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Perfect Cecelia Ahern Perfect In Cecelia Ahern s thrilling sequel to Flawed Celestine must make a choice save just herself or risk her own life to save all Flawed people Celestine North lives in a society that demands perfection

  • Title: Perfect
  • Author: Cecelia Ahern
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Perfect Cecelia Ahern In Cecelia Ahern s thrilling sequel to Flawed, Celestine must make a choice save just herself or risk her own life to save all Flawed people.Celestine North lives in a society that demands perfection After she was branded Flawed by a morality court, Celestine s life has completely fractured all her freedoms gone.Since Judge Crevan has declared her the number one threatIn Cecelia Ahern s thrilling sequel to Flawed, Celestine must make a choice save just herself or risk her own life to save all Flawed people.Celestine North lives in a society that demands perfection After she was branded Flawed by a morality court, Celestine s life has completely fractured all her freedoms gone.Since Judge Crevan has declared her the number one threat to the public, she has been a ghost, on the run with Carrick the only person she can trust.But Celestine has a secret one that could bring the entire Flawed system crumbling to the ground A secret that has already caused countless people to go missing.Judge Crevan is gaining the upper hand, and time is running out for Celestine With tensions building, can she prove that to be human in itself is to be Flawed
    Perfect Cecelia Ahern

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      426 Cecelia Ahern
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    One thought on “Perfect”

    1. Words cannot express how much I need this book.Flawed was absolutely amazing left me with a huge book hangover.

    2. This book is not released until April, I believe, so I will keep it brief I was entertained It was a good followup to Flawed There was romance and the love triangle was prominent although it s pretty obvious what was going to happen in the end in my view at least so I could deal with it There were a few times I got frustrated at Celestine and felt the drama factor was amped up a little too high But, overall it was done in an acceptable way and my issues are few The pacing is great and there ar [...]

    3. Eine tolle Dilogie f r Jugendliche Sch ner Erz hlstil, authentische Charaktere eine wichtige Message hinter der ganzen Story Dieser Teil hat mir sogar besser gefallen als der erste Auch als H rbuch sehr empfehlenswert

    4. Inhaltlich deutlich schw cher als sein Vorg nger, aber weil es dennoch Spa gemacht hat zu lesen, gibt s von mir noch knappe gn dige 4 Sterne

    5. Who are you to judge the life I live I know I m not perfect and I don t live to be but before you start pointing fingerske sure you hands are clean Bob MarleyCecelia Ahern, the international best selling author, pens the sequel to the Flawed, an YA dystopian series, called, Perfect that opens with the protagonist on the run as a fugitive from the society that labelled and branded her as the most Flawed, despite of her kind and perfect heart, and time is running short and that she must help, prot [...]

    6. A great ending to a great duology I absolutely flew through this My thoughts on this book are pretty much the same as my thoughts on book one, as this didn t so much feel like a sequel and so felt like a continuation of Flawed, which I really enjoyed as it kept the story flowing brilliantly I ve not read many dystopians but after reading this duology, I d definitely like to explore the genre I made a whole video on this duology, in which I found out whether I m perfect or flawed youtu S0XieiZS [...]

    7. This jumps straight into the action right after FLAWED, with Celestine on the run after her family is threatened and tensions are high She s finally reunited with Carrick, who we haven t heard even a word from over the course of the first book, but here, their romance finally has a chance to blossom This gets super twisty and complicated as Celestine has to decide how she wants to proceed with potentially damaging information against her ex boyfriend s father, the man who branded her, who also h [...]

    8. i don t know if i should be sad that i finished the book, or happy that i got to read it.i enjoyed this story a lot it is one of a kind i love the author, the way she presents the reality we often ignore for me, flawed and perfect are her best book so far this books remaind me why i started reading each of them the stories are fresh, emotional, profund and a great lesson a must from cecelia ahern.

    9. Flawed is an amazing book.I finished flawed and I couldn t find perfect online and when I saw the date dies

    10. Maybe even 4.5 Advanced copy received via NetGalley for honest review.I don t really have a lot to say about this one because if you re planning on reading it then you ve probably already read Flawed And this is pretty much of the same really The writing was consistent in its refreshing simplicity and the story was well paced with lots of action to maintain interest It was also clearly well thought out because at one point I thought I d picked up a little flaw in the plot, but no sooner had I d [...]

    11. A perfect ending to a wonderful duology.Celestine North is the most Flawed person there is, just for standing up for basic human rights, and going against the Guild Now on the run, Celestine can t trust anyone With the new knowledge that she holds the power of destroying The Guild, Celestine must learn who she can really trust, and figure out a plan to reverse her branding, and put a stop to discrimination against the flawed people I read the first book in this series which if you have not read [...]

    12. The perfect people, perfect only until they or people close to them become the Flawed.The Flawed, the outcast and rightless, whose brands are seared into their skin by the Guild torturers The Guild, the government supported tribunal that puts people on trial for their unethical, immoral acts c The rebellion is approaching Q He has fighting hands, big and thick like shovels, but then in contradiction to that, they re nurturing hands, too They ve sewn and grown, from his own land, and held and pro [...]

    13. Perfect is the second book in the YA dystopian duology by Cecilia Ahern.The plot picks up a few days after the end of Flawed The last time we saw Celestine she was running away from home and the judge Now, she found temporary safety at her grandfathers farm But she can t stay there forever The whistleblowers, most importantly her former whistleblower Mary May, and the Guild still hunting her and she becomes and a symbol of resistance.I really enjoyed the first book in this duology I liked the [...]

    14. Did I really use the words a definitely extreme roller coaster ride of emotions on Flawed Did I really do that I thought that Flawed is already an extreme roller coaster ride But NO It isn t the Flawed that is extreme It is Perfect that is extreme And I m sure of it.Perfect continues the story of Celestine North and her society that implements a system where perfection is a must and where there is no room for any imperfections or flaws Having found that you have imperfections and or have made ba [...]

    15. Perfect picks up where Flawed left off Celestine is on the run after being branded as Flawed Judge Crevan, the man who sentenced her to her five brands and gave her an illegal sixth brand, is determined to find her before she can tell anyone what he did to her Celestine has to learn who she can trust and what it s like to live as Flawed.First, let me just say that I love the fact that Flawed was a duology and wasn t dragged on and on like other series have been I think two books was the perfect [...]

    16. Is being flawed just another word for being human In a dystopian world where people are branded flawed on a whim, Celestine has faced the worst the world has to offer and grown since her branding She has been labeled public enemy number one and her life is in danger if she is caught What does Judge Crevan have against her personally that she should be so persecuted Living life on the run with the one person she can trust, the danger mounts and other Flawed are disappearing.but why As Celestine p [...]

    17. 4.5 5 stars It was a really good conclusion if you re a fan of books with political scenes and tones, books with a semi dystopian world or books with character growth I would recommend this one

    18. Ich habe so lange f r dieses Buch gebraucht und das H rbuch jetzt endlich beendet gegen Ende wurde es wieder wesentlich besser, aber alles in allem war es zu z h, zu langatmig, zu ereignislos V.a wurde Celestine mir zwischendurch ein wenig unsympathisch Dennoch fand ich die Handlung am Ende sehr gut aufgel st Selten habe ich ein Buch gelesen, in dem alles so diplomatisch gekl rt wurde, was zur Abwechslung auch mal nicht schlecht war.

    19. Mir ist schlecht Auf eine beeindruckende, erschreckende und beklemmende Art und Weise Auf eine Weise, wie es nur eine Geschichte hervorrufen kann, die wirklich unter die Haut geht Perfect ist nach Flawed nicht nur ein w rdiger zweiter Teil sondern auch ein au erordentlich gutes Finale Ich glaube ich werde ein kleine Weile brauchen, um mich wirklich von diesem Buch zu erholen zumal es ein Thema beinhaltet, das auch in der Realit t immer wichtiger zu werden scheint Perfektion Der Zweiteiler von Ce [...]

    20. Wow, was f r eine tolle Geschichte Eine wahnsinnig tolle Dilogie Cecilia Ahern kann gerne fter solche Romane schreiben Das war in meinen Augen einfach nur Perfekt

    21. F r mich definitiv ein wenig schw cher als Teil 1 spoilers ahead Der Anfang war wirklich stark und erf llte nicht das typische YA Dystopie Rebellion Revolution Klischee Der Fokus lag auf den Charakteren, deren Entwicklung und die Beziehungen untereinander Das kippte dann aber ungef hr ab der H lfte Der Schluss konnte mich gar nicht berzeugen Ich empfand ihn als sehr berzogen, k nstlich dramatisch und durch das Liebesdreieck zu schnulzig und unglaubw rdig.Der Epilog konnte mich ebenfalls nicht be [...]

    22. DNF 30% I just can t do it any Book 1 was so good for the first 40% and then sooo bad and here s book 2 with even worse writing than the last half of book 1 If I didn t know any better I d say that someone wrote the first half of book 1 and a totally different person wrote the rest and has carried into book 2 This is book 2 in a series that has a brilliant dystopian premise Right up there with Divergent and Hinger Games for creativity and impact Unfortunately the rest of it is painful This serie [...]

    23. This review was originally posted on Between My LinesA few years ago, I fell dizzily in love with YA Dystopia books But my love affair swiftly came, and went After a while, they all felt the same I burnt out on the insta love, the ya troupes, and the empowered teenagers who saved the world every time Perfect by Cecelia Ahern pulled me back into the genre, simply because I enjoy her adult fiction And I m glad It was a read that entertained and reminded of lots of pluses about this genre that I ha [...]

    24. The irony of justice is that the feelings that precede it and those which fruit from it are never fair and balanced Not even justice itself is perfect 4 solid starsI enjoyed Perfect nearly as much as Flawed before, it was a really good conclusion and answered pretty much all of my questions.The story picks up exactly where it left us before, so I had no difficulties getting back into the story.I still liked Celestine and loved that she really evolved as a character until she finally became one o [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this duology, marathoned both books over the weekend and I can say I was entertained I saw nods to a few classic dystopians, which was fun and added a little something I m actually torn because these books were so packed full of YA tropes that I should have hated them The good girl turned bad The misunderstood sister mother The love triangle with a guy from either side of the divide The standoff with the big bad guy in power who says it s for the good of the people blah blah but [...]

    26. This conclusion to the Flawed duet brought a fast paced narrative from start to finish The story of Celestine remained engaging as she navigated not only being Flawed but also being an evader and the most prominent Flawed ever known Sitting at the heart of the read is prejudice and this theme resonates with any contemporary society, so all readers should be able to identify What is compelling about this particular society under The Guild rule is, what happens to society when compassion, empathy [...]

    27. Etwas schw cher als der 1 Teil, aber dennoch eine tolle Dilogie, die mir insgesamt sehr gut gefallen hat

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