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The Inhibited Jay Saph The Inhibited Two elderly scientists hide a dark secret Twenty five years earlier they were part of a UK government which legalised all recreational drugs After only two years the controversial law The Fairfield

  • Title: The Inhibited
  • Author: Jay Saph
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Inhibited Jay Saph Two elderly scientists hide a dark secret Twenty five years earlier they were part of a UK government which legalised all recreational drugs After only two years, the controversial law, The Fairfield Act was repealed The aftermath was disastrous.Now, in 2042, no one speaks of the past The UK is part of the Northern Zone, controlled from London Centre, a utilitarian mTwo elderly scientists hide a dark secret Twenty five years earlier they were part of a UK government which legalised all recreational drugs After only two years, the controversial law, The Fairfield Act was repealed The aftermath was disastrous.Now, in 2042, no one speaks of the past The UK is part of the Northern Zone, controlled from London Centre, a utilitarian mega city rebuilt for the new order Citizens in the Northern Zone live only according to the Chairman s Prime Directives They ve lost the ability to create For them, pleasure is a forgotten emotion The Inhibited is a futuristic tale following the life of Declan Smith, a young aggrieved student intent on uncovering the truth Smith believes the key to political change lies in understanding the past, but he soon finds out the greater challenge is the discovery of his own soul.
    The Inhibited Jay Saph

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    1. The Inhibited is a dystopian novel along the lines of 1984 and The Handmaid s Tale, rather than the popular YA dystopians we see so much of today that kept my interest throughout.The story takes place twenty five years in the future in the UK Our main character, Declan, is a young man curious about what happened a little than two decades ago in his society What created the inhibited or disengaged as they are otherwise called people that make up most of society What happened to create the differ [...]

    2. Highly imaginative and well thought out The Inhibited is an enthralling read showcasing the authors unique talent of weaving his thoughts into a well imagined and impressive story line that paints the world and struggles of characters vividly by plotting a dystopian novel based in future of 2042 where a Shaper named declan strives to find answers to the present of human kind based on the decision made in past year 2016 by the government on legalization of recreational drugs.With numerous charact [...]

    3. Generations bore the brunt of one wrong decision and that was the legalization of drugs as it was for alcohol and tobacco In the aftermath, new drugs and chemicals were synthesized that were destructive and lethal including the cathinone, Flakka also known by its street name of gravel This caused the whole UK population to behave violently The government must exercise control measures to save the country from the looming catastrophe and what precipitated was even disastrous and lethal for the [...]

    4. The Inhibited was a fun and unique story that constantly had me turning the page to see just what was going on in this upside down world The story is told from several perspectives, one such is the young Declan, who feels something is wrong in his world but cannot place it All around are people merely existing, with no joy or pleasure of any kind and it feels wrong One such quote really explains it well Disengaged parents, pallid faced and weary then turned away, leaving in droves to another day [...]

    5. This dystopian novel is fast paced and fun to read but it also makes you think What would happen if all street drugs are legalized What may happen when the whole population goes wild and uninhibited Would they find a way to control the population by completely inhibiting their brains What would a society look like when the whole population is essentially lobotomized What will people do when they have no creative thinking This is the main theme of this novel, the inhibited The characters are well [...]

    6. This is a truly thoughtful take on the dystopian genre and a real breath of fresh air What would happen if all drugs were legal What would a world of detached unemotional people be like And how it would be to a person with rare emotions, one with questions about why things are the way they are Those are the questions that swirl at the start as you are thrown into the fray with Declan BTW I adore a story that starts in the story and unfolds as it goes, which is what you have here.Getting to know [...]

    7. The Inhibited by Jay Saph is an ambitious dystopian novel which discusses important issues, such as the legalization of drugs, freedom and dictatorship, the importance of arts and humanities and many In the book, the world is divided into a Northern and Southern zones The former is populated by the inhibited , people who have lost their ability to think, and the latter by all who don t want to live in such an environment and other people who are not clearly defined The book offers two main plot [...]

    8. I enjoyed this read, and was surprised by how much I absolutely loved the idea that this book is built around that drugs had been legalised and the fall out of consequences thereof It was the first time that I had read this angle in a book so I found it quite refreshing and it piqued my interest immediately I wanted to know why the government of the time thought it was a good idea, and how the country had moved where they were from at the time of change to how they had gotten to where they were [...]

    9. I have to admit that it took me a while to get into this book, until I hit the 30% mark and finally a big answer started to be presented to a question that had been plaguing me right from the first page what happened to the world The book is split through time, places and characters, each of these offering different views of things that had happened in the past, that had made the world the way it was in the book s present 2042 As someone who tends to need to really understand the feelings of cha [...]

    10. CharactersLots of interesting characters I liked Hazel the little girl just because of her sweet outlook on most things Declan was also a likable character although sometimes we was very much a boy caused me to roll my eyes a few times but absolutely believable That was something the author did very well creating characters that felt like they could be real I won t say too much here other then that in fear of giving away the story PlotThe overall plot isn t too complicated a little predictable b [...]

    11. The Inhibited by Jay Saph A thought provoking dystopian novel set in the near future.Set in the not too distant future, the Inhibited is a dystopian novel with an eerie message about the future negative consequences increased recreational drug use could have on society I was drawn to read this book which has for me an interesting premise the consequences of our present day excesses I was not disappointed, and the storyline held my interest By 2042, the world is split into two zones the oppressed [...]

    12. This dystopian is set primarily in the UK Other countries Kenaya and South Africa, are weaved in, too in 2042 The world is unique with intriguing concepts lifting, Shapers, the band on music, legalized drugs There s a big cast of characters The main focus is on Declan, Hazel, Annabel family and Therin few others I mostly enjoyed reading about Hazel, her mother and grandfather The pace was slow in the beginning and doesn t really take off until about 25% of book where things start to make sense [...]

    13. The Inhibited by Jay Saph was a really fun read for me, not just because I love dystopian stories, but I especially enjoy dystopian reads that leave a bit of mystery to the reader as the plot unfolds So, let s talk about the plot if I can do that without managing to be a spoiler The book takes place in several areas of what is now the Eastern hemisphere around the 2042 mostly Europe and North Africa , and the reader is introduced to this part of the world having been divided up into zones Our ma [...]

    14. The Inhibited is a fascinating, yet dark, book It s brooding, it s twisting, it s turning The really scary part is that it s also about our not too distant future This story is fiction, but it reliably and eerily parallels our current society The first few pages are intensely gripping, and the extremely well written The suspense starts as the story is just beginning to develop How fun The Inhibited is a creepy peek into our fictional future Who knows The author might be right on target, and many [...]

    15. What makes us human In many indigenous cultures, they never had a word for environment, the closest word to that is home We are all one, all interconnected, and somewhere along the last few hundred years, that connection has been lost and and an extremely rapid rate We segregate ourselves in communities towns cities and nature is simply decorative elements That connection between nature that provides for us, and we provide for it, has been deeply lost We are meant to live in cohesion, and this [...]

    16. The story is decent, and the angle is interesting There s certainly some elements of both wit and creativity, and generally the pacing is fairly fluid The sporadic use of news bulletins think transcripts clippings of old articles serving as interludes stand alone chapters adds some flavor to the read What ultimately stole away the experience and thus enjoyment is the sheer volume of grammatical errors, especially concerning punctuation While in the self published space errors do tend to creep th [...]

    17. The Inhibited is a dystopian novel set in the not too distant future that explores the idea of an authoritarian government that has taken over most of Europe, which is split off into the Northern and Southern Zones In the Northern Zone the people live under watch and are not permitted to enjoy things such as music or writing, anything that involves creative expression This extreme measure was taken after the United Kingdom passed a drug legalization bill in 2016 that spiraled out of control and [...]

    18. The story revolves around a dystopian universe in which it is the year 2042 and the government has basically taken away the rights of the public to make decisions A young man named Declan must then unravel the mystery of how the world fell apart so quickly Spoiler It is not instigated by the election of Donald J Trump Although I thought it started a bit slow, I thought this was a really well told story with enough twists to keep me turning pages until the very end I loved how it all came togethe [...]

    19. Okay, to start off I want to commend Jay Saph in captivating my attention with his prose Some of the descriptions in the book are phenomenal Jay is able to not only express the curiosity of what happened but also the scenes are set especially through Declan s eyes and senses He adds smell, taste, color, into many of the scenes that give the reader a graphic provocative position while reading His writing style is incredible and the prose rides freely and sets up each scene.The story is set in the [...]

    20. This dystopian novel is set in the year 2042 The story starts out by giving the reader glimpses of the new world, and introducing you to the different characters You understand that this is a very different world from the old one, one where there is no music, where most people are disengaged, without much memory of the old world and where the Administration has a very strict control There are some people, GT4s or Shapers who are asking questions about the past and what happened It all seems to h [...]

    21. This was very different for me What struck me right off the bat was the author s writing This story is incredibly well written But that isn t the part that has me in awe it s the premise, the story of a 2046 reality that was initiated by the decision to make recreational drugs legal in 2016 The places this book, I am in awe with Saph s vision and creativity.The story touched me in many ways and also scared the crap out of me so many what ifs The ending was FANTASTIC Well done

    22. The Inhibited has an interesting premise one I haven t seen used in a dystopian world and an extremely fresh and unusual use of descriptive language The writing in some places was almost poetic in its ingenuity, and I enjoyed this very much However, aside from these pockets of beautiful language, the narrative was stilted, vague, and clumsily written The first chapter contained no dialogue quotations whatsoever, which added to the confusion At first, I thought this was a style choice, ala Cormac [...]

    23. I couldn t stop reading this book Every time I thought I was at a stopping point and could put it down, I would say one chapter, then something would happen, and I had to keep reading This story is so fast paced and has so much happening The characters are great especially Hazel and her granddad Their relationship is precious But truly each character is developed so fully that you know them and either love or hate them Plus the story is great.

    24. The Inhibited is a dystopian novel with a statement about government and the effects of recreational drugs on society I m not really sure what that statement is so I assume the author has left the moral of the story up to the reader and I like that To this reader, the moral of the story is Don t let idiots make important decisions for your country It s a valuable lesson for any time period The inhibited is set in 2042 with flashbacks to a 2016 government decision to legalize all recreational dru [...]

    25. It took me a few chapters to get into this one and there were a few scenes I wished were showed instead of cut away towards the end When I was starting to get into the book, it abruptly ended with an epilogue I kind of wish it had been longer with a few scenes that were hinted at written out

    26. In 2042 the world is split into two zones the authoritarian North and the liberal South A young man in the oppressive region tries to discover the secret behind the formation of his society.The basic story for this book was good and the contrast between free thinking and controlling regimes was engaging, but the writing wasn t tight enough, there was too much telling rather than showing and the narrative didn t effortlessly flow in my opinion.Real rating 3.25

    27. A competent dystopian sci fi with some interesting concepts and a clever structure The novel takes place in a near future England that resembles a failing soviet state Creative expression has apparently become a thing of the past and most of the adult population are only capable of unskilled labor Throughout the book we follow a young student as he discovers what happened in the recent past.By the end of the book I still had a lot of questions that weren t answered I m going to discuss the plot [...]

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