Sons of the Blood #2020

Sons of the Blood Robyn Young Sons of the Blood In the dying days of the Wars of the Roses a secret war is born The battle for a crown is about to become a fight for the world Bastard son mercenary soldier protector of the rightful king seeker o

  • Title: Sons of the Blood
  • Author: Robyn Young
  • ISBN: 9781444777727
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sons of the Blood Robyn Young In the dying days of the Wars of the Roses a secret war is born The battle for a crown is about to become a fight for the world.Bastard son, mercenary soldier, protector of the rightful king, seeker of a secret treacherous than any in Christendom Jack Wynter is destined to live in dangerous times.In England, the Wars of the Roses ended a decade ago with the fall ofIn the dying days of the Wars of the Roses a secret war is born The battle for a crown is about to become a fight for the world.Bastard son, mercenary soldier, protector of the rightful king, seeker of a secret treacherous than any in Christendom Jack Wynter is destined to live in dangerous times.In England, the Wars of the Roses ended a decade ago with the fall of the House of Lancaster and the victory of King Edward of York But peace sleeps uneasy in this divided realm and when the king dies unexpectedly it isn t long before old blood feuds and ambitions are awoken.In the sun baked city of Seville, unaware of the clouds of war rising over England, Jack Wynter is cursing his fortune Sent here by his secretive father, king s man, Sir Thomas Vaughan with a locked chest he has been ordered to guard with his life Jack wonders if this mission was simply a ruse to get an illegitimate, inconvenient son out of the country But when a stranger arrives with news that his father has been arrested for treason, Jack finds himself thrust into the heart of a deadly conspiracy.What is the secret Jack has been guarding Is it the reason for his father s fall The only place he is going to find answers is back in England, where young Prince Edward is due to become king unless his uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester, decides to make a move for the throne It is also where Jack s half brother, Harry, broods bitterly over their father s apparent preference for a bastard son.Jack Wynter is coming home, to a realm of intrigue and corruption, mystery and war Somehow, he is connected to a secret that can kill him or make him Its influence spans Europe and will draw him towards the very edge of the known world, and beyond, in Robyn Young s dazzling new epic.The old world is turning.A new world is rising.
    Sons of the Blood Robyn Young

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      447 Robyn Young
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    One thought on “Sons of the Blood”

    1. Outstanding beginning to a new series set in late 15th century England and Europe that mixes history and mystery so well this first novel focuses on the reign of Richard III What a time that was.

    2. An entertaining read full of half truths and unproven theories which could very well be true but It s good, but it s not Iggulden.

    3. As a great fan of Robyn Young books, I can only say this is her best to date and as her series tend to come in three s I only hope the next one will not be to long in appearing Once again we have great research and the attention to detail takes you back to England just after the War of the Roses and like all good storytellers Robyn has you captivate from page one The high light of the book for me and there are many, was the fight in the Bank of Medici , a great bit of swashbuckling.

    4. This was not an easy book to read The extensive details sometimes slowed down the flow of the narrative However, I was truly caught up in this perspective of the Battle of Bosworth Field as portrayed by Robyn Young And the thread of Jack Wynter s story was well woven through the larger plot I cannot wait to read the next book in the series

    5. I wanted to give this four stars I really did Just a short while before I have read a history of the Wars of the Roses and so I felt this would be a great historical fiction as a fun follow up to that As far as historical fiction goes, it played the part superbly The depictions of Richard and Henry Tudor were pretty much exactly as I had pictured them to be The actual battle scenes were only adequate but the drama and the political processes that led to those events were compelling.The story cen [...]

    6. I won this book through Giveaways.It is my first book by this author, and I don t really know what happened during that period in England, so I decided to just jump into the story and no worry if it is historically accurate or not.It was maybe the best book I read in May, it suffered a bit as I refused to leave it home and was squashed in maybe too small bags.We follow Jack on his epic journey through adulthood and through so many conspiracies that it was hard to follow who was with who and who [...]

    7. I thought Sons of the Blood was moderately good, good enough that I ll probably read the next book in the trilogy, but not great.My main gripe is that it took 2 3 or 3 4 of the book before we got to the exciting bits where I was finally emotionally committed to finding out what was going to happen next Maybe this is the effect of a trilogy where the author sees the greater story and spends a lot of the first book on introductions, but I think we could have gotten past that bit sooner.I did reall [...]

    8. I was lucky to receive a copy of this through giveaways for an impartial reviewI am glad that I did I have always enjoyed reading fiction set around the 15th Century and this did not let me down The main characters surround the Wars of the Roses and their storylines intertwine the facts that are known of that time It does, however, have a mysterious twist that will hopefully lead to action and conspiracy in the next books I look forward to reading them.

    9. Robyn Young, non mi stancher di ripeterlo, ha fatto un lavoro grandioso nello spolverare un epoca sanguinosa e violenta, rendendola intrigante e, a tratti, attuale ma anche suggestiva Un romanzo che non dovrebbe mancare nelle librerie degli appassionati del genere.Continua a leggere stambergadinchiostrotervist

    10. Roses BookA very complex period of history to address, however, a solid plot, entertaining, and I now look forward to the development of the central character and plot in the next book

    11. Not my favourite interpretation of the was between Henry Tudor and Richard III, though Henry as the killer of the Princes in the tower was a new twist Didn t fall in ove with Jack the lead character who was self centred, self pitying and selfish.

    12. Sons Of The Blood Robyn Young4 StarsConspiracies to abduct the princes from the Tower This story began with a decade since the end of War of the Roses with York s victory over Lancaster The Duke of Gloucester just arrived in the village with his soldiers and asked for a new king, named Edward V He explained to him that there was conspiracy to kill the Lord Protector Duke of Gloucester was then called and arrested some of the young king s men, including Thomas Vaughan.Thomas Vaughan gave his swor [...]

    13. After a trilogy of books about Robert The Bruce, followed by a Templar trilogy, Young moves forward in history to the War of the Roses, the short reign of Richard III who apparently did not say, A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse and a rather convoluted story about a map, a secret society, the downfall of Richard and the end of the Plantagenants as rulers of England and the ascension of the Tudors, led by Henry Tudor, or Henry VII Yep, the father of Henry VIII Lots of very realistic battle [...]

    14. This book probably deserves 4 stars, it s a very good read but I found myself getting lost with so many characters many with multiple names titles , how they are interrelated, and so the fact that all of this was constantly evolving as loyalties were being broken then forged anew If I had read this book in a two or three weeks rather than months , I d have found it a lot easier to follow So, I recommend you read this as quickly as you can.There s a very rich description of olde England and other [...]

    15. I received Robyn Young s book in a giveaway and have to say it is one of the best historical novels I have read in a long time It is the first of a new series set at the close of the Wars of the Roses and is thoroughly well researched, with great characters both real and imaginary There are some fascinating theories put forward about Richard III, the young Princes in the Tower and the Woodvilles and and I am now a firm fan and cannot wait for the next episode in this series.

    16. I received this book free from good reads I am already a Robyn young fan and this first book in a new series does not disappoint A free flowing engrossing read that has you waiting with bated breath for the next episode I loved it and would recommend.

    17. Good readLike to see what happens next great read and lot s of twists Really do no want to give it away.

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