The Usual Sacrifices #2020

The Usual Sacrifices Yvonne Navarro The Usual Sacrifices When Sam and Dean head to Kentucky to investigate a rash of unexplained disappearances in a town close to Mammoth Cave they re told local folk tales about the mysterious cave and the sacrifices it r

  • Title: The Usual Sacrifices
  • Author: Yvonne Navarro
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Usual Sacrifices Yvonne Navarro When Sam and Dean head to Kentucky to investigate a rash of unexplained disappearances in a town close to Mammoth Cave, they re told local folk tales about the mysterious cave, and the sacrifices it requires to ensure the town s prosperity Could the disappearances be linked to the ritual, or is another brand of evil at work
    The Usual Sacrifices Yvonne Navarro

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    One thought on “The Usual Sacrifices”

    1. It was good to finally to get to read a new Supernatural novel, as this was delayed a few times before Hope that doesn t mean this is the last book.

    2. This is my 16th SPN novel and it probably won t be my last Since they re not all by the same author, you never really know what to expect, I ve had some I really loved because I felt like I was right in that great SPN episode and I ve had some I didn t really like because the writing needed a lot of improvement This one is somewhere in the middle, I guess The writing wasn t amazing but still good and the story didn t really pull me in but the Supernatural feeling was definetlly there with Dean j [...]

    3. Much better than average book outing for the Winchesters Quickly paced plot that would make a great episode of this cult classic series Interesting take on the typical monster of the week, and the true villains are human not a spoiler Recommended for all Winchester fans.

    4. The Usual Sacrifices Supernatural 15 Author Yvonne NavarroPublisher Titan BooksPage count 336ppRelease date 27th June 2017Reviewer Theresa DerwinOnline TitanBooks, SPNFamily, YvonneNavarroTV Bit Season 10 Mark of Cain between The Hunter Games and Halt Catch Fire Right, for those who haven t watched TV series Supernatural here s a brief 30 Sci day update.Sam and Dean, twenty something year old brothers, lose their Mom when Sam, the youngest, is 6 months old A yellow eyed de,on burns her on the ce [...]

    5. I ve always been aware that there are books written about the TV show Supernatural, but while I m a huge fan of the TV series I d never picked up one of the many books on offer Then one day Titan Books left me an email giving me the opportunity to preview one of their latest additions to the Supernatural series and I knew it was time to give the books a go This is a totally unique story, written by Yvonne Navarro, and is set during season 10 of the TV show I had to give myself a quick refresh on [...]

    6. Terrible Whoever wrote this needs to do research on the show The Winchesters talked completely out of character and the monsters did not fit in with the universe the show is set in There was also writing choices that didn t make any sense, or were overly done This is the first Supernatural book I ve read that I was disappointed in It felt like a chore to get through completely, which ended up being about 7 8 months I hope the next one in this series is in line with the tone of the others befor [...]

    7. So the writing in this story wasn t amazing it wasn t terrible either, though It took time to unnecessarily describe things such as exactly what the layout of a room was or a character s outfit However, the story itself was very enjoyable It felt just like an episode of Supernatural, and Sam and Dean were almost totally in character I might not recommend this to a casual viewer, but I think that fans of the show will like it.

    8. A good one Interesting mystery rather than how many gory and unnecessary details can I include The brothers act and speak much the way they do on the show The secondary characters were fleshed out and had lives beyond simply their interactions with the brothers And the ending was unexpected, at least to me.So this would go near the top of my list of good Supernatural novels.

    9. The Usual Sacrifices is a pretty good story that could stand on its own as a decent paranormal adventure Though it gets bogged down in the middle it is a creative tale with interesting characters Add in every Supernatural fan s two favorites and it s a damn enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

    10. Solid Supernatural hunt The story reminded me of the Season 1 episode Scarecrow Can t go wrong when Sam and Dean s aliases are Agent May and Agent Taylor

    11. Good, but not great I love those Winchester boys and have read all of the books This one was good, but I wouldn t call it great Very predictable plot line.

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