Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People #2020

Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People Vanessa Van Edwards Captivate The Science of Succeeding with People Do you feel awkward at networking events Do you wonder what your date really thinks of you Do you wish you could decode people You need to learn the science of people As a human behavior hacker Vanes

  • Title: Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People
  • Author: Vanessa Van Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780399564482
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People Vanessa Van Edwards Do you feel awkward at networking events Do you wonder what your date really thinks of you Do you wish you could decode people You need to learn the science of people.As a human behavior hacker, Vanessa Van Edwards created a research lab to study the hidden forces that drive us And she s cracked the code In Captivate, she shares shortcuts, systems, and secrets for takDo you feel awkward at networking events Do you wonder what your date really thinks of you Do you wish you could decode people You need to learn the science of people.As a human behavior hacker, Vanessa Van Edwards created a research lab to study the hidden forces that drive us And she s cracked the code In Captivate, she shares shortcuts, systems, and secrets for taking charge of your interactions at work, at home, and in any social situation These aren t the people skills you learned in school This is the first comprehensive, science backed, real life manual on how to captivate anyone and a completely new approach to building connections.Just like knowing the formulas to use in a chemistry lab, or the right programming language to build an app, Captivate provides simple ways to solve people problems You ll learn, for example How to work a room Every party, networking event, and social situation has a predictable map Discover the sweet spot for making the most connections How to read faces It s easier than you think to speed read facial expressions and use them to predict people s emotions How to talk to anyone Every conversation can be memorable once you learn how certain words generate the pleasure hormone dopamine in listeners.When you understand the laws of human behavior, your influence, impact, and income will increase significantly What s , you will improve your interpersonal intelligence, make a killer first impression, and build rapport quickly and authentically in any situation negotiations, interviews, parties, and pitches You ll never interact the same way again.
    Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People Vanessa Van Edwards

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    1. I ve purchased Vanessa Van Edwards body language and Creative Live Power of Happiness courses, so I was very pleased to see so much brand new content covered in Captivate The mix of both personal and professional examples provided made this book useful for considering how to improve all my different types of relationships The examples and conversation starters feel authentic throughout the book This is the sort of business networking handbook I would read and recommend my colleagues review befor [...]

    2. I loved this book, from the stories Vanessa shares about her own trial and error to the useful, science based methods she advises for different social interactions This book taught me new things, made me laugh out loud and is extremely useful I particularly like how everything feels actionable I d finish a chapter and be able to implement its lesson right away I especially liked Chapter 12, Reveal The lessons found in that chapter are helping to make me a better storyteller, which is something I [...]

    3. I was fortunate enough to receive a review copy of Captivate it is fantastic For all of you recovering awkward people out there, this book is a gold mine of useful tips, clearly presented, to enable you to hack any awkward social situation Like her amazing YouTube videos, television appearances, and blogs, Van Edwards is engaging, warm, and the best friend we all wish we had

    4. Who knew that if an acquaintance says, I love chocolate, it is a major social mistake to share and explain my preference for peanut butter Apparently, it follows from a first principle of social behavior that I should instead shift subjects until landing on authentic common ground For example, it would be much better to say, If you love chocolate do you happen to enjoy chocolate peanut butter yogurt Yes Me too I am totally with you Chocolate peanut butter yogurt is the best Captivate is full of [...]

    5. I truly believe that I could happily live life as a hermit Not because I hate people I love people Sometimes though, I don t know what to say to them This book has helped me a great deal As a long suffering introvert, I ve learned from this book how people work Her website is just a fun and entertaining as the book I now know how to interact with people and not feel like an idiot For that alone, this book gets 5 stars from me.

    6. I was lucky to be chosen for the early preview Vanessa van Edwards writes in the same manner and with the same enthusiasm as she does giving presentations When i was reading her book it felt the same as when she was presenting herself during one of her courses The book contains the same geeky humor and she puts herself in the spotlight The book is an easy read through because of this Chapter 6 and 7 where my absolute favorites because they contain a lot of practical advice on personality and bod [...]

    7. As a self proclaimed extrovert, I was hesitant about buying this book because I thought it was geared only toward introverts Wow, how wrong I was Vanessa, was able to provide hacks, challenges, and insights into ways make me into the best version of myself From where to stand in a room to how to appropriately thank people based on their love language Her hacks lessons occasionally conjured up the reaction of oh S I do that It is those moments that made me really love this book because she was wi [...]

    8. As an educator and entrepreneur, I m a geek for a book that teaches me something new I can bring to my students or my business In particular, I loved Chapter 10 Connect How to Speak So People Listen because it dives into the power of storytelling As she weaves together examples like the alternative comedy show The Last Show I Do Before I Go on Medication , the genesis of Beanie Babies and perfecting an authentic rallying cry during fundraising calls for Emory, Vanessa wraps powerful research in [...]

    9. I have purchased three of Vanessa Van Edwards online classes and this book is a great addition to that collection There are parts that are duplicative but that was good for me as this format helped distill the knowledge even If you are struggling to find meaningful connections with people, either personal or professional, this book will leapfrog you ahead of your peers Using people s words, using surprise and having a story toolbox handy has transformed my social skills I received a free advanc [...]

    10. I won an ARC of this book in a drawing.A very good book about how to win friends and influence people, using science as a guide.

    11. A condensed best of of her superb Udemy courses A great toolbox of little hacks and other nifty things to improve social intelligence and interactions Handy for introverts like me

    12. Vanessa is good with people I knew that by reading her blog and doing some of her online courses She is passionate about what she does and motivated by that passion, the work she produces is of a great quality I believe this book is one of her best works yet.I am a self confessed introvert and find it difficult to talk to people and connect with them naturally The ideas presented in this book are so easy, yet make so much sense, that it has become far easier for me to connect to people I loved t [...]

    13. This book is a must have The author uses science based research and developed them into Life Hacks This was extremely helpful and easy to implement She shows how timing, and approach can dramatically change the outcome of a situation.I was lucky enough to receive a pre order of the book, and thank god I did I had a networking event last week and used Vanessa s Zone Map to maximize my success And maximize I did, instead of crowding people at the doors to greet them, I was strategically set up in [...]

    14. I recommend this book to anyone who finds themselves doing a lot of professional networking and feels outside of their comfort zone, even just slightly I don t consider myself to have social anxiety but I ve always wanted to become a natural conversationalist and this is one of the few books I ve seen out there that contains distinct techniques especially chapter 3 for that outcome If you want to improve your ability to maintain fun, engaging and fruitful conversations in your personal professi [...]

    15. I am blown away by this book The freedom that this book will provide to all those that read it is astounding This is a must read for anyone who is interested in decoding people in any type of social situation I know exactly how to work a room, read faces and talk to anyone now Do yourself a favor and purchase this book today

    16. Great practical guide for anybody whose job involves networking sales which is everybody I will be sharing this book with the whole team.

    17. I loved the mix of science and practical tips in this book This is perfect for the the new networker or the seasoned pro, there is something new for everyone in it I can t wait to check out the companion materials on the website

    18. This book was refreshing, original and very helpful I appreciated the challenges located at the end of every chapter.

    19. As someone who works in the mental health field, I love exploring what makes us tick, and am no stranger to self help books Over time, though, I ve come to realize that while I m often motivated or inspired while reading these books, I m often left with lingering questions like, But what can I actually do to make X happen or How can my clients use this to implement change in their lives Captivate departs from this expectation in such a refreshing way, by offering tangible steps anyone can take t [...]

    20. I would highly recommend this book for anyone with social anxiety, autism, general social awkwardness, and anyone looking to increase their networking skills This is one of those books I assumed would be fluffy and not at all helpful It actually changed my mind fairly quickly The author is a spunky, well read speaker with an interest in behavioural science Her tips are super specific such as the best method for working a room from point A to point B or what micro expressions to look for when tal [...]

    21. Other than different stories, tips, and support research I did not found any new idea within the first four chapters, so I decided to give up with the book I don t think the author has any additional knowledge to contribute the influence field Although some content as specific tips for conversations are useful, I don t think the book is worth it spending many hours reading entirely Ps title is misleading as Science represents a very tiny section of the chapters It is most supported with stories, [...]

    22. Captivate is one of the best books I ve read on the subject of how to understand and interact with people in the last half decade.The academics who did a study on college seniors and now tell you how people tick genre has exploded recently While there are good nuggets and insights in those books They are heavy on the author s biased reasons why and not on actionable as in you can use it today techniques Vanessa s book is practical It is written from the perspective of someone trying to build a b [...]

    23. This is an informative, engaging and useful book Although I think Vanessa Van Edwards may underestimate the skill it takes to implement her behavioral hacks, I think this book has a lot of really great tips If properly implemented, I believe they could actually improve a variety of pre existing human relationships and help her readers foster new ones as well Her stories are relatable and the experiences she shares are humorous and humanizing For those that sometimes struggle with networking, mak [...]

    24. This book was fascinating Van Edwards had a great, friendly voice that pulled me in and kept me reading There were great insights in this book for how to better work with befriend people of all personality types, and I would highly recommend this to anyone.

    25. Good book minus the first 20%Thought the book was a worthwhile read once I got past the fluff in the beginning of it No, I didn t buy this book to tell me how to shake someone s have No, I didn t buy this book to tell me your posture is important The worthwhile content comes in once she starts talking beyond the first impression, and gives you tools to analyze people and think about different ways to engage with them in meaningful ways.

    26. Loved this book Very useful tips that can easily be applied to our daily life A lot of what she writes about is backed up by scientific studies that I learned about in medical school I ve recommended this book to many people already.

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