A Fatal Twist #2020

A Fatal Twist Tracy Weber A Fatal Twist Yoga instructor Kate Davidson s life takes a chaotic turn once she agrees to not only be the doula for her pregnant best friend but also play foster mother to two puppies The chaos only gets worse wh

  • Title: A Fatal Twist
  • Author: Tracy Weber
  • ISBN: 9780738748788
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Fatal Twist Tracy Weber Yoga instructor Kate Davidson s life takes a chaotic turn once she agrees to not only be the doula for her pregnant best friend, but also play foster mother to two puppies The chaos only gets worse when Kate finds the dead body of a philandering fertility doctor and Rachel, one of her yoga students, fleeing the scene Kate is convinced her student is innocent, and she setYoga instructor Kate Davidson s life takes a chaotic turn once she agrees to not only be the doula for her pregnant best friend, but also play foster mother to two puppies The chaos only gets worse when Kate finds the dead body of a philandering fertility doctor and Rachel, one of her yoga students, fleeing the scene Kate is convinced her student is innocent, and she sets out to find the real killer before her testimony condemns Rachel to a life behind bars But her hands are full with caring for three dogs, teaching yoga classes, and gaining an unexpected crime solving partner If she s not careful, Kate s next yoga pose may be a fatal one.
    A Fatal Twist Tracy Weber

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    1. 4 stars to Tracy Weber s A Fatal Twist, the fourth book in her Downward Dog mystery series I don t usually read a book from the middle of a series, but this one fell in my lap and I decided to give it a chance I will go back and read the earlier ones next Excited to.StoryKate s a yoga instructor with a penchant for finding dead bodies and adopting homeless pets When a pair of 6 week old puppies appear on her doorstep, she and boyfriend, Michael, agree to watch them until finding a better home Bu [...]

    2. Amateur sleuth Kate Davidson is a yoga teacher, doula, and mom to a digestively challenged German Shepherd named Bella Kate also has a penchant for stumbling across dead bodies In this fourth book in the Downward Dog series set in Seattle, Washington Kate finds a man stabbed to death.As the story opens Kate is assisting with a baby delivery at a facility called A Better Birth Associates ABBA preparing to help her friend Rene give birth to twins in a few weeks In ABBA s hallway Kate sees Dr Richa [...]

    3. I wish I could give this book than 5 stars, because it deserves it I think each new book in this series gets better and better, and that is saying a lot, because they are all fantastic I could have read this book in one sitting, if life hadn t gotten in the way I am counting the days until the next one Highly recommended

    4. Dollycas s ThoughtsKate s new role as a friend s doula for her the birth of her child takes her into new territory, a local medical center Unfortunately, she still finds a dead body A doctor she knows is having an affair AND she witnesses one of her yoga students leaving the scene of the crime She is also dealing with Michael bringing home 2 abandoned puppies Bella handles the dogs better than Kate expected at first but with her medical issues these extra roommates may not be a good idea long te [...]

    5. Fatal Twist is the fourth book in the Downward Dog Mystery series by Tracy Weber There are twists and turns in this book which I loved, and it kept my attention until the very end Her main character, Kate Davidson, has agreed to be the doula for her best friend Rene Having attended classes to learn what a doula is required to do during a birthing session, Kate is following Summer, her doula trainer, in an actual birth When tensions rise between Summer and the nurse on duty, Kate suddenly realiz [...]

    6. A Fatal Twist is the fourth book in this delightful Downward Dog Mysteries series It is a fun cozy mystery read and a wonderful page turner For me, this novel is both a yoga and dog lover theme cozy though the reader doesn t have to be a yogi to enjoy this mystery Kate Davidson is the protagonist and murder mystery solver Not only is she a yoga instructor who is assisting her best friend by learning to become a doula, but she is also housing two adorable mischievous puppies In this book, one of [...]

    7. This is one of the best books I have read recently The Downward Dog mysteries are developed with each book There information on the birth of and child and animal care The information on the different techniques of childbearing is outstanding Adding a new puppy to you home Mutt and Jeff antics will amuse you Kate Davidson is learning to be a Doula to help her friend give birth Attending, an open house for the new birthing center, she discovers a dead person in the break room His wife, Rachel is [...]

    8. You cannot go wrong when you read a book from Tracy Weber This book does not disappoint Kate is never afraid to add to never ending list of things to do This Yoga instructor is now training to be a Doula for a friend, saving puppies and solving crimes in her spare time This is a fun filled ride to the very end.

    9. There s never a dull moment for yoga instructor, Kate Davidson She is preparing to be the doula for her best friend who is having twins when she stumbles upon the murdered body of a noted fertility doctor The doctor happens to be the husband of one of her students, who had a huge fight with her husband in front of Kate Kate s complete belief in her student sends her on a chase for the real killer.In the meantime, her boyfriend brings home two rambunctious puppies The puppies, plus Kate s own spe [...]

    10. Another great book by Tracy Weber In her latest book, A Fatal Twist, Tracy Weber brings her characters, scenes and storyline to life.Kate s friend, Rene, is about to give birth to twin girls and she wants Kate to be her doula Kate is learning how to be a doula and her boyfriend Michael finds two puppies abandoned outside his pet store of a pet store He brings them home until he can find a home for them and finds himself getting attached to them Since they are pups, they are wrack havoc in their [...]

    11. I loved it A Fatal Twist follows the tradition of excellence that Tracy Weber established in the first book of The Downward Dog Mystery series In the time honored tradition of cozy mysteries, ever since Kate found George s body, she has tripped over bodies and felt compelled to discover the murderer There is however nothing trite about this book or any other in the series Kate is frustrated that she can t be the perfect follower of yoga with calm and balance in all of her life, but the anger, fr [...]

    12. A really enjoyable read Kate Davidson, yoga instructor, is going to be Doula for her best friend Rene who is pregnant with twins During the opening of a new birthing center Kate discovers a dead body When one of her yoga students is accused of murder, Kate is determined to find the real murderer.The story presents a tangled web of clues It uncovers secrets, lies and suspects.There is a supportive cast of secondary characters Bella, the German Shepherd gets stressedby Mutt and Jeff, two seven to [...]

    13. A fun mystery set in fabulous Seattle The protagonist is the owner of a Yoga studio and the caretaker of a special needs dog She spends the entire book juggling the events of her busy life She has agreed to be Doula for her best friend, she owns and runs a Yoga studio, she has a live in boyfriend, a special needs dog, and her boyfriend just came home with a pair of puppies that were left at his pet grooming salon Now she comes across another dead body An acquaintance is accused of the crime and [...]

    14. Kate s back While Kate s immersed in doula training as well as puppy care and yoga teaching she acquires a new partner in sleuthing who confuses dog rescue with dog theft Weber s style moves as smoothly as a yoga flow class One of the few series that stays on my Pure Entertainment TBR list.Favorite line when Kate says, For all she knew, the past crimes I d helped with were yoga sequencing errors I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    15. Another fine entry in the series, I like the characters, subjects and the mysteries, so glad that another book is due early next year Expected publication January 8th 2018

    16. I very seldom give 5 stars, but I applaud Tracy Weber on a work of art From chapter one I was completely caught up in the book with how she so successfully united all the characters, and managed to keep the story line so captivating till the very end I did not read the first book in the series, this can definitely be a stand alone Now that I ve discovered Downward Dog Mysteries I m ready for No need to be a yogi, nor an animal lover, though you may end up wanting to try a yoga class after this [...]

    17. I voluntarily reviewed this ARC for an honest review.Another great read from Tracy Weber In her latest book, A Fatal Twist, Tracy Weber brings to life her characters, the scenes, and the storyline A sign of a good book is when you actually feel that the characters are real people in your life In A Fatal Twist, the main character, Kate Davidson, stumbles upon a doctor s dead body in the employee s lounge while at an event for the hospital s new birthing center Prior to finding the body, she liter [...]

    18. Yoga instructor Kate Davidson is acting as doula for her pregnant best friend when she witnesses a scene that shows a fertility doctor to be less than faithful to his wife When she finds out his wife is one of her yoga students she is devastated And when she finds the doctor dead, and her student running away from the scene, she knows that all is not what it seems Kate decides to get to the bottom of things before the police put an innocent woman on trial.The first thing I noticed about the book [...]

    19. What a super cosy murder mystery book this is Although this is the fourth book in the series and I hadn t read any of the others, I felt very at home reading it The beginning of the book gives you general information, within the story, about who is who in Kate Davidson s life, the super sleuth when things take a turn for the worse Kate leads a very busy life trying to fit in her yoga business, live in boyfriend, he is so sweet, and her gorgeous dog Bella Have I mentioned her love of animals, esp [...]

    20. I received a copy of this upcoming book from Midnight Ink via NetGalley in exchange for a fair, honest review As if Yoga Instructor Kate Davidson s life wasn t already busy enough, now she is training to be a Doula for her pregnant best friend and fostering two foundling puppies Even chaos arises when Kate discovers the body of a local fertility doctor and sees one of her yoga students fleeing the murder scene Believing her student to be innocent, Kate starts investigating the dead doctor, disc [...]

    21. A Fatal Twist by Tracy Weber is fourth book in her Downward Dog Mystery series This is the first book I have read in this series Kate Davidson is a yoga instructor who somehow encounters dead bodies This time it s the cheating husband of one of her yoga students, who Kate sees fleeing the scene The addition of a couple of abandoned puppies, her pregnant best friend, live in boyfriend, teaching yoga classes, and a new crime solving partner combine to put Kate s already hectic life over the edge S [...]

    22. Yoga instructor Kate Davidson agrees to be the doula for her pregnant best friend which, you would think, would be a great enough challenge in her life But, when she finds a dead body in the ladies room of the new birthing center at the hospital, she is involved yet again in another mystery Why was her student Rachel running from the ladies room Kate is sure she is innocent of the murder but, the dead guy was her cheating husband And he had threatened Rachel s daughter Had she been pushed too fa [...]

    23. As a former doula who writes a mystery series featuring a midwife, I was particularly interested in this story about a yoga teacher being trained to do one time labor support for her friend Along the way, Kate Davidson becomes embroiled in pet rescue, medical mysteries, and solving a murder, of course, along with running her yoga studio The birthing details were well drawn, Kate s relationship with her man, Michael, rang true, and I loved the rescue puppies I hadn t read the earlier books in the [...]

    24. I had my eye on this series for some time now and had it marked to read in the near future, so when I had the opportunity to read the 4th book in the series from NetGalley, in exchange for a review, I jumped at the chance I was a bit worried if I might be lost, having not read any of the previous books, but it was no problem at all, if anything it strengthen my resolve in reading the others soon I loved the characters, both the 2 and 4 legged kind, and the storyline was great It also made me wan [...]

    25. This is an enjoyable addition to the Downward Dog Mystery Series The mystery is well plotted with plenty of suspects and a few twists that kept me guessing There are plenty of humorous moments with the dogs that will sure entertain I hope there will be books in this series I received a copy of this manuscript from the author, my review has been voluntarily submitted.

    26. I loved this book It is a great story and a fun read Even though this is a murder mystery the plot is very bright and happy Not only are you trying to figure out who was the killer but you also are investigating another mystery I love all the characters, especially Kate I also love the references to Yoga I definitely recommend to read this book You won t be disappointed.

    27. Kate Davidson has come into her own as a yoga instructor and successful yoga studio owner, with a great live in boyfriend, Michael, and a beautiful German Shepherd named Bella with treatable health issues She decides to sign on to be a childbirth doula for her friend, Rene, and is doing great until two abandoned puppies and a dead body interrupt her well balanced life A Fatal Twist is a great book, and Kate is a wonderful protagonist She is coming into her own as an unofficial investigator, as s [...]

    28. I had a lot of issues with this book First, the main character Kate is training as a doula but has no concept of how long birth takes or what is normal during an unmedicated birth She also lacks basic understanding of how a doula functions as a birth advocate and recommends narcotics in birth without listing any of the many risks She and her patient friend don t seem to discuss any of the important decisions about childbirth other than pain relief In addition to her time as a doula, Kate is also [...]

    29. I really did enjoy this book in author Tracy Weber s Downward Dog Mystery series I always love having a dog in my books and this on added two wild and adorable pups to the mix There was humor, mystery, dogs, great characters, intrigue, dogs did I mention them already and a well written story A Fatal Twist had it all The hot yoga scene cracked me up so much, I do not know when I have laughed so hard Kate and her boyfriend are great characters This installment even has a wonderful character that i [...]

    30. A Fatal Twist by Tracy Weber is the fourth book in the Downward Dog Mystery series In this book, Kate Davidson must find out who really killed Dr Richard Jones The police suspect Kate s friend Rachel, who is Dr Jones s wife, but Kate is convinced that Rachel isn t the killer In the meantime, Kate is dealing with two puppies that were dumped outside her boyfriend Michael s pet store, with Bella s stress because of the puppies causing a relapse of her digestive issues, with training to be a doula [...]

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