Megatokyo, Volume 1 #2020

Megatokyo, Volume 1 Fred Gallagher Rodney Caston Megatokyo Volume This re issue of this highly successful Megatokyo Volume brings fans a new and revised version of the book with improved print quality and a larger trim size This book will contain all the comics fr

  • Title: Megatokyo, Volume 1
  • Author: Fred Gallagher Rodney Caston
  • ISBN: 9781593071639
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • Megatokyo, Volume 1 Fred Gallagher Rodney Caston This re issue of this highly successful Megatokyo Volume 1 brings fans a new and revised version of the book with improved print quality and a larger trim size This book will contain all the comics from Chapter 0 as well as the running editorial comments featured in the original release Exclusive to the Dark Horse reissue will be additional drawings, historical notes, anThis re issue of this highly successful Megatokyo Volume 1 brings fans a new and revised version of the book with improved print quality and a larger trim size This book will contain all the comics from Chapter 0 as well as the running editorial comments featured in the original release Exclusive to the Dark Horse reissue will be additional drawings, historical notes, and selected rants from this first developmental year of the Megatokyo webcomic.
    Megatokyo, Volume 1 Fred Gallagher Rodney Caston

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      Fred Gallagher Rodney Caston

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    1. Ah Megatokyo The story of two morons who went to Japan Largo, with his loose grip on reality, and Piro, the levelheaded guy who can speak Japanese but doesn t quite understand what s going on It s kind of like Big Bang Theory, but with otaku, and it came first.Good for laughs, but sometimes it gets serious I didn t care as much for the serious stuff I always looked forward to Largo and his strange thing yes, I m shallow P Forget Piro and his romantic troubles with three different girls Give me [...]

    2. Megatokyo is an online web comic, and this is the first collection of those comics Since this is the first group of panels, you will get a good introduction to each of the characters And while the story may not be nail biting suspenseful, the characters will keep you reading.Also, the art is fantastic To me it is better then the Sailor Moon style anime most people are used to The characters look as detailed the stories they are involved in And if you end up liking the art then the story you can [...]

    3. The only reason I ve heard of this long running webcomic is because my husband has been friends with Fred Gallagher for umpteen years This is the story of two Americans, Piro and Largo, who accidentally get themselves stranded in Tokyo It s a fantasy all the characters have real life analogs and in a lot of the early comics I felt like I was missing some inside jokes I appreciated the commentary at the bottom of the earliest strips, even if there were some times when it was assumed the person re [...]

    4. Piro and Largo attempt to go to a gaming convention and in an attempt to make Largo see things his way Piro takes him to Japan Except when they get there they have no money to get home So they are then stuck in Japan with no definable way to get home since they keep spending their money on video games They are socially awkward and have no skills with women which makes this an enjoyable and entertaining read.

    5. I ve been reading Megatokyo for around ten years now and it still brings me joy If you have a passing interest in manga, games, and light hearted romance plots this series is wonderful.

    6. rating review for the entire series to date ah, good old Megatokyo.Megatokyo is supposedly one of the most successful webcomics to exist though I read it in book format the series is essentially about otaku and gamer nerds tons of gamer jokes as well as anime puns l337 anyone Megatokyo, though looking like manga, isn t really it s American made thus not truly a Japanese product so if you have a disdain towards anime manga but are still curious, Megatokyo might be a nice place to start though aga [...]

    7. So, I just found out that Fred Gallagher lives in Ann Arborwoo hoo Anyway, I picked this up randomly at the library and I was hooked I didn t realize it was a webcomic at first I have read a bit of the series online but I actually enjoy reading it in print form The print volume, especially the first volume, gives you a lot of extra info and rants and is perfect for a megatokyo newbie The story is basically the randomly wonderful zombie, manga and video game filled adventures of Piro and Largo T [...]

    8. Obviously the books are only for die hard fans, as the material is all available for free online, but Megatokyo holds a special place in my heart.I hesitate to call this manga because of the art style, but I guess that s what it is It s American manga.Most manga that I come across is frustratingly sappy, or too juvenile, or too violent, or devoid of plot but Megatokyo is always funny, always intriguing and makes me beg for after each read.And then I discover only one comic is released every 3 d [...]

    9. Apparently this is one of the longest running and most successful webcomics of the past decade, although I d never heard of it before picking it up at the library.It was h The art style switched halfway through, from an interesting four panel square layout to a generic manga one the characters weren t really developed very much throughout it, and the humour fell flat often than not It could just be that, while I ve been a life long fan of video games, I ve never been a gamer per se and therefo [...]

    10. Really takes me back This was a different time but we had the same dreams This lousy and maudlin wish fulfillment webcomic that made it delivered at the time, but is of mostly historical interest for now.

    11. Where the Saga begins It follows are two nerds Largo and Ping through their misadventures in a Tokyo Japan that on those that a true otaku could understand Was fist a web comic now in paperback.

    12. This book is basically many webcomics put together to make one great story, with many jokes and references, which I did like about this series The basic story is that 2 friends visit Tokyo and accidently spend all their money, which means they can t get back to America This situation spawns many other funny situations Now with the story out of the way let me talk about the characters, note I ll be very basic about the two main characters Piro is one of the two main characters, He is fairly shy a [...]

    13. I would have given this four stars but for me there was to much inside otaku gamer jokes, I can t help but feel that they could have done to make this a little accessable without losing any of its geeky feel With that said, I found this little comic book humorous, and intriguing I loved the characters and the culture I did find the stick characters annoying, but it works for internet comic All in all, 3.5 stars I will definitely pick up the next volumn.

    14. This manga comic wasn t what I thought it was going to be for some reason In the beginning, the author s took way too much time to explain the why it was created I also didn t like all the explaining at the bottom By the time it started to be included in the story, I didn t care to go back and read it Maybe I will try this book again in the future, but I didn t even want to finish it.

    15. I remember seeing this book EVERYWHERE I think that I saw some ads about this online, too HAHA It wasn t until today that I decided to read it because the library had volumes 1 4 so I figured, why not It was my goal to go ahead and read, like, five manga and then finish off Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen I think that I was staring at text for so long that my eyes were starting to bother me and I was starting to feel nauseous Maybe the medium, frozen mocha coffee drink also had something to d [...]

    16. Getting into this book was pretty hard, but once I did, I found myself enjoying it a lot However, I don t think having a series of webcomics in a book benefitted me, because there was commentary and fun extras that I, just being introduced to this world and this concept, wasn t that in to It was an extension to a world that I didn t care about Nonetheless, I liked it The art was simple, but worked really well, some of the ideas were cool, and it was funny It was also educational, as I know feel [...]

    17. Megatokyo is a bit of a random, punny webcomic series that follow two American otakus who after a series of mishaps end up stuck in Japan having to learn how to fend themselves Soon the comic series does gain of a manga feel vs the it s original comic strip start Both Largo and Piro are fun and interesting characters in their own very distinct way A lot happens in Megatokyo There s quite a bit of storylines going on that sometimes it s kinda hard to keep track of all them.However it s really fu [...]

    18. For one of my first paperback manga, I really enjoyed it The story is cute with great characters and it is originally English so you read it left to right manga readers will understand Anyways, it follows a story of two nerds, Largo and Piro, as they buy one way tickets to Japan for an E2 convention and end up not having enough money to get home With the realism and some absurdities this manga packs just the right mix of funny and charming into a story Plus, it is also an on going web comic.

    19. One of my favorite manga series of all time The art is great that only gets better with each volume, combined with the growth of characters and their artwork reflects said growth There are characters that just cling to you, and there might be characters that just rub you off the wrong way, but every scene in each page is delightful to read, and this is one series I keep on following online and loyally await for the next print to keep supporting the series.

    20. This series is very entertaining This first volume is a bit uneven than the following ones, because the author was still working out the character, plot, style, and all the rest, so I d recommend reading at least the first two volumes to make your decision I m exceedingly glad I took it home from the library, even though the bare outline of the story didn t seem like a guaranteed fit for me But I found it to be a lot of fun right from the start.

    21. A quick entertaining read about two nerds trying to successfully live their lives If you are a gamer and into anime, the humor and concepts are quite relatable I forget how funny gamer humor can be in the right situation The side comments about each segment is another comic all on its own I thought I would get tired of it, but it really added to the story It was nice to have all three of my hobbies rolled into one gaming, anime, and reading Can t wait to start the next book

    22. Good art, and interesting characters help drive the story along Volume 1 does see some change as the author changes the format to a manga style, but it s for the best The fact that the two main characters are gamers lost in Japan is great, but also how all the characters are introduced and how they all have their own lives adds to the story.

    23. this manga is the fun romp kind as the series progresses there are some quite touching moments though and the reader should keep their heart and eyes open.i have the feeling that there is a lot of fred the author in this series if that s the case he s the kind of guy id like to end up stranded in tokyo with the base for the plot.

    24. Amazingly hilarious, that is all I got to say The storyline is rather fun and the characters have personalities that may start out generic but are actually have small bits that make them there own Nothing is rather cookie cutter and I would actually like having friends like the characters from this manga It s not bad for a american created Manga strip.

    25. I ve been reading this one online Really good manga style semi American comic It takes place in Tokyo go figure and has romance, comedy, zombies and throngs of adoring fans trying to attack the object of their adoration Oh, and two helpless geeks who are stuck in Tokyo and trying to make the best of it Here s hoping that Piro and Largo never make enough money to go home.

    26. Hooked from the first comic Oddly enough, when I originally read this book, I had every intention of starting the second one soon after I never did Finally, when I did feel the itch to read the series again, I felt I had to re read the first book I m still hooked I love the creators sense of humor.

    27. I ve followed Megatokyo online for years And, like all the webcomics I read, I read through the entire archives to catch up with the current storyline Some of the things that are coming back into play now reference material in Chapter 0 that I d totally forgotten about Having it in hard copy is totally worth it.

    28. I know guys like Piro and Largo which is what made this little book of collected webcomics so funny Gamers manga fans will enjoy this Although, I didn t get all the jokesbut that didn t really matter It was still funny I liked the illustrator s comments about the process of creating the webcomic and I look forward to seeing how it evolves in the next few volumes.

    29. Read it online at megatokyo and decided this was a comic artist mangaka I wanted to support, so I took to buying it in paperback If you like the comic, I urge you to support the artist.

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