hamilton The heart always knows best Everything changes in Susan Wilton s life, when she takes the position of nanny governess to Elizabeth, the five year old daughter of the Duke of Lennox The Duke while charming and vigorous is still suffering from the loss of his wife in giving birth to their daughter As Susan and the Duke work together, they find they have a lot in common,The heart always knows best Everything changes in Susan Wilton s life, when she takes the position of nanny governess to Elizabeth, the five year old daughter of the Duke of Lennox The Duke while charming and vigorous is still suffering from the loss of his wife in giving birth to their daughter As Susan and the Duke work together, they find they have a lot in common, and mutual fascination grows, followed by a developing romance However, Susan, also courted by Daniel, a handsome and dashing naval captain, finds she is torn between the two men and feels she is unable to commit to either But things are never exactly what they seem to be, and soon life changing events begin to alter the dynamics in the two relationships as Susan begins to learn about the two suitors A historical romance novel full of twists that ll keep you turning the pages The Governess Who Stole My Heart is a historical standalone story of 85,000 words around 350 pages No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after Get this book for free with Kindle Unlimited
    The Governess Who Stole My Heart: A Historical Regency Romance Novel Hanna Hamilton

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    1. This is a historical romance featuring Susan Wilton as the nanny to the five year old daughter of Daniel, the Duke of Lennox After being left at the altar five years earlier, Susan had resigned herself to a life of spinsterhood Things took a turn when she met two dashing men at a friends wedding One was a dashing naval captain and the other was a Duke who hired her to be his daughter s nanny Both men are attracted to her, but no spoiler here This is a clean Regency romance with a happy ending I [...]

    2. This is the first book I read from author Hanna Hamilton The Governess Who Stole My Heart is a cute story What I like about Susan she is caring she loves her family she felt lucky to have them in her live When it comes to love it seems like she has a black cloud over her At age 20 she was left at the alter her mother on the other hand wanted to see your daughter married Susan is a school teacher and she s ok with that, I enjoyed the journey Susan goes through to find her happily ever after 5 sta [...]

    3. John and Susan s journey to wedded matrimony was an absolutely charming and delightfully engaging regency romance.Hanna Hamilton is a new author for me and I wasn t disappointed by this story, she writes from the heart with captivating characters and secondary characters who steal their way into your hearts.The Governess Who Stole My Heart is a delightful regency romance and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a historical romance with heart

    4. I voluntarily reviewed for ARC.I have never read a historical romance before and if they are all like this I don t think I will again They was nothing wrong with the story or how it was written, it just wasn t my kind of story,

    5. Hanna Hamilton is a new author for me and the description of the book intrigued me as a clean historical romance I think it s really refreshing to read a nice, clean romance without all the x rated stuff thrown in just for shock value Since I received an ARC from Ms Hamilton, there will be SPOILERS in my review as I feel it s the best way to give my opinions of the book.The Governess Who Stole My Heart is indeed a sweet, gentle, and smooth reading novel I liked the heroine, Susan as she was a st [...]

    6. Susan Wilton thought her life was set But as things often do, she finds herself readjusting back to life after she was jilted and left at the alter Feeling hurt and angry she continued as a schoolteacher at the local village school and was determined to be content as a spinster Not all is lost though because she starts being courted by Daniel, a naval captain who she knew as a child Then she is approached the aunt of John, the Duke of Lennox and the brother of the man who left her at the Alter H [...]

    7. I always read a few of the reviews for any book that I review, either for pleasure or as a commitment for an ARC, just to get a handle on what type of an experience I can look forward to Either I prepare myself with a box of tissues, or else have plenty of strong coffee on hand before I even crack the book open With Dragon s First Rule Dragons of Midnight Book 1 by Silver Milan , I knew I was in for one whale of a good time, as ever single review was firmly reviewing at a 5 star level.Now that I [...]

    8. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Hanna Hamilton s work for quite awhile now and her newest offering, The Governess Who Stole My Heart A Historical is true to form another truly wonderful read A good author leave s you feeling glad you read any given book, but a great author leaves you waiting in anticipation and with baited breath for the next book, and the next, and the next Hanna s writing style fully develops every character, and every story line so much so that you are pulled right into th [...]

    9. I loved this clean and romantic Regency story All the characters are very well written, very easy to get emotionally attached to Susan is a lovely, strong and compassionate young lady, who is struggling with a heartbreak and rejection I admired her fortitude and her efforts to make it by herself Being a spinster without any means of support except being a governess or a companion, was a difficult fate in Regency era Susan showed her full worth while taking care of a 5 year old girl, whose mother [...]

    10. This is a wonderful book about two damaged hearts, Susan Wilton who was abandoned at the alter by Simon, the brother of the Duke of Lennox, and John, the Duke who lost his wife in childbirth Then there is Susan s best friend Katherine and Daniel, Katherine s brother and an active and actively pursuing admirer of Susan, John s five year old daughter Elizabeth, his aunt Aunt Clarissa, his estranged brother Simon the cad , and a whole slew of villagers and other supporting characters including, of [...]

    11. Entertaining StoryThis book was entertaining, relatively light, and has a decent ending The characters are mature and the plot points aren t too dramatic nor necessarily from the cookie cutter.I ve read quite a few romances, and at this point consider myself a bit critical about new books I read A three star rating is pretty good in my opinion This style of writing reminds me of Jane Austin, where nothing in particular happens page to page but over the course of the book you realize how much org [...]

    12. Miss Susan Wilton was a teacher, had been jilted, but was a kind and loving person John Chamberlain, Duke of Lennox, had lost his wife several years ago He also had a daughter.What a wonderful and fulfilling story.There is a lot going on in this tale, many twists, that have been arranged by this superb zauthor to make sense, is evenly paced and easily read Her characters are so true to life, it is amazing and there is some fun, joy and understanding there Elizabeth is a gift and she is so happy [...]

    13. Susan Wilton, the daughter of a Squire was due to be married and was stood up by the second son She moves on and decides marriage is not in her cards, but her teaching is very special to her and will continue with that When asked by her cousin to come to London for a short visit, she jumps at the chance only to run into her intended betrothed and things did not go well Escaping back to her countryside home, she is approached by the Aunt of the Duke of Lennox to take a position as a teacher of Go [...]

    14. This is a dramatic and sweet story John is captivating, he s not the usual stuffy and arrogant Duke, but he s not all warm and fuzzy either He s mild mannered and kind, but a bit oblivious Susan is sweet, caring, calm and naive Years after being jilted by John s brother, Susan ends up as his daughter s nanny teacher She had just been reintroduced to an friends brother who wanted to court her, but he was a ships captain and would be away She sees Daniel when he s home but is reluctant to make a c [...]

    15. I am all in I love the writing style of Hanna Hamilton It is very captivating and makes me feel I am in the book with the main characters.This book did not disappoint me It is very well written and I like the story line and plot It is a historical romance and the details are fantastic I like that I feel the author has done her research before writing it.The main character Susan has choices to make when it comes to her suitors This story has drama, passion, twists and lots of hot chemistry It has [...]

    16. Susan is a woman with some tough choices She has dealt with the pain of being left at the altar and is trying to lead a new life She is drawn back into the old one when the Duke needs someone for his little girl She also has another man very interested in having her as his wife As she is drawn to both, she has to make some tough decisions.I very much enjoyed this historical romance It is very well written and I really liked how the author developed the characters and allowed the relationships to [...]

    17. A wonderful, delightful read Susan is left at the church by her fianc Simon The Duke of Lennox who is Simons brother is appalled by him Five years later she sees him in London and is still angry at him Susan sees her best friend Katherine s brother Daniel who is a Naval Captain with his own ship He asks to court her but Susan is hesitant The Dukes Aunt Clarissa asks Susan to be a teacher, governess to the Dukes 5yr old daughter Elizabeth When she agrees she starts having feels for him A wonderfu [...]

    18. Beautiful Regency Romance Susan has a problem Her heart is pulled in two different directions on one side, is the warm, dashing Naval Captain and on the other side, a handsome, charming Duke Enjoyed how Susan went back and forth in her mind trying to figure out which man to choose The suspense kept me hanging on because I liked both men The journey to happiness was pleasant, adorable and entertaining with a shocking twist I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book Five stars.

    19. Wonderful Story, I enjoyed this book immensely The main characters were realistic and had very strong thoughts and beliefs The development of first their friendship, then romance was highly entertaining The secondary characters also made an impact on the storyline I would recommend this book to lovers of the Regency period.I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest voluntary review.

    20. This was an interesting read There were twists and turns in this story Some are unexpected and others are not The Duke and Susan meet at her wedding She has been stood up They meet again at her sister s wedding She runs into her old boyfriend and makes a new one The Duke is living with his own demons and his daughter is paying for it Susan is a teacher in her village but, desires to do The story is engaging It is a worthwhile read.

    21. Love this BookI have been reading all of Hanna s books as they come out I have not been disappointed one time They are very well written and truly emtional At times you think it may be slow but the next page surprises you and it wasn t slow it was leading where you didn t expect I highly recommend this book and this author.

    22. I prefer steamy romance novels but the lack of it in this book was not what disappointed me This takes place in the 19th century, don t think anyone would have said their mother would have a cow back then Also the use of totally and other anachronistic sayings throughout made me roll my eyes Editing problems also.

    23. Susan was a teacher and planned to marry the 2nd son of a Duke That didn t work when he doesn t show up at the wedding She moves through several other possible suitors but how do you trust after something like that This is a fast moving story with lots of twists Enjoyed I was provided an ARC for an honest review.

    24. This is my third book by Hanna Hamilton and I suspect it will be my last for a while This book did call for multiple subplots with clear character development, but it lacked in description I also simply didn t care for the perfect heroine forsaken by love who is the object of so many affections This likely and simply wasn t my kind of story.

    25. I was given this book as an ARC I m so glad I got to read it It s a very sweet romance The characters develop well I loved how the heroine learned to not judge others I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sweet and clean Regency stories Ms Hamilton is a very good writer and I look forward to reading of her books.

    26. Very disappointing read Not sure why it has such good views The formality of Susan, a Squires daughter and the governess to the Dukes child, and John the Duke is blurred from the very beginning The amount of Susan s suitors takes away from the story Daniel is not needed at all in the story and neither really is Simon.

    27. Beyond trite and dumb No real romance Current day language set Ina wanna be 18th century time zone No sex at all Maybe one itty bitty chaste kiss on the lips Totally predictable Written for a teen or even a tween I think Twilight would havebeen spicier Learned my lesson Susan and the Duke John boring as all.

    28. ExcellentI loved this story A true lovely person with real life decisions and heartache Great story, well developed characters I was hoping to find out what happens to Daniel, perhaps in another book Good read

    29. Old schoolThis book has plenty of twists and turns Old school charm, plus some new ideas included There are a number of lives interwoven with some tough choices to be made All wrapped up in a happy ending sort of.

    30. This is Susan and the two men in her life Daniel, and John and John s daughter Elizabeth and what she goes through to get her Happy ending.I enjoyed reading this book.I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily choosing to review it.

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