Edge of the Heat, the Complete Series #2020

Edge of the Heat, the Complete Series Lisa Ladew Edge of the Heat the Complete Series Steamy swearing mature topics suspenseful What if your ex husband was an abusive dirty cop and he was convinced he would get you back someday What if he was willing to do anything to make that ha

  • Title: Edge of the Heat, the Complete Series
  • Author: Lisa Ladew
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Edge of the Heat, the Complete Series Lisa Ladew Steamy, swearing, mature topics, suspenseful What if your ex husband was an abusive, dirty cop, and he was convinced he would get you back someday What if he was willing to do anything to make that happen Do you think it would scare off your new boyfriend, a strong, hot firefighter Not if he has secrets of his own Six full length novels and one novella 500,370 worSteamy, swearing, mature topics, suspenseful What if your ex husband was an abusive, dirty cop, and he was convinced he would get you back someday What if he was willing to do anything to make that happen Do you think it would scare off your new boyfriend, a strong, hot firefighter Not if he has secrets of his own Six full length novels and one novella 500,370 words Over 1500 pages Books 1 7 of the best selling Edge of the Heat Series This is the complete series for now and also includes three free books The Billionaire s Secret Kink 1 Unauthorized Affair, and Hide My Memories Edge of the Heat follows four couples on their journey from disaster to happily ever after Here is the synopsis for book one, but I don t want to include all of the descriptions here, because they include spoilers Following a near death experience, firefighter paramedic Emma Hill s world is turned upside down Haunted by a vision of the man who could very well be her soul mate, Emma is desperate to find that man, but fear stands in her way With a maniacal ex husband determined to get her back, Emma struggles to stay clear of him or risk living a life riddled by quiet desperation and abuse Fighting with a dirty cop is dangerous enough, but when that dirty cop is her ex husband the stakes are raised to disastrous levels Craig Masterson, the firefighter who saved Emma s life, finds himself falling for her When he learns who her ex husband is, he realizes that this is a battle he may not win Choosing to love her is a deadly game If he can stay alive, their love may flourish, but only if he can defeat her ex.
    Edge of the Heat, the Complete Series Lisa Ladew

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      Lisa Ladew

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    1. On the edge of my seatWhile this book had so many unbelievable circumstances, I couldn t put it down I was addicted from the beginning So many strong characters The corruption, heroes, suspense, and hot characters made this book so exciting to read I don t have a favorite character because I loved them all Great book Can t wait to read of your work Thanks

    2. A must readThis is a great KU library read The ongoing storyline begins with Emma, a paramedic, and Craig, an undercover FBI agent fireman who saves her life It introduces Vivian, Emma s twin sister, separated at birth, and Craig s boss, Hawk It brings in Emma s partner Jerry and Sara, the physical therapist spy he falls for And it introduces JT, a Marine triplet brother Emma and Vivian knew nothing about, along with Dani, a reporter who falls for him while they are held prisoner in the Sinai De [...]

    3. If I want a great book then Lisa is my go to girl, she never leaves me hanging There are always things you never see coming, twists and turns that have you squirming in your seat and thrills that will have you reading through your fingers Thrills, murder, mystery and intrigue, loss and fears, horror and anxieties, hate and love are just a few of the emotions that you will feel right along with our characters Anything Lisa Ladew I love and can t get enough of and I love love love this series This [...]

    4. Edge of the Heat Box Box Set Books 1 7 Edge of the HeatBook 1 Emma and Craig meet Book 2 Craig is shot, Emma finds her sister, Norman kidnip Emma and Vivian Book 3 Vivian and Hawk find love Book 4 The wedding Book 5 the love story of Jerry and Sara Book 6 rescue of TJ and Dani by Sara Book 7 baby are born and we met Knot You love this books.

    5. Thrilling These books keep you wanting for I couldn t read them fast enough I loved the characters and how realistic they were I almost didn t want them to end I would recommend reading these definitely

    6. This is a fun KU read Yes there are some unbelievable circumstances events, but none that jolted you from the story None of the characters were whiny or put up on a big turn off for me I enjoyed them all.

    7. Amazed If you love romance, intrigue, corruption and Hell breaking loose you will love this series Some and it was very little spots were confusing but then it all came together and you were riding a roller coaster Thumbs up for this author.

    8. Great readThis book or should I say all the books were really great reads My only problem is half way through I got bored, should have had a break and gone back to it, that s my fault But well definitely be reading book eight.

    9. AmazingI absolutely loved this box set Loads of romance, mystery, action and adventure I could not put this down I loved how all 4 romances tied in with each other.

    10. WowWhat an amazing read The author has managed to capture my attention through every page Well written and worth reading

    11. No wordsI m at loss This whole series has been fantastic I love the characters,, the plot twists, the bad guys all of it

    12. I Love this series Ive read it before now reading it again on book 8 Its a great read its bout true friendships really grabs you with a great and thrilling theme I highly recommend it.

    13. Hot and action packed Absolutely loved this series which I got thru KU Loved the characters, men and women both, and how all 7 stories tied together perfectly

    14. This series covers a whole spectrum of genres, form romance right down to murder and mystery There is also a prequel available through Lisa Ladew s newsletter and it is worth reading this first as it starts the story giving insight into later events, it is only a short read so doesn t take long to get through.As the series progresses we move on from most of the firefighting and paramedic side to an even intense subject matter With FBI and Army personal also included you can expect guns and viol [...]

    15. Good seriesTotally enjoyed this awesome series Hooked from the first page Full of drama, angst and intrigue Can t wait for the next book.

    16. 5 Stars Edge of Hear Boxed SetAbsolutely loved this series Edge of Heat has it all humor, suspense, tears and love This is series about 4 couples who are thrown together by fate, family, friendship and government conspiracy Emma and Craig make up book 1 and 2 Vivian and Hawk are 3 and 4 Sara and Jerry are book 5, Jt and Dani belong with book 6 Book 7 belongs to them all All characters are in most of the series The 5 main characters are Emma, Vivian, Craig and Hawk Each story is different , Ladew [...]

    17. I got this as a book set 1 7 and am so glad I did From book 1 chapter 1 to the end of book 7 there is action, suspense, romance and some steamy sex scenes There are hot FBI men, Firefighters and Military men I love how books flow from one to the next and the characters develop as each book progresses If you were to get these books one at a time expect some serious cliff hangers which is way I m glad I got all 7 at once These series took me 5 days to read and I am a quick reader I would recommend [...]

    18. Argh DNFOur heroine is described as smart, competent, and practically perfect Actions speak louder than words she s an idiot Our hero is a nice guy and apparently gullible The big villain was a SEAL one Seal as written in the book and is completely over the top in abusive sleaze Everyone is pretty much one dimensional and it s all terribly melodramatic with eye glazing information dumps along the way Find something else to read.

    19. WHERE THERE S HEAT THERE S FIRE, SUSPENCE, AND PASSIONI have read all 7 books before they were bundled I was hooked I have become a huge fan of Lisa Ladew Read this series and you will want to read her other books Lisa connects each series in some way That could be the mentioning of certain locations or friends of characters in another series this series will not disappoint I highly recommend this and other series by Lisa Ladew.

    20. I really wanted to like this series I read up to Jerry s story and I had to stop Up until then was touch and go It was a good concept but I think it wasn t properly executed It needed to be professionally edited There was too much filler and it hindered the flow of the storyline Which is really sad because it had great potential.

    21. FanfreakingtasticA thriller for sure Awesome characters Story with such plots like you wouldn t believe Sexy as hell Dramatic and fulfilling Super bundle at a great price And the first book of other series is a tantalizing treat to further enhance this author and grabs you to read .

    22. DNF I got to chapter 6 of the first book I spent probably 50% of the book skipping parts of the book It just wasn t doing it for me The prologue was very interesting and in all honesty it was the only reason that I made it that far in the book I was hoping for answers, but alas there was no answers and the main characters have barely spent time together.

    23. Edge of the Heat, the Complete Series Edge of the Heat Firefighter RomanceThis was a awesome series to read I took my time and read each book from the beginning to the end in a days time Once I got started I couldn t put it down until I read it through the end Each book was so good I would definitely recommend reading the whole series.

    24. Amazing box setLoved how this box set contains books about each characters so you can get to know them all whilst bringing the next character into the story Very easy to keep track of everyone Onto book 8

    25. Well done.Couldn t put this down Loved the charcters Intense stories Will be reading everything Lisa Ladew has written going forward Loved the interplay of the characters Read them in order.

    26. Edge or the heatI gave the series a 4 because the SEX was a little too explicit for me However, all stories were well written and interesting I will continue to follow this author.

    27. ExcitingThis series is full of exciting mishaps From kidnapping and murder plots to exploding houses Corruption in the town makes FBI agents set up shop and end up with the love of their lives with triplet sisters and the brother of the trio gets a love life as well.

    28. This series has it all Secrets, danger, romance and relationships Each story connects with the one before and is a definite must read.

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