Morning Glories, Vol. 10: Expulsion #2020

Morning Glories, Vol. 10: Expulsion Nick Spencer Joe Eisma Morning Glories Vol Expulsion Features the Expulsion arc and the blockbuster Season finale Casey takes a stand in the Student Council election Guillaume challenges the headmaster in the Towerball finals and Vanessa and Ian fac

  • Title: Morning Glories, Vol. 10: Expulsion
  • Author: Nick Spencer Joe Eisma
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • Morning Glories, Vol. 10: Expulsion Nick Spencer Joe Eisma Features the Expulsion arc and the blockbuster Season 2 finale Casey takes a stand in the Student Council election, Guillaume challenges the headmaster in the Towerball finals, and Vanessa and Ian face off in the science fair When it s all over, one of the biggest mysteries of the book is revealed, and the stage is set for the upcoming MORNING GLORIES SUMMER VACATION Features the Expulsion arc and the blockbuster Season 2 finale Casey takes a stand in the Student Council election, Guillaume challenges the headmaster in the Towerball finals, and Vanessa and Ian face off in the science fair When it s all over, one of the biggest mysteries of the book is revealed, and the stage is set for the upcoming MORNING GLORIES SUMMER VACATION Collects MORNING GLORIES 47 50.
    Morning Glories, Vol. 10: Expulsion Nick Spencer Joe Eisma

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      129 Nick Spencer Joe Eisma
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    One thought on “Morning Glories, Vol. 10: Expulsion”

    1. This has become Lost with even characters and fewer resolutions to open plot threads I counted 25 characters on the covers to issue 50 and that s not even close to the entire cast I can no longer remember who s who, especially when it s also taken 2 years to put out these 4 issues Joe Eisma s art is REALLY sloppy in the book and tries to hide it with the coloring The faces look weird and that s really the entire book, because let s face it, every scene is just a couple of people talking He can [...]

    2. It s been almost a year since I read Morning Glories, which is probably bad considering the entire thing doesn t make much sense even when read closely and together in a reasonable time frame Fuckin time travel, man All the things I remember going into the 9th volume the electro top thing, the election, and the towerball game all resolve here That makes the 9th volume as uneventful as I thought it was, at least in terms of directly relating to these season ending events The issues themselves bui [...]

    3. Morning Glories comes to a close for now with volume 10.I am still so confused.And yet, it s all very compelling stuff Nick Spencer is a whiz at dialogue, and a lot of long standing plotlines get resolutions even if they don t make 100% sense yet If anything, we get some questions to add to the never ending pile.Joe Eisma s artwork is beautiful as always, and the good thing about this series ending for now is that he s free to draw some other stuff for a while like Archie, and Faith, for exampl [...]

    4. I still love this series as much as I did at the beginning I m also just as confused, just in whole new ways.

    5. Much like the worst aspects of Lost, the overarching plot of Morning Glories has become increasingly convoluted and opaque The series reaches a critical mass of unanswered questions, and looming mysteries I m forced to assume Spencer is writing by the seat of his pants, which for a long form mystery I consider acting in bad faith towards the audience Maybe like the students of the titular academy I just need to have faith in Headmaster Spencer s grand design Or maybe I should save myself the fru [...]

    6. As I write this review, I don t know what the future of this series is Nick Spencer had always planned to write a 100 issue story, but because he is busy with his work at Marvel right now, Morning Glories has been put on indefinite hiatus I tend to believe that he will return to it someday, but that may just be wishful thinking I love this series It is my favorite comic book series of all time I love the mysteries, and I can t wait to find out what happens next Just when I was started to get fru [...]

    7. This was probably a 3.5 star read I actually really enjoyed it but it s just dragging on at this point I don t believe there are any volumes out quite yet and I am okay with that Not even certain I am intrigued enough to care if any other ones come out I want to know what happens but don t care too much if I never find out.

    8. I still love the series but the questions than answers motive is starting to get a little old I can t accept a certain amount of characters saying, I m sorry, I can t answer a normal question with an actual answer but it is starting to clearly be a delay tactic for Spencer to figure out where he is going with this You have to start making some of this make sense man or some of us are going to have to give up.

    9. Morning Glories Series Ratings Morning Glories, Vol 1 For a Better Future Morning Glories, Vol 2 All Will Be Free Morning Glories, Vol 3 P.E TBRMorning Glories, Vol 4 Truants TBRMorning Glories, Vol 5 Tests TBRMorning Glories, Vol 6 Demerits TBRMorning Glories, Vol 7 Honors TBRMorning Glories, Vol 8 Rivals TBRMorning Glories, Vol 9 Assembly TBRMorning Glories, Vol 10 Expulsion TBR

    10. Interesting comic collection but still confusingOnly having read Volume 9 and that a while ago, this remains a bit of a mystery It takes place in a school where privileged students attend amongst others and the school exerts power and influence over them and their families I read a little of the synopsis from the eight previous volumes to give me some idea of what had already transpired The students are imprisoned in the school, brainwashed on the whole There s a fair amount of bloodshed, death [...]

    11. Boy Well.If you liked Lost, you ll probably enjoy this.If you thought Lost was an example of something where the writers had absolutely no idea what was going on, and jsut pulled it all out their arses, and made it deliberately obtuse to cover for the fact that they had no idea Then, yeah Welcome to Morning Glories.It doesn t end The comic went on hiatus after this volume, and I seriously doubt it will be back So this is ten volumes of build up and promise of massive stunning revelations about w [...]

    12. Maybe it s because I ve been reading each volume so far apart, but I m starting to feel like there s no payoff for all the intrigue and twists the writer is taking us through There was a big reveal in this volume, but I don t feel like I understand anything better or really have any idea where the series is headed, and I feel like I should have SOME idea by the tenth volume.

    13. Ah, the endlessly obtuse series that is Morning Glories A lot happens in this instalment though We finally get to meet the Headmaster, and the body count ends up being quite high Still, I feel closer to some answers than I have done for a while now Looking forward to reading of this series.

    14. And the Oscar for Best at Never Giving Any Specific Details as to What is Going on goes to Morning Glories Whooo I am getting super sick of the dialogue, nothing ever getting explained, what is going on, and nothing getting accomplished I am done.

    15. I m still compelled I am But this basically had no answers and I am ready for a few Really, I like being confused along the path, but this has been years and I m starting to forget some of the intricacies of this story I just need a bone It can be a small one But throw me a bone.

    16. Eh Confusing and not my favorite in the series One of the biggest mysteries was supposed to be revealed Well if it was I missed it.

    17. Lots of stuff happens in this book, but, really, does any of it even matter any If you re never going to answer any questions, what is the point No answers, no resolution, no nothing Ugh.

    18. I just read all the first 50 issues of this series back to back and while I was able to follow the characters, this is one of those all mysterious, doesn t make sense series Towerball question why were they the red team at one point I kind of wish I read some reviews of this series before I devoted so much time to it as this looks like it s the end of the series for sometime since the author is having mainstream success with Marvel.

    19. Oh, my gosh Still no real answers I mean, it s compelling, for sure, but you can t string along readers forever Mostly, I just want a standalone novel about Casey and only Casey.

    20. I just don t care any I read as far as my library had and nothing convinces me that there is a point to this bullshit No one acts like a freaking human being.

    21. So apparently we re at the halfway point now and they re taking a break for a while I still don t know about this series, man It looks really good and the ideas it presents are interesting, but it s so confusing I wish they d just give us a couple answers.I like this series, but at the same time I just want it to be over.

    22. Before I read this book I went back and re read the entire series to date It really helped I understand much better who all the characters are, I even knew which one was Jun and Hisao the whole time The series has been a little up and down for me, and part of that was confusion on my part, but it was also intentional confusion, which sometimes I feel went a little too far.I do really like that we finally got to meet Headmaster and I m really interested to see what sort of a role he ll have in th [...]

    23. Season 2 has always seemed a little scattered, but it all pay outs here, as we get a beautiful dovetailing of the main plots of this season as well as some nicely conclusive arcs for many characters, going back to Morning Glories, Vol 4 Truants Oh, there s action adventure in this volume than in many of the volumes Some revelations and mysteries and timey wimeyness would have been nice But the action adventure is strong enough that it takes over the volume and makes it really compelling Overal [...]

    24. The story is so convoluted and complex in this series that it s almost a reason to give up on it The large cast, scores of interaction that are anything but inconsequential, the billion or so intrigues are overwhelming, but I still managed to get enjoyment out of the moment, since the big picture seems as obscure as it was 20 or 30 issues ago The are some supernatural things happening that keep you hooked This isn t a superhero comic book with comments that explain everything to you as you go al [...]

    25. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.Ahem Morning Glories Vol 10 marks the halfway point of the series in theory Cassie is campaigning to become class president leading to some very interesting debates with her opponent , and when she succeeds, readers FINALLY get to see the Headmaster And he makes everything complicated, of course Sure, we don t get many answers out of this volume, but there s a whole lot to theorize about, and some rather intense plot development happens Things are certainly [...]

    26. Silly me, thinking we would get answers Ah well Still intriguing enough to hold me through ten volumes, curious enough to keep carrying on through the next ten as I believe this series will be 100 issues, and therefore 20 volumes Ike is still a total dickbag, Ian has gone insane, Casey is having a meltdown answers, just questionswhich is how I think they like it.

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