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Kollaps John Scalzi Kollaps Kollaps Das Imperium der Str me ist der Auftakt von John Scalzis neuer und bisher gr ten Science Fiction Serie Mit tollen Hauptfiguren knackigen Dialogen trockenem Humor und politischer Relevanz zau

  • Title: Kollaps
  • Author: John Scalzi
  • ISBN: 9783596299669
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kollaps John Scalzi Kollaps Das Imperium der Str me ist der Auftakt von John Scalzis neuer und bisher gr ten Science Fiction Serie Mit tollen Hauptfiguren, knackigen Dialogen, trockenem Humor und politischer Relevanz zaubert der Autor von Krieg der Klone zeitgem e SF, in der das Sternenreich der Menschen vor dem Untergang steht.Die Menschheit hat sich in der ganzen Galaxis ausgebreit Kollaps Das Imperium der Str me ist der Auftakt von John Scalzis neuer und bisher gr ten Science Fiction Serie Mit tollen Hauptfiguren, knackigen Dialogen, trockenem Humor und politischer Relevanz zaubert der Autor von Krieg der Klone zeitgem e SF, in der das Sternenreich der Menschen vor dem Untergang steht.Die Menschheit hat sich in der ganzen Galaxis ausgebreitet und ein gewaltiges Sternenreich errichtet ein ebenso m chtiges wie labiles Gef ge aus Planeten und Raumstationen, die alle aufeinander angewiesen sind, um zu berleben Extra dimensionale Sternenstra en, sogenannte Str me , halten das Imperium zusammen Auf ihnen k nnen Raumschiffe in k rzester Zeit Lichtjahre zur cklegen.Doch dieses feingesponnene Netz ist in Gefahr Die Zukunft der Galaxis liegt in den H nden dreier Menschen, die als einzige in der Lage sind, den endg ltigen Zusammenbruch zu verhindern Lady Kiva Lagos, die junge Erbin eines m chtigen Handelshauses Cardenia Wu Patrick, die als Imperiatox Grayland II das schwere Erbe ihres Vaters antritt und der Wissenschaftler Marce Claremont, der die gef hrliche Reise ins Zentrum der Galaxis unternimmt, um die Imperiatox zu warnen.
    Kollaps John Scalzi

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      212 John Scalzi
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    1. As delightful and easy to read as Scalzi at his best Redshirts, Old Man s War , with characters who are going to stay with you whenever you have to put the book down which you aren t going to want to do.I won t discuss plot, at all, but I will say this much like all great SF, and like the SF that has become accepted as classic, The Collapsing Empire works as a wonderful SF tale but it also has important allegory, metaphor, and commentary on some things that are going on right now, for readers wh [...]

    2. A big thanks to Netgalley for this ARC This novel marks a very strong return to Space Opera for Scalzi and I ll admit that I felt slightly trepidatious about it, after all, these tomes usually require a fairly substantial investment of time and energy, especially when contemplating an extensive book deal for him running to 2027 Congrats, by the way However, I should just go ahead and trust that my favorite authors, Scalzi included, can pull off these kinds of really ambitious undertakings He s d [...]

    3. Posted at Heradas ReviewScalzi is accessible science fiction, and this is Scalzi the storyteller at his best He s improved at structuring a story over the years, and this is evidence to support that claim You can tell how much fun he s having writing a space opera in a universe very separate from the Old Man s War series My one complaint would be with Scalzi s prose, and only because I know he can do better than this See the codas at the end of Redshirts, or the novella The Sagan Diary for perf [...]

    4. This is a wildly fun space opera Witty, irreverent, even a little sexy Lots and lots of world building and the society here, the Interdependency is full of intrigue Incredible women characters which is very refreshing I was turning the page so so fast and sad when the book ended One flaw is that there are some really annoying, kind of lazy ways in which the reader is taught about this world Like, straight up, in one scene a guy is explaining the universe to kids on a field trip Bro.Also, some of [...]

    5. 4.25ish stars Accessible is a word I ve read used to describe Scalzi s fiction a lot, and it s true This feels like old school space opera, commercial and unabashedly traditional with some modern sensibilities if that s not too big a contradiction It s also basically a giant set up for the forthcoming series but, as bait, it pulled me in hook, line and sinker I ve also noticed multiple mentions comparing Scalzi s dialogue to Joss Whedon Which, let s be honest, makes him my soulmate Maybe I m jus [...]

    6. If you like political machinations, space, Scalzi s wit, and characters who are asshole than charming, you ll enjoy this It took me a little bit to get used to the general lack of fucks all of the characters give and the amount of fucks the characters say , but I found myself rooting for many of them by the end and I m interested to see how the rest of this series will go.

    7. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2017 04 06 Let me start by saying I m a huge fan of John Scalzi s Old Man s War series Years ago when I was still mostly reading fantasy and wanted to get into science fiction, I d made the initial mistake of starting my journey with a couple of classic titles that nonetheless made me feel like I was in way over my head It wasn t until the moment I picked up the first Old Man s War book that I realized the element I d been missing FUN Turned out, S [...]

    8. First, the good news The Collapsing Empire is a smart, entertaining, easily digestible page turner In other words, it s a John Scalzi novel It s also a nice bit of old fashioned sci fi fun heroes do heroic things and villains do villainous things, the story has nice momentum and the world building is fun.Trying to figure out why I felt unsatisfied by the book is a little harder to explain, especially when I basically had a good time reading it I think it comes down to the fact that it proclaims [...]

    9. It is always enjoyable to get back to an author you ve had so many great reading experiences with It has been quite a while since Scalzi swam in the waters of Space Opera but he is still in fine form with this new series, The Interdependency.One thing I greatly appreciated in Old Man s War was the rational, believable, but still fantastical universe he set his stories in Likewise with The Collapsing Empire we have a really neat premise The Flow, naturally occurring interstellar paths that allow [...]

    10. A rip roaring story with a huge dilemma at its center Scalzi delivers yet again The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi is part of a new sequence I can t find details on how many books it will comprise of but I hope it s lots , which is due for release on 23 March I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review BackgroundSet in a universe where planets in the Interdependency are all connected via the Flow Space travel hasn t evolved to the level used in most sci fi stories so the Fl [...]

    11. Re read on October 2017 amidst the chaos and craziness of what is known as real life Even better the second time around Definitely one of the best reads of this year What an insanely entertaining and oddly satisfying book This was my first book by this author, according to a number of his ardent fans this is not one of his best works If this is an example of not his best, I can t wait to read the supposed better ones Simply loved the pace of writing Not once did I feel that the story was draggin [...]

    12. This was a lot of fun Scalzi is really becoming one of my favorite writers, as his work is so readable yet so full of ideas His science is plausible and he tells it in a way that an ordinary person can understand He takes serious situations and balances them with snarky dialogue and humor I wouldn t call his work comedy, but there is enough humor in it to keep it upbeat most of the time.This is the beginning of a new series, and this first book shows such great promise I m definitely looking for [...]

    13. 5 10I ve never read any John Scalzi before and I saw this on NetGalley and decided it would be a good entry into his work free and a good indication on whether to read some of his other stuff like Old Man s War.As you might be able to tell from the rating, I didn t overly like this book The plot strands were a bit thin, the characters didn t jump off the page and felt a bit formulaic It doesn t help that my only real comparison for this is the Expanse series which has style and quality character [...]

    14. The humanity has left Earth and spread through the universe via the system of flows, which connect planets to each other A new empire was created, but it s now facing a crisis because something is happening to the flows Three persons want to save the civilisation s , but others just seek to benefit from the chaos.This book is a pretty good start for the series, and you really do want to know what will happen in the next book The three people mentioned are the newest emperox same title for either [...]

    15. Hmm where to begin with this one The Collapsing Empire is the weakest of the four books by Scalzi that I ve read Its a novel about the political machinations of the super rich, their schemes and the downfall of their Empire.It follows a group of planets which have been colonised by humans who are united under the rule of the Emperox of the Interdependency These planets are united by a mysterious force called The Flow which has made faster than light travel a reality Now The Flow is becoming unst [...]

    16. The beginning of the end of a thousand years of the Interdependency, an interstellar Empire of humanity post Earth and linked by the Flow, an astrophysics anomaly that allows faster than light travel The merchant Lady Kiva has come to the only habitable planet in the Interdependency only to find it in the middle of a rebellion against the reigning Duke and the machinations of another merchant house On the same planet the son of a brilliant Flow physicist Marce needs to get to the Imperial Hub ur [...]

    17. I read about the first quarter of this book before I was sure this just wasn t going to be for me I ve read two other books by Scalzi and although I liked the first in the old man s War series, I really didn t care too much about Lock In I feel like the tone in this book is in the style of Lock In, and yet it s a really politically heavy book and focuses a lot on warring between wealthy families and scheming to undermine I really don t feel like Scalzi doing that sort of politically heavy story [...]

    18. Obi no ne opisujem to se u knjizi nalazi napi e izdava , a GR prenese , no eto kad je na eng mogu ponekad.U normalnom smo Einsteinovom svemiru putovanja br a od svjetlosti nisu mogu a.No mogu e su, ve uobi ajene, prostor vrijeme anomalije Tako ima i jedna nazvana Tok Flow.Fina lijepa crvoto ina toliko duga da se i nekoliko godina putuje s kraja na kraj, no ipak je omogu ila pojavu Carstva nazvanog Me uovisnost Interdependency.Zgodno zami ljenog namjerno ba tako da svi ovise o drugima, nitko nije [...]

    19. To be perfectly clear about this extended short story It s a trap luring you into reading a series which doesn t exist, yet Are you ready for that In television, I d expect this pilot movie to be instantly followed by a first season In book series, I don t know many installations which feel as hollow and screaming buy me as this one I said it is an extended short story, not a novel For one, it is 336 pages, which is short for a novel but too long for a novella in the usual meaning Two, the conte [...]

    20. This is the first book in a new setting universe from Scalzi Being a huge fan of his Old Man s War books I had really high expectations and he surpassed them This is a great book that I loved reading I m not a huge science fiction fan so what I really need in a science fiction book is an engaging story that is well written, keeps me turning the pages and has great characters This book has all of it Kiva Lagos Love her Her alone is enough to justify reading this book.Yeah, the characters are that [...]

    21. Scalzi being one of my favourite scifi authors, I couldn t resist getting this new novel of his.From the prologue, the narration was full of humour and snark, something the author does very well Mix to that interesting characters from Cardenia, the new reluctant Emperor of this Interdependency society, Marce, scientist on a mission, to the the foul mouthed but oddly likeable Kiva and action scenes, and you have a pretty entertaining read The setting itself is intriguing with a society spanning s [...]

    22. Can t say much about this yet BUT DON T WORRY I WILL, I WILL HAVE SOME WORDS.UPDATE I finally wrote some words about this novel I am also writing even soon because I suspect this is the space novel I yell about for the entirety of 2017.UPDATE 2 I READ THIS AGAIN AND IT S STILL GR8, MY PALS Maybe you should give it a try.

    23. I tried repeatedly to read and finish this book, but finally gave up at 25 percent DNF Look I like John Scalzi a lot I loved Redshirts and Lock In , but this book right here is all the worst bits of The Android s Dream and I refuse to read that book ever again.I think the biggest issue of why I couldn t get into this book is that I felt like I just got dropped right in the middle of an interesting story But no one wants to take the time to explain to me why this story is so interesting and just [...]

    24. On the blog review reviewed in English girotix 2017 Tambi n en castellano girotix 2017 Three and half stars I know there could be some mistakes in this review I m trying to improve my English, thanks The Collapsing Empire reminds me the entertaining readings of Poul Anderson s The Polesotechnic League Briefly, the argument deals with the intrigues and rivalries of various families in an interstellar and collapsing empire Thus, Scalzi joints the trend about dynastic intrigues seen for example in [...]

    25. My first Scalzi Maybe I should have picked another one 20% into the book I was contemplating to DNF it Mostly talk, talk, talk, not much plot or character development, interchangeable characters, little world building, a lot of swearing instead of decent dialogue.30% into the book things finally started to get interesting and by the halfway point I was hooked and wanted to find out everything Still too much pointless swearing, but at least the plot was evolving.In the end I liked this well enou [...]

    26. bookslifewine r the collapWOW John Scalzi is quickly becoming one of my favorite Sci Fi writers I enjoyed reading The Collapsing Empire so very much, I have no words I devoured this book in huge chunks and I was distracted at work all day yesterday I was so anxious to get home and start reading.The prologue was such an attention grabber a space mutiny in progress but when it settled down in the opening chapter, everything still had a sense of urgency that was amazingly engrossing I had some doub [...]

    27. This is one of Scalzi s rollicking fables and I enjoyed the fast pace and imaginative scenarios.What we have is a galaxy populated only by humans so far as this story is concerned and they are organized into trading guilds.The guilds are basically families and they are as rapacious as Mafia chieftains They get around the galaxy in spaceships that can t travel faster than light.But there is The Flow, which is a cousin to wormholes and means that you can go to any place in months rather than decad [...]

    28. The book description best describes the futuristic world of The Collapsing Empire The main POVs are the newly crowned Empress of the Interdependency, Cardenia, Lady Kiva of the trade house of Lagos, and Marce, Lord of Claremont, a scientist Empress Cardenia She never thought she d become Empress being the bastard child of the Emperox, but with the sudden death of her older brother she was next in line for the throne She inherits the throne when, unknown to the majority, the space pathways The Fl [...]

    29. Executive Summary A really fun start to a new series Plus it introduced me to my new favorite John Scalzi character I m eagerly looking forward to the next book.Audiobook I ve always found Wil Wheaton a great fit for John Scalzi books, and this one is no different He reads clearly at a good volume, with good inflection, and the occasional voice for male characters Not to mention he delivers the snark well As usual, this book is a good option in audio.Full ReviewI have yet to read a John Scalzi b [...]

    30. Short and sweet, but one of Scalzi s best to date I devoured this book in a couple days, faster than I ve read anything in many months The new setting, with some of the same aspects of the Old Man s War series, was very enjoyable and creative, and the characters really shone I loved the twists and turns, and actually enjoyed that the book simultaneously ended it s own arc, while leaving the rest of the story massively wide open, and ended on quite a cliffhanger going forward I love Scalzi s styl [...]

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