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Santa, Baby Jennifer Crusie Carly Phillips Lori Foster Santa Baby Get ready for a holiday season you ll never forget with three of today s most sensational writers who know what every woman wants for the holidays You ll believe in Santa all over again with these sed

  • Title: Santa, Baby
  • Author: Jennifer Crusie Carly Phillips Lori Foster
  • ISBN: 9780312939762
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Santa, Baby Jennifer Crusie Carly Phillips Lori Foster Get ready for a holiday season you ll never forget with three of today s most sensational writers who know what every woman wants for the holidays You ll believe in Santa all over again with these seductive stories from JENNIFER CRUSIEMayhem ensues under the mistletoe as a determined shopper grabs the very last hot toy action figure off the shelf, only to find herselfGet ready for a holiday season you ll never forget with three of today s most sensational writers who know what every woman wants for the holidays You ll believe in Santa all over again with these seductive stories from JENNIFER CRUSIEMayhem ensues under the mistletoe as a determined shopper grabs the very last hot toy action figure off the shelf, only to find herself plunged into the middle of a real life spy game in the arms of a sexy secret agent LORI FOSTERTwo dedicated coworkers with a lot of secrets and fantasies between them must plan a Christmas party side by side and discover a love worth celebrating in this steamy office romance CARLY PHILLIPSA mistletoe moment begins when a no nonsense lawyer intent on seducing her boss meets his twin instead after giving him a scintillating kiss that leaves him begging for .
    Santa, Baby Jennifer Crusie Carly Phillips Lori Foster

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      431 Jennifer Crusie Carly Phillips Lori Foster
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    One thought on “Santa, Baby”

    1. This book contained three novellas that take place near Christmas The first story, Hot Toy, by Jennifer Crusie, I found to be disappointing The hero and heroine had briefly dated, but the hero ended their budding relationship In the story, he tells the heroine that he did so because she was boring on their dates This didn t endear him to me I really didn t feel any heat or chemistry between the hero and heroine They share one brief kiss on the last page of the story For me, this story rated a tw [...]

    2. 5 stars for the Crusie novella by itself Hot Toy is one of the funniest Christmas stories ever Crusie s dialog is, as usual, sharp and witty and keeps the story moving along and only Crusie can bring the Magic of Christmas together with gin, a shootout, international spies, the desperate search for this year s hot toy which is disgusting for a beloved nephew who s had a horrible year AND make it laugh out loud funny This story alone makes the book worthwhile, especially since one can buy it for [...]

    3. One of these things is not like the othersI like ALL three novellas, very much but while Hot Toy is hilarious and very light on the romance, Christmas Boner, er, Bonus, and Naughty Under the Mistletoe are explicitly erotic romances So, if you re like me and like to mix it up, you ll enjoy this set if you prefer to enjoy your pleasures one at a time, you may be jarred by the combination.Hot Toy by Jennifer CrusieTrudy Maxwell is determined to score her five year old nephew THE hot toy of the seas [...]

    4. Three novellas set at Christmas time The first by Jennifer Cruise was fun Trudy runs into her former boring boyfriend Nolan, while Christmas shopping for her nephew When she finds the very last hot toy of the year, she can t figure out why Nolan wants it so badly Then she sees Reese, her father s research assistant who also seems taken by the toy Turns out Nolan is an undercover agent and the toy contains secret Chinese codes Danger, intrigue, and a little romance ensues The second one by Lori F [...]

    5. Hot Toy 2 5 stars I did not like this story at all I m not sure if it was supposed to be a romance, comedy or action It probably could have been all three but in a novella it just wasn t possible.Christmas Bonus 3 5 stars This was the best story out of all of them, I did enjoy it The romance story had it s good parts and it s bad parts It was also a bit unrealistic but it s a erotica romance so I guess that s to be expected Naughty under the Mistletoe 2 5 stars I didn t like it, 90% of it was se [...]

    6. Santa Baby Loved the JC novella The banter is so quick and clever and amazing I read in awe, sometimes At one point in time Trudy is talking with her sister on the phone while two men argue about her over her head, and you know who is saying what and how it all matches up and it is great Revolves around a desperate Christmas Eve search for a specific toy, which turns out to have something to do with Chinese spies and nuclear launch codes and such Didn t really care much about the plotloved the c [...]

    7. Three small novelas by different authors All three stories are doing the Christmas season and are funny and exciting My favorite of course is Jennifer Crusie s story about going out on Christmas eve to save her newphew s hope in Santa and her sister from truly believing that she is the worst mother ever for not getting her child the have to have gift this year This simple trip leads to spys, undercover agents, and one ugly toy that everyone wants to take from her Fast, funny, and I loved it.

    8. I love Jennifer Crusie and her short story in this compilation was fun, inventive, and rich with characters What she was able to do with a short story is incredible The other two stories however were repetative sexual drivel There was nothing unique about them and they were utterly forgetable Every other paragraph was a character s inner monologue that merely restated an emotion action that had already been made clear It was useless filler Definitely not worth what I paid for it.

    9. This rating is for the Jennifer Crusie story only Its short and fun I know of no other author who could mix a doting aunt trying to buy an out of stock toy for her nephew for Christmas with an NSA agent, a Chinese double agent, and her drunk sister and make it this good I will read the other two stories eventually.

    10. I have read most of what Jennifer Crusie has written and I picked this one up because of that It really wasn t that good Not so bad that you can t finish it, but not good enough to lure you from the TV set I liked the other authors stories well enough to think I wouldn t mind trying their books but over all I thought this was kind of weak.

    11. Totally dug Jennifer Crusie s adorable, holiday novella It was endearing and humorous Probably worth three stars The Phillips was decent and the Foster was meh.

    12. Why did I read this I have no idea Maybe because it only cost like, a quarter Crusie s story is mildly interesting, but the other two are TERRIBLE, so on balance Blerg.

    13. This book is comprised of 3 novellas that all have a Christmas theme I guess It felt kind of forced a little bit They re barely ok The authors wrote them very quickly and without much thought I feel pretty confident that they were told by the publisher we want a Christmas novella and they replied I ll let you read what I ve come up with by the day after tomorrow I didn t expect this to be great, but I d hoped it would have been a little bit better than it was.

    14. 2.75 3 They were only okay.Hot Toy by Jennifer Crusie It s Christmas Eve and Trudy Maxwell s nephew wants this years it toy Major MacGuffin 2 His father, who just ran off with the babysitter, was supposed to buy it Now Trudy s sister is in hysterics over the idea the her son won t have this toy tomorrow morning Ransacking every stocked space near the now empty shelf, Trudy tries ignoring the gorgeous professor, Nolan Mitchell, who briefly dated then dumped her While Trudy methodically removes ev [...]

    15. Hot Toy by Jennifer Crusie 2 starsThis first story about Trudy buying a last minute Christmas present for her nephew, which his own father had forgotten to get, was shit There wasn t a time I didn t want to slap Trudy upside the head And then, suddenly, Nolan her father s colleague or something appears Trudy is pissed he didn t call back after their 3 dates, but still she is attracted to him But, the thing is, she s searching for one last Major MacGuffin, which can, apparently spit waste out of [...]

    16. Three stories, each focusing on a romance at Christmas What is wrong with that Hot Toy by Jennifer Cruise was an interesting story, but didn t hold my interest for very long Meet Trudy, an aunt on a mission to find the one toy that her poor nephew wants for Christmas after his father left his mother Only problem is that the toy he wants is the hottest toy on the shelves and it s Christmas Eve To make matters worse, she just ran into Nolan, a man she went out with who didn t call her after their [...]

    17. First I want to preface all of these short reviews with the thought that it must be very hard to write a good, solid story with just 100 pages and secondly that I know these stories are supposed to be easily enjoyable and reach the perfect light hearted pitch for a happy holiday read BUT every Christmas season I pull out all my Christmas story collections and read them so I know that it is possible to have an excellent Christmas story written in 100 pages Hot Toy by Jennifer Crusie just did not [...]

    18. Romance This is actually three different Christmas novellas and they re all pretty skippable Crusie s Hot Toy is the only one I read all the way through It s Christmas Eve and Trudy Maxwell desperately needs a Major MacGuffin It s a toy for her nephew and, yes, the name is exactly as distracting as you might think, like reading a romance where the heroine is named Mary Sue It s impossible to take seriously The toy isn t even a real MacGuffin as it s central to the plot But, anyway, our heroine d [...]

    19. I really wanted to love this book, but the truth is, it s just OK Jennifer Crusie writes an action spy novella In Hot Toy Trudy is sent out on Christmas Eve to purchase the latest Hot Toy for her nephew Of course the toy isn t in stock as everyone wants one While going through other shelves hoping for a misplaced toy, she runs into a guy she dated 3 times She thought he was the one He never called back The two get mixed up in spy game when they toy she finds contain secret Chinese codes I though [...]

    20. Hot Toy by Jennifer Crusie 3 5 C On Christmas Eve, Trudy Maxwell is stucked in a toy store looking for an action figure, sorreh, can t remember the name, that is able to spit toxic waste Unfortunately, the action figure has been sold out since Thanksgiving, but Trudy is not giving up She absolutely needs to find one for her nephew, Leroy, because his bastard father has not kept his promise and Trudy and Leroy s mother, Courtney, don t want Leroy to be disappointed So she starts looking in other [...]

    21. Hot Toy by Jennifer Crusie has Trudy Maxwell rushing to find a toy for her nephew so that he can have the latest for Christmas While at the toy store, she runs into an old associate of her father s and discovers that he too is looking for the season s hot toy They find one left and Trudy discovers that this may be an extra special toy as it gets her into a mess of trouble with spies who want it almost as badly as she does.Did not like Trudy in this story She is pushed around by her sister and t [...]

    22. Hot Toy by Crusie is light and silly almost to the point of farce, but it succeeds in being exactly that to which it aspires escapist rom com diversion Sometimes this is all the reader asks Naughty Under the Mistletoe by Phillips is fairly standard for the genre Credibility of character is strained, but it will suffice for readers looking for frothy yet steamy romance Christmas Bonus by Foster is by far the weakest The writing is bloated and unskilled Exhibit A He knew the sound of Maggie s long [...]

    23. It was only ok for me I have a hard time with romance novellas anyway, they never feel satisfying to me I picked this up on a whim at the library holiday themed reading and all that The Jenny Crusie story was fun enough I was missing the length of her normal books though, I felt like the hero and heroine never really connected Also, don t get me started on the heroine telling her sister that she thinks someone is the one when he takes her on 4 disastrous dates The Lori Foster story felt super da [...]

    24. I picked up this book for Lori Foster and fell in love with Jennifer Crusie in the process All of these stories span about a day with hints of the past, so be prepared for a very fast moving storyline.Crusie s Hot Toy will make you laugh all while reminding you of your own family and the madness that happens at Christmas only taken way beyond the next degree My favorite line comes from the sister who you just have to meet to understand and literally had me cracking up I read this story yesterday [...]

    25. Hot Toyby Jennifer CrusieThere is so much going on in this novel.At first it starts with some last minute shopping then Trudy and company are swept away on an incredible yet frightening adventure.After all the twists and turns that this story makes it is difficult not to feel something for these characters, because the reader is with Trudy throughout this ride.Christmas Bonusby Lori FosterEric and Maggie go through so much together before this story even truly begins, yet so much of what takes p [...]

    26. 3 contemporary Christmas stories Jennifer Crusie 5 stars LOVED this story One of the most original Christmas stories I ve read in an anthology You ve got a rat dad who runs off with the nanny A must have toy to show up the evil nemesis Grave dissapointments.A gin gingerbread dipping mom Not to mention Chinese double agents aggressive shoppers who discover while you re in the check out line you have a HOT TOY I thought it was great No sex Lori Foster a reluctant 3 stars standard office lust fest [...]

    27. Santa Baby is actually a shorter story by Jennifer Crusie called Hot Toy and two novellas by Lori Foster Christmas Bonus and Carly Phillips Naughty Under The Mistletoe All three made for good reading Hot Toy involves a frazzled aunt looking for a hard to find action figure toy on Christmas Eve, a hot professor CIA Agent, and Chinese double agents As usual with Jennifer Crusie book it s a fun book to read and the action and hilarity won t let you put the book down Christmas Bonus is a fun romanti [...]

    28. This is a fun read for Christmas All of the books are light entertainment and great fun HOT TOY by Jennifer Cruise is LOL and a case study in how nuts someone can get in pursuit of the must have toy of the season Of course, you throw in two hunky guys and National Security and it is just an hysterical, funny story No sex but a fun rideRISTMAS BONUS by Lori Foster is a sexy, explicit tale of what happens when the Bosses daughter gets the company and has always had the hots for her fathers right h [...]

    29. 2.5 STARS Get ready for a holiday season you ll never forget with three of today s most sensational writers who know what every woman wants for the holidays You ll believe in Santa all over again with these seductive stories from JENNIFER CRUSIEMayhem ensues under the mistletoe as a determined shopper grabs the very last hot toy action figure off the shelf, only to find herself plunged into the middle of a real life spy game in the arms of a sexy secret agent.LORI FOSTERTwo dedicated coworkers w [...]

    30. I rarely give negative reviews, but I really can t give the first story in this collection, Hot Toy by Jennifer Crusie, than 2.5 stars Most of this story consisted of the protagonist and her drunk, whiny sister complaining about men, which got old very fast and did nothing to increase my Christmas cheer There was some good suspense in the middle though, that did not involve the aforementioned sister and her endless man bashing This was the first Jennifer Crusie I ve read, so I was somewhat disa [...]

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