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The Naturalist Alissa York The Naturalist Philadelphia Amateur naturalist Walter Ash is on the brink of setting off to travel up his beloved when fate intervenes obliging his only son to take his place More at ease among his books than

  • Title: The Naturalist
  • Author: Alissa York
  • ISBN: 9780345814999
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Naturalist Alissa York 1867, Philadelphia Amateur naturalist Walter Ash is on the brink of setting off to travel up his beloved when fate intervenes, obliging his only son to take his place More at ease among his books than in the field, Paul Ash takes a reluctant leave of absence from Harvard s Museum of Comparative Zoology to accompany his grieving stepmother and her young companion t1867, Philadelphia Amateur naturalist Walter Ash is on the brink of setting off to travel up his beloved when fate intervenes, obliging his only son to take his place More at ease among his books than in the field, Paul Ash takes a reluctant leave of absence from Harvard s Museum of Comparative Zoology to accompany his grieving stepmother and her young companion to the fabled River Sea Paul holds no memory of the place, though he was born there he was still an infant when his father carried him out of the jungle and away from the mixed blood family he might have known As it transpires, however, neither the region nor its people have forgotten Paul The lays claim to him in no uncertain terms, but it also works a peculiar magic on both his father s lovely widow and her friend a quiet little Quaker named Rachel Weaver who proves strangely at home in the wild.
    The Naturalist Alissa York

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      141 Alissa York
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    One thought on “The Naturalist”

    1. RATING 4 STARS Review Not on Blog This novel had the feeling of W Somerset Maugham s The Painted Veil and Ernest Hemingway s The Sun Also Rises I really liked this novel than I thought I would I found the characters interesting, though not hugely likeable, but I found I still cared enough to keep reading.

    2. I have very much liked a couple of York s earlier books Effigy and Mercy If she had actually finished writing this book, I would have given it a 2 or 3 The writing is okay, there isn t much to the plot, there s a lot of descriptions of settings, and Portuguese When I got to abut 30 pages from the end, I thought how is she going to bring this tale to some sort of conclusion in the remaining pages She didn t The story just ended It s one thing to leave a complicated story with an ambiguous or unre [...]

    3. Like her last book Fauna, Alissa York s excellent new novel The Naturalist could be read as a beautifully evocative description of the natural world, in this case focused on the and the rich variety of wildlife found there particularly reptiles in this case, ranging from anaconda snakes to giant turtles For a reader who is moved by nature and its grand variety, like myself, the texture and habitat of the many animals portrayed can almost overwhelm the subtle human relationships that are the real [...]

    4. There are many excellent reviews of this book which list the same major reasons as I have for giving this book a low review 1 too too much Portugese a skilled author could have conveyed the communication problems with much less Portugese , 2 much too much detail about the species in the , many of whom are creatures with whom the average reader would have little experience fascinating if you are a naturalist and especially love reptiles, otherwise, not , and 3 very little and very inconsistent c [...]

    5. I would love to see community comments on this book, but maybe it s too recently published to expect that I really liked York s books, Effigy and Fauna , but I had a less than stellar time with this one The subject matter is of interest to me the natural world, the exploration of the and Rio Negro, the extremely interesting animals found there, the attitude of many explorers and scientists towards the sanctity of animal life in those days compared to most these days , and the charming and highl [...]

    6. Some beautiful imagery, exotic setting, intriguing characters However, I found there was a bit too much untranslated Portuguese Frustrating not to know if I had the gist of it, or if I needed precision.

    7. The story is mainly set on the reflecting on Walter s love of nature and of his wife s exploration of her husband Walter s past Walter has died and his wife sets out to finish the journey that her husband had planned to take Walter was said to love nature yet in actuality he pillaged it, killing snakes, tortoises and birds left and right in order to display the skins, shells and feathers His wife was no different although her pillaging was also to draw the carcasses I find this repulsive much li [...]

    8. A brilliant adventure that transported me to another time and place It felt like non fiction except for its huge heart.1867 Amateur naturalist Walter Ash s death shatters plans for an expedition Stunned by grief his lovely lovely widow Iris, his fearful son Paul and Rachel, a young Quaker woman who acts as Iris s companion are determined to go ahead with the collecting mission to honour Walter Their goal is to collect snakes and lizards The jungle transforms them all.Alissa York writes like a dr [...]

    9. On the plus side, this book is one of the most beautifully descriptive books I have ever read the author s descriptions are incredibly evocative, allowing the reader to picture the every scene On the minus side, the story isn t much So, a two and a half star book the half star gained because of the beautiful descriptions

    10. Very well written, although the collection of live creatures is hard to handle was the practice of the times, though.

    11. After the death of the titular naturalist, his wife, her companion, and his half Brazilian son from a previous marriage decide to complete the planned expedition to Brazil As they travel, all three must work through their grief their grief at the naturalist s death, as well as the long ignored griefs of their past.Reading the set up, it s hard to imagine a book perfectly tailored to me We have a Canadian author writing about a 19th century Quaker exploring the It s like York specifically set ou [...]

    12. Sit back and be prepared to take a languid journey up the river a place where time stands still, where nature retains the upper hand, quick to reclaim what man tries to tame Journey along with Iris, Rachel and Paul as they penetrate this alien landscape in an attempt to acquire a collection of reptiles, only to find themselves unnerved by troops of screeching monkeys, marveling at pink dolphins and trying to avoid being eaten alive by swarms of insects Light on plot, The Naturalist is of a trav [...]

    13. I read this 3 4 through at one sitting, then it was 2 am So I finished it the next morning A fascinating story, set in the jungles of the Very detailed in its description of the flora and fauna, and I assume accurate, from the long list of reference books in the back Not a lot of plot, just a subtle yet well crafted story of several people s search for their identity, their roots, their future My only quibble would be the frequent Portuguese phrases, but they were usually shown in context.

    14. Such a strong start to this story, and a narrative that was so full of promise But there are loose ends that are never tied up, secondary characters whose stories are never quite told, and the primary characters feel far from finished and far far far from fleshed out The ending, also, is disappointing, one of those choose your own idea jobs, and after a book that seemingly builds slowly to what should be a form of a crescendo, this feels like a cop out This story was a good idea, in theory, but [...]

    15. I started out not being too sure what I thought about the characters and their life The story drew me in however and I loved the descriptions of jungle and wildlife and how each character viewed them through both through their own eyes and those of Walter, the naturalist The ending might not be tidy enough for some but I felt it was satisfying and I could imagine where each character s life would take them at the end of their journey.

    16. I throughly enjoyed this book, especially the descriptions of the flora and fauna that the 3 travellers experience in their journey up the Readers who have little interest in biology, taxonomy, adaptations or evolutionary processes may find the setting detracts from the characters stories Yorks descriptions of the natural world are both accurate and lovely.

    17. A little slow at first trying to get into the story but it picks up towards the middle when they finally embark on their journey.

    18. This beautifully written story transported me to the It was so descriptive that I felt like I was there seeing all these species of animals along with the characters As this is set in the mid nineteenth century when naturalists were specimen collectors rather than scientists or conservationists Their reaction to seeing a beautiful and awesome creature is to kill it or trap it and take it home either for their own collection or to sell to other collectors Much of the book consists of the charact [...]

    19. I saw this on a CBC summer reads book list The cover drew me so interesting If you re expecting a suspenseful trip through the , you re going to be disappointed Instead, this book is full of discovery for all the characters it s slow and meandering and the setting takes over as a character all its own After Iris husband, Walter dies in an accident, she sets off to complete the trip with his son Paul and her companion, Rachel Rachel adores everything she comes across, while Iris, the artist, is s [...]

    20. I likely would have enjoyed this book immeasurably had I the slightest interest in the subject matter It s very heavy in naturalism terms, and while it is well written, it s not quite good enough to transcend my lack of interest in its principal topic, or even to foment an interest where none previously existed, as the best books do.Of the 3 principal characters, 2 Rachel and Paul split the point of view, and I thought the 3rd Iris underserved relative to her importance in the story In general, [...]

    21. This was a little too heavy on the flora and fauna and too lean on the characters Thus, I couldn t bond even with Rachel because I didn t know her well enough Nor did I understand at the end of the book, why she was pleased to see grumpy Paul again as he had never been nice to her but concentrated his attention on his spoilt step mother, Iris An additional frustration was too much Portuguese leaving me skipping the dialogue since I don t understand the language A few choice words thrown in such [...]

    22. I gingerly picked up this book to read even though I have a huge fear of reptiles and snakes The author is an excellent story teller She led me on an amazing journey to the that I would normally physically and mentally balk at My fears made me cling to and identify with the Paul Ash character The resilient Quaker Rachel Weaver provided a welcome degree of separation to help me to detach my fears and enjoy her journey through life in the Amazing that the author kept true to the era throughout the [...]

    23. I had high hopes for this book but it fell flat The characters are one dimensional The plot consists of people finding, observing or drawing herps While that is what I do as a bird watcher, I do not enjoy reading about other people doing it for 300 pages I struggled to the end but the ending was entirely unsatisfactory as well.

    24. Some beautiful and lush descriptions but there is such a distance from the authorial voice to the characters and the descriptions slow the plot down to a glacial pace abandoned about a third of the way in because so realised I just care enough to carry on reading about any of the characters

    25. Fascinating characters, wonderfully evoked landscapes and creatures, and a compelling story What do you want from a novel

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