Ballistic #2020

Ballistic Aria Michaels Ballistic It s been three days since Solar Storm Icarus silenced the worldree days since the GRS virus wiped out most of humanity and started changing the few who remained Liv and the others made it through the

  • Title: Ballistic
  • Author: Aria Michaels
  • ISBN: 9781533409294
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ballistic Aria Michaels It s been three days since Solar Storm Icarus silenced the worldree days since the GRS virus wiped out most of humanity and started changing the few who remained Liv and the others made it through the initial wave, but they ve lost a lot along the way and the journey to Salvation is far from over A rogue military organization has taken hold of the area and they possIt s been three days since Solar Storm Icarus silenced the worldree days since the GRS virus wiped out most of humanity and started changing the few who remained Liv and the others made it through the initial wave, but they ve lost a lot along the way and the journey to Salvation is far from over A rogue military organization has taken hold of the area and they possess a weapon that could change everything When Liv finds out her brother and the other refugees are being held captive at Camp Seco, she will risk everything to get him back As the group embarks upon a dangerous rescue mission, a rival band of survivors threatens their safety and a new storm gathers overhead The virus has spread and the infected are being drawn together What s worse, the beast that lurks inside of Liv is growing stronger and difficult to control But Liv has a promise to keep and her little brother is running out of time.Will Liv be able to harness her strength to save her brother and the hundreds of other innocents beyond the walls of Camp Seco, or will she let the monster out and put them all at risk
    Ballistic Aria Michaels

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      477 Aria Michaels
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    1. Mama Says Another wild ride from Aria Michaels is in store for readers of the Icarus series Continuing their harrowing journey following the events in Killshot, Liv, Zan, Ty, Ry, and the rest are thrown one nasty slime covered curve ball after another in this emotional second installment.Though there are characters which exhibit some growth, I still can t stand Christa, but it makes sense to have some people survive that aren t necessarily your favorites, because isn t that rather realistic A go [...]

    2. I was hooked on Aria Michaels writing since I finished Killshot last year So when I got the chance to be on of the advance readers for Ballistic I was overcome with excitement Ballistic was wonderfully written and picked up perfectly from where Killshot ended, mere days after Icarus hit and silenced the world Liv and her group of friends are doing their best to survive and find Liv s younger brother Though both tasks prove to be difficult then one would hope when they encounter the after effect [...]

    3. 4.5 Cranky Stars No time was lost between Killshot and Ballistic The journey carried on for these unfortunate Icarus survivors.Liv along with her friends carried on their quest to find their lost family as well as the answers to the mystery of the virus woken up by Icarus For Liv however, it s all because of Beans.We finally meet the famous Beans and boy, he s such a great young man I say man because the tragedy brought by the solar flare to his young life forced him to grow up Like his sister, [...]

    4. I received a copy of this book exchange for an honest review This book was just amazing and Livi was still staying strong through everything trying not to give up Some answers are answered but their are questions to what happened Can t wait to read the next book in this series.

    5. Aria Michaels delivers another great book I enjoyed reading this installment in the Icarus series The characters are evolving and we re learning about them and their situation It s a treacherous world Liv and her friends are attempting to survive in Every day they are learning and new creatures, atmospheric dangers, and a possible nefarious reason for all that is happening Just a warning once you start this book you won t want to stop.Liv was already a strong girl in the first book of the ser [...]

    6. Every so often I come across a series which has a truly cinematic quality, this is the case with the Icarus series Ballistic doesn t falter after Killshot and the same depth of world and character building is astounding Before picking up on Liv s search, we start with Lucas story The chaos in the aftermath and where we discover that he is at least alive, but being taken to safety by the Army Liv on the other hand is still battling through with her band of friends and allies, at least with transp [...]

    7. We go were you go Your fight is our fight You didn t put us in danger, it was just there, and you got us through it I jumped straight into Ballistic, Icarus Series 2 by Aria Michaels after i finished Killshot, i was so glad that i got to read this series one after the other because i think the wait would have killed me, i was that eager to carry on the journey Both books grabbed hold of me and didn t let me go The continuation of this amazing series was flawless It s a fast paced, action packed, [...]

    8. Ballistic Icarus Series Book Two by Aria Michaels is a second book in the Icarus Series.The story picks up where book one leave us Our band of friends Jake, Falisha, Christa, Ty, Eli and Riley are being led by Olivia and Zander on a quest to find Lucas, Olivia s brother The group meets with many trials and tribulations since the virus and solar flares have wiped out most of humanity There is constant fear of the military finding them, the infected zombies and a new threat the rat like creatures [...]

    9. ARC provided for Beta reading and in exchange for an honest review Oh my holy hell You know when you finish a book and your emotions are so over the place, you can t even comprehend where to start when writing a review Well, that has been me since I finished reading.After reading Killshot I wandered how in the hell Aria could top it, but by god has she surpassed any and all expectations I could have ever had.There is literally nothing I can say that will give Aria and Ballistic the justice it tr [...]

    10. When I read Killshot Book 1 I couldn t believe that I was reading Sci Fi Not my usual genre of books to read But, after reading it I knew I had to read Ballistic Book 2 in the Icarus Series I needed to know what happened to everyone with the cliffhanger that I was left with in Book 1 I am very happy to say that I really enjoyed Ballistic The lead characters are teenagers and after the Solar Storm Icarus most of the world has been left dead Liv Sarge yes you guessed it She is in charge and she is [...]

    11. I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.I just finished reading Killshot, the first book in the Icarus series, and I immediately start reading Ballistic Even before Chapter One starts, I found out that Liv s little brother, Lucas or Beans as she calls him is alive At least that means she and her friends aren t on a worthless mission to find him Chapter One begins where Killshot left off.Ballistic explains about how the virus has affected people as well as the government s role [...]

    12. Talk about a highly anticipated sequel Seems like I waited impatiently for ages before this masterpiece was finished and let me tell you, it was well worth the delay Ballistic begins right where Killshot left off Michaels doesn t give a lot of review, so if it s been awhile since you finished Killshot, it might be a good idea to reread it or at least skim over the basics Seems like with the first book covering the big event that there wouldn t be too many surprises left for the group this time W [...]

    13. Excited didn t even begin to cover what I felt when I heard that this book was finally finished I have been waiting for this for a year After reading KILLSHOT, the first book in the series, I knew that the next one was going to be epic Boy, was I right It started off where the last book ended After Icarus hit, Liv knew he had to find his brother, Beans They were now in the middle of finding him, and have encountered than their fair share of twists and turns There s a new group of survivors they [...]

    14. Ballistic Icarus 2 Aria Michaels 5 Heart Pounding Hashtags Where the hell do I start, the first book I had no idea what I was in for and it totally blew my socks off I never thought for one minute that this second book would or could compare in slightest How very wrong I was this book is simply amazing This book is so perfectly written I was completely drawn in and immersed once again into Liv and Zander s messed up world This book is full of angst, drama, tension and proper edge of your seat, n [...]

    15. Do you know those books that just grab ahold of you on the first page, drags you through the mud with blood and tears right up until the end where you feel like throwing your ereader and begging for That s Ballistics Honestly if I could I would keep Aria Michaels locked in her writing cave doped up on coffee and chocolate so she could just write, legally I can t I wait and stalk her on social media.Ballistics is book 2 in the Icarus series and you need to grab book 1 so you know what is going o [...]

    16. I can t breathe from all the snotty, ugly girl crying from reading this book.Ballistic picks immediately after book one, and there is no rest for the group Liv is still trying to reach Beans, and will allow NOTHING to stand in her way I was wondering how Michaels was going to keep me on my toes, surely she let it all go in Book One Ok, so the next time I see her I m pinching her for keeping me up all night Woman don t you know I have to work tomorrow For real though, Aria Michaels is so freaking [...]

    17. The next book in the epic saga of Liv Larson brings their group into to danger and some answers to the questions they have about what the hell is going on around them since Icarus plunged the world into chaos.As always, I love Liv s determination and courage as she tries to hold onto her humanity while protecting everyone at the same time Can you imagine trying to protect those you love when you almost can t control yourself It would be horrible tough, yet Liv chokes down her guilt at putting o [...]

    18. OMG So well worth the wait This series is a must read, not something I normally read but once I started I was hooked and patiently waited for this book This book starts where the last left off with everyone on their way to find Liv s brother The reader also gets to meet him and find out what he s doing What happens in this book will keep you on the edge of your seat, make you cry, and curse the author at the end Yup I yelled at my kindle.The surprises in this book you just don t expect and make [...]

    19. As always Aria Michaels draws you into her apocalyptic world The story picks up right where it left off and Liv is desperate to find Beans or to at least know he is alive Beans is desperate to save his new family and himself I found myself enjoying Beans development and rooting the little guy on Aria makes you love her characters By the last page, I was weeping with and for the characters More of the story behind the apocalypse has begun to reveal itself Is there a conspiracy More than one I can [...]

    20. Loved this sequel to Killshot from the first page Lots of action, great character development amazing action and descriptions I especially love kick ass heroines, and Liv does not disappoint Speaking of kick ass heroines, there are some fantastic new characters introduced in this story, and I really liked the character of Tessa The ending was the perfect way to wrap up the book, while still leaving you wanting .

    21. Omg First thing Go buy these books Now Do not wait Do not dillydally Go buy them Read them Then you can thank me for recommending them and then you can go stalk Aria too She is a wonderful writer This book is the second in the series I dont do a lot of recap because of spoilers I just share my thoughts and if i liked the book I love this one.

    22. I just finished Ballistic and it was amazing What a rollercoaster ride I won t get into the details but you definitely want to read this book The action, the twists and turns once you start you won t be able to put it down until it s done and even then you will want I received a copy of Ballistic in exchange for an honest review

    23. This series is by far one of my top favorites Aria never disappoints when it comes to her writing babies If you love dystopian or have never read it before, then this series will draw you in and make your imagination come to life Can t wait for the next one

    24. Loved this book In fact after finishing it I m doing a literary version of Netflix binge by re reading the three books in the series thus far.If you want to read my entire review visit my blog.eventmanagerte ballisti

    25. Very compelling sequelBook two takes us from a small group of kids fighting for survival to a cohesive force to be reckoned with and only builds from there This was an exciting journey and I can t wait to start the next leg.

    26. Apocalypse book series done so so right I loved the first book and this one did not disappoint to continue the story Loved everything about this series and the characters There s plenty of action and suspense and our favorite romance Highly recommend this series and this brilliant author.

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