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Blood Island H. Terrell Griffin Blood Island Matt Royal never has to look far for excitement Excitement and sometimes trouble has a way of finding him first But for this fun loving lawyer turned beach bum things are about to get serious Dead se

  • Title: Blood Island
  • Author: H. Terrell Griffin
  • ISBN: 9781933515212
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Blood Island H. Terrell Griffin Matt Royal never has to look far for excitement Excitement and sometimes trouble has a way of finding him first But for this fun loving lawyer turned beach bum, things are about to get serious Dead serious.When his ex wife asks for help in tracking down her stepdaughter, last seen in Matt s hometown of Longboat Key, Matt agrees to do a little searching.But what looksMatt Royal never has to look far for excitement Excitement and sometimes trouble has a way of finding him first But for this fun loving lawyer turned beach bum, things are about to get serious Dead serious.When his ex wife asks for help in tracking down her stepdaughter, last seen in Matt s hometown of Longboat Key, Matt agrees to do a little searching.But what looks like the case of one missing girl turns out to be something much bigger and much dangerous.Enlisting the aid of his buddies Jock Algren and Logan Hamilton, Matt launches a full speed ahead search that leads from Longboat Key to Key West to an ominous strip of land called Blood Island.But this is no island paradise Blood Island is home base to a cult of religious zealots And they re making devastating plans that could change the world forever.Bullets fly, and as the clock ticks down, it will be up to Matt to make sure that what happens on Blood Island stays on Blood Island.
    Blood Island H. Terrell Griffin

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      492 H. Terrell Griffin
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    One thought on “Blood Island”

    1. Matt Royal is a retired lawyer living the easy life in Florida One day, his ex wife and love of his life shows up and asks Matt to help find her stepdaughter, who has disappeared.So, I m hooked At first, this book is a great read Matt is funny and intelligent The mystery is easy to follow but important enough to keep my interest I found myself drifting pleasantly along Then, bam About 2 3 of the way in, the book changed completely, almost as if a separate author one not nearly as good took over [...]

    2. Okay, first a quick summary Matt Royal was a Florida attorney But the stress from the job and excesssive drinking cost him his marriage, and now he s living modestly in Longboat Key, Florida When his ex wife Laura shows up out of the blue and tells him her eighteen year old step daughter Peggy has gone missing on spring break, Matt begins to investigate and soon everyone he speaks to is turning up dead.The plot takes you on a rollercoaster ride involving drugs, religious cults, prostitution, and [...]

    3. I know this novel is fiction, but even with fiction I expect the story line to be believable It started out alright when Matt Royal, an attorney, retires to the Florida Keys and does pro bono work In Blood Island he is asked to look for his ex wife s missing stepdaughter This results in lots of dead bodies, drugged girls forced into prostitution, and Matt Royal s friend Jock and Logan, who come to help I didn t read anywhere in the book about what year this is supposed to be, it was published in [...]

    4. Light, frothy, but not very realistic, not very captivating It was an OK read, good for the beach or if you have nothing better to do, but the plot was contrived, the characters shallow, and the book less than gripping.

    5. First of this author s books I ve read it was a captivating story, but I found some of it unbelievable, like a bar tender who can find info on the internet that law enforcement agencies can t, an ex lawyer who essentially ends up running an investigation involving several police precincts and the FBI A bit too much But the plot was interesting and the characters likeable.

    6. Billed as you ll like this if you like John D MacDonald The usual mystery in the Keys of Florida, not as good as other series set there Don t know that I d read another Found myself skimming the last couple of chapters Terrible dialogue Two stars.

    7. Very Good Continuing character Matt Royal when Royal is approached by his ex wife, its to find her stepdaughter who has disappeared near there soon he finds himself involved with some religious zealots and bodies pile up

    8. A local Longboat Key Bradenton mystery featuring Matt Royal A lot of the action travels to Key West As usual a lot of local spots are mentioned beaches restaurants bars It got very Jason Bourne at the end but it was a good read Support your local authors

    9. This is the 3rd book in the Matt Royal series, following Murder Key, and I do not consider it a standalone The backstories of each major player are already in place and are only barely touched upon in this novel Also, Matt Royal s emotional make up was heavily developed in the first two novels and that knowledge is essential to this story line.The story opens about 6 months after the conclusion of the previous novel Matt is visiting at a friend s animal rescue preserve when he finds a male s mut [...]

    10. Scroll down for the English version.Tante idee, svolgimento poco credibileNell iniziare a leggere questo libro mi sono sentita subito catturata dalla storia Parte infatti con il ritrovamento di un cadavere su una spiaggia Quale inizio migliore per un romanzo di questo genere Purtroppo l impressione iniziale spesso inganna.La trama ha come protagonista un avvocato in pensione, Matt Royal, che a quanto pare ritorna in altri libri della serie questo il terzo , che viene coinvolto in uno strano caso [...]

    11. Blood Island A Matt Royal Mystery by H Terrell Griffin 4 STARSBlood Island is the third Matt Royal book now that I have read in the past two days and it does not disappoint It s is high drama,action especially for a lawyer Matt has loyal friends and he is one too His ex wife comes into town and asks for his help to find her missing step daughter Peggy Peggy is over 18 so the police need to search for her than she has stopped calling home weekly.Matt finds a dead body and after that someone is t [...]

    12. This book was okay There seem to be a ridiculous number of ex attorney, ex military Florida authors It gives me hope about one day writing something someone else would read and leave a 2 star review for haha Anyway, it was a good, light read I had to suspend belief that, as the back review on the book stated, that the author had a great understanding of the law I am sure he does, as a practicing attorney, and so he knows that some of the actions of the characters of the books go way beyond the l [...]

    13. After reading Bitter Legacy, the fifth novel in the Matt Royal series by author H Terrell Griffin, I knew I wanted to read the earlier books in the series Blood Island, the third installment in the series, hits the ground running as Matt Royal, a former soldier and lawyer who has retired to Longboat Key, Florida, finds a body in a vulture cage at a local wildlife refuge We learn that trouble seems to follow Matt, but fortunately, his friendship with the local police chief helps to assure the aut [...]

    14. The Quick Synopsis Retired attorney Matt Royal is enjoying his retirement down in Florida when he gets a call from his ex wife who asks for his help locating her missing step daughter All of a sudden, dead bodies are popping up everywhere and Matt is right in the middle of it Drug dealers, the mob, religious cults you name it and this mystery has it.The Literary Criticism Griffin has a talent for writing the grand noir mystery tradition Think Sam Spade meets Miami Vice The tight plot is fast pac [...]

    15. Matt Royal is an attorney who retired young Matt managed to make enough money to allow him to give up his law practice and live a life of leisure at his home on Longboat Key in Florida This easy life comes to an abrupt halt when he receives a message from his ex wife Laura Matt and Laura meet and Laura explains that her stepdaughter, Peggy, has disappeared while on spring break in Florida.Although Matt and Laura have been divorced for a number of years, Matt is still in love with Laura Matt tell [...]

    16. I am definitely a fan of H Terrell Griffin, loved Blood Island The main character, Matt Royal, is such a likeable person that I definitely need to go back and read the 2 books before Blood Island and the 4 that follow Griffin s main character, Matt Royal, left his career as a lawyer and wants to just enjoy life, but trouble seems to find him and with the help of very devoted friends he travels throughout the Florida Keys, Tampa, Longboat and other parts of Florida, in this novel to find the miss [...]

    17. This is a good book It s about a retired lawyer, Matt Royal, that is called by his ex wife to look for her missing step daughter, Peggy Not only is Matt looking for the daughter of the one woman that he truly had loved, before he screwed up that relationship by throwing himself into his work and drinking way to much, he digs up than he expects that he would He stumbles upon than he wants but finding Peggy is his number one priority and he keeps right on going no matter what is thrown his way.T [...]

    18. I was really looking forward to reading this series, because I have visited a lot of the places that he writes about I did enjoy that aspect of the book, and I thought it wasn t bad for about half of the book, then the lawyer turned into Rambo I wish I had kept track of the number of people he killed, seemingly without a second thought I usually don t have trouble suspending my disbelief, but this one really strained it I did buy a couple books in the series, so I will read them as well, but fr [...]

    19. As a gulf coast Floridian, I love reading books about the area Matt Royal resides on Longboat Key and his adventures take him down to Key West as he tries to untangle the web of murders, the disappearance of his ex wife s stepdaughter, drugs sellers and religious cults It is a fun read to see how Matt untangles the web.I found the beginning slow going, but the pace picks up as characters and plot develop Though I wouldn t call it a page turner, this is a good first book and I look forward to rea [...]

    20. I really liked this book It had a good plot, interesting characters, moved at a good clip and took place in Florida, my home State I like books about deranged people and religion gone awry This has both The characters are strong I love the way the characters get to treat the criminals and not have to worry about protecting their rights I will definitely read by this author and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good suspense thriller mystery.

    21. Retired attorney, Matt Royal, meets with his ex wife and is asked to try and locate her missing stepdaughter, Peggy In his search for Peggy, Matt encounters a group of religious zealots on Blood Island, who are planning a major explosion that will eventually rock the world It is a race against time to find out the plans of the so called bombers and save the lives of many innocent people Good mystery story.

    22. Started off with a bangowed way downd then picked up speed again It had an interesting plot and familiar Florida places and landmarks Not a book I would tell my friends to rush out and read but it was an entertaining way to pass the time while at the auto service center Glad I borrowed it from the library rather than bought it for my Florida Collection.

    23. BLOOD ISLANDI love all of the Matt Royal books, it does not matter that I haven t read them in order This one was special because it gave insight into his life with Laura, his regrets, and his motivation for some of the things he does now I still have two books to read, hopefully there will be .

    24. Seems like we ve got a recurring theme, someone is trying to kill Matt Royal It was ok the first time, but it s becoming tedious Also, what s with Matt becoming a multiple killer I d prefer less violence and relationships Speaking of relationships, what the hell happened to Anne They got back together in the last book, but no mention of her in this one Did I miss something

    25. this is one of the best of the series so far i understood what was going on, it was a minister who recruited and druged girls, put them in massage houses and the lawyer guys x wife had him look for her missing stepdaughter it took place in mostly fl on some island where they rescued the girl and then the step mother died from leukemia the plot was better than the last two.

    26. I loved this book It was suspenseful and exciting and totally not predictable Lots of action, I didn t want to put it down and I didn t want it to end.I didn t realize it was part of a series with the same character Matt Royal I ve already bought the first in the series and will be reading them all.

    27. Worth reading I like the constant first person tense of the story I like the mix of details and descriptions mixed in with the action, the slow reveal of personal info from Matt s past and the occasional sermon lecture about the tourist or the real Florida or how nice Florida can be when in the early morning.Good read Will read the rest of the Royal series as soon as I can find them.

    28. This is one of a series of books set in my neck of the woods Our hero, Matt Royal, lives on Longboat and travels between Tampa, Venice, Orlando, and Key West in his quest to squash evil doers These books are best enjoyed outdoors pool, beach, patio with an ice cold beer or two Matt s gonna have a couple Miller lites with you.

    29. Not as good but reminded me of Robert Parker style of writing Would def read especially when needing a Parker fix Some things far fetched as mentioned in other reviews but hey It s fiction and entertainment

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