The Champ #2020

The Champ Jordan Silver The Champ Wyatt Hunter is the reigning UFC champ home for the holidays fresh from the circuit and all he wants to do is unwind between the thighs of some hot young thing who knows the rules He wasn t looking f

  • Title: The Champ
  • Author: Jordan Silver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Champ Jordan Silver Wyatt Hunter is the reigning UFC champ home for the holidays, fresh from the circuit and all he wants to do is unwind between the thighs of some hot young thing who knows the rules He wasn t looking for her, didn t even know she was out there until he walked into a smoky bar on a cold winter s night and saw the world s greatest ass from across the room Everything changeWyatt Hunter is the reigning UFC champ home for the holidays, fresh from the circuit and all he wants to do is unwind between the thighs of some hot young thing who knows the rules He wasn t looking for her, didn t even know she was out there until he walked into a smoky bar on a cold winter s night and saw the world s greatest ass from across the room Everything changed for him that night, within a split second the hardcore bad boy who was only looking for a good time, was hooked Traci Starr is a budding law student with nothing on her mind than passing the bar and going back to her little hometown in Nebraska Out on a dare from her friends, who thought she needed to unwind, after fending off the unwanted advances of an admirer for the past few months, she s out of her element when the hotshot overly masculine, and extremely handsome Wyatt sets his sights on her She fights him all the way, but she s no match for The Champ.
    The Champ Jordan Silver

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    One thought on “The Champ”

    1. 5 CHAMP STARS Nope, never met anyone who deserved the honor, not before last night when I walked into that bar and saw the girl I m gonna marry And there you have it.Meet Wyatt, a Champ looking to get laid while home for thanksgiving He, his brother and his friends go out to the local bar to find some action when he sees an ass he wants to get up close and personal with He is captivated by her ass but when she goes on the dance floor to let it all hang out, he is overwhelmed by his feelings I d [...]

    2. 3.5 You always know what you re getting with a Jordan Silver book and I just fancied a nice hot alpha male romance, you know the kind I mean over possessive male falls instantly for innocent female resulting in loads of sex and usually the declaration of mine Wyatt Hunter is the reigning UFC champ and he s home for the holidays, all he wants to do is get laid, easy sex no strings but instead of heading to the city and a nightclub they re in Smileys Our little end of the world doesn t run to nigh [...]

    3. The longest book of this series and another good story written by Jordan Silver I miss her releasing books often though I hope she releases books again soon.The story was about Wyatt, 25 and Traci, 22.Wyatt was in his hometown for the holidays He s the reigning UFC champ He went to a bar with his brother and friends to find a woman, a one night stand.As soon as he entered the bar, he saw Traci Well, not her face but her ass And he wanted to have her but once he saw her face, he felt something [...]

    4. Classic JS and I loved it I thought it was one of her better stories, but the formula and story will be very familiar to JS readers It was hot, steamy and had some humor Safety gang safe A few spoilers view spoiler Manwhore or at least a former manwhore who has been too busy fighting to be one recently His past was only discussed with heroine in that he said that he did not sleep with all the women he was pictured with Those were many times set ups for a stress free evening Virgin very typical J [...]

    5. 3.5 stars.Typical Jordan Silver, uber possessive alpha, slightly annoying heroine I did feel that it dragged on a bit No sexy times til halfway through the book, but overall a good read

    6. This was an ok read for me I didn t real feel the heat or passion between this couple that I usually expect with Jordan Silver s books I m excited for Cord and the rest of the Seal Team Seven though

    7. 3.25 stars this was ok I really did enjoy Wyatt s OTT possessiveness but idk at times I was laughing and really into this and then other times I found my self a tad bit bored There were some really Hot scenes i loved the epilogue though everything I love and want in one Safety of course hero was a manwhore not too much is mentioned about his past he had a gf in the tenth grade but thats it nothing serious until the h the beginning of book he is out and his intentions are to find a girl to have s [...]

    8. Alpha UFC fighter and law studentPretty decent story of insta love between the reigning UFC champ and a law student who is doing an internship with a judge They meet in a bar and BAM Love at first sight as only Jordan Silver can tell it.

    9. Solid 3 starsThis could have been a great read The first half I would give 4 stars, but the second half was 3 stars I barely finished it.The heroine and hero were likable The hero goes to the bar with his brother and friends the night before Thanksgiving Wyatt is just looking for a one night stand He is used to getting anyone he wants since he is a UFC champion However, one look at Traci and he falls hard and fast This is instal love, insta everything, but it worked for me I also liked that ther [...]

    10. UFC champ Wyatt Hunter knows he can have any woman he wants, but when he sees Traci Starr from across the room at a bar he knows she is something different Traci has no clue who he is and is not sure she wants to Wyatt stakes his claim immediately on Traci, he takes the time for Traci to get to know him but everything is rushed when it appears she has a stalker Wyatt has a big fight coming up and he wants to keep Traci safe as well as have his ring on her finger Now he just has to get Traci to a [...]

    11. A guilty pleasure Anything she puts out I gobble up Is it over the top Yes it is Is it at times cheesy Yes it is and you know what I love it Sometimes I don t want down to earth real life love Sometimes you need something so far from reality it just makes you smile and that s what Jordan Silver gives you Great story and easy read.

    12. In pure Jordan Silver s style, you will get an over the top possessive alpha hero who will turn all caveman to protect his woman Is there insta love lust in this book Yes definitely and it worked for me as usual

    13. Best of JS s Bad Boy series and probably one of my favorite of JS s books Great H, and the heroine wasn t as timid etc as a lot of her heroines are She did have a TSTL moment, but other than that, I liked her.

    14. This was one of those times that I just couldn t appreciate the OTT caveman vibes Wyatt was giving off I admit that I kind of sped through some of the dialogue since it had me cringing I ve read stories with a similar breakneck speed pacing but this one had the added factor of Traci having a stalker Traci didn t take the stalker very seriously and that was ridiculous to me She was also a bit too self conscious in the beginning for my liking I don t think there was any description of her body bes [...]

    15. Wyatt is home for a much needed vacation He is out with his peeps and lo and behold he spots the most beautiful woman He is not looking for love just a good time but cupid has other plans for this couple Traci is out with her friends trying to have a good time after dealing with a date that has gone from bad to stalker Wyatt has her under his radar and he is not about to give up his prize Traci is in a daze she never expected to find her forever on a night out with her friends never less one tha [...]

    16. I cannot fathom how this book got a four star rating No.just no I love a caveman alpha, but this goes beyond Chips in rings to keep tabs on their women Bagged and tagged is what that he called it, and really sums up the relationship Insta love doesn t normally bother me, but in the context of this story, it is ludicrous I found it hard to believe Traci was studying Law, she came across as an airhead.I have enjoyed the few JS books I have read, but unfortunately this one was a little too OTT for [...]

    17. 3 StarsOverall Opinion Well, this is a hard one for me to rate I found the H s OTT instalove and possessiveness pretty rediculous BUT it also kept me into the story in a weird way There were some moments that I literally laughed out loud and I don t think that they were meant to be funny view spoiler The H referred to his anatomy as meat on than one occasion He would say things in his inner dialogue like feed her my meat or stuff her with my meat and I ll admit it I giggled like a immature kid [...]

    18. 1.5 stars This book just was a DNF for me I couldn t wrap it around my head about how fast things went It literally made my eyes hurt Imagine Looking at you from across the bar, dancing on the dance floor like you just don t care Now since this is fiction obviously he is overly hot and you like the fact that he s staring at you with a heated gaze So you decide to give him a show but instead you attract unwanted attention He swoops in and saves you and kisses you out of know where.Literally, gave [...]

    19. GENERAL INFO The Champ Bad Boys Year Pub Re Pub 12 2015Indie Publisher indiePage Length 230Genre erotica, N ASub Genre Age 18 Standalone Cliffhanger standaloneStandalone Part of a Series Installment Bad Boys book 5Epilogue Included yes, they have their hands full with all the kiddies POV 1st 2nd 3rd Person 1st personCharacter s POV Spoken Wyatt and Traci H h BOOK DESCRIPTION M F M M M M F etc M FHEA HFN etc Ending HEAContains Cheating noContains Children noFlashbacks noJealy Possy OTT Rating 4Am [...]

    20. This story was cute, I enjoyed reading about Wyatt and Traci It was well developed, not boring, not too quick Some super hot sex and a good jilted stalker to boot Worth the read, a solid B.

    21. Be warned this review contains spoilers So looking at other reviews I can see this book has a lot of good feedback with people giving it a lot of starsbut I just don t get why I started this book with high expectations and finished it with not a lot of good things to say about it at all First there were a lot of grammar and what I thing is spelling mistakes like this Which time The time I fainted or the time I almost fucked that idiot woman out the window I believe that the fucked is supposed to [...]

    22. 2.8 I have to say I love Jordan s Lyons Crew Series and it was a good story but Wyatt was just to much like Coltan I kept thinking Coltan instead of Wyatt It was like reading Coltan with a different woman as Traci was different than Kat At time she had a few tendencies like Kat but for the most part I knew she was someone else but Wyatt talked like Coltan, acted like Coltan, As I said I loved Coltan but I don t want to see him with someone else because I love Kat Not that I didn t like Traci but [...]

    23. I loveeeee Jordan Silver s books Short, erotic, HEA, and alpha male Always alpha male with insta love.So is this tittle I love all the series and this book was better than the previous book because the plot was nicer, I mean, the problem was not too short which is I love so much.What I don t clique with this book was the love scenes I know Jordan s trademark was so intense love making and lots and lots love scenes, but for me, it was too much in this book so it seems like the huge part was sex a [...]

    24. Although a fairly decent read, this book is my least favorite in the series This story lacked the gritty, I don t care how I get my woman as long as I get her theme, and the total alpha package in general The first four books in this series is beyond awesome so naturally I assumed this story would excel However, it fell short for me This story will definitely appeal to the romantics Again its a decent read just not for me.With that being said, please consider other reviews if making the decision [...]

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