Might Makes Right #2020

Might Makes Right Michael Anderle Might Makes Right The Leath are fighting for their Gods but Bethany Anne is fighting for freedom Then the Leath make a very fatal mistake On another planet the Leath dishonor the Etheric Empire s warriors and Bethan

  • Title: Might Makes Right
  • Author: Michael Anderle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Might Makes Right Michael Anderle The Leath are fighting for their Gods, but Bethany Anne is fighting for freedom Then, the Leath make a very fatal mistake On another planet, the Leath dishonor the Etheric Empire s warriors and Bethany Anne unleashes her new avatar and there will be hell to pay For those that believe Might Makes Right, Bethany Anne is about to explain how that can be so, so wrong R The Leath are fighting for their Gods, but Bethany Anne is fighting for freedom Then, the Leath make a very fatal mistake.On another planet, the Leath dishonor the Etheric Empire s warriors and Bethany Anne unleashes her new avatar and there will be hell to pay.For those that believe Might Makes Right, Bethany Anne is about to explain how that can be so, so wrong.Read the latest Bethany Anne adventure that can make you laugh out loud, shed a tear, and yell for the good guys as they fight evil in another galaxy One ass kicking at a time.
    Might Makes Right Michael Anderle

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      471 Michael Anderle
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    One thought on “Might Makes Right”

    1. OMG it just keeps getting better.Wow I don t know what to say Let me tell you a little story.Two twin werewolves, both girls They believe in themselves and each other They are guardians of the Etheric Empire They believe in the team and their Queen They died with their team when the enemy over run their position protecting those who can t protect themselves Their enemies then showed the fallen little respect They defiled their bodies and showed it to the universe Think, what would you do It s wh [...]

    2. I admit I didn t enjoy this one as much as previous books Just not enough ass kicking for my liking But oh well, I m sure we ll get to that in the next one.

    3. Okay, I am way late in reviewing the last nine books in The Kurtherian Gambit series A tragic personal event has required my attention for some time I am or less back in front of the keyboard now but I have a shitload of work to catch up with and there is no way I will be able to review all nine books separately in a reasonable amount of time so here is my summary instead.Obviously, if you have not read them all yet this summary will contain a spoiler or two.So starting with the tenth book in t [...]

    4. Resoundingly meh.This book spans roughly a decade and reads like a loosely connected, distributed short stories rather than a cohesive single story.Once again, everyone worships Bethany Anne as if she were a Goddess I just don t get it She s a dictator She quite literally has the various AIs and EIs spying on her people and nobody has a problem with this She s a tyrant that has said if you don t like the way she does things, you ll be showed the door and if you re lucky there will be a ship on [...]

    5. Be Afraid, Very Afraid My Bethany Anne fix arrived in the nick of time The Empress is tired of the bureaucratic and diplomatic BS and moved into Queen Bitch mode The disrespecting of fallen guardians by the Leath pushed her over the edge to create a Witch of Death avatar to kill all those responsible scaring the hell out of them while doing it The game has ratcheted up as she is going after the Kurtherian clan responsible for the death and through anyone who gets in the way Will Baba Yaga ride a [...]

    6. Read in one settingAnother good read from our author He must be a real hoot when he talks because his writings continue to keep us coming back for Kindle Unlimited brought us together, but I now own 20 something, maybe 30, of his books The new Baba Yaga is a woman after my heart I hope one day to read how the cats become members of the teams The interaction with Asher and Bellitrix puppies would be fun Keep them coming Michael Anderle and team I will be reading.

    7. Just when you think it can t get crazier comes Baba Yaga to stir things up I really did forget just how amazing these stories are which makes me glad to be rereading them from the beginning Little things read but not really registered the first time expand to me much when in context to minor characters especially getting there own series and have read those already also.

    8. enjoyed much betterWhile i always enjoy any book with Bethany Ann, i enjoyed this one much than the last Michael kept the story going all the way to the end felt the big battle wasn t cut so short this time while i understand why, im still unsure if i like yaba baba taking the credit in place of Bethany Anne but she is a really scary cool avatar keep up t he good work Michael

    9. Back to the original roots finally This story finally returned the Bethany Anne series back to where it really began with a persona that kicks ass for all the right reasons in spectacular fashion This was a good read with a return to the action found earlier in the series It s always nice when a series returns to its origins as opposed to continuing to spin further away from the original recipe if you will of success Thanks to the author for that

    10. Fantastic s alwaysFinished book in two days Kept my interest, story moves quickly n lots of action A bit of a challenge keeping all the races and names in order Started reading the whole series again Missed some stuff or forgot it Second time around is fun believe it or not.

    11. Awesome has alwaysThis book made me sad, happy and excited while reading it Mike did a good job writing it Next We learn to make the distinction between persona of the empress, the queen bitch and the newly created one that I ain t gonna spoil Lot of feels and awesome swearing.

    12. To much for word s.I can t get enough of this series,the book s come out and I read until the end in one go I love how you feel like the characters are your family and friends,like I wish I was there with them Bethany Anne is a great roll model,someone we can all try to be like.

    13. WooooooOk first I m so proud of Tina all grown up and figuring out how to put massive laser holes in people Second making the Avatar Baba Yaga you Mr Anderle have reawoken my childhood nightmares where a creepy old woman with metal teeth chases me down in her flying morter so thanks for that These books are amazing I love ever single one of them Thank you for writing them.

    14. Well done Not surprising really, another excellent chapter to an outstanding series Mr Anderle has created a universe that seems to grow everyday This introduces us to a new spin on Baba Yaga, one that makes me laugh and smile Also brings to light the reference from an older excerpt about how the guardians had been dishonored and what followed.

    15. Another one Bites the Dust LOLGood Reads said 8 hrs to read this one ROTFLMFAOPIMPAIC Ha Ha Doubtful, another Great book in the Series, loved Baba Yaga side of Bethany Anne, though I thought that the 6 name should have been explained Keep up the Great Work, you have me Hooked and finding it Hard to read anything else.

    16. Another fun bookThere are a lot of spinoffs from this series, but this is the one I enjoy reading The MC and main supporting cast are all over the top, but I enjoy reading about those who stand against evil Books you wish you could travel into are rare, especially this deep into a series.Read on KU and I can recommend this to those that love scify.

    17. Baba Yaga has nothing on Bethany AnneI love this series Queen B is frustrated with the current enemy using propaganda making her out to be some baby eating alien So, she takes on the Baba Yaga persona to teach these aliens some manners Keep on writing Mr Anderle and we ll keep asking for .

    18. Yeah yeah yeah This book was worth the wait Bethany is back This book took you on so many different paths.I will have to read it again and again to see what I missed the first time I read it Great job Michael.Great job ,book well done This book start s to bring so many different opportunities to this series it is wonderful to see where Michael will you next.

    19. This series grows on youThe story is ever growing and expanding and This is defiantly a great tail becoming a saga , like a old Norse tale told on a cold dark winter nights beside a cracking embers of a once raging fire The other series just add to the character of the overall saga.

    20. As always, Michael Anderle, hits the can t put it down , make your own dinner spot I have been a true fan for years I m so glad he s come back to BA and all her drama Could not put it down, I m so happy

    21. Awesome as ever.Can t say it enough If you haven t begun reading this series then now is the time to start Michael Anderle and merry band of co authors are making history with this multi protaganist series You will love it

    22. BA back in black SPOILER Sometimes it s the journey and other times it s the destination TKG always provides both I was a little disappointed that the seven are still in control but I can t wait I can t wait to read about their demise.

    23. Bethany Anne is always a bad assMight makes right is a quick read because you don t want to put it down There are several story lines that are continuing through each book Time is passing, but kicking a as never gets old Can t wait for the next book

    24. I really don t know what to make of these books, I like the basic story and the main characters, but I m afraid I find the style of writing quite irritating I have come to the conclusion that it s a generation thing The world now requires all information to be delivered in short bursts, constantly jumping from one subject to another Typical of a bad Hollywood TV Action movie scriptwriter, rather than a good novelist The story jumps around too much for me and there are just too many inconsequenti [...]

    25. Amazing Just freaking amazing The only other books I have read this quickly are Laurel K Hamilton s Anita Blake Merry series and Diana Gabaldon s Outlander seriesjust Well done

    26. Hell yeah I freaking love TKG My favorite series that I have ever read This book is AWESOME and I love the way Bethany Ann gets to get her hands dirty after all she is the ultimate bad ass Can t wait for the next one BUY THIS BOOK

    27. Baba yaga deaths very emissary stalks the nightWay back when the author showed us a snap shot of what happened when you desecrate the fallen of the etheric empire Now you will see the reason behind the carnage and meet deaths very emissary As always an amazing story.

    28. Another great storySince beginning this series, I find myself waiting anxiously for the next installment, read it non stop and I mean non stop til I am finished Then wait some , lol

    29. Really good read Bethany Anne still kicks a The latest addition to the series nicely moves the story forward without too many side plots I am glad she is finally calling out those false gods the Kutherians.

    30. Yoda strikes againAnother great book BA is even powerful and ever committed to wipe out her enemies The reveal of her alter ego Baba Yaga is going to bring some new mayhem to the game.

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