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Straight Seth King Straight Henry Morgan is a beer drinking arm wrestling % heterosexual American male who is still a little numb after a rough breakup from his longtime girlfriend Ty Stanton is a bohemian arts student who

  • Title: Straight
  • Author: Seth King
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Straight Seth King Henry Morgan is a beer drinking, arm wrestling, 100% heterosexual American male who is still a little numb after a rough breakup from his longtime girlfriend Ty Stanton is a bohemian arts student who has been openly, and uncomplicatedly, gay ever since he asked for his first wig for Christmas After a chance, butterfly inducing encounter one autumn day, Henry starts to reHenry Morgan is a beer drinking, arm wrestling, 100% heterosexual American male who is still a little numb after a rough breakup from his longtime girlfriend Ty Stanton is a bohemian arts student who has been openly, and uncomplicatedly, gay ever since he asked for his first wig for Christmas After a chance, butterfly inducing encounter one autumn day, Henry starts to realize something strange he might not be quite as straight as he d always assumed What follows is a breakneck adventure that upends both Ty and Henry s lives for the long haul Sexy, fun and thought provoking, Seth King s Straight is about all the love we can let into our lives when we dare to jump off the beaten path and veer a little off course.
    Straight Seth King

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      361 Seth King
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    One thought on “Straight”

    1. First, I want to say that I have mad respect for this author and his personal story, his struggles and for the message he tried to convey I wanted to love this, really, really wanted to love it I know a lot of avid MM readers don t like the GFY trope, but some of my favorite MM books are actually GFY stories so I was extremely excited for this one Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed with this one, extremely I loved the concept of the book, yet the book falls short on execution This is [...]

    2. Okay, I finally give up at 50% The start was interesting I was curious to know how this story will unfold But after painfully reading the crawling narrative by a very weirdly confused narrator and figuring out that I feel no connection whatsoever with the voice character, I am finally stopping here If you ask me how the book was until this point, the only thing I can say is that I felt nothing The entire time, my own reading voice felt confused Some things were just brushed over, while the sex b [...]

    3. Well, that was a ride, for sure Sweetness and total adorability, then the finish went a bit too off the rails for my personal tastes.The Good I absolutely loved Henry and Ty together, when they were actually talking and on roughly the same page, whether it was flirting, developing their friendship or moving toward physical intimacy.The story did have plenty of feels and had me laughing a good bit I loved how Henry started out by jumping into uncharted waters with both feet, totally okay that he [...]

    4. This book started out very sweet and cute, and the writing is good Early on I thought I was really going to enjoy this But while there are some sweet moments, the story began to come across to me as preachy and judgmental To be honest, some parts of this book left me feeling belittled and upsetBeing someone who identifies as pan bi, I m on board with sexual fluidity and with not seeing people only as their gender and this seemed as if it was heading there, but instead it seemed to paint everyone [...]

    5. Be proud, be LoudThis is a book all people should read While I normally can t get into stories written in first person POV, present story demands your attention This is not a fluffy romance This is a story, about a guy who meets his soulmate his same sex soulmate and from that moment on, his life changes He has to decide if he is brave enough Strong enough Can he go from being, straight bisexuality What is straight anyways Is sexuality fluid than society accepts Why do we put people in [...]

    6. I think I am obviously in the minority about this book I did not like it, I wanted to, the premise is really interesting, and I love a good MM story Very straight guys, meets gay guy and falls for himgood right.Yeah not so much.Henry annoyed me to tears, he thought he was very open about his feeling for Ty he kept bringing up how liberal his upbringing was , until he actually thought about ithe didn t want any one to know about Ty, he went back to his psycho stalker ex girlfriend twice just to s [...]

    7. I wish I could give this book a billion stars I can t put into words how beautiful it was Nothing I ve tried to come up with will do it any justice It s so positive and uplifting towards the LGBT community that I just want to shout about it to everyone on the street I think everyone needs to read it and get a good grasp on how humans should really love each other Without any labels or stereotypes This book sends such a powerful message that you can t help but fall in love with it It s also beaut [...]

    8. DNF en el 2%, no le doy rating porque no s c mo ser el libro, pero la primera conversaci n me ha parecido tan poco creible que no me apetece seguir.

    9. Straight by Seth King, is a love story like no other, and just like a lot of Seth s other books, I will never be the same after reading it This is the story of a chance encounter of 2 people on a bus and the mutual attraction is there from start You are probably thinking I ve read lots of insta love stories , but believe me when I tell you, this is a love story like nothing I ve ever read before Ty is gay and Henry is straight, or so he thought Straight gives us an insight into the mind of Henry [...]

    10. 5 achingly awesome stars I was floored I saw the post to the original story on Facebook then saw the tag by the author for his story and in that moment I knew, just KNEW I needed this in my life There was never a moment while reading that I just had to check social media or do something else No, the exemplary writing style, the flow of words and sentence structure, the realness just drew me in and kept me glued I am so glad I picked up this book and wish others would too because it speaks to [...]

    11. I quitr a book that is supposed to challenge everything that you thought you knew about being straight, it was just one huge stereo type after another I mean really, the fact that straight people only have boring sex and all gays have act a certain way is bull shit That was awful.

    12. How do you review a book that is not a book That is the ultimate question Because Straight isn t a book It is life Seth King took his heart and he poured it onto the pages He broke through so many barriers, he asked so many questions There s a reason I believe Seth King is a God Because no one, can make me feel like he does Straight tells the story of Henry Morgan and Ty Stanton But it does than that, it opens the reader to a whole new world We might think we are accepting of everyone and every [...]

    13. This was pure horrror HORROR And trust me, I don t get shaken up easy I don t just toss around the word horror lightly But this surely deserves it The cheesy writing I could have done with albeit grudgingly the stupid and cartoonish stereotyping alone would have had me snickering, but nothing too bad The indecisive incoherent inconsistent MC would have mildly annoyed me The unhealthy codependent relationship would have had me bitching sone But no It wasn t one characteristic from this list that [...]

    14. I understand why this book was written, but feel like the kind of people who would read MM romance are either gay or CIS allies so are already familiar with the struggle and injustices minority groups face, in particular the LGBTQIA community I don t want to minimise it, erase it or not give the struggle credence, but this felt like a SJW rant NB, I have claimed SJW as a badge of honour so am not using it in a derogatory sense I agree with absolutely everything said in the book via Henry s inner [...]

    15. I loved this book so much Really snuck up on me Had no idea it would pull me in hard as it did Truly connected Will do a full review asap

    16. My heaven is anywhere we are.gether.I read Straight by Seth King as soon as this was released in Kindle format mid day today I d been waiting as I knew that this would be of some significance to me personally, as a mainstream reader but I was not certain to what degree or exactly how this would affect me I m still a little shell shocked because as much as this is a love story and I mean BIG LOVE, with fictional characters, it is powerful and true to life set in the South today The setting is Sav [...]

    17. Well, crap.I can t rate this one as I m too conflicted about how I feel about it If I were to focus only on the story and the execution, it would be a rather low rating, but then I read the author s note at the end And now I just can t even.Seth King has an important, meaningful story to tell, a story that needs to be told I m just sorry it was told in a such a way I nearly put it down several times before reaching the end There were sweet moments, beautiful moments, lovely prose and touching wo [...]

    18. Straight by Seth King is a touching, feel good look inside the LGBTQ community verses the Straight life in Savannah Seth King never stops amazing his readers and Straight is not going to be an exception I was lucky to win this copy of Straight and truly enjoyed reading it There are poignant moments and Gay bashing in the story, but Love is the focus.Henry is Straight never any questions about that and he has no problems with the Gay community Ty is has been OUT always never any questions about t [...]

    19. This book wasn t just a story about a man who s always thought he was straight being attracted to another man it was much than that, it was a story about two people falling in love and about opening our eyes to the realities of the world we still live in, all the points made in this book were exceptionally true as saddening as that is we still live in a world which labels everything Why Why can t two men fall in love or two women fall in love without being branded different to a man and women i [...]

    20. 1.5 starsI just sigh This book was just The book started out cute, and I was like yay a story about a guy falling for another guy when he s thought he was straight his whole life There ll be some angst with him coming to terms with it, sure, but it ll be a good story It felt like a political statement, to me And political statements are great, they need to be said, but do they need to be made into a story I m not talking them just talking politics, which would have been fine, it would have been [...]

    21. I decide I am never again going to let the world make me feel bad for something I feel Because choosing to love is never wrong Once again I m left thinking long after I ve turned the last page of one of Seth s books The subjects of his books are each different, but they all share a common theme of love and acceptance Which is something this world could use a whole lot of these days Henry s story made me realize the enormity of coming out in today s society Even though he had a sudden case of in [...]

    22. Seth King blew my mind with this powerful story of love, self acceptance and really bravery The note from the author at the end is a must read thank you for not changing the tone of this amazing book Highly recommended

    23. This is a journey of self discovery for Henry who always considered himself straight and always dated women But one encounter with Ty on a bus has sparks flying and an immediate attraction developingwhich is new and confusing to Henry.Ty is funny, charming, artsy, and has an eclectic style He has always embraced his sexuality and the fact that he is gay Henry feels boring in comparison and his world seems close minded and stifled Their blooming friendship and relationship open up Henry s eyes t [...]

    24. From the beginning this book grabbed me and did not let me go Henry s story of self discovery and watching him come to terms with who he is was amazing to witness Ty was so sweet and honest, and truly genuine and I loved that about him This story had so many great one liners I literally laughed out loud and cried too This needed to be written It s an important and much needed view into the LGBTQ community Make no mistake this is a get weak in the knees kind of love story Everything you would exp [...]

    25. Straight by Seth KingWe ask ourselves each day, what is love Love can be anything you want it be in my opinion It can be the love of your child, the love of the planet, the love an inanimate object Love is love anyway which way you put it The love story of Henry and Ty is one of those that in today s society is still trying to be accepted Here we have Henry, straight as straight can be College student, had plenty of girlfriends, dressed preppy Until he meets this adorably good looking man on the [...]

    26. Seth s writing is so natural There s no pretense There s an easiness in the structure and form, almost a lack of it sometimes, but in a good way It isn t stuffy and it lends itself to the storytelling Why Because in a word, it s believable Straight is the story of Henry Ty Henry has, up until the time he meets Ty, lived his life as a straight man He s dated women Loved women Loved the physicality of women Then, he meets Ty There is an instant attraction on both their parts and Henry starts to ex [...]

    27. The beginning is perfect Henry meets Ty on the bus and he starts to question everything he s ever known about himself because he s drawn to Ty in a way he never was before with anyone else I could understand the hesitation of labeling himself as gay or bi, but with the amount of talk from Henry about why labels don t matter and you are who you are is contradicted by how he treats Ty time and time again Henry describes Ty as everything, but when he s out in public or something is on the news, he [...]

    28. Mind spinning love story Henry has always been straight but a meeting with Ty on the bus makes him question all his thoughts about sexuality, is he gay, bi, pan sexual there a label, should there be a label This was a very interesting book and also a book that was educational, maybe not for everyone but it was for me.I love how the author question presumptions people normally make on the subject of sexuality, it made me reflect on my own thoughts around the subject.Another thing I liked a lot ab [...]

    29. 2.5 3 stars When I first saw the blurb for this I thought it was a sweet idea I thought it was gonna be a nice story about two guys who meet and fall in love Well, colour me so fucking wrong I ll say first up that I definitely felt the passion the author had for this story The writing was really well done It was like he was fighting a fight for his characters lives with every word and I respect that But honestly, the overall the message of the book was about as subtle as a sledgehammer being rep [...]

    30. 4.5I m a new fan of Seth King and Straight is the first book I ve read by him I can easily tell you it won t be my last Seth is an amazing writer whose skilled at using words to tell a heartbreaking and heartwarming story Since I know a little bit about Seth and his life, I knew I wanted to read this book I m a blogger, but I purchased this one when it released Straight isn t just a romance story between two men It s so much It s a story of discovery Trying to figure out who you are, who you ar [...]

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