The Queen of Dauphine Street #2020

The Queen of Dauphine Street Thea de Salle The Queen of Dauphine Street When one of the world s wildest socialites is paired with a handsome Texan neither has Madeline Roussoux has it all money a dozen houses a private jet a cruise ship even a tiger Everyone knows he

  • Title: The Queen of Dauphine Street
  • Author: Thea de Salle
  • ISBN: 9781501156090
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
  • The Queen of Dauphine Street Thea de Salle When one of the world s wildest socialites is paired with a handsome Texan, neither has Madeline Roussoux has it all money, a dozen houses, a private jet, a cruise ship, even a tiger Everyone knows her name Her every move is watched, absorbed, adored, and abhorred by the public She s a dazzling spectacle on the society scene a beautiful, flamboyant poster child for AmeWhen one of the world s wildest socialites is paired with a handsome Texan, neither has Madeline Roussoux has it all money, a dozen houses, a private jet, a cruise ship, even a tiger Everyone knows her name Her every move is watched, absorbed, adored, and abhorred by the public She s a dazzling spectacle on the society scene a beautiful, flamboyant poster child for American privilege and Hollywood celebrity.And she s never felt alone.All the wealth in the world can t make up for Maddy s losses Her father s suicide and her mother s ensuing breakdown left her orphaned as a teenager She survived, but barely From stints in rehab to a string of failed marriages, her dazzling smile hides deep scars Finally, losing Sol DuMont, the one person she ever truly loved, has her wondering what is the point of being surrounded by people when you re perpetually on your own Enter Darren Sanders He s a beautiful Texas boy with a big heart and a bigger smile the type of man women go crazy for Literally When Darren s ex stalks him and then makes an attempt on his life, circumstances find him off to New Orleans with none other than Maddy Roussoux He thought he knew everything there was to know about her, but there s to the woman whose image graces the covers of magazines worldwide, and Darren finds himself drawn into a world of excess he never imagined possible.
    The Queen of Dauphine Street Thea de Salle

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    1. A copy was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest I know I haven t finished reading this but I already know its a five star read.First off, if you haven t picked up the first of the NOLA Nights books, what the hell are you waiting for Thea de Salle has changed Adult Romance for me indefinitely Her prose is captivating, the comedy is laugh out loud funny and the sex Oh my god the sex isdivine Its kinky, it s graphic, it s hot as hell I was legit sweating through so [...]

    2. Another winner Super hot loaded with erotica and a touch of bdsm I don t know who this author is because it s a pseudonym for someone, actually two someone s But one thing is completely clear and that is I absolutely love this series.The Queen of Dauphin Street is a funny, sweaty, and sometimes serious book that is so very addicting The authors craft these wonderful characters that are just loaded with eccentric passion for life And then they bring them together for this delightful and pretty da [...]

    3. Thea de Salle is officially one of my favorite new adult authors because she crafts such wonderful and steamy novels that I fall completely in love with The Queen of Dauphine Street is a spin off sequel to The King of Bourbon Street following a side character, Maddy, as she is going through her life full of passion and hook ups And her world turns upside down when she meets small town boy, Darren, who is the only one who pushes against the power Maddy wields over others This is one adorable and [...]

    4. Boricuan Bookworms Book ReviewsJust when I think Thea de Salle is done surprising me, she does it again with The Queen of Dauphine Street.Dauphine focuses on Maddy, our pansexual and eccentric heroine, and Darren, a Texan gentleman who cracks jokes, both of whom are tackling PTSD in their own ways.What I loved about this book is the fact that the book never pretends to cure the characters PTSD with romance We see these characters find some kind of solace in each other, but we know that their tra [...]

    5. This Was So CUTE.I love Thea de Salle s books They re amazingly hot romances with a side of serious In this one, but Maddy and Darren are dealing with PTSD, one recent than the other They sail around, visit Sol and Rain from the first book, cuddle with tigers, have lots of sex, and have a Happy for Now end It s PERFECT.

    6. Full review originally posted on my blog Word WondersI definitely am not obsessed with NOLA Nights and I definitely I m not binge reading the heck out of the books available to me Okay, yes I am Proof is that I reviewed the first book, The King of Bourbon Street, just last week But, oh well I have no regrets They re just so freaking good and I also have friends to get me hyped up enough so that it s physically impossible for me to pick up any other book because I can t think about anything else [...]

    7. THESE BOOKS ARE SO GREAT If you re looking for fabulous romances with incredible characters, the NOLA Nights books are for you Hot damn.

    8. 4.5 stars I was in the mood for some hot, filthy fun and this definitely did it for me Besides the heat, it was so much It was a really fantastic story about two people coming together and I loved how it all played out.Maddy is quite the character She is bold as brass and not apologetic about who she is I love that she s this boisterous character that s full of life I mean, she owns a tiger for goodness sake But she was so much than the person that she seemed to show to the world I enjoyed lea [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this one Loved how the story balanced hard stuff like trauma with both humor heat Fell so hard for these characters, too.I really need stories centering trauma survivors in relationships with each other There are gorgeous moments of access intimacy in this book There s this moment where one MC helps the other through a panic attack, and it made me all verklempt, because I d never read that on page before As a trauma survivor who often does relationship of all sorts with other tr [...]

    10. Full discloser I did not read the first book in the series, The King of Bourbon Street Since I m not a fan of age gaps, I skipped it Fear not, you don t need to read the first book in the series to enjoy this one I m a big fan of the socialite heiress trope Naturally, I liked the heroine Maddy She was a lot of fun She was the perfect amount of over the top while never veering into obnoxious territory I also enjoyed the hero Darren.Will probably read the next book in the series.

    11. Originally posted at SmexyBooks smexybooks 2017 07 review Favorite Quote You re Bill Nye ing my sex rig I work in construction Wood s my thing Well, it s my thing, too, but I m not sure we re having the same conversation any Socialite Madeline Maddy Roussoux seems to have it all More money, fame, and fortune than one person could possibly desire but no one, besides maybe her ex husband, knows the extent of the pain she carries inside her Since her father s suicide to her mother s breakdown when [...]

    12. If the prior NOLA Nights story was read, then the outrageous behavior of Madeline Roussoux has already been discovered In case the first glimpse of this spirited woman is in her own story, enough facts are conveyed to let you know what was missed while delving into a life that few ever see I was frequently held captive by a scene where fantasies are played out, and I certainly was deeply touched when a genuine emotion is revealed Thea de Salle can make a situation extremely sexy and even toss in [...]

    13. So much better than the first, The King of Bourbon Street it was like the authors turned up the Sweet and Sexy dials to FULL BLAST I wasn t a fan of Maddy s when she first appeared as Sol s sexually omnivorous ex wife but when her real self was fully revealed here, I wholeheartedly cheered for her and Darren to get their kinky HEA A ginger haired former stripper turned construction worker that alone should have earned this book 4 stars Darren was a revelation his bad dad jokes were a hoot but it [...]

    14. ARC provided by the author in exchange for honest review BAM Right off to thrones of passion, the first chapter has you sweating for an intimate steamy scene Off the bat this should tell you Thea de Salle has written a red hot romance in The Queen of Dauphene Street.Madeline Maddy Roussoux, the spitfire heiress to a Silicon Valley corporation and is the poster child for American privilege She is the typical party girl, socialite and most know her for her role in X Celebrity, TV show Even though [...]

    15. I loved every second of this book Go to Scandalicious Book Reviews to see my complete review.

    16. First published on theshrinketteThanks so much to Netgalley and Pocket Star for providing me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.Plot Madeline Roussoux screams extravagance she s got money, houses, a private jet, a cruise ship, and a pet tiger not to mention she s gorgeous and hella sexy Everyone in the social scene knows who she is None of this takes away from the fact that she s got some demons to deal with growing up a lonely child in a noveau riche family, watching her father commit su [...]

    17. dnf 60%Honestly, I really thought the main couple in this book was really cute, the banter was there and the chemistry was solid, but a few things were a dealbreaker for me sadly First, I was really bothered by the way Arianna, a character who is the heroine in the first book, was described The fat rep is ownvoices and I don t mean to discredit the author, but for me personally as someone who s always been sensitive about her weight and roundness despite being a petite tiny girl, being compared [...]

    18. rpmbt blog rpmbt review thThe Queen of Dauphine Street is a sweet, sexy, funny, and intriguing read that had me hooked from beginning to end We met Maddy in The King of Bourbon Street, she s the crazy and witty ex wife of Sol, and this is her story She s the rich, eccentric woman who never stays in the same place for a long period of time When we catch up with her this time she s in Dallas, and she meets Darren, a tall sexy construction worker These two are complete opposites, but they just seem [...]

    19. She was a proud, card carrying member of the Size Queen club, and she d just found her ten inch long Prince Charming NO ERES TU SOY YOOOOO Este libro ten a todo para que me encantara y no se que co o paso conmigo pero no fue as Estoy un poco molesta porque ten a un mill n de ganas por leer la historia de Maddy exc ntrica, heredera rica y pansexual, la mujer de mis sue os no conecte, se me quemaron los cables, no se inserte emoji con cara triste

    20. Madeline had everything she ever needed to except the love she always wanted After the tragic death of her father she lost everything that mattered to her Looking for love in all the wrong places she finally finds someone who intrigues her Meeting Darren changed her and she finally felt she had met someone who competed her and filled the aching void of her heart.

    21. So this book follows side characters from The King of Bourbon Street, like most romance series seem to do Maddy is crazy rich, richer than you could imagine but she has a messy past Darren is a typical Texas boy and is best friends with Maddy s exes brother but an ex makes an attempt on his life and Maddy is there to save the day and take him away to New Orleans on her boat to protect him.Whilst I loved Maddy this book did feel like a bit of a downgrade from the first book But maybe I just loved [...]

    22. Better than the first oneI loved the first one so I was surprised to find I loved this one I can t wait for the next one and I hope there are many to come These books are funny and sexy and the characters are so relatable I wish I had a tiger to cuddle with after a panic attack I will definitely have to try that ice water thing.

    23. This is the second book in Ms de Salle s NOLA Night series and is just as steamy as the first one For those of you who love books with romance and a lot of graphic sex, this book is for you There is a story behind the sex, but the sex scenes certainly take over a large part of the story Madeline Roussoux is a wealthy woman who is known for her excess She has had public relationships with people of both sexes, has overindulged in both alcohol and drugs and lives her life with seeming no regrets O [...]

    24. So I try very hard not to read books in a series out of order, but the case of The Queen of Dauphin Street, I am so very glad that I did Because it was absolutely DIVINE It is not a long book, but it packed quite the punch It is a sweet, funny, HOT AF story with a nice dollop of suspense on top It can be read in a sitting, but maybe not at work, because Maddy and Darren will have you squirming There are times when I am inclined to call a Heroine a force of nature and while in this case it is abs [...]

    25. Honestly Maddy s book was tame than I was expecting to be, lmao, but the steam factor was still there for sure I loved the relationship progression between her and Darren a lot, especially in terms of Maddy being there for him and helping him stay safe from his abuser And the portrayal of Darren s and Maddy s struggles with ptsd, etc There relationship as a whole was so sweet and I loved seeing Rain Sol s sweetness from an outside perspective as well I could do without some of the comparisons M [...]

    26. Portraying two characters in a romantic relationship who both have PTSD isn t easy, but this author managed to do it in a way that makes it feel real I related so much to the descriptions of the characters panic attacks and anxieties, I ve never encountered that in a book, which I m tremendously grateful for Also Rain from the first book is back in this one and I can t get enough of her

    27. Really different to the first book in the series but just as great I liked Maddy even than Rain This is fairly dark instead of happy go lucky like the first book, but I don t mind that at all I do mind that there were fewer sex scenes this time that were swapped in for lots of character development I wouldn t have minded steamy scenes between Maddy and Darren I read this one so quickly, I need the third one now

    28. 2.5 stars Well this was disappointing I think this is one of the its me not you case because I can t think of anything negative to say about this book Both Medaline and Darren were interesting and complex characters Medaline was every bit of badass, awesome and sassy as I expected her to be but for some reason unknown to me I just couldn t enjoy this story enough I kinda feel angry by myself for not enjoying this story.

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