A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar 日本語基本文法辞典 #2020

A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar 日本語基本文法辞典 Seiichi Makino Michio Tsutsui A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar None

  • Title: A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar 日本語基本文法辞典
  • Author: Seiichi Makino Michio Tsutsui
  • ISBN: 9784789004541
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar 日本語基本文法辞典 Seiichi Makino Michio Tsutsui None
    A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar 日本語基本文法辞典 Seiichi Makino Michio Tsutsui

    • [EPUB] ✓ A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar 日本語基本文法辞典 | BY ↠ Seiichi Makino Michio Tsutsui
      108 Seiichi Makino Michio Tsutsui
    • thumbnail Title: [EPUB] ✓ A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar 日本語基本文法辞典 | BY ↠ Seiichi Makino Michio Tsutsui
      Posted by:Seiichi Makino Michio Tsutsui
      Published :2020-02-05T05:26:28+00:00

    One thought on “A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar 日本語基本文法辞典”

    1. This book, and its intermediate and advanced counterparts, are among the most useful Japanese language learning tools you can pick up, especially if you are studying independently and or trying to learn to read It is NOT a textbook, but instead a resource for hundreds of basic Japanese grammar constructs.All entries are sorted alphabetically in English according to their Romanized spellings What s nice is if you read something such at yomitai and know that the yomi part means read but aren t sur [...]

    2. This has to be one of the best Japanese Grammar books out there, that I have ever read I ve seen plenty, and trust me, not all is going to give you exactly what you need to know Completely covering and adding to the roster that most conventional Japanese language books, and software DO NOT cover One has to admit that books like these are often hard to find especially when your looking to study Japanese, the right way A bit pricy, but its worth a shot The Book starts off with basic structure of t [...]

    3. Loved it Well, as much as I could love a book focused on grammar The book is both a good read for an overview of basic grammar overview 600 pages and an excellent reference book Reading through it, there were items that I already knew well, ones that I knew from example but didn t necessarily have a firm grasp of yet i.e never personally used , and a few that I had only seen used a handful of times in my studies so far Each construct has detailed examples, subtleties in usage, and usage differen [...]

    4. The single best book I ve used for studying Japanese I simply cannot recommend it highly enough If you want to build a good selection of phrases and vocabulary, you ll find both here The list of verbs and their conjugations found in the appendices are particularly helpful for beginners, as is much of the other information therein For complete beginners, I d recommend getting a handle on hiragana, katakana and the basic workings of kanji i.e the rules for stroke order, how kanji kana compounds wo [...]

    5. very useful and quite handy dictionaryunlike a dictionary in common, not only it provides index for japanese grammarexample yori aced on Y index explained thoroughly enhanced with some examples but points words that frequently people misuse with another word that has similar meaning but different formula Thus, beside it contains definition, examples, one also can recognize other words synonym, antonym, which word can be replaced or not TWO THUMBS UP

    6. Indispensable for learning Japanese Quick, easy referencing for the conjunction or particle by the standard Hiragana system Everyone who studies Japanese should have this and it s twin on his her shelf There is no App for this.

    7. This book is an amazing and comprehensive resource It features tons of example sentences and notes that go beyond basic usage If you re new to learning Japanese, at the end of the semester just sell your books back and buy this book as your long term reference.

    8. An amazing resource The book often has better explanations for grammar points then text books have It also has examples of the usage Great resource.

    9. This book, and Intermediate and Advanced volumes that follow, are the best grammar references I ve ever seen Wonderful, detailed explanations and examples showing correct and incorrect usage.

    10. Truly a fantastic primer on Japanese grammar This book was not on the list recommended by my MTC teachers too new for their time , but was helpful than all the books they recommended I believe it s on the study lists for Japanese classes at BYU now, and is probably a top recommendation at the MTC as well.

    11. The most useful Japanese Grammar book I ve seen Some pass it over because of the Basic in the title, but the lessons and information in this book are still extremely detailed and helpful Great for studying, practicing, or referencing.

    12. I bought this book looking for something detailed and in depth to add to my Japanese Grammar book collection This is best of them all for basic Japanese learning resources I would recommend this book to anyone beginning to study the language.

    13. Definitely a must read and must own for Japanese learners.When you don t understand any points of Japanese language, look up this book and you ll find it.

    14. If you are looking for a book to solidify your understanding of basic Japanese grammar in preparation for studying advanced material, look no further If you ever feel you can use basic grammar, but want to understand how it works, this is for you I learned about grammar in two months with this book than in three years with other books even though I felt I already knew enough about basic grammar I could not recommend this book .

    15. Un buen libro de referencia para estudiantes de japon sEste es un libro indispensable para comprender correctamente la gram tica japonesa En las primeras p ginas hay una introducci n donde explica las caracter sticas de la gram tica japonesa, como la pasiva, los pronombres personales y los grados de formalidad Las entradas est n ordenadas alfab ticamente para facilitar su b squeda En cada entrada hay muchos ejemplos, primero escritos en kanji, luego en r maji y tambi n est la traducci n Las expl [...]

    16. I love this and the intermediate book that follows it I learned Japanese grammar from these than from any textbook, bar none I just found out there is an advanced book and went immediately to snatch it up too

    17. A friend and I both used this reference when studying for Level 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in combination with Kanzen Masutaa s Level 2 Grammar Prep Book green Learned a lot.

    18. This is the most helpful Japanese grammar book It s format is easy to understand and the content thorough.

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