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Songbird A.J. Adams Songbird You re the big boss She looked up at me and smiled She was dressed in a cheap cotton shirt and jeans that should be on the burn pile but that smile was pure gold This girl had guts I told Jos he was

  • Title: Songbird
  • Author: A.J. Adams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 437
  • Format: None
  • Songbird A.J. Adams You re the big boss She looked up at me and smiled She was dressed in a cheap cotton shirt and jeans that should be on the burn pile, but that smile was pure gold This girl had guts I told Jos he was a fool to try and cheat you, she said I wasn t part of it, and I don t work for you I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time She d heard about our policy pr You re the big boss She looked up at me and smiled She was dressed in a cheap cotton shirt and jeans that should be on the burn pile, but that smile was pure gold This girl had guts I told Jos he was a fool to try and cheat you, she said I wasn t part of it, and I don t work for you I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time She d heard about our policy protecting bystanders Of course it doesn t apply to anyone whose eyewitness testimony can put me in a courtroom Well, try to put me in a courtroom In Mexico nobody would dare accuse me, and I ve enough resources in England to guarantee a police investigation would come to nothing, but it s not my style to take chances Solitaire would be going into the ground along with Escamilla Mr Vazquez, Solitaire gave me her best smile I don t expect something for nothing She dropped her voice You d like me, she whispered I ve heard about you We re the same Are we Yes, I can make you very happy She brushed my hand over her cheek and then kissed my palm I m a very good girl, she said quietly Unless you prefer a naughty one She sucked my thumb, and I was instantly rock hard When cartel boss Arturo Vazquez discovers his girlfriend Gina is a DEA rat and his deputy Escamilla is staging a take over, Arturo fixes his problems by killing everyone except for Solitaire, Escamilla s unwilling mistress Solitaire is intelligent, tough, and shares Arturo s interest in BDSM Arturo falls head over heels but someone is leaking information and the evidence point at Solitaire.Songbird is a complete and self standing novel Warning This book contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence and sex.
    Songbird A.J. Adams

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    1. Wow, this book blew me away What a suspenseful, captivating look at love, and life in general, in the Mexican cartel I loved the gutsy, super sharp heroine too A.J Adams shows her great talent for dark, suspenseful romantic writing in Songbird, which amazingly is only her third book Not only was the book well written, but it was witty and erotic and the elaborate well thought out plot kept me guessing every step of the way I will definitely be looking for of Ms Adams works in the future When ev [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsI did generally enjoy this story minus a few misgivings All in all there weren t really any terrible spelling or grammar errors, and I like the author s style.In this story we meet Solitaire who has been being held as a toy by a higher ranking man in the cartel When going in to clean up a mess, cartel boss Arturo happens across the two not so love birds After telling Solitaire he ll let her leave if she gives up the info he s after, she quite conveniently loses her memory via electrocut [...]

    3. This is the second book I ve read by AJ Adams and I have to say that she is definitely one of my favorite authors I love her unique take on situations that normally are seen in black and white.For example, the hero in this book, Arturo, is not normally someone you d think of as a hero He s a ruthless cartel boss and, at first I thought, how on earth can I come to like this guy But you get into his head, you understand how his mind works, and a few chapters in, you re in love.This book hooked me [...]

    4. This story was a mixed bag for me I enjoyed it for the most part, however I found it extremely drawn out There s a truck load of violence, one scene of a woman being hit, which almost made me put it down and not finish the story However, for the most part the men in this story took care of their women So yeah the violence, while no newbie to such dialogue, there were a number of scenes which in my humble opinion were concocted for the sole purpose of showing how badass these members of the Carte [...]

    5. Every man has an Achilles heel, and I knew Solitaire was mine With Songbird we visit once again the dark world of the zeta cartel but this time we see it through the eyes of its own creator and leader Arturo Having all eyes on him all the time, waiting for him to show weakness has made him a very harsh character who doesn t hesitate to hand out punishment to those who aren t loyal to him Arturo was quite different from the other members in the sense that he might use some violence when necessary [...]

    6. I felt that the author was trying to recreate the chemistry between Chloe Sweet Pitufa Jones and Kyle Chismoso Suarez from her previous book, The Bonus, a solid 5 stars for me After all, this is the story of Arturo, Kyle s even ruthless Mexican drug kingpin cousin, and Solitaire, another black haired, blue eyed British beauty who is as damaged as she is feisty I mean, really I think the author is immensely talented, but this was too similar to her previous book I am hoping in her next book that [...]

    7. OMG I cannot believe how long I let this book sit on my Kindle before starting it because it is AMAZING Songbird completely and utterly blew me away It captured my attention, challenged my mind, and kept me guessing I hated whenever I had to tear myself away from it I didn t even want to go to sleep, that s how awesome it was I totally, one hundred percent, LOVED this book Songbird is not all sunshine and rainbows, but it is not as dark as I thought it was going to be Honestly, except for the be [...]

    8. This is one amazing book, everything I ve come to expect from AJ Adams If you ve read The Bonus, or The Degas Girl, then you ll know what Songbird is going to be like.Songbird is full of Mexican drug cartels, danger, intrigue, and hot steamy sex What s not to love about that Fair warning, there are scenes of violence against women, especially the very first chapter, but if you can stick it out, you will be rewarded with an amazing romance between Solitaire and Arturo.Arturo is the head of a very [...]

    9. The head of Los Zetas, brutal, eye for an eye, multi millionaire Arturo runs it all.Going after a traitor, he will find someone he never imagined Solitaire She showed him her loyalty and dark side.One night with her wouldn t be enough He had to have her in whatever way he could.Solitaire has been tortured, raped and can t remember her past.Arturo saved her, gave her a second chance.Seriously, he didn t have to He s brutal remember You re mine forever ArturoWhile their relationship grows, word of [...]

    10. Talk about an unconventional romance Songbird is not your typical love story but there is definitely something beautiful about seeing these two criminals, both with hearts of gold, find happiness with each other.Arturo is a mob boss, as head of a Mexican cartel he has a reputation that is well deserved Dealing in everything from drugs and prostitution to textiles and the stock market means that he and his crew have to run a tight ship and Arturo is not a man you want to come up against Solitaire [...]

    11. Like The Bonus , this was good, and I was excited to see where it led, but I definitely didn t enjoy it as much, and certain things niggled at me.We met Arturo in The Bonus he s Kyle s half brother and leader of the Mexican gang Los Zetas While in London handling some business, Arturo comes upon Solitaire the English girlfriend of an associate he s come to assassinate Arturo sees something he likes in Solitaire, and so instead of dealing with her in his usual way, he brings her back to Mexico wi [...]

    12. I rated this book five star, this is my time reading one of A.J.Adams book, quite frank it s awesome, I read this story without going to sleep it was just that good Solitaire and Arturo love story was exciting It has drugs, Killings Mafia style and not to mention the sex is hot I really like how the story was told, Warning there are some Violence against women that some may not like but justs adds to the story Solitaire has beauty and brains, when she meets Arturo he had come to head up a operat [...]

    13. I wont bother you with a precis of tbe book because you can read the synopsis I want you to know how this book makes the reader feel This book is absolutely amazing It had me gripped by the first paragraph It was gripping and exciting and I found I could not put the book down until I finished it It most definitely packed a punch Arturo typical alpha male and Solitaire a bad ass female had a relationship so hot it burned the pages This isn t an atypical romance but it is a beautiful love story wh [...]

    14. Arturo Zeta is a horrible person a brutal drug lord who rules through terror He first shows up in The Bonus and is thoroughly unlikeable He starts out Songbird the same way So why 5 stars Because in the end, I liked him Even knowing it was ridiculous real cartel drug lords are nasty Too old and mature to be a bad boy , he is definitely a bad man, but not completely irredeemable His relationship with Solitaire is believable from page one and the chemistry is intense There is also an excellent sus [...]

    15. Thanks so much for a free book in exchange for a review I begged for this book because screams read me Not to mention the story line is along the line of books I love to read No disappointment here I loved itI devoured it I recommend to anyone who loves mafia books with dubious consent, graphic violence, and sex Dark romance seems to be the flavor lately, and this book follows the synopsis perfectly I enjoyed reading this book, and I definitely recommend it Overall entertainment at its best Five [...]

    16. Its so refreshing to read a book, where the stories are different Where you can t guess what is to come next This is that book for me I ll be honest and say I have never even heard of this book or author, but wow I can t wait for I was asked to read and review this book and I am so glad to have done so Songbird is something different from your average love story There is mystery and gore Love and hate She sucked my thumb, and I was instantly rock hard I gazed at that lovely face and decided I m [...]

    17. I have come to really like this Author This is the follow up book to The Bonus With the story revolving around the head honcho Arturo.Arturo is the head of the family Known for his cruelness and cold heart, he finds himself drawn to Solitaire when he finds her in the house of a man he is gunning after Solitaire is a strong leading lady Not one to take too much crap and is determined to fight the pull she feels towards Arturo As she plays her part until she can find her way out, she discovers she [...]

    18. This book starts with Arturo discovering his girlfriend is working for the DEA He immediately and brutally kills her Cut to Arturo and his crew pretty much killing everyone and anyone in their path, Arturo meets Solitaire Is she genuine or is she a rat too As the story unfolds Arturo finds himself falling for Solitaire despite the threat of Songbird out there closing in on him and his crew Overall, I enjoyed the story There was not as much BDSM as I would have thought considering I received this [...]

    19. A J Adams has written another book that had me rooting for the bad guys A cartel Jefe and how he finds his perfect mate while carrying out a raid and execution cartel style had me from the first scene I know that Arturo is not nice and does some wicked things and his business is not legal but his heart is huge, he loves his family and he loves Solitaire, too I loved the dynamics of this love story I really enjoyed Solitaire s strength of character and ability to survive I don t know how this aut [...]

    20. RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEW Excuse me here, while I clear my head This book has left me with a WOW out look This characters are so real like and the plot even You don t feel like you re reading a story, you feel like it s you, you are the character and you are doing the deeds The steaminess and the excitement of a thrill will keep you plotted on the couch and gripping your reader

    21. Re read in 2016, I read all the Zetas books in order and now it makes sense.I am also surprise how not BDSM this read has been I enjoyed the thriller, the story although at the beginning I did not quite get it I think there were too many details in the book and a good editor might get rid of it, but overall I did see the growth in the author writing I think Mrs Adams has a new fan

    22. I received a copy of this story from the author in exchange for a honest review I loved this book The characters are hot and the action is in full force How could anyone go wrong with sex and mobsters Great intense read

    23. When I started reading the second installment, I was beyond frustrated by how similar this and the 1st book in this series are The premise in THE SONGBIRD is essentially the same as THE BONUS except for this one is about Arturo instead of Kyle and Arturo s bonus is a woman named Solitaire instead of Chloe Luckily, there did end up being enough differences between the books to prevent me from quitting yet overall, this book was much slower and far less gripping What I liked about this book was th [...]

    24. I was given this book as part of the BDSM r2r read for an honest review.I enjoyed the book, but felt the sexual chemistry for me was missing The sexual side of the book was lacking, I just couldn t feel the passion Cartel boss Arturo meets Solitaire under unusual circumstances, when her lover boss is taken out by the Cartel They hit it off from the start and their love blossoms She manages to loose her memory because of a taser incident, and only snippets of this returns, but she s has a busines [...]

    25. I was amazed how not BDSM or erotic this book is even if it is considered one This story is about Arturo Rodriguez and his life being a cartel boss He lives a very sheltered life but don t be fooled by it because he can do very disturbing things when you get on his bad side For him, trust and loyalty is hard to see in other people which is why he only trusts so little people that you can count it with your fingers But business aside, he is a family man and he cares for women and children and the [...]

    26. I was super stoked to read this book after reading Ruthless People I figured if I could get through THAT book then this book should be no biggie, right So here is what I was expecting Car bombs, killing sprees, senseless murder, and so forth Something to turn my stomach I didn t get any of that The characters were actually likeable, unique, and not one sided Example, Arturo could be ruthless, mean, and sadistic However, he was also kind, giving, loyal, and in general somewhat a good guy If you t [...]

    27. Criminals, mob bosses, the Mexican Cartel, kidnapping, murder, drugs, mystery, suspense and violence this book has it all The story revolves around Arturo, the Head of a Mexican Cartel crime family He s a stone cold violent criminal, who is highly feared and who will take your life in the most painful way possible if you cross him When one of his men crosses him, he comes a knockin and finds Solitaire, who has been kidnapped and sexually and mentally abused by Arturo s man She makes a deal with [...]

    28. The synopsis of the book pretty much tells you how it s going to play I do have to warn you the first chapter you are like, WTF The book was a little different than what I typically read, but by this author I was blown to holy heck away The big, punch my chest alpha male, Arturo, is he a good guy Not so much, but you sort of like the guy Arturo had a thing for Solitaire and they have so much chemistry This is not you flowers and diamonds romance This is a dark read I mean the first paragraph is [...]

    29. Really 3.5 only because a little after the middle I got a little boared and my mind started wandering but toward the end and everyone was like who could be Songbirden it picked backed up I was not sure about herione, she came off to tough even around Arthuro and I thought that cant happen and that made me think of him as a p y they say that in the book but at the end I was saying well she needs to be tough if she is going to be in business Again a good written book Another Mexican Cartel Romance [...]

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