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CSS: The Missing Manual David Sawyer McFarland CSS The Missing Manual Web site design has grown up Unlike the old days when designers cobbled together chunky HTML bandwidth hogging graphics and a prayer to make their sites look good Cascading Style Sheets CSS now le

  • Title: CSS: The Missing Manual
  • Author: David Sawyer McFarland
  • ISBN: 9780596526870
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • CSS: The Missing Manual David Sawyer McFarland Web site design has grown up Unlike the old days, when designers cobbled together chunky HTML, bandwidth hogging graphics, and a prayer to make their sites look good, Cascading Style Sheets CSS now lets your inner designer come out and play But CSS isn t just a tool to pretty up your site it s a reliable method for handling all kinds of presentation from fonts and coWeb site design has grown up Unlike the old days, when designers cobbled together chunky HTML, bandwidth hogging graphics, and a prayer to make their sites look good, Cascading Style Sheets CSS now lets your inner designer come out and play But CSS isn t just a tool to pretty up your site it s a reliable method for handling all kinds of presentation from fonts and colors to page layout CSS The Missing Manual clearly explains this powerful design language and how you can use it to build sparklingly new Web sites or refurbish old sites that are ready for an upgrade.Like their counterparts in print page layout programs, style sheets allow designers to apply typographic styles, graphic enhancements, and precise layout instructions to elements on a Web page Unfortunately, due to CSS s complexity and the many challenges of building pages that work in all Web browsers, most Web authors treat CSS as a kind of window dressing to spruce up the appearance of their sites Integrating CSS with a site s underlying HTML is hard work, and often frustratingly complicated As a result many of the most powerful features of CSS are left untapped With this book, beginners and Web building veterans alike can learn how to navigate the ins and outs of CSS and take complete control over their Web pages appearance.Author David McFarland the bestselling author of O Reilly s Dreamweaver The Missing Manual combines crystal clear explanations, real world examples, a dash of humor, and dozens of step by step tutorials to show you ways to design sites with CSS that work consistently across browsers You ll learn how to Create HTML that s simpler, uses less code, is search engine friendly, and works well with CSSStyle text by changing fonts, colors, font sizes, and adding bordersTurn simple HTML links into complex and attractive navigation bars complete with CSS only rollover effects that add interactivity to your Web pagesStyle images to create effective photo galleries and special effects like CSS based drop shadowsMake HTML forms look great without a lot of messy HTMLOvercome the most hair pulling browser bugs so your Web pages work consistently from browser to browserCreate complex layouts using CSS, including multi column designs that don t require using old techniques like HTML tablesStyle Web pages for printingUnlike competing books, this Missing Manual doesn t assume that everyone in the world only surfs the Web with Microsoft s Internet Explorer our book provides support for all major Web browsers and is one of the first books to thoroughly document the newly expanded CSS support in IE7, currently in beta release.Want to learn how to turn humdrum Web sites into destinations that will capture viewers and keep them longer Pick up CSS The Missing Manual and learn the real magic of this tool.
    CSS: The Missing Manual David Sawyer McFarland

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    One thought on “CSS: The Missing Manual”

    1. Well, I finally returned this book to the library I miss it already I had learned alot it was well set up and easy to follow But now I am taking a course at the college.

    2. I got what I wanted out of this book for sure, plus a lot that I didn t really care about.The useful stuff you may learn if you know this stuff already, I would not recommend this beginners level book 1 The difference between a class and an ID2 How to use descendent selectors3 How to make use of inheritance to optimize CSS code4 How to calculate specificity which is what determines which style gets displayed in case of conflicting styles for the same element the style with the greatest specific [...]

    3. Creating websites using html can be very time consuming and somewhat limiting Making editing changes over multiple pages is downright maddening Cascading Style Sheets CSS is the answer CSS enables the webmaster to set standards such as selecting a particular font size and color for all headings, subheadings, or texts without having to rewrite the html each time This system also allows editing changes that carry over from one page to another to be changed automatically with a single change For th [...]

    4. So I have chosen not to rate this book as in terms of how much I liked it I don t necessarily like reading books on CSS, HTML, Tech, etc but I had to in this case because I am teaching myself In terms of being able to teach myself from this book, I thought that it was well laid out and easy to get through Coming from the background of someone who only knew limited amounts of HTML, the book accomplished than I hope for Do I have a basic understanding of style sheets and how to use them Yes, most [...]

    5. As far as CSS goes, this was an excellent manual in teaching the skills required to implement CSS in web design While I already knew much of the material, I still was able to learn new tricks that I hadn t known previouslyMore importantly, after reading this book, you learn how much of a pain in the butt it is to develop for Internet Explorer The book goes into depth about how to handle working with IE though, so not too much to worry about.If you are a complete newbie to web development, you ll [...]

    6. CSS The Missing Manual is a good step by step manual for anyone interested in learning CSS The book does assume that the reader has some basic experience with HTML However, the CSS related material teaches the reader right from the very beginning Those new to CSS will likely read this book from start to finish, completing the tutorials as they go In this way, they will learn how to create internal and external style sheets the basics of text and image formatting and advanced techniques for floa [...]

    7. I ve been using CSS for years but never really took the time to learn it I would always just rely on various tutorials but never have a full grasp of exactly what I was doing One area that I was fuzzy on was the use of descendent selectors So after reading many reviews, I ordered this book Much of the book was a refresher for me, but I even enjoyed those sections as they helped to solidify my knowledge of those area Overall, it s very well written and gives lots of clear examples The tutorials [...]

    8. My review is not reflective of the quality of this book The quality is excellent, however my rating is my personal view on how I benefited from the book I did not have the foresight to know what level of technical detail would be in this book, and having worked in web programming for a while although not explicitly HTML CSS , I was already familiar with many of the topics My main intent was to cover Part III which covers div based layouts as opposed to table layouts in great detail and I Should [...]

    9. I ran into a guy at Stacy s and by happenstance, literally bumped into each other That turned into a really great converstation, just to find out the guy is a senior web master designer Then he goes on to tell me how he is a reviewer for O Reilly and gets calls all the time from his publicist I told him I wanted to get involved with web development, and he told me that this book is a must read for anyone wanting a solid footing in this fast paced technological world So of course I had to get it [...]

    10. CSS The Missing Manual made learning CSS so easy that I was disappointed when I got to the end CSS was supposed to be a challenge It was supposed to hurt I d struggled with it for years before getting this book, and suddenly, it was over It was like hauling in the tanks and torpedoes and souped up BFGs and getting ready for the final assault on Godzilla, and Godzilla slumps over and dies of a heart attack NOT FAIR So if you like challenges, read any other CSS book If you want to master CSS quick [...]

    11. I really enjoyed working through this book It has really helped me better understand the inner workings of CSS and especially how the cascading process works The tutorials were really helpful and I liked that I could get hands on experience working through the different aspects of CSS.I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in getting a good foundation of CSS Even if you have never worked with CSS before.

    12. I m a novice when it comes to front end dev work and very comfortable with backend development The book along with other references about HTML5 was very helpful, in particular the tutorials However, it could have been written to be a little less verbose this is probably the programmer in me talking Otherwise, I m happy with the book For someone with zero HTML experience CSS experience, this is what I was able to produce arivulearning.

    13. I am really thrilled to find this series The Missing Manual Finally a computer book that is written in plain English, in a non competitive human way, with tutorials and no extra cd, for extra expense, but downloadable files to go with lessons Perfect for a this time of life claiming my destiny sorta thing no I won t be retiring soon Thanks Mr McFarland for caring about real human beings

    14. Complex, but easy to understand Provides fundamental, greatly explained concepts, good tutorials, tons of useful reference However, I found it sometimes annoying maybe because of the neverending IE bugs, which the authors try fatigueless AND jocularly to solve dissolve and here and there too theoretical So far the best and the most comprehensive book about css.

    15. The book starts pretty basic, but gives a very detailed dive into CSS This book shows you the different hacks needed for different browsers ugh ugh IE David gives some really interesting tips and sites which display the power of CSS.I believe I ll use this book as a CSS reference for months to come.

    16. My first book on CSS and guess what, I Completely understand the Css and HAve logical understanding of How tho write Css from scratch or to make changes in existing framework Css Saved Lot of time in Debugging and writing the Right Css Must Read for any CSS writer aspirant I still refer it and Recommend to my juniors

    17. Looking to further my webpage creating ability, I bought this book several years ago It was completely boring Only read this if you are looking to add pizzaz to a webpage, and only if you are in business I kept having to put it down and come back to it later the later that hasn t come yet

    18. I learned HTML way back in the 90s, and still had some of the old ways of doing things This book helped me get a refresher on the right way to do HTML, in addition to the great info on CSS I still have a lot to learn, and this is a great resource Not really a reference book, but still something you can refer to.

    19. Good introduction to Cascading Style Sheet Inheritance was the key point for me The third section was too much and I skipped most of it Left me wondering what the place of CSS will be in the future in light of xhmtl and xsl.

    20. Good fast way to review CSS It is a bit outdated with lots workarounds for IE 6 and IE 7 This book filled in some gaps I had in my understanding of CSS descendants and hierarchy and how to apply floats for positioning rather than rely on tables for positioning.

    21. This book was VERY handy as I tried to get a handle on CSS Wish I d had the time to take it from front to back, using the guided exercises to really master the material As it was, I used it mainly as a reference, and it served my purposes well Definitely keeping it on hand.

    22. Good resource Even if you use a design tool like Dreamweaver, this book is still extremely useful for understanding CSS structure and usage It s got excellent tutorials and is also a useful reference book Good tips on browser quirks too.

    23. I got to refresh my memory and hopefully learn something new, which I did It s a good book I didn t read everything in detail, but I skimmed through the whole thing The humor in this book wasn t funny to me, but it s easy to ignore it.

    24. I am a big fan of David McFarland s books in this series he is able to actually keep technical manuals fairly enjoyable to read I had a beginner s knowledge of CSS coming into this one, and afterwards I really feel pretty comfortable using it for any of my work.

    25. Livro completo para a poca em que li, realmente se tornou um manual de consultas r pidas Livro para ficar na mesa.

    26. I only read about 200 pages of the book, the content seemed good and concepts are broken down in an easy to grasp way.Then I stopped and plan to go with Eric Meyer s CSS The Definitive Guide, for the following reasons I m not sure why a book this big, which is even about CSS, is written with a sans serif font instead of serif one which is less exhausting to read for long texts The author repeatedly mentions a version of the phrase this is what web designers nowadays While, that s that necessaril [...]

    27. Practical and helpful to know for those who are going to do website design The better option is to learn CSS first and plug in Html as one goes along Skipped over the tuturiol and will review it at a later time.

    28. A really good, comprehensive guide to CSS, and nice to have as a reference even if you re already familiar with the subject.

    29. La guida parte dalle basi del linguaggio Le prime 100 pagine del libro, in effetti, sono davvero molto, ma molto elementari Sembrerebbe quasi un manuale per dummies Per nella seconda parte del volume la discussione si fa pi interessante e si arricchisce di molti esempi pratici Ottima la parte che riguarda la progettazione del layout delle pagine Ottimi gli esempi pratici sulla creazione dei menu E inoltre sono moltissime le risorse online suggerite Unica lacuna poche anticipazioni e pochi esempi [...]

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