Cream Puff Murder #2020

Cream Puff Murder Joanne Fluke Cream Puff Murder The eleventh mouth watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Leslie Meier Hannah Swensen has enough on her plate running

  • Title: Cream Puff Murder
  • Author: Joanne Fluke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cream Puff Murder Joanne Fluke The eleventh mouth watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Leslie Meier Hannah Swensen has enough on her plate running Lake Eden s best loved bakery But with the launch party of her mother s novel around the corner, she also has a dress to fit into and a date with her sister, Andrea, atThe eleventh mouth watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Leslie Meier.Hannah Swensen has enough on her plate running Lake Eden s best loved bakery But with the launch party of her mother s novel around the corner, she also has a dress to fit into and a date with her sister, Andrea, at new health club Heavenly Bodies Things go from bad to worse when Hannah finds the body of femme fatale Ronni Ward floating in the gym s Jacuzzi Especially when a plate of The Cookie Jar s very own cream puffs are found garnishing the murder scene With half the town s female population on the list of suspects, has Hannah bitten off than she can chew
    Cream Puff Murder Joanne Fluke

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    1. 3 out of 5 stars to the eleventh book, Cream Puff Murder, in the Hannah Swensen cozy mystery series by Joanne Fluke And yes, it was hard to read without wanting a cream puff the entire time Why This BookI ve been reading the Joanne Fluke series for several years and had asked for a few of her books for my birthday last month One was Cream Puff Murder, and once I finished a rather difficult book just before this one, I needed something light and fluffy to shock me back to normalcy Lake Eden s Han [...]

    2. I read the first couple of pages before realizing that all these books are the same Someone kills someone else,Hannah sticks her nose in it, while Lisa does all the grunt work at the Cookie Jar Hannah always answers the phone with Hello mother because her cat just knows its her She s dating 2 guys she s totally unsure about, even though it s totally obvious who she should be with Once she figures out who the killer is, the killer finds out that she knows, the killer tries to kill her, she talks [...]

    3. These are kind of funny books The tone of the story is kind of annoying I am kind of tired of the series, they are getting preditable She will find a body and solve the murder, bake cookies and debate which boy she likes better and leave them equal I am ready for something new to happen and she needs to pick Norman already Hopefully in this book she finally learned that Mike is a player and she is over him and maybe the next book will be interesting She does include a lot of recipes and inspir [...]

    4. Absolutely terrible If Joanne Fluke wanted to write a cookie cookbook, she should have just written a cookie cookbook I was expecting a good murder mystery with a couple of cute recipes woven into a solid storyline and it was the exact opposite I counted 25 recipes in this book Twenty five It was ridiculous Someone walks by Hannah s cookie truck, Here Have some ______ cookies and bam there s another recipe What does this have to do with the STORY Nothing This is the best egg salad I ve ever had [...]

    5. Hannah Swenson, baker, is back at it again This time she needs to fit in a dress to celebrate her mother s newly published book the dress has been ordered but Hannah seems to have gained some weight While joining her sister Andrea to work out, Hannah stumbles across the dead body of one of the personal trainers Ronni, the murdered woman, was known to be rather free with her favors and there is than one possible suspect, including three of Lake Eden s own police force.Why only three stars One of [...]

    6. The best thing that I can say about this book is that it is completely consumable I started reading this book at about eight thirty last night and I m already finished with it It s true that I couldn t put it down, but that s not necessarily because it was a fantastic read It was just an easy read An easy read that didn t demand too much of my mental capacity and allowed me to just consume it It s completely forgettable, and, though I totally think of this series as brain candy, it s not the bes [...]

    7. I give up on these books I enjoyed the first several in the series, but the characters seem to be getting dumber and dumber The characters over explain the simplest details about everything I didn t even finish this one It felt like the author must be getting paid by the word.

    8. Joanne Fluke is back to her normal great writing I loved this book so much I m 100% Team Norman now He s so considerate and supportive of Hannah s Independence and diet He has done everything he could to make her strict diet easier Mike was such a prick in this book I couldn t stand him and his attitude He told her to go back to baking cookies and to write up a report about what she learned in her investigation to help clear him He even had the nerve to kiss her forehead before he said it I woul [...]

    9. The Hannah Swenson mysteries are light fluffy They re very good easy reads However, the books are starting to get annoying I find it hard to believe that a woman of Hannah s age is still so concerned with what society thinks of her The most risque part of the book was when Hannah Mike kiss Further, it s gotten to the point that Mike is turning into a sleaze yet Hannah still can t decide between him Norman The constant grammatical corrections are becoming obnoxious as well Unless Hannah has been [...]

    10. These books are entertaining but it has been a while since I have read one and, now that the series is fresher in my mind, I m realizing just how not good they are Certainly a good read to lower my expectations and try to get me out of this reading slump but not something I will rave about forever.The writing in this was both too much and clumsy at the same time The dialogue was so unrealistic and way too proper Everything was being told, nothing shown I was getting explanations for jokes and th [...]

    11. This is my second Joanne Fluke murder I picked it up to listen to it in the car while driving around kill two birds with one stone This series is about a woman named Hannah, who owns a cookie shop where people come for treats and tea She finds a dead body and goes about solving the mystery of who killed them The characters are light, the book is an easy read a cozy , and there s not a whole lot of suspense and bad energy Bonus points for clean language and moral values I hate being dragged throu [...]

    12. I m addicted to the Hannah Swensen Murder Mystery Books They are all the same, but enjoyable I love the recipes.So, like all the books The body that turns up dead is Ronnie Ward, the beautiful, home wrecking aerobic instructor She also would lead some classes at the police station Certain police officers had to take themselves off the case because they were too involved One of those would be Mike, Hannah s boyfriend one of the two, anyways So Mike finally wants Hannah to solve the case.The whole [...]

    13. If you are looking for a book you can keep in your suitcase and not care about finishing for 6 12 mos, then this series might work for you If you actually want to read a well written mystery with well developed characters rather than a cookie cook book masquerading as a mystery then you should check out titles by Katherine Page Hall, Mary Daheim or Dana Stabenow Compared to their books, this one comes across as if it was written by a grade schooler Don t waste your time or.Read the previous 1 st [...]

    14. So much fail in this instalment of Fluke s series Body image, dieting, losing weight to please mother, sister and whomever I almost threw the book out Why did I keep reading Because Norman was still the best thing in this Really It s about time Fluke puts an end to the romantic triangle and gets rid of Mike Too many cookie recipes, too thin a mystery plot, too much body image fail One star because of Norman, the rest of the characters are so paper thin it s annoying and sad.My copy is going on t [...]

    15. This is the new book in a mystery series that involves a cook the book includes recipes for the things she makes I think this series is becoming too predictable because I did not enjoy this one as much as I have some of the others I probably prefer Diane Mott Davidson who does similar books

    16. An always enjoyable series, I really enjoyed this adventure for Hannah and her entire gang What happens when your detective friends must all be removed from the case It is time for Hannah and the legacies, with the help of Norman, to take up the charge I liked the different dynamic surrounding the case Also great was the fact that I thought I had figured out who the killer was somewhat early on and was proved wrong It s one of the few times I was happy to be wrong Exercise is important for healt [...]

    17. Fun to read on CD as you really get the most out of Hannah s 2 sided conversations with her cat Hannah stumbles upon a dead body at the spa of course it s no one that was well liked and initiates a hunt to find the killer There were no surprises in that area as it could have only been 1 of 2 minor characters There s waffling on Hannah s part as she tries to decide upon 1 of 2 boyfriends, but near the end, she seems to be leaning toward the sensible choice.

    18. GoodLiked it and very similar to all of her other books but regardless, it was enjoyable I would recommend it.

    19. Hannah has a lot of trouble making decisions She can t decide between two guys, but doesn t want anyone else to have them Mike can t be trusted Hannah talks to herself and doesn t listen to her own thoughts She take unnecessary chances and thinks she is the only one who can And yet, I still read this annoying stories.

    20. Hannah Swenson has only a few weeks until the launch of her mother s new Regency romance novel and she s expected to fit into the special dress her mother ordered Andrea s solution is to put Hannah on a diet and exercise regime to lose weight She is not happy to be dragged out to the gym every morning at the crack of dawn but she does like the soak in the Jacuzzi afterwards That is until she finds fitness instructor Ronni Ward face down in the Jacuzzi with Hannah s special cream puffs smashed ne [...]

    21. This is one of the best Hannah Swensen books that I have read In Cream Puff Murder, Hannah puts her inquisitiveness to good use to solve two mysteries the murder of Ronni Ward, a fitness instructor who winds up dead in the Jacuzzi at Heavenly Bodies, the Lake Eden gym, and the reason behind the disappearance of her cat Moishe s food Hannah s mother is having a book launch party for her regency novel, and orders Hannah and her sisters Andrea and Michelle, special dresses to wear for the event, on [...]

    22. I read this book after I read Plum Pudding Murder , so I knew I d missed something with Mike I wasn t surprised by the revelation that Mike had other girlfriends, nor that he was most likely sleeping around, which he confirmed After all 1 Hannah doesn t seem to be very interested in sex She s content with a hug and a few kisses, but she makes it clear to both Mike Norman that s it Despite the fact that she s supposedly dating them both seriously for at least 2 years 2 Hannah Mike rarely spend ti [...]

    23. 04 11 2012 I am a little than a quarter way through the book but off the bat there was an error that irked me Hannah had pepperoni in her hair and suddenly its sausage on the next page I cannot stand it when Fluke makes mistakes like this after dragging the book out for as long as possible The murder has not even happened yet 04 13 2012 I am done with the book This is the reason why these books all get 3 star reviews Fluke drags things out too long I don t want to wait 1 4 of the book for the m [...]

    24. I don t know why I didn t enjoy this book as much as the others, but a guess would be that Hannah was a bit irritating Yes, Hannah, there is a word called texting Language evolves, and she should know that having studied English literature Do we speak the same as Chaucer did No, of course not, because English evolved New words were added, old ones dropped, and grammar changed Note that I m not making the argument that there shouldn t be an emphasis placed on grammar, but merely that people need [...]

    25. Once again baker Hannah Swenson finds a romantic rival dead What makes this so annoying is that Hannah has two beaus, both who have previously proposed One, Norman, is loyal and supports Hannah in all of her endeavors The second, Mike, we discover, is condescending and not so loyal and the only thing he really has going for him is his good looks My enjoyment of the mystery is eroded because I can not understand why a seemingly intelligent woman like Hannah would continue to put up with him If th [...]

    26. One of the best of the recent books in the series, particularly if you are reading them out of order, as I am When the entire Sheriff s department must recuse themselves of the investigation of murder of local fitness instructor, they all call on Hannah to fill in Hannah is not impressed She, along with almost all the women in Lake Eden are not mourning Ronni s passing Ronni flirted with every man in sight, married or not, and didn t care if she was breaking up marriages in the process While eve [...]

    27. AT LAST The audiobook finally came in to the library Woohoo 5 29 Well, Fluke had me fooled about the murderer in this one I d thought I had it pegged, and it completely surprised me it was someone else I love how all the main characters have started working together on solving the cases It s much fun that way I also like seeing the family coming closer together from that And, yes, I ll admit that sadly I was pleased to have Fluke finally show a part of Mike I had suspected being there all along [...]

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