Playing With Fire #2020

Playing With Fire Avery Cockburn Playing With Fire I don t want options I just want you Robert McKenzie has a secret As the only straight player on an all LGBT soccer team he s known to fans as McWhatAWaste No one would guess Robert s actually bisexu

  • Title: Playing With Fire
  • Author: Avery Cockburn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Playing With Fire Avery Cockburn I don t want options I just want you Robert McKenzie has a secret As the only straight player on an all LGBT soccer team, he s known to fans as McWhatAWaste No one would guess Robert s actually bisexual At twenty one, on the verge of a brilliant career in video game design, he s finally ready to be his true self The only thing keeping him in the closet is his gay I don t want options I just want you Robert McKenzie has a secret As the only straight player on an all LGBT soccer team, he s known to fans as McWhatAWaste No one would guess Robert s actually bisexual At twenty one, on the verge of a brilliant career in video game design, he s finally ready to be his true self The only thing keeping him in the closet is his gay best friend Liam Carroll has a problem His gorgeous best mate wants to kiss him and touch him and everything with him But for how long With Robert embarking on a bright future far from their rough and tumble East End streets Liam may soon be left behind He can t risk falling in love with a man he can t live without His solution Keep things casual, see what happens.Aye, right After one night together, just mates is no longer an option Robert wants than sex, but diehard cynic Liam won t drop the barriers around his heart As they push and pull each other, their lifelong bond the heart of the Warriors team is ready to rupture With the bridge back to mere friendship well and truly burned, Robert and Liam must go forward together or fall to pieces apart.
    Playing With Fire Avery Cockburn

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      293 Avery Cockburn
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    1. This is the ultimate sexy oh, so very sexy best friends to lovers story Liam is an out and proud ginger, Robert the only straight man on the Glasgow LGBT futball team The two are inseparable and do everything together play futbal, go camping, even pose half naked for a team calendar The big secret is that Robert is bi and pining for Liam I was a little annoyed with both MCs, Liam for not trusting Robert enough to know his own mind, and Robert for being so fixated on the word bisexual When you lo [...]

    2. 3.5 to 4 stars This series makes me so happy that I m this close to think that I have a soft spot for Scottish footballers I really don t Because footballers I mean No matter how many times the characters make my annoyance flair up Liam, I m looking at you , it remains that we ve got A writing, vivid settings and stories that just feel so real I can t help but love them, flaws and all TW biantagonism from one of the MC his prejudice towards bisexuals are confronted on page but he does say very [...]

    3. I ll make you want me I ll make you beg I ll make you make me an exception to your rule, until the rule no longer matters This was a winner The second book is still my favorite, but I still enjoyed this one immensely This one is focused on the relationship and the romance There is plenty of steam although the sex scenes seemed a bit repetitive to me , some sports action that, surprisingly, I enjoyed and no politics or religious stuff And seriously, despite his stubbornness and the fact that I w [...]

    4. 4.5 Stars Truly in the top favorites of the friends to lovers trope, this takes the 1 spot for me in this series so far Robert has come to a place in his life where he s finally ready to admit his attraction to men Truthfully, it s really all about one particular man and that s Liam, his best friend since they were 6 years old Robert s all set to take the plunge but is scared that Liam s personal hangups might prevent their ultimate happiness However, he s determined for Liam to be his first in [...]

    5. B sico romance MM male malehombre hombre, tendr que empezar a llamarle HH o le dejo el MM Masculino Masculinojor no, suena a reporte policial Romance H H, hay muchos hombres, mucho f tbol, mucha amiga, poca pol tica la gran diferencia con los libros anteriores y lo usual en lo usual del romance HH MM usual Es el m s flojo de la serie y, as y todo, superior a la mayor a de sus compa eros de g nero Para hacer una comparaci n Playing with Fire es 5 5 en un mundo MMHHMM lleno de clich s e historias [...]

    6. 2.5 starsI have pondered about this for the past 2 days during the weekend I had troubles saying that this was a favorite of mine, but there were times when I liked Liam and Robert enough So I was wondering about whether I should rounded it up or down After much thinking, I decided that the rounded down rating was the best way Because I couldn t exactly praise this I had issues with the boys than excitement Which is too bad considering that I love friends to lovers theme so much.The trouble for [...]

    7. This book has many of the things I ve really enjoyed in this series so far The local Glasgow flavor and slang are wonderfully appealing The secondary characters, the interactions both on and off the team, give the main characters a full and varied life outside their relationship The sports action is vivid, but not overdone in fact, I wouldn t have minded a bit in this one The thing that made this book 4 rather than 5 stars for me was that the conflict the obstacle that kept these two men apart [...]

    8. 4 ish StarsI stumbled upon this series when the first book was offered as a freebie, and decided to give it to In this installment, which I got to say I was so excited forI m a huge sucker of friends to lovers, especially a GFY scenario, we have our token straight member of the team falling for his best mate There was so much potential, I think I was a little disappointed in the repeated back and forth and both of the MC s made me want to shake them at some point in the story I think the resolut [...]

    9. 3.5 stars rounded down.I enjoyed this a lot and I think it successfully explored its themes bisexuality, childhood friends to lovers I had some niggles for instance, the sex scenes, although super hot, have become formulaic and there are some easily discernible patterns in the writing but I still devoured this in one sitting I m looking forward to the next book in the series.

    10. Once again the Glasgow Lads are back This time it s Robert and Liam the mighty centre back defensive duo for the LGBT soccer team The Warriors.Robert McKenzie, the only straight player on the team, is gorgeous, talented and on his way to a brilliant career in video game design The one known as McWhatAWaste has a secret He s actually bisexual And totally into his gay best friend.That gay best friend is Liam Carroll Liam and Rob grew up together in Glasgow s boisterous and occasionally brutal East [...]

    11. ltimo libro de los Lads de Avery hasta la fecha La historia de Liam y Robert, en los anteriores libros los conflictos eran generados por diferencias religiosas, pol ticas, sociales, aqu ser la bisexualidad de uno de los protagonistas y el diferente camino que han tomado en su vida Como siempre, los temas est n tratados con un buen an lisis y mucha sensibilidad.Quiz s de todos los libros es el que me ha parecido m s completo, te despierta todo tipo de emociones de forma muy intensa felicidad, tri [...]

    12. 4.5 STARS Sometimes I wish my imagination was just a little bit better at visualizing things like, say, John and Fergus Bachelor Parties Oh, Liam, Liam, Liam.KnowwhatImean But anyway, I m off topic hereThis was another fantastic installment to the Glasgow Lads series and one that I was really dying to get to because if there s one type of M M that gets me it s Gay For You romances.I went into this only knowing that it was Liam and Robert s story I assumed that Robert was going to quit dating the [...]

    13. I ve enjoyed all the previous books from this author so don t let this one review put you off her work This was the flimsiest excuse for a conflict I ve read in a romance novel in ages And it was dragged out for 330 long and repetitive pages I would rather have read one of those annoying romantic suspense novels with the dumb heroine who keeps throwing herself into ridiculously dangerous situations just to prove the hero can t tell her what to do, than read this Robert is bisexual and all the an [...]

    14. This is the story of two best friends, one of them gay Liam , and the other a closeted bisexual Robert that decides to finally make a move on his best friend to be than friends BUT Liam already have a very bad experience with bisexuals so is not very receptive at the beginningI couldn t put down this book so tonight I sleep around five hours before going to work Why Too much angst that I wanted to leave the book in a happy moment between the MCs BUT NEVER was the right moment The beginning of t [...]

    15. The Glasgow Lads series surprised the hell outta me Mostly because the entire thing is currently available on Kindle Unlimited, and the odds of reading even semi decent books on KU are extremely low But even without KU, the individual prices of these books is reasonable, especially for the quality of the content Cockburn s writing is fantastic This isn t just some European football hot guy erotica, it s an actual story with three dimensional characters, believable story arcs, well paced plot pro [...]

    16. really enjoyed this one Rabbie s just the sweetest amongst the lads 3 Now, I cannot wait to read Evan s story tis gonna be a hell of a redemption arc for him hhmm.Thank you to my dear friend Riina for recommending this series I m totally in love with the boys 3

    17. Igual 3,5, no lo s , tengo que reposarlo.Y me ha gustado, pero sinti ndolo mucho, nada comparable al libro de Andrew y Colin, para mi, el mejor de los 3.Como los dem s de la serie ste est muy bien construido, un genial retrato de la ciudad y la sociedad de de Glasgow, que se nota que Cockburn conoce muy bien, y que con cada una de las entregas vamos entendiendo mejor, me ha gustado mucho la nota del autor al final de libro d nde nos cuenta c mo con Playing with Fire cierra una etapa.El eje centr [...]

    18. It s no secret that I love a good series Glasgow Lads is one of my favorites The series is well written and character driven The characters are complex and each has a unique voice I was surprised by the amount of emotion and angst in Robert and Liam s book At times, I had to take a reading break I needed one of Liam s famous massages It was great to see all the familiar characters and catch up with my favorite couples I will be eagerly awaiting the next book ARC provided by the author for an hon [...]

    19. What happens when you fall in love with your alter ego A hot mess is what happens If you thought the first two books held great consequences, hold onto your butts because Liam Robert are about to blow us off the pitch.I was completely gaga over the first two books, so it s not surprising that my infatuation continues but it s subdued this round.I think the reason my frenzy of excitement lost its gusto is because Avery did such a superb job demonstrating their waffling, that I too found myself wa [...]

    20. There is so much achey goodness in this book.A rich friends to lovers romance that contends with biphobia, making a life together, and hope.All the conflicts hurt a little because they are true and real While I am not always thrilled with Liam s thoughts or action, he grows and risks a lot and his romantic gestures are the bomb Robert is wonderful and how he decided to make things work real seals the loveliness of this story A great cast, a great setting, and great writing

    21. Really liked this one with Robert and Liam front and centre I could ve kicked Liam s arse for him several times, especially with his aversion to all things bi sexual but that would have meant he wouldn t have stood any sort of chance with Robertd they ve been besties for 15 years.We had a wedding woot , some designer kilts hehe and the next story comes out over the summer featuring Ben, the wedding planner and Robert s guide to all things Grindr related and that social pariah Evan, who methinks [...]

    22. It s interesting to read reviews of people who don t like Robert s actions, then to read that others found Liam to be the irritating one.Both boys behave badly Both are contradictory, and mulish Their pouting can be seen from the top of a tall Glaswegian hill Tor Mountain something.And yes it s drawn out, and they cover the same ground repeatedly, and all the while, their love for each other burns brightly Sigh Robert s brilliant plan at the end, is not far from reality I have heard of these so [...]

    23. This was a really sweet story I m not typically a fan of books about sports that I m not into, but this worked for me I loved the characters, the writing, the humor, and most of all the way the author approached the topic of bisexuality This is something that s so often ignored Something I ve always found especially hurtful is encountering hatefulness and judgement from gay and lesbian people The very folks you expect to have your back The way the author dealt with this issue was perfect to see [...]

    24. I mean, what can I say that hasn t already been said This series rocked I want so much of it I love every single one of these boys, and I loved getting to know them I was so, so, so excited to read Robert and Liam s story, and it was truly everything I wanted it to be.Avery Cockburn is a solid writer, one of the best I ve had the privilege to read I ll revisit Glasgow many times in the future.

    25. I KNEW IT Nice wraps up for the lads, even Evan Cant wait for their short storyCant wait for another series from this author

    26. Maybe 3.75 but only because Robert is love Team Robert figthing and I want to read about this guys I love all of them but Liam, seriously you re an arsehole XD

    27. You know how sometimes you finish a book, and you can t even think about starting a new one because you can t get the book you just finished out of your head Yeah That s been every one of the Glasgow Lads books for me so far.Robert McKenzie and Liam Carroll have been introduced throughout the series as teammates on the Warriors LGBT amateur football team, as well as lifelong best friends Robert, in fact, is the only straight member of the team Until it s revealed that he isn t Robert s been keep [...]

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